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Amazing history of the Buckyballs debacle from @mariojoze
RT @mg: Behold! My @imojiapp experience is about to get a lot better as I've made Steve Buscemi stickers! Search for buscemi.
RT @i_akari_daisuki: わぁい例のコラ あかり例のコラ大好き
RT @davepell: If McDonald's wants to compete with Chipotle, they need to start making shitty burritos.
RT @ralphhhenson: @mat Shit. BLUber has competition. Who’s gonna need to rent a handicapped placard to park in a Blue Zone if they have valet parking?
Sweet. My time is FAR too valuable to park my own car.
robertobaldwin: You can embed this tweet, it’s fine. — mat honan (@mat) July 24, 2014 -
But please don't retweet this one.
You can embed this tweet, it's fine.
I'm just kidding I know Quibb is roasted pigeon.
There are some very hot job openings at @WIRED right now
RT @cyclingreporter: 'Hi, Mom! I'm at the Tour day France!' #TdF
I hate that I'm fascinated by media gossip, but...
So I now assume the stories about a power struggle between @joshuatopolsky and @reckless were true? (Either way congrats to both & @backlon)
What does this mean for the CES trailer?
Ugh. Working at a cafe. Forgot headphones. Sitting next to two creative writing MFAs. I'm so screwed.
" The Spanish-dubbed version of Snakes on a Plane (¡Serpentes en un Avión!) baffled Firefly" - I love @aperobot
RT @jimray: @mat a guy tried to fight me on a 5 once when I moved his feet to sit down. Also, he didn’t pay.
RT @RossFloate: @mat I assume he’s working for a startup that will auction off those seats.
RT @piotrlipski: @mat sorry to say but sick of it all lady > sosmartphone people ;-)
RT @cbracy: Pretty proud of @codeforamerica's @tiffani + @KristyT "A New Site Allows You to Pay a Detroit Resident's Water Bill"
A Very Grumpy Obviously Sick Of It All Lady made him sit up. Thank u VGOSOIAL u are a hero.
Dude is taking up five seats (plus the corner where he has his backpack) while others are standing. And train isn't even crowded yet.
RT @manydads: bum Dad
RT @MeaganCignoli: The Woman Behind Vine’s Most Incredible Animated Dreamscapes @WIRED @MeaganCignoli
RT @abrahamhyatt: The final sentence of this story, coming after 900 words of incredibly detailed reporting, is devastating
RT @drew: prediction: @HillaryClinton pulls out an iPhone 6. shipping this holiday season.
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