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No, I can't get you any pot.
RT @strngwys: Pretty sure @mat is a stoner RT @Gingercast: The GINGERCAST: Episode 191
I'm re-linking, but that's because "No Exit" is the best look at contemporary startup life (and SF) I've yet read
RT @rsingel: .@mat's fun, pretty delve into high tech & cannabis doesn't bogart the links, unlike many Snowfall-y no-link pieces:
RT @joemfbrown: I would like to remind those of you just tuning into this episode of Internet that we paid @mat to get stoned
Everyone agrees that melon in fruit salad is unadulterated evil, but that still doesn't give you the right to berry pick from the bowl
RT @aperobot: @redgirlsays @joemfbrown @mat @aquabrwn let's not take our eye off the ball here, which is: too much melon.
People who sort through the fruit salad and pick out all the berries: I'm judging you.
This deserves to devour the internet today
Lol. Remember death panels?
Welp. My doctor just referred me to a death panel. I guess that's it for me! Hash tag nobamacare
RT @longform: "High Tech" On Silicon Valley's newfound interest in the cannabis business: (by @mat, @wired)
RT @CoreyPWilson: Just in time for #4/20… @mat on how Silicon Valley is cashing in on cannabis. @WIRED @WIREDInsider
RT @EmilyDreyfuss: If you read 1 thing for 420, it should be this RT @WIRED Silicon Valley's rush to get rich off weed by @mat #longread
Is it 420 yet?
So I missed everything on the internet today. What happened?
Wow, just drove past a car completely t-boned on the L Taraval outbound on 15th. Gruesome.
RT @ClaraJeffery: Map: A year after West Texas explosion see if there's a risky chemical plant near you.
I normally loathe lists of tweets as stories, but this from @alyssabereznak is absolutely delightful reading
RT @neetzan: Trend of the Week: Overreacting to teens RT @RamCNN:Teen urinates in Portland water supply, city to drain 38m gallons
Today's @gingercast is probably my favorite @redgirlsays on camera appearance
If you love me, you'll buy this for me
Let's just call this image a story teaser, okay? (I enjoy journalisming.)
Is there a daily email newsletter I can subscribe to that just brings me the best Dadtweets, Dadsnaps, and other Dadcore news?
OMG the "Good Day" reply all email chain circulating through Conde Nast right now...
I know that sounds like some sort of allegory but really I'm just sitting here trying to clean pigeon shit out of my hair with a diaper wipe
Parked my car. Two pigeons immediately landed on it and started fucking. I yelled at them to stop. As they flew off, one shit in my hair.
My dream blog post: disgruntled Microsoft employee steals a Google street view car and crashes it into an Apple Store.
RT @maxbulger: @mat How Being a Professional Tech Blogger is Just Like Being an Undergraduate. By Mat Honan, for Wired Recruiting.
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