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Status updates and discussion of calendar curation at
Robert Campbell
Is anyone on here willing to take ECP on to a higher and more functional level ?? Much potential here............upside.
IF me: - Robert Campbell
John LeBlanc
Not sure how I failed to notice ESS pop up over a year and a half ago: It's another XML-based iCalendar, but with the Description field broken down more granularly. The documentation is organized, uses pretty colors and libraries exist for many of the languages we like. Do you think this has legs?
Calendar syndication doesn't need a new standard IMHO, it needs a world that isn't oblivious to, or else hostile to, the idea of calendar syndication. - Jon Udell
Michael Hyde
Hello friends, is this still the support forum for Elmcity? This post from Jon has me wondering about its future:
Can elmcity and Delicious continue their partnership? -
Mark Goodman
Can I use the X-WR-CALNAME attribute in a ICS template (if so, how do I use templates) to provide a friendlier feed name than the feed url? For example on my iPhone when I click on the ics link, I am prompted to subscribe to URL of the feed instead of a more legible feed name.
Great idea, I will take care of that. Sorry for delay, it was quiet here and I got out of the habit of checking. - Jon Udell
Done. - Jon Udell
Thanks! - Mark Goodman
Another source of location-based music events, but sadly just PHP with no ICS in code base I can see:
Another source of business events for local hubs (see the Outlook link at top for ICS feed):
really digging this new styles sheet for the hubs Jon. Addition of lines separating days and better text types help readability quite a bit. Looks much better on iPhone and Nexus 7 ( even if FriendFeed still sucks in Firefox: Android).
One feature I do miss is ability to select a category of event type from mobile view. Appears MIA on iOS 6.x. Is assumption users will click categories off individual events? - Clifhirtle from iPhone
Adam Dingle
Elm City looks cool! I see that the Elm City site ( lists only a set of featured hubs. Where is there a list of all hubs? thanks!
I don't publish a list of all the hubs because many aren't actively curated, and I'm trying to motivate this model by focusing on good examples and best practices. - Jon Udell
Excited to discover I can combine Facebook Page event stream + summary field keyword search to pull only FB events for X city (assuming page owner includes city name in event summary). Just tried this out w/local musician page: filtered by iCalendar search by keyword "hartford". Works!
Michael Hyde
Can you reset my login method, please, to be for twitter account "westborough"? Thanks! (This is for hub "WestboroughMA".)
Hi Michael, sorry for slow response, been away for an elder care crisis. I had the twitter handle in the system as Westborough, I think twitter may be case sensitive, so I switched to westborough instead. If that's it, please let me know so I’ll note this for future reference. If not let me know so we can see what else is going on. - Jon Udell
Brilliant, yes -- case sensitive it must be, I logged in first try tonight. Thanks! - Michael Hyde
John LeBlanc
FYI - I'm unable to login via twitter AND is returning 503.
Sorry about that. Separate issues. icalvalid is back, and I am investigating Twitter auth. - Jon Udell
Twitter login is restored. They changed their flow around a bit, but I think I've caught up with that. - Jon Udell
Hi Jon, just noticed logo appearing on hubs, which is awesome. Will there be a similar on/off toggle and category/tag for the event feeds as we have with Eventbrite, Eventful, etc? Not sure if I am seeing any flowing through the hub yet anyway, but just looking ahead.
It's experimental, I sent you some trial feeds, see what you think. - Jon Udell
Warren Armstrong
..continuing... I'm thinking this could free the the curator from the initial task of finding and tagging a feed? The same page could help the contributor test how well their calendar could be read - offer information about 'best practices' - how to write their event descriptions to facilitate seaches, etc.
Can do. Know, however, that virtually nobody self-identifies using the Contact the Curator link that's already on every EC view. Until/unless the Ann Arbor Chronicles of the world create the right incentive to contribute, "freeing the curator from the task of finding feeds" means: no feeds. - Jon Udell
I have had this issue come up a few times with local organizations/individuals not understanding how to create a calendar and share their events with the hub. I created a basic Google form for folks to self-submit their feeds but (as Jon points out) few have ever used it: - Clifhirtle
Alternatively, could there be a standard feed submission form that would kick a feed back into the existing taggable sources list + notify curator? For well-parsed hubs, this would permit a bit more eyes in the local community watching out for new feeds to pop up than just the curator him/herself. Perhaps same essence as Contact Curator, but streamlines the discovery -> integration workflow via structured data from start. - Clifhirtle
Warren Armstrong
I was thinking about simplifications for curating process. Could emcity offer a web page where people with existing calendars could 'self identify'? They could submit their calendar URL, enter appropriate tags - and possibly some info about their org?
Warren Armstrong
Sorry - The existing tabs provide a % score and allow a view of the raw feed. I propose a third tab - format the data as a convention calendar. This would allow a quick verification that the feed not only is in technological compliance but it is reporting the events correctly.
Good idea, I will put it on the todo list. - Jon Udell
Done. It's here for now: Will add to the validator later. - Jon Udell
Warren Armstrong
I had a feed error - the time zone missing. It pass
Warren Armstrong
Hi Jon - The ical validator ( is superb - its been key to identifying and resolving problems. But - could you add a third tab? Currently it provides a % score and line-by-line of the feed.
Jon Udell
If you need to analyze what's in an iCalendar feed it can be cumbersome to load it into a calendar client. Sometimes you just need to see the text, or isolate particular properties of the feed (SUMMARY, LOCATION, URL, etc.). This helps me do that:
Hi, I'm Frank from France. :-) I've been working on events also with a goal : displaying as much events as possible on a map. How did you manage to create your ? it's magic ! would it possible to add latitude and longitude of an event ? Thank you for your help
I query the Facebook API. Sadly it's not nearly so magical as you might imagine (or as I had hoped). That's because the API doesn't actually search the location field of events, only the titles. And even if it did, that field rarely holds anything from which you could reliably establish the location of an event. - Jon Udell
Warren Armstrong
I've seen it done differently almost every were I go - and it's a key part of the hub curator's job. Any thoughts about best practice for coding/classification?
Thanks for reminding me. One item on my todo list is to data-mine the existing hubs and map out the most common/popular categories, and offer those as suggestions. But I also think it's crucial that the category namespace reflect the uniqueness of a place. The tag crazywisdom won't mean anything to most people, but in Ann Arbor it means a lot. - Jon Udell
As for best practices, I have a series of posts (so far 3): - Jon Udell
Jon Udell
Warren asks: "If the ical feed passed a category list, can elmcity use that for tagging or classification?"
Short answer: yes. - Jon Udell
Longer answer: Although personal calendars like Google, Hotmail, etc. unfortunately don't expose the iCalendar CATEGORIES property, some CMSs do use it. One is UMEvents at the Univ. of Mich. If you check you'll see that the categories dropdown is really two lists. The first A-Z is the curator-controlled taxonomy of feed-level tags. The second... more... - Jon Udell
Because the per-event categories are diverse and random I segregate them from the primary controlled vocabulary. But so far I'm finding them to be a useful complementary vocabulary. - Jon Udell
One subtle point is that if a per-event category matches something in the primary vocabulary -- a common thing like, say, music or film -- then that tag is "promoted" into the primary list and doesn't appear in squigglies. - Jon Udell
Finally, although Google/Hotmail/Outlook don't enable people to assign per-event categories directly, I do support it indirectly. In the DESCRIPTION of an event you can say: category=music or category=music,jazz. An example of this being used is the AATA Board Meeting in the transportation category of the Chronicle's hub. The calendar in this case is a Google Calendar where Dave Askins acts as a proxy for organizations that should be feeding the hub but aren't yet. - Jon Udell
Here is Dave's DESCRIPTION for that event: - Jon Udell
DESCRIPTION:This is the regular meeting of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority. category=transportation URL= - Jon Udell
Notice that in addition to category= he uses url= to control where the link from that event goes. - Jon Udell
Warren Armstrong
Ie - something like category: music tags: jazz, fusion, xylophone?
Warren Armstrong
Thanks Jon! Just for grins - if you could provide contributors a pick list that would be comprehensive - how many items do you think would cover it? Would having a category choice followed by a user provided tag list make sense?
Warren Armstrong
Hi All - Just wanted to say Hi, I'm starting to work on hubs for Traverse City and South Haven Michigan.
John LeBlanc
I talked city government into exposing an iCal feed for their calendar: Unfortunately, they're using US/Aleutian timezone (uses DST), instead of Pacific/Honolulu (No DST). Can I override the timezone listed within the iCal feed?
It would be possible to make a filter that swaps one VTIMEZONE for another. Seems crazy but then so are a lot of the other hacks I've had to do in order to drag calendars kicking and screaming into the world of syndication. - Jon Udell
Anybody have experience pulling an event stream out of a Business Calendar Network setup? Example: Looked through page code but appears all event-specific ICS exports are event/node specific. Nothing in the page code itself appears a clear way to export a stream vs individual event ICS.
That's a common frustration. Sometimes it's just an oversight -- nobody's ever asked the developers for a whole-calendar feed, so they didn't think to provide it. In other cases it's intentional -- they regard the data as proprietary and don't want it to syndicate. I'm guessing this case falls into the latter category. - Jon Udell
A general model for community information management « Jon Udell -
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