Bad attitudes do not cause disability any more than good attitudes guarantee health | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs - http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012...
Bad attitudes do not cause disability any more than good attitudes guarantee health | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs
"Using a snapshot of disabled people as a tool to convey a message to, primarily, non-disabled people, involves playing on stereotypes and assumptions. It removes a person’s humanity and individuality in order to present them in a way that will goad a non-disabled person to buck up their ideas. It does not matter who the people in these photographs are, as long as their representation is enough to guilt non-disabled people into action. Their use of prosthetics is the only thing about them that is of interest in these images, and it automatically turns them into some kind of superhero. Along with the captions, the implication is supposed to be, “Wow, they have a great attitude!”." - M F from Bookmarklet
"Stating that the only disability in life is a bad attitude also puts the blame on disabled people for their predicament. When I fell down the stairs a few days ago I misguidedly tried to work out which failing body part had caused the tumble when, presumably, I should have been adjusting my attitude instead: a much more effective way to prevent further falls.!" - M F
A good article that makes some valid points. - M F
I hate when people use other people's experiences/attitudes about how they overcame/accepted their own disabilities, and look at you as if you are the problem, like, if they can do it, so can you and therefore you deserve no sympathy. Snap out of it, buck up, move on...this is some of the most egregiously cold remarks that you could possibly make. It's very easy to judge both physically and mentally disabled people when you aren't disabled yourself. Why not just round us all up and put us in camps already. - Halil
Absolutely and you see it a lot with the Olympics. So and so overcame depression to win a gold and the other so and so had cancer and decided to train harder etc. They might be good stories but are so one dimensional as they concentrate on one aspect of their lives, they could be unpleasant and selfish people for all we know. Still they are turned into role models. - M F
Royal Mail defends decision to deny Paralympic gold medallists own stamps Failure to honour winners at Paralympics in same way as Olympians prompts outcry online http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport... I guess it's because they had a bad attitude, if they all had a good attitude they would of received individual stamps like the other Olympians? - Halil