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John E. Bredehoft

John E. Bredehoft

My personal FriendFeed account, also used for my Empoprises series of blogs. This supersedes the "ontarioemperor" account. I am located in Ontario, California.
.@EricStangel Serves the Bucks right for not giving Kidd authority over the youth league.
.@ambranykol Yes, the last 20 minutes were definitely power packed!
(Obviously "tricycle" has a different meaning) Tricycle, motorcycle operators begin biometrics registration in FCT
.@dannysullivan Well, if Facebook did that manipulation for two years, it just might work.
RT @USATODAYsports: U.S. and Belgian ambassadors are wagering waffles and pancakes for today's game:
RT @ChelseaRumours: Will be seriously disappointed if Belgium don’t go through tonight. Lose to Argentina next round would be understandable. ‘Muricans? Nah.
.@julianisland .@adrianco Press those wild flowers!
Obviously I am not in Budweiser's target audience
Obviously I am not in Budweiser's target audience -
Obviously I am not in Budweiser's target audience
.@TomKopacz I'm sure that .@Budweiser is showing a different commercial at headquarters, with a slightly different take on .@ussoccer
.@Beauxts_nHeauxs While marketed by a European conglomerate, I believe that Coors is owned by a Canadian-US multinational.
.@LarryRosenthal .@karaswisher I'm waiting for the 42 reasons why 29 is the ideal listicle number.
I'm surprised that .@SamuelAdamsBeer and .@Yuengling_Beer aren't making a bigger deal of their US ownership in advance of #usabel
RT @scavendish: Owned by Belgium. IT'S A TRAP >>>> RT @Budweiser: #AreYouReady? We are. Get hyped for @ussoccer. #USAvsBEL
Re: 7 Things We Hate About Belgium -
"I guess if one were to get technical, King Leopold's rule of the Congo can't be laid at the feet of Belgium, since the Congo Free State started out not as a Belgian colony, but as the personal colony of the King himself. The gender equality one is surprising, since some European countries are now mandating equal female representation on corporate boards. Apparently Belgium isn't one of them." - John E. Bredehoft
And yes, I have already been told that Bud and Miller aren't Murican beers.
They certainly taste like American beers ;-) - Slippy: Potato Croquette
.@djwudi Thank you for the notification of my inclusion in the list of real people. [Insert personalized message here] #reelectericcantor
RT @OCBRIDGES: Current status for Kraemer Blvd is OPEN!!!
My coworker Aris is presumably happy now.
RT @TheFakeESPN: Regarding bite, Luis Suarez claims he just lost his balance in the same way Andy Reid loses his balance into a Pancho’s Mexican Buffet.
RT @JennyMcCarthy: If Sherri goes... I go too. #sisters
Donna Summer – I Feel Love - Benga Remix -
After 100 years, Arvin church prepares for a new beginning -
Re: Upland family terrorized by nightmare nanny -
"A somewhat similar story was resolved when the squatters (in this case, a couple that occupied a deployed soldier's home) decided to leave after receiving unwanted media attention." - John E. Bredehoft
RT @MarkWilson12: @empoprises @NormalTweetGuy @Garfield ketchup? Sounds like your friend would get along with the Honey Boo Boo clan.
RT @NMoralesNBC: FIFA confirming game will go on as scheduled! See you at noon ET!
Biometrics and commerce
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