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John E. Bredehoft

John E. Bredehoft

My personal FriendFeed account, also used for my Empoprises series of blogs. This supersedes the "ontarioemperor" account. I am located in Ontario, California.
Unintended consequences of seawater fuel – you can afford the drive to dinner, but can’t afford the d...
“Stars” by @AndyJHunter is my new jam. Listen:
Why restaurant patrons may want to turn their menus upside down
New study evaluates English-language jihadist magazine | via @AddThis
Glenn Shriver, espionage, and the slippery slope
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When the waitress complements the restaurant's technology (another Chili's Montclair Ziosk post)
The Carly Simon school of Röyksopp song interpretation
Dilbert Daily Strip: 2014-04-15:
The Carly Simon school of Röyksopp song interpretation -
No, pay-at-table credit card processing is NOT necessarily more secure
RT @SportsCenter: Champion again! Manny Pacquiao beats Timothy Bradley in unanimous decision, winning WBO Welterweight Title.
RT @JTTheBrick: Last round. I have PAC winning close fight UNLESS he gets knocked down.
RT @JTTheBrick: Great Round! PAC lands 2 big shots. Bradley stands toe to toe. 6-3 PAC #PacquiaoBradley2
On the TV next door I heard someone counting to 6. Wait for Twitter to catch up. #Pacquaio #Bradley
.@sam_amick Any big fight is PPV only.
RT @DesertSunSports: Bradley lands some big rights to Pacquiao's head. At the end of fifth has hands down and dodgers Pacquaio. Bradley 3-2 #PacBradley
RT @srussell1021: Bradley almost knocked down Pacquaio in that 4th round. Pacquaio dominated the rest of the round. Too close to call.
RT @audreyasmine96: You go mama Pacquaio 😂
RT @ElChosenJuan94: 2-1 Pacquiao. Pacquaio landing a lot of clean shots, Bradley looking like a drunk guy in a bar aimlessly throwing punches. Looks gassed
RT @JTTheBrick: Round 2 OUTSTANDING and physical. 1-1 tough to score. #PacquiaoBradley2
The Twitterverse is divided about Pacquiao's use of a Katy Perry song. Then again, the Twitterverse is divided about Pacquaio.
.@__jdgx0 By the end of the fight I will be fluent in the language. :)
RT @LooneyonFox: Sitting ringside w @JTTheBrick and the great Jack Nicholson! #MGMGrand #boxing
RT @ramonashelburne: Jack Nicholson is ringside for Pacquiao-Bradley 2. Haven't seen him at Staples in a while
.@TheXcellentZone Nah...everyone would demand a third fight to settle things.
RT @NMiles1: Taking Pacquaio in a 9th round KO. Think both fighters will be hurt and knocked down. I could easily see Bradley winning by KO as well.
RT @yourbeastfriend: Outside setup for pacquaio
Circle of life, 21st century edition
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