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John E. Bredehoft

John E. Bredehoft

My personal FriendFeed account, also used for my Empoprises series of blogs. This supersedes the "ontarioemperor" account. I am located in Ontario, California.
.@interop All 23 lines...and a whopping 80 characters! (Someone will call me a newbie now.)
Re: FBI Adds Facial Recognition To Biometric ID Toolkit -
""Rap Black"? Don't think so. Double-check the FBI press release." - John E. Bredehoft
Re: The Era Of Widespread Biometric Indentification And Microchip Implants Is Here -
"(DISCLOSURE: I work for a biometrics provider, but my views are my own.) Just about every technology is ethically neutral. Nuclear technology can run power plants or blow cities to smithereens. Anonymizers can protect citizens from repressive governments, or provide a great way to distribute porn. Similarly, biometrics can ensure identity or can be used to enslave people. The challenge with any technology is to use it wisely." - John E. Bredehoft
RT @ChrisKattan: I sent about 50 humiliating nude photos of me doing some super scandalous stuff to a #hacker and he sent them back. So rude!
If you provide a financial disincentive, who cares?
If you provide a financial incentive, people will try to get it (the paper SDVOSBs)
Because politics - Federal banking recommendations on disaster recovery, and what happens when a U...
Ballmer did not disappoint. Perfect for Clippers fans.
Re: Claremont Courier writes up ‘Pomona A to Z,’ me -
"If you write a book called Claremont A to Z, the Courier will probably devote 26 straight issues to it." - John E. Bredehoft
Are you suffering from gluten deficiency?
.@amyvandyken So .@CraigHospital didn't have .@Bravotv ? You poor woman... :)
RT @PivotalPayments: Welcome to our LinekdIn Company Page - share yours with us too!
.@jeffjarvis But .@KeithOlbermann makes a career of retweeting them...while adding editorial comment.
Nic Cage in a Bear Suit? I would have suspected Guy Fieri.
.@CalvinKnaggs You didn't stay for the banquet?
Facebook ventures beyond Silicon Valley
.@MarkWilson12 Yes, please share future curated lists with me. My Twitter/Facebook lists and Google+ groups tend to be static.
A true patriot admires these three American heroes - .@realDonaldTrump, .@MarkWilson12, and .@NancyGraceHLN
I'm in a mood for the Grieg song that gets all Gershwin-y in the middle.
RT @kelly_carlin: I think the only thing that can get me thru the rest of the day is some In ’n Out food.
#NASCAR fans Still defending this ... insensitive tweet now that @Nascar has deleted it? via @keitholbermann
.@Boycottmaypac Unfortunately, .@Max_Kellerman currently has no outlet to demand a .@FloydMayweather .@MannyPacquiao fight.
.@eddiefu As I observed elsewhere, it puts the lie to the claim that transparency is valued. Transparent people get in trouble.
.@Andre_CA7 if reports are correct, .@Max_Kellerman will be back on the air tomorrow.
Because of Madness' convoluted record label history in both the UK and the US, it's sometimes hard to find cer…
RT @tomwarren: Steve Ballmer now owns the LA Clippers. IT'S HAPPENING
RT @djdonjuan4life: @empoprises No they usually skip suspensions and go straight to firing with him, LOL!!!!! #BOOM
Music-related phrases that you never saw, and will never see
.@djdonjuan4life Who's next? Presumably Olbermann.
.@marcelluswiley Isn't it easier to be both a student and an athlete when you attend a university that DOESN'T over-emphasize athletics?
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