RT @phuongmai: @mat 6am EST / 3am PST. Not that I would know from experience.
Shit. I have glitter in my eye.
What time does Serial come out on Thursday? (Seriously. I have no idea but want to listen, uh, live-ish.)
RT @earlxsweat: chapel hill what the fuck it do who got dope
Whoa, butts all up in my timeline.
RT @snackfight: hey tech press: @mat and I both have cool hair and cool glasses, and we can save AOL too
RT @annfriedman: Yes! Cool! Tell us how much you pay! RT @jwherrman please pitch! http://www.theawl.com/2014...
Every time I see Jonathan Gruber in the news, it confuses me for a few seconds.
RT @jimray: @mat those apps always felt like they were harbingers of Orwell’s Two Minutes of Hate.
Realized I haven't had Secret installed on my phone(s) for a few months now. Doesn't seem like I missed anything.
RT @synopsi: @mat if not, then you should download it as a mp3 and setup it as an alarm http://auderio.com/downloa...
Do you have the Too Many Cooks song running through your head this morning?
RT @Lee_Ars: @mat > search body > take aol strategy > examine examine aol strategy > drop strategy > north
The only person who seemed like they didn't know what they were doing in that Shingy profile was Tim Armstrong
You sit alone in an otherwise empty white room with Shingy, facing each other in high backed chairs.
I broke my toe yesterday and I'm super sick today and I blame toddlers for both situations. Toddlers, man.
I mean. I assume that's why?
I am so sick and sniffly a woman just got up and stood in the aisle rather than sit next to me on the train.
RT @WIRED: Christopher Nolan is WIRED's December guest editor. Our theme: Time, Space & Multiple Dimensions http://www.wired.com/2014... #ICYMI
I'm confused. I thought Obama was going to kill us all with Ebola from Africa. Did we close the borders and I didn't hear?
I enjoy tweeting at government agencie
Like, I don't get why is Vanity Fair even writing about dad twitter? Did they finally run out of Kennedys? Unfair.
RT @linecook: @margarita @mat @Olivianuzzi don’t trip Mat, they just don’t know about cool dad Twitter, which Anil is not part of at all
I mean, I bet Anil doesn't even own any crocs.
I feel like I need to ease into some slip on chuck taylors to relax now. This is not at all a chill sitch
How the fuck did Anil end up being the voice of Dad Twitter? This is an outrage.
RT @ravmike: I know @wired is good at predicting Web trends, but this latest mag was particularly impressive. @mat #TooManyCooks https://twitter.com/ravmike...
Heard my first retail Christmas carol of the year today. Ugh.
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