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John E. Bredehoft

John E. Bredehoft

My personal FriendFeed account, also used for my Empoprises series of blogs. This supersedes the "ontarioemperor" account. I am located in Ontario, California.
Re: How Apple's '1984' Ad Was Almost Canceled -
"While one can quibble as to whether this is truly on the level of a "Big Brother" issue, there's another point to be made - Apple hasn't changed the way that it acts. If you want to talk about closed environments, look at the original Macintosh. Unlike other computers that allowed expansion slots or even alternate operating systems, the Mac had none of that. One can argue that the Mac was an example of planned obsolescence, undercutting the rival Lisa product (and yes, due to the nature of bureaucratic organizations, the Lisa - and the Apple II - were competitors to the Mac) and eventually killing it. Perpetual war? See above. Remember that the symbol of the Macintosh team was a pirate flag (the Mac team vs. the rest of Apple), and the impetus for the ad itself was Jobs' brilliant positioning of Apple as an underdog fighting IBM. The one thing that I'll grant you is that the original Mac did not represent an "ever-expanding imposition into daily lives." Because of the philosophy at..." - John E. Bredehoft
"I'm a few years older than you, so my first hearing of Call of the West was at my college's 10 watt radio station. My college (Reed College) has always debated the transition from old to new. At the time I was there (1979-1983) you had people who came from a 60s casting call pogoing around to "Rock Lobster" or whatever. I continued to follow Ridgway's career through the early 1990s (my then-infant daughter received her morning feedings to the sounds of Partyball) and occasionally check on him since. Coincidentally, I just added the post-Ridgway "Far Side of Crazy" to my Spotify library; not bad, but definitely different." - John E. Bredehoft
Re: How Apple's '1984' Ad Was Almost Canceled -
"Excellent rebuttal, but I do have one quibble. While you note that we should (rightly) be concerned about "THE ACTUAL GOVERNMENT," we should also be concerned about the large amounts of data that corporations are acquiring about us and selling to others. The personal information that can be retrieved by mining this data is just as revealing as anything that the various government silos have on us. In a sense, our data is actually safer with the government, since (at least theoretically) we have Constitutional recourses to remove that data. There are no such Constitutional recourses in the case of private data - just legislation." - John E. Bredehoft
Re: How Apple's '1984' Ad Was Almost Canceled -
"I grew up in Washington, and had just moved to Los Angeles in late 1983. I am very aware of how that game turned out. To be honest, I can't recall what impact the commercial had on me, but I remember how the Redskins' brief hopes at the beginning of the third quarter were dashed." - John E. Bredehoft
Re: In Ontario, retiring police chief keeps calm as others carry on -
"Tamales!" - John E. Bredehoft
Re: The Missing Piece to Annual Sales Kick-offs -
"Of course, I'm sure that some sales director read this post and thought, " iron chef competition!" Now I need to find the white paper that was referenced in the newsletter. I'm in proposals, but reinforcement can help in all disciplines." - John E. Bredehoft
Re: See the 'Storm of the Century' Hit the West Coast -
"At least they didn't refer to Glendale." - John E. Bredehoft
Re: See the 'Storm of the Century' Hit the West Coast -
"DUDE! One different between the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest is that much of the Southwest is a desert. When that storm makes it to Southern California and Arizona, the ground won't be able to absorb all the rain, and flooding will occur. Yes, it's much greener in Seattle..." - John E. Bredehoft
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Waylon Jennings (56), U2 (54) & E-Gens (46)
Mode (not Depeche) of the aforementioned song
.@clydetombaugh would approve - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald: via @YouTube #fb
.@clydetombaugh would approve - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald: via @YouTube #fb
What is food? (Just Mayo, GMOs, Soylent, the Impossible Cheeseburger, and good bugs)
RT @MirrorCeleb: EXCL: @amandabynes tells us she's feeling "fine" and can't understand why people are worried about her @katiehind
Wonder if anyone goes up to Jessi Colter and says, "Hey Lisa!" Most of the album is a Johnny & Willie duet album, but this song has all four.
Bozell's headquarters location is mentioned in a hit song
RT @eddavis32: Charles your fat a$$ can eat now
RT @ShannonSharpe: 73-0 bears beat Redskins . "@KristaKaroFL: @ShannonSharpe what's the biggest shutout in NFL history..any idea?"
.@DavidAllen909 looks like Our American Swap Meet
From @DavidAllen909: Lincoln died in this bed across the street from Ford's Theatre. Glass partition must have been a nuisance... #fb
Charles Barkley vows not to eat until the Lakers finally win a game (good graphic)
.@1938loren Biometrics news impacts my job and is therefore interesting. Consumer tech? Yawn. "It's bigger"???????
RT @sbsun: #BREAKING: Former business partner arrested in connection w/ #McStay family deaths
Is Amanda Bynes mentally ill...or are we?
Is Amanda Bynes mentally ill...or are we? -
.@Defenderworx Looks like this pay phone number listing is inaccurate.
Spending Thanksgiving morning at Kmart
Spending Thanksgiving morning at Kmart -
Spending Thanksgiving morning at Kmart
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