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Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed now available in فارسی - http://blog.friendfeed.com/2009...
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed now available in فارسی
FriendFeed is now available in Persian! Thanks again to all of our Persian users — it has been extremely exciting for us to see FriendFeed so widely used around the world. You can set your language preference here: http://friendfeed.com/... - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Any way we could auto-translate (or even have a link with the option to?)? It'd be great to really be able to collaborate with the non-English speaking world... - Chris Reichow
Thank you all . - MohammadReza
wow, another language... I can't read it, but that is cool! :) - Susan Beebe
Now if we could only filter out languages other then our own and have the lang:en search filter. - DarknessFalls
You're welcome! We are excited to better support our Persian users. - Bret Taylor
This feels so good to be able to view the pages in a way are eyes used to see Persian writings. Thank you so much! We really appreciate your effort! Thanks again ! :) - انجل
Yay! - Mitchell Tsai
that just looks so beautiful :D - Iphigenie
محشره / غافلگیر شدم - Shandiz
wow! thanks! - Pasparto
Anybody know of good Farsi to English web translation tools? Google Translate doesn't seem to do it. - Ted Gilchrist
蝌蚪文~~~ - junrxu
Great! thanks thanks :) - Mehrdad
Agora precisamos da versão em Português. - Carlos Brefe
thanks ((((((((: - yasin ghasemi
Thanks ممنون ;) - Exir
merci bcp . - Afra
ممنون - mohammad mahdi kazzazi
Thanks - Arash
;) It's FriendFeed.. Bravo - این فرندفید است... براوو - امیروفسکی
Great Bret! I remember that in the past some persian people wrote here that whould be nice to have FF interface also in persian, probabilly because their language is very different and english isn't so diffused such in Europe. A welcome to persian friends! :) - Roberto from fftogo
Hebrew please. ^^ - David C. Cooper
تشکر جیگر - سیدیونس | vk.com/younos
kiss to you honey - جواد
bretçim herkes google plus'a gidiyor ama ben seni bırakmam ^^ - Aynebilim Aşevi
Aynebilim'e katılıyorum Bret. Bir sürü idiotla paylaşsam da burayı, vazgeçemiyorum işte. - Ben bu yüzden hiç kimseden gidemem gitmemmmm.. la la laaa - pippi haşmet
bretçim sana dm atamıyorum..bana abone olur musun ^^ - Aynebilim Aşevi
interesting! but when will FF users have something like googe's http://www.dataliberation.org/ so we can backup our feeds? - ovigia
تیلور دوستت داریم :خز - Diaz
میلاد الاغ :)))))) - || بهاره ||
کوفت چرا میخندی؟ :)))))))))) - Diaz
روانی :)))))) - || بهاره ||
bu vesileyle mübarek ramazana hoş geldin demek istiyorum..bretçim iftara ne yapayım canım^^ - Aynebilim Aşevi
Have a good day to all of u...... - weerah
your looking good - Chavez Cecilia
lan gundi öyle maaş alıp göt büyüteceğine gel de şu insanların çığlığını duy! bankamatik lolipop.. - iwfx!
:)) ممنونم استاد - ستاره کریمی
Louis Gray
“Size Comparison: Twins vs. Electronic Gadgets” - http://friendfeed.com/e...
"Yes, it's me, abusing my baby pictures quotient on FriendFeed again. But in case you wanted to get a visual on Sarah's size, here's one item for comparison - the iPod Touch. Also included, Matthew, sleeping next to the iPod Touch, TiVo remote and Blackberry. It's better than using a ruler!" - Louis Gray
LOL LOUIS!!!! - Mona Nomura
This will replace the pencil markings on the wall as a measurement of growth. - Hutch Carpenter
Way too cute! - michael sean wright
will there be an unboxing at some point - Allen Stern
The TiVo remote has hardly changed at all in 10 years. - Robert Seidman
WOW, they are SMALL! cool pics!! I love the one with the baby on the couch with 3 devices - Susan Beebe
Okay that's just really damn cute :) - justine
one day these kids are going to say, 'dad used us as props for his gadgets!'...and then there will be blood! lol - .LAG liked that
@.LAG, then I'll remind them how when we parked in what I thought was acceptable shade outside Babies R Us today, they both went nuts, and I had to extract them from their car seats and walk into the store (using the exit), with the pair held tight to my chest, to commiserate with their mother. I'm sure I was quite the sight. "Hey! Look at that guy! He's in over his head!" (fingers pointing) - Louis Gray
Hey! Someone should say you - this is really unhealthy!! : ( - Erhan Erdoğan
@Louis - You definitely look in over your head. However, I was that way with only one. Now my children are 21 and 18 and I still remain in over my head. ; ) - Rex Hammock
This made Maryam crack up and say "that's cute!" - Robert Scoble
@Rex, I look in over my head? Definitely? Where's the proof on that? I disagree. :-) - Louis Gray
I don't believe you all - Robert, Louis, Maryam, all likes, comments - i urgently need a judge for this photos! : ) Your tech love is get out of control!! - Erhan Erdoğan
now let's see the Touch duke it out with the Blackberry - Paulo Elias from twhirl
I'm so going to do this one day when I have one. haha - Daynah
@Erhan and Brian, 1) They're not sleeping with the gadgets in their cribs (yet) and 2) I am not worried about that nonsense. I might as well unplug the microwave and TV while I'm at it, no? - Louis Gray
We always left a computer keyboard in our kids cribs as a toy -- they loved it. - Oldengrey (Jay)
The important thing to remember is that if Louis were forced to choose between his children and his gadgets,,,well, I'm sure the kids would find a good home. (JUST KIDDING!) - Ontario Emperor
lmao I'm so reporting you for this. Too hilarious - Corvida
Hey guys you have to see this related post... Scoble is competing with Louis' over coolest kid toys! http://friendfeed.com/e... - Susan Beebe
OMG! that's priceless! I <3 it! Put the device on vibrate and see what happens! I bet it would sooth any crankiness. Can you say iTunes visualizer? Better than Baby Einstein. Makes us AND them drool into relaxation. My son has gumdrop iMac in his bedroom specifically for that reason (glorified nightlight). Hey! We have to do what we have to do, right? Why not have some fun with it? Hellz ya! - Melissa Davis from twhirl
You know Louis, most parents use a wall and a pencil to show height and growth, you choose electronic equipment, what comes next? comparisons to the wii and ps3? then a macbook, then macbook pro, then dell blade server, where will it end?!!?!? - Allen Stern
Oh what beautiful little souls! I'm sure they are very precious to you :-). - Heather Colman
umm... it's not too heavy on him?! - Orli Yakuel
those photos are really embarassingly sad. Please leave the kids alone. - Claudio Cicali
A coochii coo! They are too cute! Twins are born small but they'll catch up in no time! Congrats! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
LOL.. awesome pics - Aviv
apparently Amazon S3 is down - Shey
Total weirdness - the cuteness overload causes the pics to show for me even when S3 is down! It might be just my cache, ofcourse, but I like the first theory better :) - Yuvi
I'll take the electronics when the kids are all grown up. It won't matter to me that the stuff is decades old. - James Rishabh Mishra
oh this is ROFL! - susan mernit
Ok, from one tech geek to another, that has to be the most cute thing I've ever seen. =) - David Cook
It's February 21, 2009. I'm in the middle of a music search on FriendFeed and found these pictures from July 19, 2008. How time flies... - Ontario Emperor
Wow, where'd you dredge this up, Haggis? - Kevin L
Just showed this to Matthew, and he says, "That's Braden!" - Louis Gray
beautiful - Rida Sayf
The La Cañada Flintridge "Station fire" as viewed from Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Most of the brush has not burned in 60 years. on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
The La Cañada Flintridge "Station fire" as viewed from Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Most of the brush has not burned in 60 years. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Holy crap. - Mona Nomura
That's frightening! - Anne Bouey
yeah. - edythe
ah, thank you, mwm! - edythe
:) you are welcome, miss ;) - Michael W. May
Very sad, I used to live near there. - Mike Reynolds
That's why I was coughing. - Derrick
Incredible picture. Thanks Polly for sharing this. Reminds me of hikes in the hills of LA. - Mitchell Tsai
Meanwhile, the rain they need in Cali is up here around Seattle, sprinkling stingily... :( - Dennis Jernberg
Scary, amazing picture! - Kurt Starnes
pretty cool photo - collins
Louis Gray
Happy Halloween FriendFeed!
Screen shot 2009-10-31 at 2.39.14 AM.jpg
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First is 2007, second is 2008. - Louis Gray
Waiting for 2009, I'm curious. - Niki Costantini
High resolution for 2007: http://friendfeed.com/static... - Louis Gray
I *thought* FF looked haunted lately... - Dennis Jernberg
Happy Halloween! - Garin Kilpatrick
Those were the days... - Mark Krynsky
I'm in love with the high-res logo! - Vezquex
Daniel Brusilovsky
Scan Your Business Cards On The Go With Business Card Reader http://danielbru.posterous.com/scan-yo...
Jesse Stay
Maybe it's just my perception, but I think the Google and former Google employees I'm following on FriendFeed use the service much, much more than that of Twitter and Facebook employees (with the exception of FriendFeed employees, which themselves are mostly former Google employees). Not sure what that means though. I'd love to see some stats.
Meaning that Twitter and Facebook employees don't use Friendfeed? I would assume they use their own services. - Louis Gray
My curiosity is in the fact that FriendFeed isn't owned by Google - do Google employees just have more time on their hands? - Jesse Stay
Or, on the side of Google, are Google employees just more likely to try out more than their own services? - Jesse Stay
No. When FriendFeed started, it was first used by friends and family of the team, and many of the friends who were likely to try it were current or former Googlers. Thus, much of the discussion was about Google and it was a natural fit. I remember that the open discussions around Google at the end of 2007 when it was much more mysterious to me was one of the major drawing points for me to the service. - Louis Gray
Louis, ah, interesting - that would make sense. - Jesse Stay
READ THIS POST! http://blog.louisgray.com/2008... :) (This is just a good example) - Louis Gray
Will do boss - not sure we even knew each other when that was written - funny how time flies :-) - Jesse Stay
Aw memories. http://friendfeed.com/louisgr... (This was an epic discussion - miss these!!!) - Louis Gray
Somehow I have faint memories of that discussion. Maybe I did know you at the time. - Jesse Stay
Anyway, back to coding... - Jesse Stay
I need my nose hairs plucked - Jesse Stay
Robert Scoble
San Quentin. Why we visited. What we learned. Live conversation:
Today a group of us visited San Quentin Prison. Got a complete tour. Talked with murderers. Walked the yard amongst inmates. Visited much of the facilities. Visited an actual cell and talked with the guys who live there. - Robert Scoble
It's one of those things that will always have an impact on me and the other bloggers who visited. - Robert Scoble
who set that up? - Jesse P. Luna
Fascinating. Do any of the inmates blog? - Catherine Ventura
Guy Kawasaki and Dennis Hall did. More details here: http://www.mediabistro.com/baynews... - Robert Scoble
Catherine: none are allowed on the Internet. But several have blogs done by their families or friends. - Robert Scoble
That's pretty crazy. I see it every time I take the ferry to Marin. - Daniel Brusilovsky
Nothing fun about this place. It's quite different being there than seeing it on TV or in the movies. I never felt at ease even though I knew nothing would happen to us. - Robert Scoble
The prison system is its own economy in California. - Jesse P. Luna
I know what you mean. I spent time on a film shoot in an Italian prison once. You feel the pain everywhere. - Catherine Ventura
I'll try to rattle off some of my memories. Walking in the front gate was wild. The gate is very old, built in the 1950s. We walked in the same entrance Johnny Cash did. You get signed in. Show IDs. Not allowed to bring in any cell phone or cameras. They stamp your hands. Not allowed to wear blue pants or jeans (we put green pants over ours). Go through one door. Wait. - Robert Scoble
Go through another door. Wait for the first door to lock. Then walk into yet another area. Wait for yet a third door to open (only opens after you've closed the door behind you). Let's just say that it's been decades since the last person escaped from here. - Robert Scoble
We walk in the courtyard and there's a new prisoner (in white) being led in in handcuffs. But the courtyard is pretty beautiful. San Quentin is actually a prison most prisoners want to come to because of its beauty and programs. We instantly meet a well spoken prisoner who starts giving us a PR speech before we stop him and ask why he's talking to us like a PR guy. He explained... - Robert Scoble
...that he's one of the "best" prisoners and is in a program to earn good points and by talking nicely with us he's earning good points which will help him possibly gain release. We learn later he murdered his sister with a shotgun about 28 years ago and has been inside ever since and is up for parole again next year. The conversation stuck with all of us. We asked him how many... more... - Robert Scoble
Only a few hundred of the thousands of prisoners are in a "program" which means they do work (most of the state's furniture is made here in a factory on the prison grounds -- we sat in the chairs and they do nice work) and take classes and are generally trying to become nice people who can survive on the outside (the guy we talked with took college classes and earned a degree here). - Robert Scoble
After visiting the furniture factory (Prison Industries, they call it) we headed across the yard. While doing that a general alarm rang, a voice called out "alarm" and everyone dropped to their knee. Guard towers looking over the yard had guns aimed and ready. Our guide said we don't need to kneel but it was a spooky moment. - Robert Scoble
We visited the dining area where we got locked in (we were only ones there) and saw the famous artwork of Alfred Santos. The New York Times has pictures and details here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007... -- awesome artwork that only a few regular people get to see. A guard later told us about being attacked in a riot in this room (200 inmates will sit here at one time with only three guards watching at a time). It is one of the most dangerous places in the prison. - Robert Scoble
As we walked the guard who was giving us the tour explained how gangs inside the prison worked and how people carry contraband, notes, and other things in, well, body cavities. Let's just say I have new respect for what people can do with a shampoo bottle. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sure it was great to go home - Douglas Sandquist from iPhone
We walked over to one of the sleeping areas, which had hundreds of bunk beds open without any walls. The guard explained why prison life is so stressful. Imagine having to sleep knowing that your enemies can try to cut your throat at any time. - Robert Scoble
My uncle also got his college degree while in prison. Unfortunately, the bulk of the work programs at his facility weren't focused on the quality of work being done but rather the sheer meeting of quotas. - FFing Enigma
Then we visited one of the buildings which had five stories of very small prison cells. Two people to a cell in a space about half the size of my upstairs office, which isn't that big. A toilet (no privacy) and not much else. Along the sides were cages, which we saw some people in. One guy was whining like a baby. Turned out he was thrown into a cage after getting maced for getting in a fight. - Robert Scoble
Our guide, a guard, asked him "were you fighting?" Answer: "no." Then our guide asked "did you win?" Answer: "Oh yeah, I kicked his ass." Guards learn quickly how to get the truth out of people here. - Robert Scoble
These cages were the size of telephone booths and people get thrown in them to punish them for misbehaving and to calm them down. Around the corner we're invited by the guards to visit someone's cell. I call it the PR tour because it's obvious the prisoners in the cell have been through this before. - Robert Scoble
Turns out they were in for burglary and assault. They explained their life. 23 hours in the cell. 1 hour to eat. Every other day they get half a day in the yard. Every other day they get to take a five-minute shower (no privacy). - Robert Scoble
I looked for technology. Beside having wifi for the guards (secure, of course) there was very little technology to speak of. Many of the prisoners have NEVER seen a web page. The Warden is on Facebook but not Twitter or FriendFeed. But other than a Dell on his desk I didn't see much other tech. - Robert Scoble
what about tvs? did they have those? - Catherine Ventura
As we walked out we visited where the exercise yard used to be. There are tons of bullet holes in the roof covering the yard. Why? They used to fire a warning shot to try to break up fights/stabbings. Now the rule? No warning shots. If you are going to fire your weapon as a guard it will be to kill. - Robert Scoble
Catherine: we heard some prisoners had them but I never saw a TV but we didn't visit many of the housing units. They didn't allow us in the areas where the worst prisoners are (we saw some condemned prisoners, but they were handcuffed and carefully watched). But certainly no HDTVs. - Robert Scoble
Joe: it was an eye opener, for sure. It certainly was a way to learn something different and also build a relationship with other bloggers too. We should have some pictures, by the way, soon. The guard had a camera he was allowed to take in but he was careful not to take pictures of other guards. - Robert Scoble
Interesting to read this inside friendfeed - in 1 paragraph chunks every minute. I don't usually use this service. Normally I would see this via Google Reader. - Damien Hogan
Joe: I would go back, sure, but probably only if they gave me full camera access. If I were ever to write a script this would be an awesome place to do research. - Robert Scoble
Damien: I like writing raw and this doesn't really belong on my blog anyway. - Robert Scoble
True, re blog - perhaps there is some other location for it - before it gets swept away in the stream. - Damien Hogan
I'm glad to have gotten to do it. It's a place we all hear about and most of us never get to experience it. Oh, we also talked at length with the warden. Interesting about the budget struggles he's under. Said that he had to give layoff notices to lots of the education workers. What impact does that have? - Robert Scoble
Just wow, Robert - thank you for the detailed, yet raw stream of thought account of being on the inside. - Micah
Well, remember, many of these prisoners will get out. If they have no education and aren't prepared mentally and spiritually for surviving on the outside and getting along with people guess what they'll do? Cause harm to us. - Robert Scoble
Gave me new perspective on the budget battles since so much of our money goes to the prison system (one of the bad parts of our society). - Robert Scoble
I remember on my first Alcatraz visit when they shut the door and we were inside the hole - solitary confinement. I'll never forget it. - Micah
Oh, and guess who's been visiting lately? The Chinese and Turkish Prison managers who want to make sure they stay on teh right side of the human rights lines. - Robert Scoble
Micah: I did that at Alcatraz too, but it doesn't have the emotional impact of being in a cell at San Quentin with real life prisoners standing around. - Robert Scoble
Rofbert, when prison budgets get cut the concept of rehabilitation is usually the first thing out the window. The system shifts to sheer containment, which usually causes skyrocketing recidivism rates. - FFing Enigma
Fascinating about the Chinese and Turkish managers! - Catherine Ventura
Tina: yup. And this is already a tough place to rehabilitate people because the gang system is against you if you're here. One inmate has been stabbed 31 separate times. - Robert Scoble
US has got 2.3 million people incarcerated at any one time. Most will be released. Definitely worth thinking about how to manage what happens after that. Education is key. - Damien Hogan
170,000 in California, the Warden said. - Robert Scoble
23.6% of the world's prison population according to wikipedia! - Damien Hogan
Joe: we were joking around that this was probably better than prisons in China and Turkey and the guard offered that information. - Robert Scoble
I was just working on the Manhattan DA race and all three candidates used "ending recidivism" as a campaign platform. Good sign. - Catherine Ventura
Robert - absolutely. A ghost town facility is no comparison to a living, breathing penitentiary. - Micah
Micah: and when you are talking to prisoners face-to-face and you know that any of them could take you out at any time it adds a little bit of an edge that's tough to explain. - Robert Scoble
Oh, at the beginning of the tour the guard explained the hostage policy of the prison. Under no circumstances will they trade a prisoner's release for your release. Our guard is the chief hostage negotiator, we learned. He ended one situation by trading a steak dinner for a hostage once, he told us. - Robert Scoble
Talking to prisoners is definitely surreal...a few years ago on a doc film crew I spent a day in the Maricopa County Jail (Phoenix) and that crazy tent city Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs there...not the same as a prison, but still a very tense place. - Phillip Johnson
Anyway, gotta go do other stuff. Hope you enjoyed this. - Robert Scoble
Thanks! - Catherine Ventura
Thanks. - Phillip Johnson
Thank you for sharing Robert it sounds like an interesting visit. - Rob Cairns
A couple other things: 1. some guards are paid more than $200,000 a year by working tons of overtime. 2. An automatic way to get fired here is to lie (as a guard). We heard a few stories about that. - Robert Scoble
Robert ... Outstanding recap of our four hours on "the inside". I have to say, the gas chamber was an unexpected bonus. Amazing tour! Dennis Hall - Brandon
I've visited both San Quentin and US Penitentiary Lompoc - which once had the nickname and function of "The New Rock", but is now FCI (Federal Correctional Institute) Medium - as part of my training to work on Alcatraz. - Ranger Craig
Former Alcatraz inmates I've known always talk about how they hoped, if they were caught, they would do time in a federal penitentiary rather than a state prison. Comparing the two I'd agree, if only because of the overcrowding at San Quentin. California's first prison began on a ship in San Francisco Bay - those inmates built the original San Quentin which opened a year later in 1852. - Ranger Craig
One thing I love about FriendFeed and Twitter is that we have a real Ranger who gives tours on Alcatraz. Hi Craig, interesting info. - Robert Scoble
Thanks, always glad to get a reminder of how bad things can be... - Denverken
Thanks for this, Robert! - beersage
Thank you for sharing your experience in a sensitive, informative way. There are so many things in life most of us never know about, but could benefit from by learning about. Prison life is one of them. - Marie Carnes
Good piece. As fugitive recovery specialists we have had direct contact with many tenants of the Q. (from the outside, of course). San Quentin has always possessed a certain mystique and awe to both convicts and regular citizens. Before institutions such as Pelican Bay, San Quentin was known as the original 'Gladiator School'. - hypyklrz
Interesting story, Robert. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
This was great, thanks for doing it. People need to see the folly of taking society's screw-ups and shutting them away where they learn nothing but more ways to screw up. - Lo
crazy dude. crazy. - Zac Bowling
See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Robert Scoble
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. @nicefishfilms and @osterick did an awesome video at BlogWorldExpo last week. Must watch. http://nicefishfilms.blip.tv/file...
thank you robert. - michael sean wright
WOWOWOWOW is right - fabulous job Michael :) - Susan Beebe
Great job, great summary.. - Chris Myles
Michael rocks .... - Charlie Anzman
Paul Buchheit
There was a lot of chatter about the future of FriendFeed this weekend. The short answer is that the team is working on a couple of longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world. Transformation is not the end. Consider this the chrysalis stage -- if all goes well, a beautiful butterfly will emerge :)
What is transforming... FriendFeed, or the idea of FriendFeed? - Christopher Galtenberg
Thanks for the update, Paul! - Anne Bouey
THANK YOU! - tehKenny
Fabulous News :) - Susan Beebe
Noticed the "leaked" Facebook UI screenshots and the groups blog post today, and both seem FriendFeed inspired: nice to see Facebook trying to bring the stuff we like about FriendFeed to a larger audience. - Mark Trapp
To Robert Scoble: I told you so ;-) - Jesse Stay
Sounds like they're adding some of FF's features to FaceBook. yay - iTad from fftogo
Mark - got link? - Susan Beebe
Thanks Paul :) - Ashish
Paul, FriendFeed rocks as Gmail does ;) - Orlando Pozo
Devil is in the details: "couple of longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world" == Facebook projects with FriendFeed-like elements == no work on FriendFeed itself. - EricaJoy
Thanks for the update, the more you communicate, the less we have to speculate. - Peter Hoffmann
The fact that these improvements are coming to Facebook and not friendfeed will not sway those who like friendfeed but dislike Facebook. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thank you Paul for bringing "FriendFeed goodness to the larger world" -- THAT sounds awesome!! - Susan Beebe
I hope out of the chrysalis emerges an infested Kerrigan. That'd be awesome http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki... - Ivan Kirigin
Thanks Mark, much appreciated... I'll check those out - Susan Beebe
+1 Ivan :) - Benjamin Golub
But we knew this was the deal the moment the full details of the purchase of friendfeed by Facebook became public. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yeah, I don't give a crap about Facebook. I want to know about FriendFeed. - Rochelle
sadly, no one with any power seems to care about FF anymore. - Big Joe Silenced
And there's your answer, Rochelle. friendwho? friendwhat now? Oh, you mean Facebook! (No I mean friendfeed) friendwho? (rinse, lather, repeat) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
there are some ui differences (and i tend to prefer friendfeed in those cases) but i have friended quite a few FF people in FB and the experience is remarkably similar in many ways. - Jason Wehmhoener
Thanks for the transparency on the Friendfeed "ghost town" matter Paul. Much appreciated. - Alex Knight
Thanks Paul... bring the special sauce to Facebook: http://blogs.zdnet.com/weblife... - Andrew
I like the "chrysalis stage" analogy - sounds cool.... goes an looks for FF goodness butterfly! - Susan Beebe
Good to know that FriendFeed still has some fight left; hope that translates into a viable and sustainable platform/utility for the masses (though I quite enjoy the close-knit, uber-geek community that it's become). - Christian
I don't like the chrysalis analogy. The butterfly emerges from the chrysalis and buggers off leaving the shell. Of course, it might then also get eaten by a bird. Tweet, tweet. - Mark H
Mark LOL nice, ... haha - Susan Beebe
Note that he didn't say that FriendFeed.com was going away, only that they're diverted to bringing it to a much larger audience - Jesse Stay
The problem is Scoble (Robert) and MG both just sent half of FriendFeed away so most of those that would benefit from this announcement won't even see it. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, I didn't get that from Paul's comment. I read that some of the friendfeed ideas will be going into FB. I like that idea, but I still prefer FF to FB because of the different conversations here that I don't have with friends and family. - travispuk from iPhone
Yeah, Paul's statement won't help friendfeed. This will just either give people more reason to go to Facebook or find another service entirely. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
What Alex and Rochelle said. This sounds like a "we're bringing FF to Facebook" announcement, and I don't give a damn about Facebook. I want to know what's happening HERE. And Cristo, both, but more the interface. I care about the friends I've made here, and I'm connected with many of them now on Facebook as well, but I prefer to interact with them here, because I like it better. - Jandy
Travis, he didn't say that - you read that, but he didn't say that. I'm willing to bet FriendFeed.com will not go away. - Jesse Stay
As much as I agree about Scoble and MG driving people away, they have also effectively flush out some comment from the FF team. - travispuk from iPhone
Travis, there are better ways of getting the FF team to comment - Jesse Stay
:( I quite liked the caterpillar. - Nick Lothian
Oh I don't think FF will go away, and damn will hope it doesn't either! - travispuk from iPhone
What I do see is more Facebook integrated into the FriendFeed environment - I think that's a good thing - Jesse Stay
The critical difference between Facebook and FriendFeed is the social model. With Facebook as it is today, you need to be mutual friends to see each others content. There is a "fan page" model but it is oriented toward "publishing/celebrity" rather than information sharing. FriendFeed has an asymmetric model like Twitter, where you can easily discover someone's content without any "friend" gesture whatsoever, and you can follow without friending. This makes the converation more discoverable, and useful.. - Adina Levin
Agree Adina. - travispuk from iPhone
If the integration is bringing public/asymmetric to Facebook, then it will be very useful indeed. If the integration is to add FriendFeed-style service integration into the symmetric/private Facebook model, it will be much less useful - it's more of the same - I'll be able to more easily share updates from youtube or last.fm or delicious to my friend network, but be unable to discover new people and infomation. - Adina Levin
@Jesse - I can't see any sign that they are working on FriendFeed at all. All the indications are that the FF team is now working on Facebook, and only Facebook. That's great for Facebook, and I'm sure they will do wonderful work there. But don't delude yourself that FriendFeed is going to get anything more than critical fixes, and maybe the occasional thing done in someone's spare time. - Nick Lothian
Butterflies look totally different than caterpillars and they also fly away - Melanie Reed
Crickets chirping... is this site alive?? :) - Christopher Galtenberg
+100 Adina. The things I like best about FriendFeed (easy content/people discovery, FoaF, asymmetrical following and being followed) are completely opposite to Facebook's core model. That's why as much as people keep talking about Facebook adding FF-like features, I don't see the REAL FF core features making it over, because the mindset is different. - Jandy
I don't see this announcement as anything new, or as reassuring. We knew from the time of the acquisition that there would be would be some movement of FF capabilities into FB. The real question is whether this means absorption of FF into FB or attracting the FB user base into FF. The comment about "bring[ing] FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world" still leaves that question open. - John (bird whisperer)
+1 everything Alex Scoble has said. Friendwhat? What's a feed? Who uses RSS anymore? We've got PubSubWTFOMGBBQ now! - Mr. Gunn
Agree with Jandy on +100 Adina. - Amy℠
Also, I agree with Jandy and Adina's comments. - John (bird whisperer)
Nick, Paul just said they're working on other projects right now. That still doesn't mean FriendFeed is going away. I'm not deluding myself at all. I'm telling everyone else they're deluding themselves by assuming it's going away. All the FriendFeed team is still using FriendFeed, and Paul just tried to give us comfort not to worry. For some reason we all don't want to believe him. It's actually kind of amusing. - Jesse Stay
I wonder what the powers that be mean by "FriendFeedy goodness"? Is it understood what WE like about it vs. FB? - Amy℠
Paul - Wishing you all the best as you tend your new butterfly garden :) I'll be here to enjoy them! - Susan Beebe
This is not the news that Friendfeed fans were looking for. - Vezquex
The issue isn't belief that they are going to do something. The question is what they are going to do, and whether that will continue the core value of FriendFeed, which is not just information aggregation but discoverability. - Adina Levin
I know more about the "Last Days" and heaven than I know about what's going to happen to FriendFeed as we have come to know it than was given in your rather cryptic answer, Paul. :) And while that may not be a fair comparison (God actually gave details and signs), there is something definitely not forthcoming about your response. A person usually withholds details that affect another... more... - Melanie Reed
Hopefully this helps to quiet all of the "friendfeed is dying" talk. Because this thread proves ff is alive and well. - Garin Kilpatrick
@Jesse - I read it differently to you. To me, Paul is saying "We are taking what we were working towards on FriendFeed, and trying to bring that goodness to a bigger audience". No one is claiming they are going to shut down FF. - Nick Lothian
@Jesse - Want to make a bet on the number of new features added to FF before the end of the year? - Nick Lothian
You read my mind. Having seen a few acquisitions, I am wondering if FF staff was told to put the site in bugfix mode. - EricaJoy from IM
Cristo, to deliver some straightforward talk is not about giving away company details. If you have a product that is original and stands on its own, you don't need to refer to it as a "butterfly". Many companies even promote something new and upcoming especially to their loyal user base. It gives a signal. A proper one. It tells your users and future users enough so that they can make an informed decision about what they want to do instead of keeping them on tenderhooks - Melanie Reed
"the chrysalis stage in most butterflies is one in which there is little movement" (via wikipedia) So if you follow that metaphor then eventually FriendFeed will go through a metamorphosis -- that means it's not dead... really how hard can it be to get what he's saying? - Chris Heath
Its pretty hard :) The burning question is if they are putting FF goodness in to the walled gardens that are Facebook or are they bringing FF openness to FB too. I think the people here want the open forums that are FF not the closed ones that are FB. If FB is going hybrid with both walled gardens and open forums that would be OK too. People on FF want open forums... like Twitter and FF... without the crude interface that is Twitter and without the uncertainty that is FF now. - Ed Millard
Facebook is gonna have to rip off much of the privacy to maximize their product in the real-time web world. I am going to assume FF goodness is going to be applied to FB :) *crosses fingers* - Susan Beebe
Just a thought... why does "longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world" JUST mean facebook.com? What I get from this is that they are working on a range of things, maybe bringing the FriendFeed sauce to a range of sites, powered by the Facebook back end. Who knows what that means. A FriendFeed service powered by FacebookConnect? Also to...... more... - Johnny
LMFAO. Johnny++ - Rahsheen
FB needs to leave the privacy for the walled garden and the inner circle. Their current user base likes that. They just need a second feed that is an open forum and you can talk there without it bleeding in to your inner circle feed. - Ed Millard
Yes, but blocking doesn't work so well since you can just use Chrome's Incognito mode to get around it. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Translation: if you haven't switche to Facebook yet, you better do it now so you can get a good vanity URL. - David Chartier from iPhone
I don't know what all the fuss is about. But could we have the long answer too, please? - Laura Norvig
Although I'm interested, FB != FF. I don't see how the two mix in a way that makes me feel otherwise. Mixing audiences is not a good thing for me (with a few exceptions) and I know others share the same thought. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Paul, will FF be here in 1 year, 5 years? - Robert Higgins
Thanks for the update Paul.. - Chris Myles
Cristo I am funking nobody, I would like Paul to quantify his post. Simple. Will FF be here in 1 year? Will FF be here in 5 years? - Robert Higgins
IMO friendfeed shoud attract more general audience... Facebook and twitter are having more general users. Most of the FF users are tech bloggers or those who needs aggregation services... I dont know it's just my feeling or not . but this is my impression on FF. but it's great service.. the features are too good... but we will roam were we meet our friends... thats most of the people are into twitter and FB. - Sarath
Ohhhh a perrrttty butterfly, I'm moist with anticipation. - sofarsoShawn
Glad to hear it, Paul. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Cristo: i almost made the same observation an hour or two ago when i first read through this posting and its comments. I was skimming and kept seeing alex, alex, alex... and thinking to myself... where's Robert!?! - Chris Heath
Great news. Thanks! friendfeed team. :D - Franc, a rememberer
@Sarath - I have a lot more in common with the people I've met here on FriendFeed than FB or Twitter. Twitter is too hard to search, and FB (and Twitter to a good extent) is driven by the people you know in RL (and unfortunately I don't have nearly as much in common in RL with my family, co-workers and acquaintences as I do with people scattered all over the world who I have met on FF).... more... - Lindsay
I think that in his cryptic statement he means, and a lot of people here agree with me, that more Facebook's going to get more FriendFeedy. Which doesn't mean that FF still isn't dead or doomed. After all, he works for Facebook now. FriendFeed=open forum, Facebook=walled garden, totally opposite master metaphors; but I don't think Zuckerberg gets it, and FF belongs to Zuckerberg now. So this is really about FB; FF's still in limbo. Still, some FF people friended me at FB, and I put them in a special list. - Dennis Jernberg
@FF-team keep on rocking :). BTW I also think it's really cool you guys open-sourced tornado. - alfred westerveld
+1 what alfred said, and good to hear words like "longer-term" & "beautiful" coming straight from The Walrus - keep that vision strong. Hope all goes well for FF team doing some good re-inventing the Octopus Garden of FB - seems you've got your work cut out for you there! It would be so nice if any way to keep a "simple & pure" form of FriendFeed alive (maintained and developed - more open source?) for us to enjoy, but no worries .... you've simultaneously raised the bar and paved the way for the rest! - Dan Freeman
Good luck with the development Paul! Hopefully Zuck has some positive insight. - Garin Kilpatrick
I like butterflies. - Harold Cabezas
Paul: If someone offered me a bag of money to do what you guys did, I would have done exactly the same (probably a lot faster too). However, it would be nice if you spent an hour answering some of the questions here. It might also give people like me a little more faith, in what used to be your primary project; Friendfeed. You made the best platform on the planet - why not use it to let us know what the heck's going on? - Jim Connolly
I'm assuming that Facebook wants to keep their roadmap quiet. I respect that but leaving you community in the dark for a brand that the applications stand for community building is rather ironic. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
SUPER!! I don't Blame ya 1 Darn bit fer Dumpin' FacePOOP Paul!! ;PPP Wait FacePOOP is the Maggot Stage!! ;)) - Billy Warhol
If I can still have all my friends that I have here on friendfeed and share things with them the exact same way, I don't care what "www" address I have to type in to get it. I just hope i don't have to give up any of FF's awesome features! Thanks for the update Paul! - David Cook
The problem is I don't know whether to wrote an app on your API or not because i'm not sure whether it will all be dropped in the "transformation". Imagine speding late nights and weekends coding something up only for it to be dropped suddenly. Need a decent long term picture. Looking at Cliqset. - Steven Livingstone-Pérez
Good point Steven - and one of the reasons many of us are spending so little time developing our networks here. - Jim Connolly
ffcode: Good luck with that ;-) - Jim Connolly
So the changes are at Facebook not FriendFeed, Paul? - Kol Tregaskes
And good luck to all of your team - Özkan Altuner from iPhone
yemezler - MobilAdam
I do care about what happens next, but this is the best news of the day nonetheless ! thanks for giving us updates at last ! and I do hope FF will awaken again ! such a great tool, but letdown since the announcement of the buyback by FB - laetSgo
will I see this post in my "best of week" email from FF? - Kirill Bolgarov
If Facebook is going to get fixed, please remember that it needs fixing politically, not just technically. It needs to give people the option to open their data to Google - for instance. A walled garden where the walls are fixed in place sucks. - Tim Tyler
@Paul, or perhaps an Alien will erupt forth from its stomach? (kidding, kidding!) - j1m
bump! - Jesse Stay
Why? edit: so... 18 months later i'm still wondering what exactly this post was all about - Chris Heath
Jesse Stay
Anyone want a FriendFeed invite? I have 8 of them.
Ha. Nice. - Louis Gray
good one - Allen Stern
Otto yeah, tell your friends I have a few - Jesse Stay
They're very rare - Jesse Stay
hahaha! Frame one and sell the rest on eBay ;) - Shane
Just make sure you use "EXTREMELY RARE" (in all-caps) in the Ebay description. That will get a lot of people to bid on them. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
LOL. Funny Jesse. How about socialtoo invites, eh?? - Roberto Bonini
Roberto I have those too - want one? - Jesse Stay
Hell YEAH!!! I'll even trade you one of my Facebook invites - sofarsoShawn
I will pay top dollar for the privilege of contributing on friendfeed - anyone? - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher, I charge $100/hr - deal? - Jesse Stay
sofarsoShawn gets the first one - now down to 7 (totally needed one of those) - Jesse Stay
How many hours for an invite? - Christopher Galtenberg
I have many FriendFeed goodbyes. Unfortunately they are in great demand these days :( - Jemm
What's next, AOL CD's ? - Mike Nencetti
LOL. Do you happen to have any Twitter invites? - John (bird whisperer)
Christopher, invites are free, just high demand and very rare. - Jesse Stay
John, sorry, I don't have any Twitter invites - there are lots of those out there though. I'm sure you can find some. :-) - Jesse Stay
I would actually pay for service here, if we could have the FF team back - Christopher Galtenberg
I have 97 gmail invites left. First come first served. - Daniel Sims
Well played, Jesse, well played. :) - Micah
Darn! Mike Nencetti beat me to the punch on AOL CDs. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Woohoo... I must get a Friendfeed invite @Jesse. Can I offer you 3 MySpace invites for one Friendfeed? - Courtney Engle
I can offer 80 gmail invites for your friendfeed one. :) - Daynah
I'm telling you. This Friendster thing is going to take off. - Joel R
hey have you tried Excite for search? - Thomas Power
Jesse, you should try posting this to twitter and see what happens - Pablo Melchor
Pah, Lycos is where it's at, Thomas! ;) - Tyson Key
Steve Gillmor
since we all know FriendFeed is a parasite of Twitter, it would appear that if MG is right that Twitter is a ghost town. The innovation halting, however, is a ticking time bomb for Facebook.
FriendFeed would be fine without Twitter in my opinion... I block most tweets anyway. Why do you have the impression that it is a parasite of Twitter? I am not happy about the lack of support and innovation here now though. But I'm gonna ride this boat till it grounds because it's still the best ship to be on, IMO. - Lindsay
Yeah. /deep voice - Josh Haley
MG is missing the conversations in FF, which were not a parasite of Twitter. In fact, the FF faithful deliberately avoid commenting on Twitter-originated content, which I think is a significant driver of FF's slow downward spiral. - Christian Anderson
Part of the fun is knowing that the Twitter-only readers don't read my responses, don't get the value of a threaded conversation and are yet again just blowing their bugle into their own beadspread. - Aron Michalski from BuddyFeed
The twitter V Friendfeed rivalry is fascinating to watch from the outside but I'll say that my engagement is far higher on twitter and the boycott of tweets does the FF no favors. Could just as easily be symbiotic but whatever ;) - WarLord
Well, point taken but having to go look for replies on another page or a column of a client seems counterproductive. As it stands it doesn't matter with me as I often will post and never have any response. I guess I'm not interesting or inflammatory enough. - Aron Michalski from BuddyFeed
the point is, ff is no deader than twitter. neither is. where's stream splicing? - Steve Gillmor
Steve it hurts my feelings that not only don't you tweet on twitter, but you have given up on mp3 files too! And the irony is that the TriCaster is a vestige of the Amiga... - Michael Pinto
Many people hide Twitter in FriendFeed, and watch Twitter somewhere else. - Louis Gray
Interesting...Scoble pretty much (unless I just misunderstood) said the reverse.He thinks FF is the ghost town and Twitter is the place to be. I didn't realize either had problems. Both seem just as active to me, but I'm just a user too. - George Gray
posting Dare's FB comment here: Dare Obasanjo That's a bogus statement and you know it. Friendfeed was a Twitter app that lots of people used. People have moved on to other apps since the FB purchase (Brizzly?). This isn't a reflection on Twitter just a sign that people no longer treat Friendfeed as a primary destination for conversations around microcontent - Steve Gillmor
Interesting that Dare's comment is on Facebook, not Brizzly? Once FB solves the orphan comment problem, many will move there. For now, I see little difference in FF since the acquisition except for frozen development, as MG points out. Brizzly or Seesmic or Threadsy do not provide a replacement for FF, at least for me, at least not yet. What has changed is the time FB has to bridge the... more... - Steve Gillmor
Michael I tweet on twitter thru here, just like others use Tweetie, etc. I haven't given up on mp3 but rather moved to mp4. YouTube is currently not providing an RSS feed for my stream, and the approval process for downloads seems stuck for the last few episodes. I used my Amiga and Toaster until they stopped supporting them, and the Tricaster goes well beyond the Toaster. - Steve Gillmor
i had to remove twitter from friendfeed to prevent doubleposting on facebook. (as if there were no problems in our world) - kosmar
kosmar don't understand your problem. I post here, it goes to Twitter, which pipes it to Facebook. However, Facebook comments to my posts are orphaned on Facebook. - Steve Gillmor
Steve, I can't believe how many comments missed the semantics of the post - that the pointy end of the stick was jabbing at Twitter. It may be a style thing I'm already used to, I don't know. :) - Micah
steve, well i want all ff lifestream aggregation be on facebook - but the ff app on facebook only posts "posts" on the wall, which look ugly and therefore are less conversational it seems. i would prefer to have my fb-status changed by the items the ff app pushes (like twitter app does) - best twitter to facebook seems tweetpo.st (but is handicapped by twitter follower ratio issues at... more... - kosmar
… orphaned comments are one big problem. if all would be wave (or maybe pshb), that could be fixed, i guess. - but then, if someone talks about you on the phone, that will forever be orphaned anyway (i do hope so) - kosmar
it just seems to me having recently tried ff in more frequency that with facebook and twitter it is far easier to request contact and it feels more direct - unless i am missing a way to have this dynamic in ff - Alexander Kitingan
Network effects suggest its wise to work with many networks, not against them. Tis a bit arbitrary and capricious for a user to 'prefer' one nascent platform over another. - Just some guy
Robert Scoble
The most damning thing is that no one from the FriendFeed team or Facebook has joined the community here that is talking about it to tell us what's happening in the future. That, more than anything I've written or said communicates the future of FriendFeed.
So true - nail in the coffin! :(... - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
I keep hoping someone will tell me I'm wrong and will post a slide deck about the future of FriendFeed. But the lack of information is confirming what I'm hearing from my sources. - Robert Scoble
It's Sunday. - Anika
Anika: geeks in both companies are online and working on a Sunday and last night is NOT the first time I've been talking about the lack of direction here. Also, over the last week lots of blogs have been posting about the traffic hit that FriendFeed has already seen. - Robert Scoble
If there really was a team working on FriendFeed you BET they would contact us on a Sunday. They used to in this old days. - Robert Scoble
Remember, Facebook has a PR team of more than 10 people. You think they aren't watching what people are saying about Facebook nearly 24/7? Not in my experience. They are the most engaged PR team in a new company I know of. - Robert Scoble
LogEx: that's true, but it's also true that most people will go places where there's a clear future. Unless it's just to post non-consequential things. Me? This is both my fun time (which is why I'm still here) as well as my business (I won't be betting any of my business decisions on doing stuff here because of this lack of direction which tells me that no one is really working on FriendFeed actively anymore). - Robert Scoble
Robert, I understand the perhaps reasonable conclusions you're reaching, but breaking the silence could send too much signal to FB's competition when they'd rather send more silence which ends up, really, being noise. - Micah
FriendFeed is like an old dying dog left out in the pasture alone; abandoned by its Master to die in the silence. - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Robert, so maybe you're not giving their PR _enough_ credit. It's speculation on my part, granted. - Micah
Micah: sorry, that dog don't run. Healthy companies signal future directions, even under NDA. It would be pretty easy to meet with a few members of the community, NDA them, and tell them what's going on. If Louis Gray came on here and told me he's under NDA and that I'm wrong then I'd feel much better. The truth is I've talked with people inside Facebook and I know what the former FriendFeed team is working on. Hint: it isn't FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Logex - yup! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
I still wish they'd make it open source or something so that people could continue to develop on it. :S - Lindsay
Susan, I don't think "human master - canine pooch" analogy really applies to Friendfeed team - community that's formed. - Micah
By the way, Facebook meets with bloggers/journalists all the time to give us secret hints at what's coming. I've been to Facebook several times this year for just that. Facebook has no serious competition, by the way, so they don't make PR decisions based on what Twitter is doing. - Robert Scoble
I guess I'm not most people then. If I find something that works, I prefer to stay put as long as it meets my needs. New things are nice, but I don't have time to constantly try out new services to see if they are better that what I am presently using. (That's why I follow people like Robert ;-)) The new shiny service would have to be significantly better than what I presenlty use to make me want to switch. - Jeff P. Henderson
Do you have any services that offer the same functionality, are widely available, and actually have a future, Robert? How about offering a solution for once instead of just bitching? - LANjackal
Robert. Can you reveal the information you have from your sources. Discussions where one person has information they won't reveal is frankly frustrating. If you have some inside knowledge yet continue to make statements like this and FriendFeed is dead? then it really is frustrating to the community. - Johnny from iPhone
If your business is posting to social media, and you think your content is "consequential" based on how long it will be around on the web ... I think you've misunderstood the current moment in social media. - Joel Bennett
There's much less interaction than there used to be - but I still have faith in the users. This (was) is a vibrant and interesting place to be - and that's testament not only to the people that made the site, but also to the people who breathed life into it. I'll be following friendfeed still, but i'll also be following the friendfeeders i've met here. I'm not sure where the future is, but it'll be something to do with the people here. I'm sure of that. - Iain Baker
+1 - LANjackal from IM
Micah - lack of innovation and development on FF platform will cause obsolesence soon. Social web apps must innovate or die. When Facebook acquired FF, we all knew that FF would wind down due to this. Communities will migrate to current platforms that meet their needs. I am sensing a large contingent of the FF community is about to leave FF, myself included. - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Re Tina: IIRC she got laid off and is prolly busy trying to find new employment - LANjackal from IM
@Susan: "social web apps must innovate or die" really? tell that to Twitter, lol - LANjackal from IM
Robert, did Wolfram-Alpha indicate their future direction being a $50 iphone app? All I'm saying is Facebook's strategy may include support to FF that's not in a time-frame worth pushing through PR yet. - Micah
My favorite thing about this whole "Facebook is dead, move on" campaign is that these guys are basically just trying to shoe you BACK to the service they talked most of you OFF of in the first place: Twitter. I'm still looking for their motivation. - Joel Bennett
Only one thing to say. Jaiku - Tony C (Unrated)
FB is dead? Anyone who's saying that in view of their soaring stats and the roaring success that FB Connect has been needs their head examined - LANjackal from IM
The way I see it, Robert, your constant bitching and declaring friendfeed dead is what is killing the community. While the software it runs on may be dead, the community is not. I have to separate it and explain it to you, because you don't seem to understand the difference and how being a vocal part of this community affects it. The more you put it down, the more people won't come here... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
^ My thoughts exactly. http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - LANjackal from IM
Susan, social web apps need utility/affection by a set of users. If cutting/bleeding edge aficionados is the particular user set in question, then what you said generally holds true. But it's not the general case unless a true replacement (in this case for FF) is available. - Micah
I don't think he's killing the community, he's just killing the community's participation with him. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Robert. Can you advise the information you have from your sources? - Johnny
I am stuck in the middle on this one... - Allen Stern
Fair point, Alex. I think this issue needs the two Scobles to put their heads together and clear the air. - Micah
Naw...I like friendfeed. I'm not going anywhere as long as my friends are here. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Me neither :) - LANjackal from IM
Amen, Alex. - Jack&Cleo
Is Friendfeed dying ( if it is) because of it being purchase by Facebook, or by members reaction to that purchase? Did people forecast the death of Friendfeed and then leave, therefore creating the exact scenario they predicted. - Kim Landwehr
That's exactly what happened - LANjackal from IM
Robert, doesn't this put the denouement on the donkey for all those who thought it too sharp a call to say what was going on in that sale and before it? It seemed fairly clear to me what had been going on mainly from seeing the actions at the time of the sale and "doing the math". As Aristotle said: "Plot is character" - Melanie Reed
Some times the lab rats do understand and stop sniffing for the cheese, looking up at the lab coats above them with a knowing twitch of the whisker. - Melanie Reed
Can FriendFeed be another StumbleUpon two years later? http://stumbleupon.com/sublog... EDIT: "I don't want it happen though. I hope FFers let me entertain us again on FB" (excerpted from http://ff.im/6pO0a in Japanese) - NaHi from m.ctor.org
Johnny: yes, my sources inside Facebook tell me that the FriendFeed team has been split apart and is working on Facebook items only. So far no one has refuted that. - Robert Scoble
April: you can believe that I'm personally killing the community but that really is giving me far more power than I actually have. The community has dramatically changed in the last two months. The alpha geeks I follow and that I build my business around have largely left. Everytime I meet geeks at conferences they tell me they are not spending as much time on FriendFeed as they did before the sale to Facebook and that the lack of direction from the team is largely responsible for that. - Robert Scoble
And, April, if you read my blog post you'll see that I believe a new community is already moving in here -- one that doesn't care if the technology will see new features. - Robert Scoble
I'm not on FB that much, but do people from their team actually get involved on the site? Is that even possible, with the privacy controls? I said it on another thread: you can't serve two masters. If FB is paying the bills now, that's probably where erstwhile FF staff must spend their time. - .LAG liked that
.LAG: yes. I have dozens of Facebook employees as friends over on Facebook and they do engage all over the place. - Robert Scoble
.LAG: the head of PR at Facebook, Brandee Barker, even has a Twitter account: http://twitter.com/faceboo... and there are TONS of employees who hang out on both Twitter and Facebook like Dave Morin, head of Facebook's platform team. - Robert Scoble
Kim: I did one of the first interviews with the FriendFeed and Facebook teams after the sale was announced (within the first hour) and even then you could tell that Facebook had no plans for FriendFeed's technology and mostly wanted the team. The fact that Gary Burd (who ran the Google Talk team and is VERY influential in Seattle technology) has already left speaks VOLUMES to what is going on behind the scenes. Guys like Gary don't leave if they are having fun and making a huge impact. - Robert Scoble
That's a stupid call he made for himself - LANjackal from IM
My experience on FF does not hinge on Robert. The community of thinkers and feelers will find a way to interact, here or somewhere else. By the way, some of us are left out of the loop 99% of the time when it comes to knowing what's next. Welcome to the club. - Aron Michalski from BuddyFeed
Matthew: you aren't the only one to notice this or tell me the same thing. Many won't point it out in public, either, because they just don't want to piss off those who are still here. Me? Being public with what I'm hearing, experiencing, deciding, etc is the way I deal with life and the conversations with others tend to either confirm the direction I'm aiming in, or they pull me back from the brink. So far not much has changed my opinion, and, in fact, has augmented it. - Robert Scoble
Aron: Twitter is about to turn on lists. That's one feature FriendFeed had over it. Within six weeks they will turn on a new retweet feature that looks more like FriendFeed's "likes" than it looks like RTs, so that's another feature. Twitter is working on real time search and I'd expect them to turn on a much better search within six months. So, what's left? Comments. Those are added on... more... - Robert Scoble
I still get a lot of activity on my posts but it's not what it used to be. The big thing I've noticed is a rarely get new subscriptions yet I'm still quite active here. Going from getting several or more a day to one or so a week is a big indicator to me of FriendFeed's decline. - Akiva
It's time to open source FF. Start the chant. - Todd Hoff
Brent, you bring up a salient point. For some, the constant movement is what they are really excited about more than the community. This is not to say that these ones don't enjoy the community, they obviously do. But they enjoy the "building" up of it. It's like getting trapped in the "I always want to be falling in love" feeling and never, as you bring out, get to and enjoy the natural leveling off. Some do enjoy that part. And there may be enough of them to keep this version of FF going. - Melanie Reed
There's a problem with stasis, though. For one, it almost always leads to entropy and, for two, it means that there isn't an influx of new blood. It's the same people doing the same things having the same conversations. It decreases how dynamic the experience is. It becomes stale. - Akiva
I'm not saying that FriendFeed's hit that stage yet but it most likely will. I'm still having a great time here but it's not nearly as exciting as it used to be and, no, that's just because the honeymoon period's worn off. - Akiva
Akiva, I respectfully disagree. It's like exploring a new path in an old garden. This is the place most people are either afraid to traverse or have not developed the discipline to want to go there. There are always new things yet to be discovered in the same relationship. We just get "ants in our pants" not wanting to sit still long enough to discover it. ;) - Melanie Reed
Melanie, oh yeah? Well, you're WRONG! In all seriousness, I think it's two sides of the same coin. And I want both. It's why I hang out both on Twitter and FriendFeed. I get different (but good!) experiences out of both. - Akiva
Matt - Yup, I've experienced the same thing as I have over 2,500 FF followers and now see a very low user engagement; whereas, in the past, I could get a ton of likes / comments on any topic. Now I see only crickets!! FF is dying. - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Akiva, Its more about learning to "exult in monotony". ;) - Melanie Reed
Hah. Sorry, Melanie, but when it comes to social networking, I'm definitely polyamorous. - Akiva
Akiva, I've just come to appreciate the wisdom of Solomon: that there is "nothing new under the sun". lol Or as Shania Twain would say: "That don't impress me much." - Melanie Reed
It is the weekend and some people sleep :) At least that's how I'm looking at it ..for now.. plus I'm begging: Friendfeed please don't go away.. - http://new2me.posterous.com/friendf... (via http://ff.im/a57K2). - Chris Myles
sorry 2 say that Scoble friendfeed is slowing down 2 :( - polou/indigo_bow
Not dead yet. Thank goodness. - Aron Michalski
The truth is we know nothing more than a few weeks after the sale when the team commented that they will keep it going as long as they could. We all knew development would stop. We all knew it would run on auto-pilot. No one here seriously expects FriendFeed to continue forever but a lot of us aren't pulling the plug and walking out the door. Interaction is down, to be expected, and I'm... more... - Johnny
Agree Johnny.. - Chris Myles
Here we go again... - BLOGBloke
Regardless of the Friendfeed team's lack of comments, the volume on some threads like this does prove to me that life still exists on FF. I will agree that the volume is lighter but nothing has officially shown me that Friendfeed is dead, only bogus news articles trying to create news... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Look at FriendFeed. Look at Facebook. Which one needs improvement? Of course the team isn't working on FriendFeed now. But they're still using it, and would be upset if Facebook killed it. Facebook values them. They won't kill FriendFeed. - Bruce Lewis
strictly speaking, since the time of the sale facefeed staff have added new features http://friendfeed.com/friendf... posted news about technology development http://friendfeed.com/friendf... and responded to user support http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - Mike Chelen
Mathew: I use Tweetie on iPhone for almost all Twitter tasks. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
You also started it at 3am in the morning on Sunday - kind of a bad time to get their attention, don't you think? - Jesse Stay
Social Media Epertistes are vampires, they'd shrivel up and die otherwise after a night full of exsanguination orrrrrrrrr we could just fwd. this to the Feedback Room [done] - sofarsoShawn
Great, so its over? I wonder how many times the community is going to be willing to put themselves into something like this before we realise that all this stuff needs to move over to an open platform. I have a few great great communities die because of financially/politically motivated owners. shitty. - Jason Strachan
Which reminds me: Anybody know how the OpenFF project's going? - Dennis Jernberg
We had this discussion about the future of Friendfeed back when the buyout was first confirmed. We assume it's treading water, and maybe some day we'll be surprised by an update. - Vezquex
Shawn, well done - Jesse Stay
Vezquex, yeah - how many more times do you predict this will come up again? FriendFeed just gave an excuse for people to say something's dead. I predict this will happen many more times until it is actually dead or they start really vamping it up again. No one in this thread has the authority to know that. - Jesse Stay
Let's stop comparing elephants to fleas. Even if having 10 PR people allowed Facebook to be the "most engaged" new company, adjusted against the number of inquiries originating from members, 10 people cannot support that volume. With 250 million (or how ever many more) members, the right level of PR staffing would have to be closer to 250 (one PR person per 1 million members) to get... more... - Rich Reader
Wow, I hadn't realized Bwana had completely left. Did he blog about it? - Laura Norvig
I'm not sure if he blogged about it, Laura, but he certainly did talk about it...I'm surprised that he made his feed go dark as abruptly as he did. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Laura, Alex, yeah that abruptness took me by surprise too. My iphone shed a pixelated tear. - Micah
Start using Hide, Cjay - Scoble, Alex Scoble
All Hail FriendFeed. FriendFeed is dead. Long Live FriendFeed. I like it better than wave, twitter, fb. If anything the signal to noise ratio has improved. - Robert Higgins
Paul's Response on Read Write http://thenextweb.com/2009... - Robert Higgins
You guys do know that Paul did post about this,right ?? Rendering Roberts shock a moot point. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Paul Buchheit speaks up! http://ff.im/a8LNU - Susan Beebe
Every time I see this, I keep thinking that "damning" is entirely too strong of a word... - Rahsheen
The walrus replied - Steve Gillmor from iPhone
Roberto (and the walrus): oh, really? Did you READ what Paul wrote? How does that differ from anything I've said? - Robert Scoble
Robert, you said FriendFeed is dead and Paul said it isn't. Keep in mind you're using said "dead" site to respond. - Allred
Twitter is undernourished FF is chronically ill. FB is fat with clogged arteries and 10% of its users have disabled accounts including me. - Darrell Hudson
Robert Scoble
How I know FriendFeed is dead? Louis Gray's feed doesn't have many comments: http://friendfeed.com/louisgr...
also mine doesn't have :) - Enes TAYLAN
What comments? - Jesse Stay
The rate of new subscribers to my own feed has slowed to a crawl. That's how I know. But Louis Gray's feed with hardly any comments? That's even worse. - Dennis Jernberg
It's a Saturday at 1am, and the end of Blogworld Expo - Jesse Stay
FriendFeed has never been all that busy on a Saturday night. My inane screencasts aren't helping. :) - Louis Gray
Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. You're the God. - AlpB.
If you want comments / conversations, maybe you should learn another language: http://friendfeed.com/search... I see lots of turkish, italian & iranian commenters - arjo
I'm still here... - Patrick
Jesse and Louis: I love that you two are keeping a stiff upper lip, but, sorry, it's been very apparent to me that FriendFeed is changing. The influential geeks, if there were any here, have largely left and now FriendFeed is changing and will not be the same service a year from now that it was three months ago. I am writing a post that it has a future, but a different one. Be back in a... more... - Robert Scoble
The scary thing is that I know Louis & Jesse are in the same room commenting on this :) - Mark Krynsky
My feed is always bustling, except on weekends (especially weekend nights). - Beau Liening
With every negative post about FriendFeed the community dies a little. It's the MGs and the Scobles and the others that will kill FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
How do you know that, Mark? #wherestheproof - Louis Gray
Regardless of the community I will always use it as a tool - Jesse Stay
A community is only what you make of it. - BLOGBloke
CW: true. But part of it is I'm hoping a thousand comment thread starts (that used to happen in the old days) telling me I'm wrong. So far five people have liked this thread and 12 have commented on it. That's not really a stunning refutal. Even for a Saturday night. And it's not the first time I've made this claim and it's not the first time I've gotten such a lukewarm rebuttal. - Robert Scoble
Sorry Robert, I'm not seeing the death. With any social network, there is a constant flow of people coming to and leaving the service. Sure, the early adopters will leave to play on the next new shiny service to come along. But there are still new people joining and still a core group of users that have been here for quite a while. Just because you are leaving doesn't mean everyone else is. - Jeff P. Henderson
CW: again. This isn't the first time I've made this claim and at Blog World I had quite a few discussions with people who are noticing the same thing, even if they won't admit to such in public. - Robert Scoble
Were back to the point in the cycle where Robert Scoble calls Friendfeed dead/dying. - Andy Bakun
Jeff: I'm not leaving. You aren't listening. - Robert Scoble
Could it be that everyone is sick of social media / tech reporting... NO... never... it couldn't possibly be the content... IT MUST BE THE SERVICE THAT'S WRONG... BURN IT, BURN IT WITH FIRE. It's frankly laughable that you base a service purely what you personally can get out of it in a professional sense Robert. Maybe FriendFeed is more social and doesn't fit into your self-promotion regime but my feed is still active. FriendFeed isn't dead... maybe you are just dead to FriendFeed. - Johnny
It takes simple engagement to encourage comments on FriendFeed. I'm not seeing any less comments than I used to. If you ask the right questions, actually like things on FriendFeed (note that Scoble has stopped this), and encourage your audience to comment they will comment just as much as they always have. - Jesse Stay
Jeff: Denial isn't helping. Discussions and activity are down. Robert's reduced use can't be given all the credit for that. The radio silence from FF/FB leadership is troubling. There are absolutely a lot of conversations here, but not in all the places they used to be. - Louis Gray
Watch Jason Pollack's threads. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I am. And most of the traffic he gets is coming from his Twitter accounts. When I do that I get engagement too. Even here. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you HAVE for the most part left. A majority of your posts now come from twitter and your frequency of comments and participation on this site is way down. - Jeff P. Henderson
Robert, therefore your community will follow wherever you take them. It's not "FriendFeed's community". It's "Your community". Bring them back to FriendFeed and you'll see it change. - Jesse Stay
Jeff: I can't keep focusing on a site that isn't getting developed. Sorry. That's not what I do. - Robert Scoble
Louis, true, things have changed here on FF, but isn't some of that attributed to the normal ebb and flow that is seen on any social network? Not everyone stays engaged forever. It frankly takes a lot of time and effort to continuously participate at a significant level on any social network. Most of us have full time jobs that have nothing to do with social networks as well as family and other obligations for our time. - Jeff P. Henderson
Robert, there's a difference between "not focusing" and "focusing on something else". Why be negative about FriendFeed when you can be positive about something that's better? - Jesse Stay
Because Robert is scared of being left behind. He has to trash the old thing so everyone thinks he knows what the next thing is. - Johnny
Jesse: I'm mostly just poking the bees nest by my negativity to see what comes out. So far crickets. And that is making me spend even more time elsewhere. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you do realize that it's 5AM on the east coast, right? - Chris Heath
Yeah, I guess, in contrast, twitter has had a lot of development. They reskinned it inconsistently, and threw the hardcore tweeters a bone with adding "lists". Twitter has been stagnant for way longer than Friendfeed has. - Andy Bakun
Jeff, I am as big a FriendFeed supporter as everybody here. If I hadn't pushed it early, this place would be very different. But I agree that people are moving elsewhere, even if this is still the best platform. We need to hear some guidance. Johnny, I understand your position, but Robert is not that thick-headed. He's trying to work with what is passed his way, and FriendFeed is stalled right now. - Louis Gray
Chris: social media is world wide. When I was on the BBC the other night a ton of people all over the world contacted me. - Robert Scoble
i'm just sayin' - Chris Heath
Heh, everytime there's a "friendfeed is dead" comment, I notice that I had gotten 2 or 3 more subscribers in the previous couple of hours, _while_ I was sleeping on the couch. - Andy Bakun
Robert, I totally understand your perspective, but I think you are a unique case. Most users criteria for using a site does not hinge on the rate of development of the site. Flickr is an excellent example. Flickr is a mature social site that receives few updates to its core functionality, yet it still has dedicate users that invest a significant amount of time there on a daily basis. - Jeff P. Henderson
Johnny: at our neighborhood block party my neighbors have hardly even heard of Twitter or Facebook. Being left behind? I'm three years ahead of normal people. And I will go wherever the geeks go. - Robert Scoble
I'm still on FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
Jeff: I never want to be most users. But the problem with FriendFeed is that most users had never even heard of it. - Robert Scoble
that happens to me too andy, i'm about to hit the couch in a minute as I've been up for 21 hours and it's 5am - if i had been drinking tonight there's no way i could hold this conversation. - Chris Heath
Jeff: Flickr was a huge success with the early adopter crowd before it went to Yahoo. FriendFeed isn't even close to being in the same league. - Robert Scoble
Part of my love with FriendFeed was what it COULD BE in the future. So now that part of my fantasy is gone and I must see FriendFeed for what it is, not what it could be. THAT is a HUGE reason why I have moved much of my attention elsewhere. - Robert Scoble
I will always use the best tools for the job and thus far this is it. I admit there is a lot of opportunity out there right now though so long as FriendFeed has slowed down their development. Until that happens, FriendFeed is the best tool for the job. That's not changing in any way for me. - Jesse Stay
So why stir up crap like this post Robert. Smacks of arrogance and teasing - Johnny
robert, if only friendfeed had a userbase the size of twitter, or facebook for that matter... maybe that's what i'll try and dream about tonight... - Chris Heath
zzzzz - Chris Heath
Maybe Friendfeed sold too soon then. - Jeff P. Henderson
Johnny: now you are just being nasty. Why is it when a conversation doesn't go your way you have to bring up arrogance or teasing? This isn't coming from either of those places with me. - Robert Scoble
ffcode: yes. And I'm pointing that out in the post I'm about to hit publish on. - Robert Scoble
I think that this thread is evidence that FF is not dead yet... - Jeff P. Henderson
This is NOT teasing with me. I've dedicated more of my recent life (thousands of hours) to FriendFeed. This is SERIOUS business for me. - Robert Scoble
Well if you want someone to tell you you're wrong, the last time I checked FF was not your own private Idaho for just you and your pals. I'm sure it's not in FF's business model either. Check your attitude at the door and make this place a little more 'friendly' and inclusive and maybe (just maybe) things will warm up a little. On the flipside, I'm sure your tongue is also in your cheek and hoping that FF management is listening and will get with the program. Am I right? - BLOGBloke
CW: I'm studying 5,000 geeks over on Twitter. Most of whom are investing time there but not on Facebook or FriendFeed. Businesses? BIG TIME on Twitter. Celebrities? I had dinner last night with the guy who works with tons of them and he said they all are very dedicated to Twitter (except for what's her name). Facebook is getting some adoption, though, in the geek community. - Robert Scoble
Guys, even if Robert is outnumbered here, let's suggest he is most likely right and not make it personal. Robert has been a longtime evangelist of the platform and is personally invested at risk to his personal reputation. (By invested, I mean in time, not money, lest that get asked) - Louis Gray
BLOGBloke: sorry. You are wrong. FriendFeed has NO PEOPLE WORKING ON IT. - Robert Scoble
Digging in our heels doesn't help. We need to learn if this can be a place to participate with no further changes ever, or if we want to scatter to the winds. Today, most people are happy enough with Facebook and Twitter, and that's not debatable, even if we know there is a better alternative. - Louis Gray
No. You are not right BLOGBloke. I do not expect Mark Zuckerberg to dedicate any more resources to FriendFeed because of my nastiness. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I wish you were leading entrepreneurs to the opportunity and not leading them away. I agree there is a lack of leadership here from Facebook and the FriendFeed team, but to me that means there's opportunity. People won't discover that opportunity unless they are using FriendFeed. I'd rather focus on that in my posts and blog and elsewhere, rather than talk to the community itself. It's the entrepreneurs and opportunists I want to target, not the community. - Jesse Stay
Interesting, I just received three new followers in the past 10 minutes. Not Dead Yet... - Jeff P. Henderson
ffcode, I don't think my activity on FriendFeed has decreased at all. - Louis Gray
I'm using FriendFeed just as much as before as well (maybe even a little more) - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I tried that for 18 months. It was OK when I thought FriendFeed has a cool future that was different from where it is today. Sorry, it isn't good enough for most people. For us, yes. For mainstream? No way. - Robert Scoble
I must have misunderstood you Robert... "How I know FriendFeed is dead?" is the perfect way to start a conversation on FriendFeed about FriendFeed... - Johnny
Johnny: sorry, FriendFeed +is+ dead to most of the tech community. - Robert Scoble
Perhaps this thread will shake things up around here. Let's hope so. - BLOGBloke
Robert, not sure you're understanding - I'm saying now that FriendFeed has stopped development this is an opportunity for other entrepreneurs to take the lead ahead of FriendFeed. Let's push them to do so rather than pushing the community away from FriendFeed. When someone has something better than FriendFeed, then we can all say "jump ship". - Jesse Stay
Robert, my point is the rest of us outside the bubble don't care. The world exists outside the Valley - Johnny
BLOGBloke: Facebook has 300 million users and you think a thread with 20 people in it will shake things up? Sorry, that's not how things work. Now, if there was a thousand message thread, that might get some people to wake up. - Robert Scoble
Johnny: really? Where? :-) - Robert Scoble
Johnny: when I talk with people outside the bubble they are barely discovering Facebook right now. Twitter is something they've heard about. FriendFeed? GIve me a freaking break. - Robert Scoble
We're working on that thousand as we speak. - BLOGBloke
BLOGBloke: so far I see 20 people participating here. When we hit 1,000 I'll come over to your side of the yard. - Robert Scoble
Not everyone ON FriendFeed is inside the bubble... or frankly CARE about social media. You love talking about the car and it's parts, I love talking about where the car takes me. - Johnny
Johnny: sorry. Everyone on FriendFeed is inside the bubble. If you claim otherwise you lose all credibility. - Robert Scoble
Robert... I don't HAVE credibility... - Johnny
Remember, it is after 2am here on the west and 5 am back east. Unlike yourself some geeks still like to sleep. - BLOGBloke
Johnny: FriendFeed, at its height, only had a few hundred thousand users. THAT IS A BUBBLE. Actually, it's a pimple on the ass of Twitter which is a bruise on the ass of Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Cjay: my friend Luke and I had a drink at the Ritz tonight and I guarantee that was better than what you get here, but that isn't any way to build a movement. - Robert Scoble
Still don't care about that either... That's my point... I'm here for the people and the interaction. - Johnny
Robert, with all due respect, just because you don't get quality out of FF doesn't mean nobody else does. - Beau Liening
Johnny: cool. That keeps me coming back too, but it isn't any way to build a business or a movement. Most people don't care and if they do most people just want to talk with their friends on Facebook. Really, does FriendFeed give most people a hugely better experience than Facebook? No. - Robert Scoble
The whole FF/FB comparison seems irrelevant to me - FB is a walled garden, and if they move far from it they will disenfranchise the current user base who wants a closed community of their friends. FF has always been about public aggregation, not followers. If we wanted walled communities, we should have all stayed on AOL. (I keep waiting for FB to buy an old media news company - we'll definitely know they are the AOL of the future then.) - Technodad
Beau: you aren't listening. I'm here cause I like the people here. but that's not what we're arguing about. - Robert Scoble
David: you are wrong. Facebook is no longer a walled garden. You must have missed Facebook Connect. Check into it. Look at Huffington POst. They use it. - Robert Scoble
Robert. That is where you and I disagree. I get a better flavor of interaction here then Facebook. I have friends and have made friends here from all over the world I wouldn't have just through my circle of IRL friends on Facebook. - Johnny
David: most people DO WANT walled communities. Most people, when they post their baby photos are NOT like me and Louis. They mostly want to keep those private to just their real life friends. - Robert Scoble
Johnny: you and I and the rest of the people here are weird. - Robert Scoble
100% agree - Johnny
Cjay: I really wish that were true. I hate Twitter (the company). I put a good effort into bringing Twitter here. I failed. It's done. Let's move on and admit that. - Robert Scoble
Friendfeed is dying, not dead. And to use Louis' posts at this point in time is ridiculous, 1. It's mostly BWE stuff which I don't give a damn about, no offense Louis. 2. It's the weekend. 3. It's 5:30 on the East Coast. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
And that is why I like FriendFeed :-) - Jesse Stay
Jimminy: FriendFeed is not really dead. Remember, when a blogger says something is dead that just means it isn't interesting anymore. - Robert Scoble
Isn't this an argument that the best technologies don't always win? People gravitate to Twitter because any lamebrain can use it. Same thing for FB. - BLOGBloke
I wonder if people had this discussion about Geocities, Hotmail and Altavista... We like to think that the current time is the peak of innovation... - Johnny
Weird, hey I resemble that comment! - Jeff P. Henderson
Johnny: yes, we did. Geocities IS dead (gone). So is Altavista. Hotmail is still doing OK. But among early adopters it's dead. - Robert Scoble
My homepage is still Geocities - Jesse Stay
Robert, I forgot that, following my 3rd point about it being 5:30. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
if Mark is adding FF inside the FB feed then he needs to extend this silly 5000 friends limit as I can't use FB properly until he does - Thomas Power
BLOGBloke: oh, did you just call FriendFeed the Betamax of social software? - Robert Scoble
Jesse: Geocities is closing down, you will soon need to find a new home page. - Robert Scoble
Anybody who would rather talk to the 'puter instead of people in the real world are weird. Goes for me too. - BLOGBloke
I wonder if in 10 years we will talk of Twitter and Facebook in the same sense... - Johnny
I will move to Freeservers then - Jesse Stay
Johnny: I think we will know a lot more about how the future will be by the end of 2010. You won't need to wait 10 years. - Robert Scoble
Betamax! How old do you think I am anyway (*_*) - BLOGBloke
RE FB Connect, maybe, but they're positioning it as a way to pull people in to the garden. From the site: "Enable over 300 million Facebook users to share your content with their friends on Facebook. " There is a pattern in that sentence... - Technodad
Jesse: what's weird is I'm not even sure what my home page is anymore. I mostly use Tweetie on my iPhone. - Robert Scoble
I am going to ask my Uncle to revive Freeservers (actually, freeservers.com is still around). That will be the new FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
David: of course. Facebook Pages are open to the public and Google. That's where you'll see some "FriendFeed-like" innovation. - Robert Scoble
Cjay: the real question is whether I will add you to one of my Twitter lists!?! - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed is dead (isn't interesting anymore) for Ex-FriendFeed employers, no new features, no upadates, no documentation.. and this is sad, because (hope) we'll see FF on FB in months.. and FriendFeed is still the most interesting way to discuss on Internet (sorry Wave, sad but true for now). - CantorJF
What's worse here is that the positive Robert Scoble is dead. Assuming that Robert posts on this, his last posts will be on FriendFeed slowing down (Negative), on Startups paying to pitch (Negative), Digital iPhone cheapskates (Negative), Google Wave x 2 (Negative and Negative), Why Office 2010 will be locked out (Negative). That would be zero positive posts in October. I want the happy Robert back. - Louis Gray
Me too - Jesse Stay
Louis: I'm bummed out because FriendFeed is dead. Sorry. - Robert Scoble
+Like Louis :) - CantorJF
As am I. In the meantime, I am excited about Pubsubhubbub and innovation in other places. I am stoked about the Salmon Protocol. I hope people saw that. - Louis Gray
I like the happy Scoble - Jesse Stay
Louis: I've been more positive, though, about the iPhone and the app and business models there (developers there are rocking and rolling). - Robert Scoble
I think we need to a (real) life. Maybe that's the answer. - BLOGBloke
BLOGBloke: like I said, I was at the Ritz with a friend tonight. That was real life and was pretty damn good! - Robert Scoble
Louis, I don't want happy Robert back, I want to know what Robert wants and thinks coming in the future. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy: I think we're in a period of consolidation and that pisses me off! :-) - Robert Scoble
Agreed, Jimminy. Just talking openly, as he is. I have a great respect for Robert, and on most days, I assume the feeling is mutual. I brought Robert here. Can he bring us somewhere else, or should I keep looking and let you guys know? :) - Louis Gray
There's your answer and I've been coming to the same conclusion myself. - BLOGBloke
Louis: I will follow you anywhere. But I will ask Jesse for confirmation to see if you are really onto something. ;-) - Robert Scoble
I'm all for going to a new/better service than FF....but so far, I haven't seen any. - Beau Liening
I like this - together, the 3 of us will rule the world ;-) - Jesse Stay
yes, the thruth is that if FF is dead I would miss it - Luigi Centenaro
Beau: truth be told, me neither. But FriendFeed's limitations do piss me off. It got so close to something really brilliant. - Robert Scoble
Jesse: I thought we already ruled the world. - Robert Scoble
Robert, shhh - they're not supposed to know that! - Jesse Stay
Have you guys read Seth Godin's "The dip" Friendfeed is facing the dip right now. The dip is where success happens.If you manage to get through the dip, you can become one of the best in the world. - Tapio Kulmala
What's really amazing is Rob is having a conversation with all of simultaneously and still managing to keep ahead of the curve. How fast do you type? 5,000 words a minute" - BLOGBloke
Tapio: I would agree but FriendFeed's team has already been disbanded. So the dip is going to be permanent. At least that's my thesis and I'm waiting for someone to prove me wrong. - Robert Scoble
I've been in the "Dip" for 10 years. There's still hope. - BLOGBloke
BLOGBloke: I typed 35 words per minute with two fingers. Then I took a typing class. I'm a bit faster now. (Best class I took in college, by the way). - Robert Scoble
I do agree that since the buyout, development has ceased. Hopefully that won't last too much longer and they'll make FF even better. I really hope FF doesn't get fully integrated into FB. - Beau Liening
Beau: FriendFeed can NOT be integrated into Facebook. FriendFeed was designed for a million users. Facebook has 300 million. It would need to be rewritten for Facebook's infrastructure. That is NOT going to happen! - Robert Scoble
That makes me feel much better. =) - Beau Liening
My major was typing. I still have the diploma to prove it. Momma is so proud. - BLOGBloke
What WILL happen is that some of the better stuff you see here WILL be rewritten for Facebook. Like Real Time Search. Or real time comments. Or better aggregation. Or better messaging. - Robert Scoble
Still leaves FF in the dust though. =( - Beau Liening
Paul Buchheit wrote Gmail. If I were Zuckerberg I'd have him working on messaging. Google Wave is a freaking disaster. Put a nail in that! - Robert Scoble
Beau: like I said, FriendFeed is done for the most part. If we see any more features I'll be very shocked. I'm just happy that the servers are staying up for the most part. - Robert Scoble
Cjay: one of my best friends is Dave Winer. My son's initials are RSS (seriously, they are). I know a little bit about the subject. - Robert Scoble
Not that I've gotten a wave invite...but from everything I've read about it, its way pre Alpha....I'll wait for the beta... - Beau Liening
Jesse: the criticisms will probably end up bringing more curious users to friendfeed :) - Mike Chelen from fftogo
Beau: I don't think the beta is going to be able to save it. The only reason we're all paying attention to Wave is because it's from Google. Heck, that's really the reason I paid attention to FriendFeed instead of SocialThing or Jaiku. - Robert Scoble
Mike: in my experience that isn't happening. The growth of new accounts here is slowing way down. - Robert Scoble
Cjay: RSS is making a comeback, but I don't think it's fast enough. We're not using RSS here to talk with each other. That's XMPP (which is one of the protocols Google Wave is built on). - Robert Scoble
So if the 3 of us (Robert, Louis, and me) rule the world, and Louis and I both say stay on friendfeed who wins? ;-) - Jesse Stay
get it? "Stay" on FriendFeed (just noticed that) - Jesse Stay
Robert, I thought we were using SUP, though it probably is on XMPP's backbone. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jesse: again, I'm not leaving FriendFeed. So I'm a "Stay" vote too. But the three of us isn't enough, unfortunately. - Robert Scoble
Robert, but are you encouraging others to stay on friendfeed? :-) - Jesse Stay
Jimminy: I thought SUP was only used for aggregating stuff from services. - Robert Scoble
(/me likes "Stay" votes) :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse: truth be told, not anymore. I spent 18 months doing that. To do that now would be a losing proposition for me. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you're right, I think it's time for bed. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy: yeah, I gotta finish this blog and then work more on my Twitter lists. - Robert Scoble
I have the answer. We'll all pool our resources and buy FF. I've got 25 cents in my pocket and I can always raid the kid's piggy-bank. How about you? - BLOGBloke
Robert, therefore you are outvoted by Louis and I ;-) - Jesse Stay
BLOGBloke: I left Vegas with $100 in my pocket because I was too busy to gamble it away. So there y ou go! :-) - Robert Scoble
And we also have a Realtime Distributed Environment in Socnodes, but Tornado is definitely where it's at. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Identica is opensourced also, lets build a better Twitter and Friendfeed. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I'm leaving Vegas with Louis Gray's money in my pocket - I can contribute that :-) - Jesse Stay
truly - why the hell can't FF be integrated into the FB feed when they open FB up? - Thomas Power
Wrong Scoble, Chris. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I was almost blocked by him, I had to talk my way out of that one. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Thomas: again: FriendFeed's infrastructure can NOT deal with 300 million users. - Robert Scoble
Thomas, it's up to you and me to make Ecademy the next FriendFeed. - Louis Gray
Cjay: you haven't seen my Twitter account, have y ou? :-) - Robert Scoble
Looks like I was wrong. There's lots of love to go around here. Can you feel it? - BLOGBloke
Here's my blog post, titled "The Second Life of FriendFeed?" http://scobleizer.posterous.com/the-sec... - Robert Scoble
So we should jump to Posterous? :-) - Jesse Stay
No. Other than Second Life received a lot of hype, then a lot of derision, and now is a growing and profitable business. - Robert Scoble
Jesse. You can. We'll wait here. - Robert Scoble
Thomas: again: FriendFeed's infrastructure can NOT deal with 300 million users. - Robert Scoble - are you absolutely sure, because why buy it if they can't? Thomas, it's up to you and me to make Ecademy the next FriendFeed. - Louis Gray - Thomas Power
Thomas: my friends at Facebook tell me they bought FriendFeed for the talent, not the product. - Robert Scoble
Louis what would you like us to do, we can only build it slowly not overnight? - Thomas Power
This is one of those epic quickfire Scoble threads that I haven't seen in a long time. There's life in the old gal yet. - Roberto Bonini
I think Guy Kawasaki is the next FriendFeed. He has involvement in Posterous, Tweetmeme (link tracking), SocialToo (utility), and Objective Marketer (analytics) - Jesse Stay
I understand the need for talent Robert but why throw away the best product in the world when FB relatively speaking cannot hold a candle to FF? - Thomas Power
Thomas: sorry, that is simply not true. FF can't hold a candle to Facebook. Why? Because Facebook runs with 300 million people on top of it. FriendFeed can NOT do that. - Robert Scoble
Nope it's not Guy he's already too famous - only real geeks can build the best mousetraps - Guy's a marketing man - Thomas Power
FriendFeed was built on a handful of servers. Facebook is running on 30,000 servers. TOTALLY DIFFERENT SCALE. - Robert Scoble
And TOTALLY DIFFERENT INFRASTRUCTURE. Not even close to the same thing. - Robert Scoble
Exactly right Scoble. - Roberto Bonini
@Thomas .. the best doesn't always win. Just ask Microsoft. - BLOGBloke
Cristo: it doesn't matter where they started. It matters where they are now. - Robert Scoble
Cristo: most of the startups I know are building on cloud servers like Rackspace Cloud or Amazon S3. Not on their own infrastructure. Facebook might be one of the last companies to build their own infrastructure. - Robert Scoble
Facebook is the next Microsoft. You heard it here first. - BLOGBloke
Cristo: Steve Wozniak told me they didn't start Apple to compete with IBM. And building a PC isn't like building a web service. Not a good analogy. - Robert Scoble
I understand FB is winning the market cap game and will likely IPO next year and acquire Linkedin too but they are NOT winning the best mousetrap game, that's FF. - Thomas Power
BLOGBloke: Facebook is the next Google. Google is the next Microsoft. Microsoft is the next IBM. IBM is the next DEC. :-) - Robert Scoble
I stand corrected. - BLOGBloke
Thomas: you sound like one of those guys I sold a Betamax VCR to. - Robert Scoble
Cristo: sounds like you can't hold a job! Just kidding. I'm the same way. - Robert Scoble
Robert: it seems a competition for attention exists between the more popular and the more esoteric platforms - Mike Chelen from fftogo
Infrastucture is mostly hardware. Facebook's architecture is not perfect. They only allow us to have 5000 friends. It tells something about the scalability of the architecture. We don't know how well Friendfeed's really scales.. - Tapio Kulmala
Robert: I agree.. nobody I know either knows about or uses FF, and I barely scratch the surface. I was one of the most active users I know on Facebook until my account was "disabled" this week. I won't be investing any more time into that unless they re-enable my account. I love FF but doubt that my audience will adopt it any time soon... wish I had been at bwe09! - ASKJDOG
Mike: that's always true. Every once in a while the more esoteric becomes the more popular. I was hoping that was the case with FriendFeed but it wasn't to be. - Robert Scoble
I'm not arguing about scalability Robert I understand 300m is 300 times 1 million but FF remains the best mousetrap so Mark Z MUST integrate the best bits of FF into FB that's all. I loved my Betamax and thank you for being so cheeky to an Englishman in this place. - Thomas Power
ASKJDOG: heh, I've been through that. My Facebook account was disabled two years ago. - Robert Scoble
Thomas: I KNEW it! :-) - Robert Scoble
are you saying they are going to hold the 5000 limit because of scalability? - Thomas Power
Robert: I read about that fiasco.. I can't get over the fact that they get away with taking away your access to your own data.. with no real way to dispute or contact them. - ASKJDOG
Thomas, I don't know the reason. Architecture and/or scalability could be one. - Tapio Kulmala
ASKJDOG: lots of Web 2.0 companies do that, unfortunately. It's one reason why I spread my attention out across a number of different services. At least that way you can find me somewhere. - Robert Scoble
Facebook threw me out too. Gotta love it. - BLOGBloke
So what replaces FF? ..or not replaces but would be more widely used by less techy people? More Twitter? Echo via one's blogs? something else? - ASKJDOG
From Robert's Blog Post. I couldn't agree more... "Will FriendFeed turn out to be like Second Life? I think it could. There will always be some people who want to be on some service other than the popular ones. There ARE people out there who hate Twitter and Facebook and want to hang out on a tool that more fits their personality. FriendFeed DOES have a future there. " - Jeff P. Henderson
Cristo, the telephone or Usenet? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
well I'm still on FB and completely stuck at 5000. FB is punishing me for building their network with my friends. Why do they do that? - Thomas Power
ASKJDOG: we're all waiting for Louis Gray to answer that question. But why does anything need to replace it? If it stays the same as it is now we'll be just happy staying here. The problem is that no one else will join us. As long as we're OK with that FriendFeed is just fine! - Robert Scoble
Chris, AOL was around back then, I can't remember I was a tot. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
ASKJDOG: I drank a glass of whisky tonight. No one sits around asking "what will replace that glass?" - Robert Scoble
Cjay: I think they will be separate forever but that some features might come across. Real time search is definitely one I expect to see (Facebook was already working on that itself). - Robert Scoble
Robert: lol.. good point.. I'm looking for ways to engage my web audience but it's a very different audience to yours. I like the whisky they don't necessarily :) - ASKJDOG
LOL @ "a pimple on the ass of Twitter which is a bruise on the ass of Facebook" - nice one Robert Scoble! And very much agree with Jesse Stay: writing is on the wall and it may spell "Huge Opportunity" for the next upstart SN hub that gets the UX just right. - Dan Freeman
We need to create a million bogus accounts on FB. Raise a little hell, watch it implode and buy FF for pennies on the dollar. Anyone up for a barbecue? - BLOGBloke
being able to write efficient server software is definitely one of the talents brought by the ff team, so these services should scale as well as anyone's - Mike Chelen from fftogo
Cristo: oh, wait until you see my lists over on Twitter! - Robert Scoble
Oh, and Cristo, I interview a lot of people I have taken on online. Actually those are some of the most fun interviews because we both usually are surprised! - Robert Scoble
Robert's lists on Twitter 1) Geeks, 2) Not Geeks - Jeff P. Henderson
Cristo: I've given you more than 6,000 reasons to use Twitter here: http://twitter.com/scoblei... -- you're telling me that none of those people or Tweets sound interesting? I guess that's cool. - Robert Scoble
Jeff: that would be a funny list, actually! - Robert Scoble
I'm glad you have a sense of humor ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
Don't forget the "Ignore" list. - BLOGBloke
debated with, probably would be better. - Robert Scoble
Cristo: one URL. 6,000 reasons. :-) - Robert Scoble
The main problem I have with Twitter is that it very hard to hold a conversation there. That is why I much prefer FF. - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff: that's why most people don't like FF actually. They really don't like talking with you. :-) - Robert Scoble
You call this a conversation? - BLOGBloke
BLOGBloke: it's something, that's for sure! If we did this over on Twitter all of our real followers would have unfollowed us an hour ago. - Robert Scoble
Well it certainly isn't an argument at this point. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cjay: sorry, IRC sucks. I've gone into why before. But it does and I'm tired so I'll leave the details for another day. - Robert Scoble
Cjay: keep in mind I helped moderate Leo Laporte's chat room in the mid 1990s so I know IRC pretty damn intimately. - Robert Scoble
Cristo: it's not just about feeling important. It's about simplicity. It's about being able to control who comes into your view (you really can't very well here). - Robert Scoble
Also, most people just don't like participating. For them their 30 minutes on the web every day is more about getting informed and being entertained. Twitter is great for that. - Robert Scoble
Cristo: weird. On Twitter I have 5,000 coming into my view. On Facebook I have 1,500. - Robert Scoble
Cristo: not true. Every single person I've added into Twitter is someone I want on my home page. Not a single piece of spam has made it there. - Robert Scoble
I actually like Facebook for connecting with people.. shame I won't be using it any more. Tho I'm using Twitter more and more It's difficult to see a structured conversation. - ASKJDOG
ASKJDOG: Twitter isn't for structured conversations. But you can include a link to one over here. That's what I do. - Robert Scoble
Cristo: that's noise, not spam. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Yes! I noticed you do that.. and very effectively.. I will try it. - ASKJDOG
I feel spread too thin across too many places - but FF is still quite lively among who I subscribe to - Iphigenie
I'm off the bed now. Thanks for being a good sport Rob and I hope you're feeling better about FF now. It really is the best SN out there and it wouldn't be same without you. Goodnight to all my friendly FriendFeeders. - BLOGBloke
Bed? It's lunch-time here - Tapio Kulmala
BLOGBloke: thanks. nothing I read here tonight changed my opinion unfortunately. But I'm still here. - Robert Scoble
Chris, how did it go? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Sorry Cristo, I think you meant to post that on Twitter ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
Chris, you didn't spend enough time staring at the ice cubes you may have liked Windows if you would have stared at them longer. The message was Windows 7 is amazing. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cristo, I'm sorry, conversation about Twitter comments is not allowed here... - Jeff P. Henderson
There you go, now you have it all figured out. - Jeff P. Henderson
@Cristo - Jeff P. Henderson
I'll receive it if you do that yes. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
And of course it takes a Scoble post proclaiming FriendFeed dead to provoke a big chat like this. Of course, with my mere 250 or so subscribers, it would never work for me... - Dennis Jernberg
@Try looking under the couch cushion. - Jeff P. Henderson
#pound her - Photos or it didn't happen... - Jeff P. Henderson
@Facebook, My cat just did a backflip off the couch... - Jeff P. Henderson
What the matter, did everyone fall asleep? - Jeff P. Henderson
I rarely get a comment on even one post. I guess I'm missing something... - Dennis Jernberg
@The_Club Did you see that chick?? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Robert: earlier adoption of a service ensures a longer delay before observing widespread appeal. this may be a stronger indication your prescience rather than sluggishness by friendfeed - Mike Chelen from fftogo
@Jimmy, we need photos. - Jeff P. Henderson
I think Robert just took time out to write another blog post entitled "The third coming of Friendfeed"... - Jeff P. Henderson
Cjay: one nice thing about ff compared with irc is that it is web-browser accessible, without addons like chatzilla or 3rd party sites like mibbit. they have many similarities otherwise, which is one of my reasons for liking ff so much :) - Mike Chelen from fftogo
Robert, the amount of comments is not necessarily a good indicator of the service health; from my point of view their quality is much more significant. A matter of signal VS noise, you know. - Gilgamesh
Over 360 comments in 3 hours on a platform which is "dead" isn't that bad at all. - Mike Hellers
But I have to wonder if this isn't the natural progression of every social network. Myspace is a ghost town, nobody talks about Friendster... but going back further, how long did anyone stay with their favorite BBS? Why are news groups now only the domain of the totally hardcore? I think Friendfeed, while never a household name, has had it's day. I don't think it has to do with Facebook or Friendfeed's leadership, it just is the way it is. And one day soon, we are all going to be burying Facebook too. - Ciaoenrico
RT @mikehellers Over 360 comments in 3 hours on a platform which is "dead" isn't that bad at all - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Mike - Well, 360 comments on an incendiary post from the guy who's nearly synonymous with Friendfeed. Otherwise tumbleweeds really have been blowing through this place for some time. - Ciaoenrico
It means that users are frustrated because of this FriendFeed's acquisition by Facebook consequences, and want to tell it (once again. Again 'till..?) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The problem with FriendFeed was that the community broke down. It became far too much about who could gain the most attention, and not about interesting discussion. I think the Facebook takeover was just the excuse people needed to jump ship. Interestingly enough, since the DMU group moved over from Flickr, I am using FF more than ever. There is a proper community in the group, which gives me a reason to come back many times each day. - Chris Nixon from BuddyFeed
Robert: Be careful, you might find yourself back in the SUL ;) - Nir Ben Yona
Nir: I never was in Twitter's SUL but I sure am on a lot of people's lists! - Robert Scoble
By the way, I can't wait for you to see Twitter's new lists. Then you'll see that the SUL really is deader than a doornail. - Robert Scoble
Robert: OMG, can't believe you're still awake. You know my opinion, Twitter veterans should be there. Anyway, how on earth can you build the lists if you have to pick those users one at the time? I find it way too annoying. - Nir Ben Yona
Nir: it doesn't matter anymore. Twitter is about to start a new game with "lists" and now it's about reputation and influence and credibility and all that. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Do you think most people will make their lists public? In that case it might be a "game changer", like you've said. - Nir Ben Yona
guess what - 99% of twitter users wont make a list :) and im not sure i agree completely with robert - those on the default list will naturally be added to more lists making it the same game - which is against what winer thought it would be. - Allen Stern
still here, still occasionally comment on LG threads. - Mike Nencetti
Eric: it's up here, mostly. The damn API has been barfing all evening. - Robert Scoble
Allen: I totally disagree with you on the lists thing. I've already added 1,000 new people because of the new lists feature. - Robert Scoble
I knew as soon as FacePOOP bought them the Party was over!! Garbage is as Garbage does!! ;)) - Billy Warhol
It's not dead, yet... - David Cook
Twitter's new list feature is fantastic. And yes, I have made my lists public. This is my take on the whole thing: http://friendfeed.com/app103... It's going to take me quite awhile to get everyone sorted though. If they had come out with this feature months ago when I had only around 200 people to sort it would have been so much easier. But lists on Twitter or... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
The social media learning curve: many people quickly learn that articles posted on high-quality primary news sites and blogs are more valuable and useful than the comments posted in response to those articles on social media sites. They try to allocate their time wisely, to focus on the more important over the less important. That's why I spend much more time in Feedly than in... more... - Sean McBride
After participating in this conversation, for me there is one obvious truth that has surfaced from it all. Community is not the technology .. it's the people who drive it, and this thread proves there is still a thriving community here at FF. - BLOGBloke
MG Siegler on techcrunch: "Previously, FriendFeed had committed to keeping the site running indefinitely despite their new jobs at Facebook. And it has remained running, but the site’s innovation, always its key attribute, has been completely halted. And perhaps as a vote of no confidence, previously rabid users are now largely staying away." http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... - Gilgamesh
Previously rabid Friendfeed users who are now staying away: to where are they migrating? Have they discovered platforms of equal or superior quality for sharing and discussing news? I haven't. - Sean McBride
So sad, I just discovered FriendFeed around the buy out. We have to talk it up to our friends so it doesn't die! - Nathan Snyder
The future of Friendfeed: a team of visionary developers needs to pick up from where the original Friendfeed creators left off, and aggressively push forward the platform's feature set. The basic platform is solid, but still primitive. - Sean McBride
I fail to see why continued innovation is so critical when we have a platform that is already head and shoulders above anything else out there. Seems to me the only people who truly care are the early adopters and uber tech geeks, both of which are prone to jumping ship when the next new shiny service comes along regardless of how good the present service is. For the rest of us, we have... more... - Jeff P. Henderson
+15 Jeff! - Micah from iPhone
hmm, FF looks alive from here. the apparent halt in development is certainly attempted murder, tho. - Big Joe Silenced
If the current incarnation of Friendfeed had assembled the optimal feature set, it wouldn't be flatlining (or downtrending) on Compete.com. There is much room for improvement. (I've made numerous suggestions in the past -- consult the archives.) - Sean McBride
Sean, it's pretty dang close. I do agree that over time, other services will either add all of the features that FF has or innovate and develop cool features that FF does not have. So the stopping of development will definitely kill FF in the long run. But in the near term, I have little problem with the present feature set here compared with my options elsewhere. - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff -- at the moment, I don't see any other platform out there that is as capable as Friendfeed for sharing and discussing news -- despite my lengthy wish list for new features. That is why I am curious about where many former Friendfeeders are migrating to. Are some of them perhaps withdrawing from social media altogether? I haven't seen any alternative platforms recommended here. - Sean McBride
I think many techies are getting their feet wet with Wave right now. Time spent looking elsewhere - whether we find something usable or not - still translates to less time on FriendFeed ... - Dan Freeman
My personal blog post, feel free to share with other non-FriendFeeders http://snyderxc.blogspot.com/2009... - Nathan Snyder
I still go here more than Twitter and it's all because of the comments, pictures, no 140char limit, etc... I vote Not Dead. - Jan Ole Peek
Plus I still don't see how anyone can have a valid conversation on Twitter with more than 1 or 2 people. Certainly not via the web interface. - Jan Ole Peek
I don't think FF is dead. I also hope it won't die because it kicks ass :) - alfred westerveld
I'm sorry, but I must laugh at the First comment by Jan Ole Peek, comments about the 140 Character Limit while abbreviating. (Subconcious?) Anyway, I hope it doesn't die also. - Nathan Snyder
Heh, XC Fan, I'm a lazy typer, that's all. But I don't like to be confined to a certain number of characters. Aside from that, I like that pictures are displayed inline with FriendFeed whereas with Twitter you always have to visit some stupid site to see the image. - Jan Ole Peek
Yeah, plus you can attach any file right to a post for others to see. - Nathan Snyder
While a little crazy to read, where else could you have a discussion like this? I missed the main portion but it highlights the importance of real-time to capture discussions AND a solution to store/manage it. With FF I can join in later; twitter gone, FB out the bottom. Robert you thrive in the full blast from the fire hose, most mainstream users consider that pure torture. Your neighbors could grasp friendfeed, they'll never get twitter (in it's current form). I still love friendfeed http://ff.im/a57K2. - Chris Myles
The irony of 392 comments (so far) on a thread about the service dying is causing my head to implode. - Stephen Mack
++Stephen - David Cook from email
Louis is the measure of FriendFeed. - Christopher Galtenberg
Mona Nomura
Real friends love you even if you are unshowered and gross. cc @drew @louisgray @krynsky @dan360man
Mona was not gross. :) - Louis Gray
TOTALLY was. See you in a bit, LG? - Mona Nomura from iPhone
I'm jealous I didn't get to meet Mona unshowered and gross :-( - Jesse Stay
me too. - Big Joe Silenced
Me three. - imabonehead from Android
Louis Gray
Hey Bloggers, Step Away from the Twitter for a Second... and Blog - http://blog.louisgray.com/2009...
Louis Gray is a jerk - Jesse Stay
Jesse said that because I said it first. :) - Louis Gray
Jesse: Louis Gray is a nice guy but blogging about a blogging conference? So boring! - Robert Scoble
Robert, yeah, he's a jerk :) He should be writing about something like Web 3.0 instead - Jesse Stay
Now, now, Robert. I got a lot of positive feedback for the SXSW coverage this spring. You can skip my posts when they hit your Twitter stream, but I'm here to do what I should do. See you tomorrow. :) - Louis Gray
i make blog post - Allen Stern
we love the LG - Thomas Power
hear hear to that FFCode we had him as our guest speaker in London last month he blew the crowd away. To me he's the best in the Valley. Even the Scoble's now chasing him. - Thomas Power
jesse - you are banned from ff for one day - and you can't wear your disqus or sm shirts either. - Allen Stern
Microblogging has "blog" right there in the name, what's gotten Louis all riled up? Sheesh! - Daniel J. Pritchett
You're thinking 'micro', Daniel. :) - Louis Gray
I had a scathing response all written up for Louis but then I ran out of characte - Daniel J. Pritchett
Allen, I'm wearing my FriendFeed shirt today - is that okay? - Jesse Stay
jesse - apparently it's a classic - Allen Stern
i would say, save the blogging for later when you have time to actually write something meaningful rather than just blogging for the sake of it, that's what twitter is for, small nuggets of info that you want to share but that is not necessarily enough to blog about - Loc
Sorry @louisgray, but Twitter pwned your post today with the release of Lists :) BTW, I can't believe that this didn't even make it onto the Best of Day tonight, FF is going down hill when it comes to tech stuff... - Alex Schleber
Robert Scoble
I never agreed to any embargo. Unfortunately they are rolling it out slowly. I wasn't on the first group. You'll be added soon.
Not an embargo: "Lists are timelines you build yourself, consisting of friends, family, co-workers, sports teams, you name it. You're part of a small group receiving this feature, so don't tweet about it yet!" - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Yeah, I read too quickly and missed that part. Had to delete at least one tweet in my timeline. - Spidra Webster
...another platform to re-organize followers? Yay AND uuugh... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
don't tweet it then. just post an image to friendfeed :D - Elliott Ng
Robert Scoble
It is going to take months for lists to really get to their full potential. I've barely even gotten through .01% of adding people.
The hardest part is that you have to go to your follows page to select them. If you have a lot you are following, it is near impossible. - Louis Gray
I was thinking about Scoble as I was making my lists. It took me 20 min. or so and that's with only 200 or so follows. - Spidra Webster
where is the Twitter list feature? Robert can u screen snap it? - Elliott Ng
Robert Scoble
Good morning. I'm shocked no one has built a real-time Twitter search and trends for just the people you are following. More here:
I don't really care about stuff that's outside of my friend group. My friends are already pretty good at bringing me good stuff from outside the group anyway. - Robert Scoble
will miss you. - Zee.
Zee: huh? - Robert Scoble
re "be right back" - Ken Sheppardson
wrong thread Zee? - Amit Nangare
This would get rid of all spam and bad actors. Or almost all, assuming you don't follow spammers. - Robert Scoble
Robert's initial first comment was "be right back", as a placeholder to keep the first slot while he composed his real first comment. Zee was responding to that - Ken Sheppardson
And it would bring back Techmeme-quality results because it would be based on people you follow and verify. Oh, and even better? The new list feature in Twitter will let you build different kinds of searches. - Robert Scoble
Ken: oh, I get it now. :-) - Robert Scoble
By the way, FriendFeed still has a better way to have conversations with your friends than Google Wave. :-) - Robert Scoble
cant wait to try google wave to tell how much it sucks - Muneeb Hussain
By the way, everyone complains about Twitter's spam but I get 100x more spam and more destructive spam on my blog's comments. - Robert Scoble
i cant comment till i actually try it .... comon google - Kashif Khan
I wish I had more invites to hand out. - Robert Scoble
I suspect most people are following few enough people on Twitter that they're capable of tracking "trends" themselves. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: absolutely not true. I'm watching nearly 5,000 people now and most of those are following thousands. - Robert Scoble
Robert: You're not "most people" - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: but the people I'm following ARE most people and most of them are following too many to keep track of trends themselves. - Robert Scoble
Most of the 5,000 people you're following are following thousands? I'd love to see the actual numbers behind that... you've done some analysis? - Ken Sheppardson
agreed - that type of search filtering would not only be useful, but the whole point of social network information sharing - using my friends as my distributed search engine for things I am interested in - Arthur Coleman
ffcode you want me to send you a screenshot? - Robert Scoble
Ken: informal analysis. I hand followed each of the people I'm following and looked at their following behavior. It is rare to find someone who is following fewer than 200 people now. At least amongst early adopter tech influencers that I like to follow. - Robert Scoble
Hm... There's an API call to retrieve a list of users a given user is following... would be simple to do a full-blown check.... - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: you're welcome to do that. - Robert Scoble
StatusSearch did a non-realtime version of this, but they appear to have scratched it at the moment. - Steve Farnworth
With viewpointapp.com; we are doing real time relevance and filtering within the people you follow. Search and trends sounds like a great idea. We will see what we can come up with! - Jay from Cadmus
It would be interesting to see if the trends differ than the trends posted on the Twitter home page. I'm sure it would correlate to the size of your sample. - Mattb4rd
I might, Robert. Also, I hope the voice you hear in your head when you read my comments here isn't snide and snarky. I'm genuinely curious about this from a tech standpoint. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
I've wanted something like this for a long time. I guess I just assumed that it was obvious enough that someone (maybe even Twitter) would already be working on it. Maybe we'll take it up as a side project. - Ryan Kuder
I think this would be very useful. Twitter Times is going in this direction but right now it doesn't have search or trending topics. Their main focus now seems to be aggregating links/stories (techmeme-style) that are popular among the people that you're following. Here's my personalized Twitter Times page: http://www.twittertim.es/mdoeff - Mike Doeff
re trends for just the people you are following, it's right here: http://friendingtopics.com/ - Mike Lizun
What is being overlooked here and to which I believe I heard mention that Twitter was building in-house was the ability to trend against any topic/individual in the network. Perfect for gaining market feedback on competition outside of your network. - Gregory Hanson
Granted, it's a little off topic as the main point of the thread was for people you follow, but building an open trending app would broaden market appeal. - Gregory Hanson
That would be a good tool. But wouldn't it be cool if you got a pair of tech guys, built it out and returned to raise VC money yourself? :) Stop giving away your free ideas! - Louis Gray
Louis: I tried building new app at NPR last Friday and I decided I suck at it. :-) - Robert Scoble
Louis, hush! I want more free ideas. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
I've been enjoying the "search my timeline" feature in the Tweetie 2 iPhone app -- looking forward to the desktop client getting that feature as well. Totally agree with Robert, though: It seems like search/trends among the people i'm following has an incredible about of value to a user. A user like me. - Ryan Sholin
Mike Lizun: Works ok though it'd be better if you made trending topics at least 2 words (trending topics always seem to be 2-3 words). I get a lot of one-words that don't give me much. The trend should follow a longer duration of time as well. I am following 2000+ and only see a few tweets for certain trending terms. - beersage
yeah, i built out the search concept but saw Twitter announce they're doing it. decided to stick to other concepts and chase the $ elsewhere. thanks for the validation of a good idea though - Gregory Hanson
Wouldn't something similar be interesting on FB or any social network for that matter? Is Twitter more interesting due to the volume of tweets? - Dave Hodson
Twitter needs to incorporate this in the API, IMHO. - Dennis Jernberg
Sounds to me like something Facebook would do if they implemented trends. - James Harnedy
Good idea about the "Trending" element, Robert. As far as search, really FriendFeed got pretty close if only their import of Twitter friends could have been more complete (not just those already on FF). Stands to reason that the FF guys could have added a trending functionality, Alas... BTW, I just noticed that at ~ 2,500 subscriptions on FF, the "Add To List" pop-up craps out. No more... more... - Alex Schleber
BTW, been saying that Twitter needed search on one's friends/following stream for months: http://alexschleber.posterous.com/my-comm... - Alex Schleber
Yeah you r right, there exists no twitter trends just for your tweet stream/tweet inbox (tweets you receive from other people). - TrafficBug
Actually we have. http://journotwit.com - take a look at the Tag clouds. Also running http://uktjpr.com for the UK technology journalists and PR community so you can see what's happening right now in UK technology. - Dan Monsieurle
I'm working on useful technology that takes a slightly different approach to searching just your Friends on Twitter (and Facebook is coming soon) with http://refynr.com ... my approach is to allow users to create a List of up to 20 keywords, and then Refynr returns a real-time Stream of tweets only from the tweeps you follow. Also, Refynr auto-saves all relevant tweets that match your... more... - Aaron Longnion
Louis Gray
Interesting. At some point this week, my blog passed 1 million all-time visits (according to Sitemeter). That tracks back to January of 2006.
Also interesting that you posted this as your GTalk status - Jesse Stay
I just like doing it this way to bypass Twitter, Jesse. My GMail/GTalk status does not go to "that other network". - Louis Gray
Congrats Louis! - AJ Kohn
congratulations does that mean 100,000 or 10,000 individual people? - Thomas Power
Thomas, that's a great question. Stats are easily manipulatable. 10,000+ connections here or other networks doesn't mean that many are engaged. Total visits to each story are less than the total subscribers to RSS (about 20k), etc. I would hope the number of unique visitors would be closer to 100k than 10k. - Louis Gray
Stats are easily misinterpreted you are right, perhaps you should add the Quantcast tag. We have been running it now for 25 months and it is spot on http://www.quantcast.com/ecademy.... That's our audience and it tallies almost exactly with Google Analytics. - Thomas Power
Thomas, I do have Quantcast running. But Sitemeter has been running for much longer and has the higher aggregate number. http://www.quantcast.com/louisgr... - Louis Gray
You are No1 LG - Thomas Power
Sweet Louis. No surprise. - Hutch Carpenter
OMG that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Luis :) - Susan Beebe
Congrats Louis - Charlie Anzman
Congrats Louis! - Elliott Ng
congrads, :) - chaz2b
Congrats Louis! - Michael Fidler
Congrats indeed Pal! - Thomas Hawk
sweet! - .LAG liked that
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How many bloggers does it take to blog about Blog World Expo? None. They're all tweeting about it, instead.
You are right. Isn't it sad? I sure hope some blogging goes on in the next few days. You know I will. - Louis Gray
metarand » Blog Archive » Designing for social business: game mechanics as catalyst - http://metarand.com/2009...
Luke Harvey-Palmer
so adore this...game mechanics and social business design http://metarand.com/2009...
Kevin Fox
Okay, Google's gone off the deep end.
Screen shot 2009-10-06 at 10.52.17 PM.png
Search on logo click: "bar code". Ahh, the teaser logos... - Kevin Fox
Looks like the patent was granted on October 7th. - Kevin Fox
The barcode is in Code-128 and decodes to Googleg. - Mark Trapp
Tooltip says 'Invention of the barcode' - Glenn Slaven
Ahh. My tooltips in Firefox broke when I upgraded to Snow Leopard (no idea why). Now when I read xkcd I have to look at the image properties to get the alt text! - Kevin Fox
Just saw this on Google. It's one of their better logo's:) - Michael Fidler
57 years old today and they don't look at day older than | || || |||| || | | || - Stephen Mack
"The now inescapable bar code celebrates its 57th anniversary Wednesday - a milestone unmissed by Google, which replaced its home page logo with a bar code "doodle" that translates to "Google."" - Tim Tyler
fantastic use of the alt tag - Lou Paglia
www.google.com (in case you needed the url where this screenshot is taken from) - Zackatoustra
Truth in advertising. http://www.av1611.org/666... - Gail Gardner
scan...bzzzt....beep....beep...bzzzt... - Morgan
Bret Taylor
Facebook Just Made It Super Easy To Put Connect On Your Site - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
Facebook Just Made It Super Easy To Put Connect On Your Site
it is like google friend connect's method - onur özen from iPod
Will give it a bash! - Sean Kelly
Hmmm, Just tried this, but keep getting an error on Step 2 when I "Test Setup"... I'd better get Googling.. - Andrew Terry
The process doesn't really work on wordpress. - Jason Williams from iPhone
I don't know how to do the upload file part. Would be better to have a way to do this via WordPress. - Thomas Hawk
Google Friend Connect had this process for a while, now they improved over FC again by eliminating the file-upload part. No uploads needed now. - Ray Cromwell
actually Otto somebody else uploaded WordPress to my site for the first time. I'm not sure how to upload files to my domain. It would be nice if they had a WP widget that you could just install that did all of this for you. - Thomas Hawk
I'm sure I have the ability. I just don't have the know how. - Thomas Hawk
Depending on your host Thomas... they might have a flash based ftp client. I know Godaddy does. - Jason Williams
Rachel Lea Fox
Make: Online : Beautiful generative art made with Roombas - http://blog.makezine.com/archive...
Make: Online : Beautiful generative art made with Roombas
Make: Online : Beautiful generative art made with Roombas
"Ever wonder what path your Roomba takes as it clears the floor? Well, here's an easy way to find out, and create some fine artwork in the process. The above pictures were made by sticking an LED to the top of a Roomba vacuum, then photographing it using a long exposure setting. This results in a form of motion capture, and you can clearly see where your Roomba has been by where the light trails are. There are a bunch of other photos at the Flickr group. Now, if I was going to do this, I would also put a big light on my cat, so I can show how quickly it makes a b-line for cover when the scary vacuum turns on. Above photos by Flickr users reconscious and digitalosh." - Rachel Lea Fox from Bookmarklet
thanks, way cool, :) - chaz2b
Thanks, Rachel. I had seen the orange one on the right, but not the blue one before. :) - Micah
Love the spiral in the orange one. - Lindsay
Micah, go to the flickr group, there are tons. Lindsay, me too, and the double lines on every path in the blue. - Rachel Lea Fox
Interesting. What won't some human somewhere on earth think of? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
So you have to do the corners and the edges with a normal vacuum then ? - Leighton Gough
Leighton: The light is basically centered on the device so there is a bit of suction either side of it, collecting a bit of what is in the corners and edges. - Andrew Leyden
Yeah, roombas also come equipped a little side sweeper thing that gets the corners and edges for you. - Ross Miller
Nice surname Andrew, I guess that on that basis two different models of 'Roombas' were used or maybe the light source was positioned differently, because the blue light source image goes right up to the edges. I still think that my girlfriend does a better job. - Leighton Gough
It missed a spot. - Pete D from iPhone
it missed a few spots, but i'm not saying (mummmm, ;) - chaz2b
Benjamin Golub
Million to one apple is half red, half green - Telegraph - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news...
Million to one apple is half red, half green - Telegraph
"The fruit's striking colouring is thought to be caused by a random genetic mutation at odds of more than a million to one." - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
A weirdo like me. I love it! - MiniMage
I don't believe it's a million to one. I think the tree was Tongue Grafted in such a way that produced the apple. - Captain Jack
wow, i thought that was photoshopped at first! :P - Susan Beebe
I wonder if the seeds from that apple have a greater likelihood of producing trees that are also halfers. - Dan Hsiao
My first thought was the same as Captain Jacks! - Rachel Lea Fox
Hutch Carpenter
How Do Innovators Think? - HBR Editors' Blog - Harvard Business Review - http://blogs.harvardbusiness.org/hbr...
The first skill is what we call "associating." It's a cognitive skill that allows creative people to make connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas. The second skill is questioning - an ability to ask "what if", "why", and "why not" questions that challenge the status quo and open up the bigger picture. The third is the ability to closely observe details, particularly the details of people's behavior. Another skill is the ability to experiment - the people we studied are always trying on new experiences and exploring new worlds. And finally, they are really good at networking with smart people who have little in common with them, but from whom they can learn. - Hutch Carpenter
Robert Scoble
Re: I have 3,571 tweets that show that Twitter isn’t for lunch anymore - http://scobleizer.com/2009...
"I challenge lots of people when they blow smoke up my behind. The thing is, I don't usually waste their time on camera if they do that. I've killed lots of interviews with companies that just aren't that good and, when on stage, at TC50 and faced with companies who I can't get away from then I cream them and cream them hard for wasting all of our time. Go watch the video at TC50 and you'll see that." - Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble
What I'm learning from Twitter: http://scobleizer.com/2009...
"Google Reader has become useless to me and VERY SLOW." I am almost at this stage. I definitely do wish they take your advice and figure out a way to make it run faster. - Freddie Benjamin
Agreed. I told Loic if he can import my blog posts into Seesmic I am a full convert. I need a reason to leave Google Reader (unless they can win me back). - Jesse Stay
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