How to customize further using CSS

You can further customize your embedded FriendFeed widget or badge by providing your own CSS. You may need to use !important at the end of each custom rule to override the default settings.

  • #friendfeed
    Every other selector is contained within this.
  • .logo
    Contains the FriendFeed logo.
    Hide the logo: #friendfeed .logo img { display: none; }
  • .feed
    Contains a FriendFeed feed.
  • .entry
    Contained within a FriendFeed feed. Contains an individual entry.
  • .body
    Contains the body of an entry.
  • .comments
    Contains the comments for an entry.
    Remove comments: #friendfeed .feed .entry .comments { display: none; }
    Remove comment icons: #friendfeed .feed .entry .comments .comment .quote { background: none };
  • .likes
    Contains the likes for an entry.
    Remove likes icon: #friendfeed .feed .entry .likes { background: none; }
  • .info
    Contains the entry's timestamp.
    Increase the font size: #friendfeed .feed .entry .info { font-size: 10pt; }
  • .media
    Contains media for an entry.
    Remove border around images: #friendfeed .feed .entry .media img { border: 0; }
  • .picture
    Badge profile picture.
    Remove the profile picture: .friendfeed .picture { display: none; }
  • .name
    Badge user name.
    Change the font size: .friendfeed .name a { font-size: 8pt; }
  • .services
    A list of services with image icons.
    Add more margin: .friendfeed .services { margin-top: 10px; }
  • .stats
    Contains statistics including number of shared items.
    Move stats to right of picture: .friendfeed .stats { clear: none; }
  • .bottom
    Contains the "Subscribe to me" link.