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This story about undersea listening and the tension between science and security by @mattbraga is GREAT
I'd like to see some tech CEOs douse themselves in CS gas and get shot with a beanbag to raise awareness for #ferguson
RT @headhntr: Last night, @the_intercept reporter @rdevro was shot with beanbags and arrested while covering #Ferguson protests
RT @amnesty: US can't tell other countries to improve their records on policing and peaceful assembly if it won't clean up its own human rights record
RT @frenchamnesty: gif'd that cop ripping off @timcast's press badge #ferguson
RT @MoeshaMitchel: Media is being escorted out for their "safety." Yet the community members are left at the excessively brutal hands of the cops.
RT @AndrewJCohen: So basically in Ferguson we have a Bull Connor police force exercising Cairo crowd control and Myanmar press freedom. Terrific.
This is one of the most fucked up images I've ever seen in modern America
RT @monteiro: From now on, instead of faving your tweet, I will reply with this nice animation of a star. It will not get old.
RT @shanepang: A quick sketch of what every single photo from #Ferguson looks like to me.
And here I had been led to believe that something was the matter with *Kansas.* WTF Missouri?
RT @AntonioFrench: That moment when "the right to peacefully assemble" meets "failure to disperse". #Ferguson
RT @7im: like literally every iconic photograph of #ferguson that is popping into your mind right now. The po po arrested that guy. For doing is job
RT @AmyKNelson: going to post a few of these to see sequence of events ... watch how this arrest goes down #ferguson
RT @i_akari_daisuki: わぁい16 German Suplexes あかり16 German Suplexes大好き
I'm sorry, that was rude.
Paul Ford touched my hair.
So I am going to read a book about world war I and the creation of the modern middle east to relax now.
RT @paleofuture: Woman getting treated with McDonald's milk after getting hit with tear gas (via Getty)
RT @F6x: My feeds right now: Facebook– Friend’s yoga video, ad, ice bucket challenge. Twitter— Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson.
RT @selenalarson: if this is how they behave with the whole world watching, imagine what they do when no one's looking.
RT @BarackObama: In the weekly address, President Obama discusses the importance of affordable higher education: #CollegeOpportunity
RT @EC: "I changed my Facebook status to 'Tell my editor, they're arresting me,' but Facebook ran an experiment that week and no one saw it."
Bad night for this
RT @davepell: I don't remember a time when my twitter feed has been totally locked in a single topic for this long.
RT @blackink12: They're shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at us with no warning. #Ferguson
RT @blackink12: "They didn't give us no warning. They just started shooting. There's babies in the street." #Ferguson
RT @taralconley: Would be nice to hear this support for US citizens. RT @hrtbps: .@BarackObama great quote, would read again. 👍
RT @toodlepip: After @mat test, liking everything on Facebook, @schmutzie tries the opposite. Result: more humanity, better chat
RT @Awkward_Duck: Sprinting through neighborhoods tryna get away from squad cars. Surreal.
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