Jory Graham
Hey everyone, the team over in elmcity-development would like to solicit any feature requests you have for our site ( Are there any sites you'd like to have automatically scraped and turned into ics files?
Thanks for asking, Jory. I would add: We want to prioritize services that are used widely, in many communities, so that effort invested in HTML-to-ICS translation wouldn't be a one-off, but instead would pay big dividends. Jory's part of a team of students from Univ of Toronto and Michigan state. They signed up to contribute to elmcity, and we decided that they'd try to replace some of the functionality we lost when FuseCal went away. Their first two targets are MySpace and LibraryThing, which should be ready for curators to use soon. An example of a likely next target would be one of the popular sports-oriented calendar sites that publishes events only as HTML. But that's just one example. We'd love to hear others from you folks. - Jon Udell
I think MySpace cals are a great starting point. I have 15 or so calendars I've identified (some less formatted than others) that might be a starting point: They are all bookmarked at delicious with the tag "broken" - Bill Rawlinson
This is great. Is there a tag we can all use to filter our bookmarks for you, ex "to-scrape"? Or is it the subset of our bookmarks that do not contain "ics"? - Kevin Curry
This WV3 servlet seems to be commonly used by colleges for their calendars. Of specific interest to me is this one: but I see that other colleges such as U of Cincinnati seem to use the same one: also Wellesley: - Dave Slusher
This is a great effort - thanks. i marked my elmcity broken fusecal calendars with "broken" too. the one I want the most is the city gov't calendar - rock on! - Dave Witzel
Bill: where (or all of them) recognisable by FuseCal? - Nikita Pchelin
Thanks for input guys, we'll be working on bringing them alive, and keep the community posted :) - Nikita Pchelin
I have no idea how widespread "Webevents" is - but here's an example - Guy Kelsey
here's an example of a page from a content management system - Cold Fusion - many organizaitons - especially government orgs in Canada use CF calendars - Guy Kelsey
here's an example of a Joomla - generated calendar page - Guy Kelsey
Nikita - Most if not all were recognized by fusecal. I don't really remember anymore sorry. - Bill Rawlinson
ColdFusion is a language/framework for developing web apps so they will need to be pointed to the various calendars implemented in CF in order to parse them; they, undoubtedly, are each formatted in a proprietary way. Just a thought but pyQuery might be a good tool for the scraping engine especially since I know bits of elmcity are already in python. - Bill Rawlinson
I can confirm that a wv3 calendar is in use by our local university - and since they have basically stopped any progress on providing an ical feed... here is the calendar: : Oddly their software does have the capability to generate a vcalendar for a specific event - see: then click on the calendar icon near the "Description" label to get the vcalendar (vcs) file. - Bill Rawlinson
"Oddly their software does have the capability to generate a vcalendar for a specific event" That is odd. vCalendar is of course iCalendar's predecessor and close cousin. Using it in this case would mean making a whole bunch of requests -- two per event listed on the main page -- so it's probably not worth doing. But, still worth noting that the possibility exists. - Jon Udell