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.@melanierenzulli here's the full reply
.@melanierenzulli wow that comes across as much more sincere than it did in context.
We're all making jokes about Salmon's new thing. And it does sound kinda funny! But one reason it's fun to joke is you know he'll own us all
I am already post-literate.
Seriously tech bloggers it's OK to use iFad in your headlines but you have to credit me. I'll be monitoring. Google alert and everything.
Have We Entered The Post Tablet Era? [ANALYSIS]
My phone is a great little tablet
Peak tablet
Tablet fever
Just saw @jimray on the street. Man, that guy has really let himself go.
This @naveen post about WUT is dead-on. via @om
About last night: totally possible to be glad an artist is getting paid, yet also feel alienated from the art by the ads. It's not binary.
RT @jyarbrough: The One Plus "gives a 'baby skin' feel, which is most noticeable when you gently stroke it with your cheek.” LOL
RT @ryantate: You know virtually all of us are corrupted in some way by our government, culture, privilege, or deal(s) we cut, but acknowledge it.
RT @ryantate: This Pixie Apple ad debuts tonight and I see people (in @mat's feed etc) rushing to say they didn't sell out. Well of course they did.
But hey that ad Lou Reed did for HP was really something.
I know it is unfashionable to cling to the notion that artists, even independent artists, shouldn't do ads. And yet.
I'm just glad Bill Hicks is dead.
When the thing that once epitomized cool to you did something deeply uncool. Again.
Ugh. Pixies.
San Francisco: now is the time of year when the sun sets behind the Farallones. Go see it this week.
Treat mah self
RT @jsatk: @mat imagine restaurants charging a buck extra specifically for soap for their employees to wash their heads with.
RT @phillygirl: San Francisco, it’s like you’re making fun of yourself at this point.
RT @PopUpMag: Have you heard the news? On sale this Thursday!
I've had worse ideas honestly.
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