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John E. Bredehoft

John E. Bredehoft

My personal FriendFeed account, also used for my Empoprises series of blogs. This supersedes the "ontarioemperor" account. I am located in Ontario, California.
RT @IAmWordman: Move over Comic Sans: here's Comic Neue (#free for now)...
Brendan Eich, a political rights expansion of the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act...and ev...
RT @stannieholt: @empoprises Aaargh. My .@Twitter #lists vanished too. I can "See all RECENTLY ADDED members," but not simply "See all list members." #help
RT @JournaLiset: @empoprises my first visit. Would also like to come back, when I'm not on deadline, and check it out.
.@OurSocialPeople I'd add you to one of my Twitter lists, know...
It's quite possible that it may be a browser issue. I just updated my browser version recently.
I went to add .@Bjork to my Empoprise-MU Twitter list and couldn't. Have lists gone away? If so, Twitter is extremely less useful.
.@DrJimSears Will .@Janefonda lead .@TheDoctors in an aerobics session?
RT @UpperLowerClass: Best thing I ever learned in statistics class: The problem with surveys is you only get data from the type of people who take surveys.
.@JournaLiset Beautiful building, and the museum is a nice Saturday morning visit.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Röyksopp (41), Dextro (29) & Brian Eno (26)
Southern California not so sprawling after all -
My latest Jim Bakker moment - Brendan Eich's de facto firing may have been illegal under California law
Visiting an art museum with Anne
If everyone sang their songs
This woman returned her Habitat for Humanity home. And for good reason via @nationswell
RT @MissRobinAustin: Reminds me of that song "Detachable Penis" RT @Fact: Reattaching a penis is possible up to 16 hours after amputation.
While researching (really) that tweet, I discovered something I didn't know about WBC, Fred Sr, and Shirley
Dang, I forgot to cite a fake source. I'll just use Warren Buffet (with one t).
BREAKING: Former WBC spokesperson Shirley Phelps-Roper named CEO of Mozilla
.@1938loren And Mozilla will have a fun time trying to persuade someone to be its next CEO.
@allanbreports And as you know, tulipmania demonstrates that ANYTHING can have value
@allanbreports Employment labor laws, preventing private company discrimination based upon certain criteria (not politics), are different
@allanbreports Technically, the U.S. Constitution protects you from GOVERNMENT encroachment on your right to free speech.
Why be transparent when Mozilla - and many of your bosses - have the right to discriminate for politi...
On the intrinsic value of gold
Moran: Members Can’t Afford to Live Decently in D.C. (Audio) via @rollcall
SC woman gets 20 years in breast feeding overdose - Houston Chronicle via @HoustonChron
RT @ShaunJHolland: Sagem Morpho wins the award for "Company whose name resembles a spell from Harry Potter" #fb
Inland Empress on the secrets to a happy marriage
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