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Michael Hyde
Event times are showing one hour later than correct for one of my calendars. See The ical file contains VTIMEZONE info which seems to have correct -0600 settings for TZID:CST, so I'm unclear where where the problem might be. Did I make a mistake somewhere in set-up for this calendar, perhaps?
Your VTIMEZONE defines CST but your DTSTART properties don't refer to it. RFC2445 describes three ways to do it: 1) date with local time, 2) date with UTC time, 3) date with local time and timezone reference. The calendar uses 2), did you mean to use 3)? - Jon Udell
Also: Why CST, when your local time is EST? - Jon Udell
Also: It's an odd VTIMEZONE. It only defines CST, I would expect it to also define CDT. This is another of those cases where the validator might want to say: "OK, this /is/ valid, but did you really mean that?" - Jon Udell
Thanks, your first comment is helpful. What is the intent, indeed? In the original system, the time displays correctly on local pages. But when export is called, the data is off. Maybe they're not storing data in GMT in their backend, and their ical algorithm tries to calculate GMT for output as, e.g. "GMT = time - offset". But the offset is not even the right one. I wonder if it's the offset of where the server's housed, instead of the customer's primary locale? Oy. GIGO to be sure. I'm going to have to try to reach the developers. Thanks for the helpful observations. - Michael Hyde
re: "odd VTIMEZONE" and the validator suggestion, yes. To have a VTIMEZONE specification, but no references to it at all is certainly suspicious. I.e. all my DTSTART values are either UTC or VALUE=DATE items. An "observation" or "suggestion" about this may have triggered me to verify the items and spot the present inconsistency I have. - Michael Hyde