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Twins on the mountain. #disneyside @ Expedition Everest
About to tackle the mountain #Disneyside @ Expedition Everest
Good morning giraffe @ Disney's Animal Kingdom
RT @AndreaUpdyke: Stuck on Peter Pan...flying over the streets of midnight. @elleinthecity #typeawdw @ Peter…
Elsa and Anna visited #typeawdw #disneyside @ Boardwalk Conference Center
Look who came to our party! #typeawdw #disneyside @ Boardwalk Conference Center
RT @Gary_Jerry: When introducing yourself to a company, let them know who you are and how you both can benefit. -@leannej #typeawdw
RT @4hatsandfrugal: When it comes to content, use the 80/20 rule: 20% can be sponsored. Brands and readers want a window into your world. #typeawdw
RT @LaniMSays: Such amazing advice from speakers #typeawdw @adlupher @tceniccola @datingmyspouse @elleinthecity @typeamom @beccasara TY!
RT @SusanPazera: Not many people are an over night success....they've probably been waiting in line a long time! via @juliecole #typeawdw
Thank you for speaking in out session! @AndreaUpdyke @SusanPazera @datingmyspouse
RT @SusanPazera: Great session w/ @elleinthecity @AndreaUpdyke and @datingmyspouse Loved the tips on creating my mission statement! #typeawdw
RT @MamasMission: A tag line is advertising. A mission statement is PR via @elleinthecity #typeawdw
Love the new #disneyside shirts in the shop. I think I'm Goofy - what about you? #typeawdw #latergram
RT @chilihead: Good idea: set up Google Alert for the companies you want to work for so you know what's happening with them. #typeawdw
Create a pitch spreadsheet. Set aside 1 day/week for new biz dev. Don't be afraid to hop on a phone all. @KidzVuz #typeaparent
RT @jenleereeves: Want to know the best way to contact brands? Look at the brand's news releases & understand how & what it promotes. #typeawdw
RT @AndreaUpdyke: Edna knows best! "Luck favors the the prepared". #typeawdw hip2housewife beccasara
RT @typeamom: Learning about going from pitch to paycheck from the @kidzvuz ladies. #typeawdw
RT @TheCubicleChick: A small audience isn't a bad thing. A loyal audience is a good thing. Message! #typeawdw
Don't feel like you don't have something amazing if you don't have a huge reader count. #typeawdw @centsiblelife
Add a rush charge and kill fee to the rates in your media kit. Consider all contingencies and protect yourself. #typeawdw
RT @notasupermom: PR has product, but not necessarily a budget. That's marketing. #typeawdw #midlifeblvd
RT @Hip2Housewife: You can decide what compensation means to you. A product you need, or exposure when you're starting out, that can count, too. #TypeAWDW
RT @TheCubicleChick: Sharing is caring. Be active in blogging communities. Share tips & info. Share leads. Stinginess sucks! #typeawdw
Don't give away your ideas to a brand until you have a signed contract. #typeawdw @centsiblelife
RT @TheCubicleChick: Bloggers, when negotiating & giving your pricing, factor in taxes in your rate. Don't low-ball #typeawdw
RT @AndreaUpdyke: If you are good in your niche, brands will find you even if your reach isn't huge. @titaniajordan #typeawdw
RT @lovethatmouse: Everyone has something to offer and everyone has to start with their first client! @titaniajordan #typeawdw
“@spelken: I love going to conferences because I learn so much. Only one the second session and so worth it. #typeawdw” @typeamom
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