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79% of readers say pets shouldn't travel, with certain exceptions: #cat #dog #travel - what do you think?
Driving overseas? Read this first
7 breath-stealing short videos of western U.S. National Parks via @Souvenirist @Awayishome
In Italy, There's Always The Food - Right, Kids? via @HuffPostTravel
In Italy, There's Always The Food - Right, Kids? via @HuffPostTravel
RT @awayishome: How many boxes of Italian cookies did we fit in our @DelseyUSA trolley case? @elliottdotorg @cortinadolomiti
Where's the refund for my @AirFrance ticket?
Laid back with loud shirts in Key West via @Souvenirist @Awayishome
Q10. What #travel mishap do you now look back on and laugh about ? #TNI
#TNI as they say in radioland, I'm going to take your answer offline - I have to run into another interview. I LOVE YOU ALL!
#TNI friends, before I ask Q10, just wanted to say thanks to @flyingwithfish for these questions and the invite. I had a lot of fun!
A9: The first chapter of my book that I wrote was about #travel insurance - always a good thing to consider. #TNI
RT @BestBitsWorld: @elliottdotorg #TNI A9 - I do but I have medical issues. In London almost everyone has travel insurance.
Q9. Do you buy #travel insurance to be prepared for the worst? Why or why not? #TNI
A8: All excellent examples. I have even more in my book, How To Be The World's Smartest Traveler: #TNI
A8: All excellent examples. I have more in my book, How To Be The World's Smartest Traveler:
Q8. What is the most outrageous thing you have heard someone demand compensation for related to #travel? #TNI
I'm about to post Q8 Q9 and Q10 simultaneously ... are you ready? #TNI
A7: Ok, had to look that one up. Indoor activities (museums) and proper gear, thanks very much. #TNI #gettingold
The correct answer for A7 is: I forgot what the question was. #TNI
Anyone want to know Q8? #TNI Something tells me if I ask it, I'll never be invited back #dare
RT @marisagreen: A7. Always have backup plan, if you are dependent on weather. Fun indoor stuff doesn't take up much room in a bag: books, board games...#TNI
RT @CravenTravels: RT @flyingwithfish: Q5 #Travel ,what do you do when you encounter terrible service? #TNI - Drop a dime on them at:
A7: Remember, #TNI people, only someone with my connections can control the weather. #delusional
#TNI maybe I shouldn't have had that sixth espresso. @Official_TNI
Q7. When weather strikes #travel fun can quickly become a horror story. How do you ensure it stays fun? #TNI
A6: Cruise lines make most of their profits on extras charged after you board. Learning to say "no" eliminates most surprises #TNI
A6: Ah, stumped ya with the cruise question, did I? #TNI
Q6. A #cruise can be a very relaxing way to #travel, unless things go wrong. What do you expect when that happens? #TNI
A5: Excellent answers, #TNI friends. Travel with a positive attitude, you're far less likely to get bad service. Smiles turn things around.
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