Answer by Matt Thompson for Print > Save as PDF - Saved to Google Docs, not local drive -
Saving as PDF should offer you the option of where you would like to same it on your local machine. Click change, and choose save to PDF again, and then save. If the save dialog does pop up again, verify the save location, and make sure it isn't your Google Drive folder - Matt Thompson
starwarer: @mtgaaron @mixedknuts @tommartell @HeleneBergeot WotC Swiss pairing algorithm discussed: (cont.) -
drmabuse: Some gracious soul has edited all the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons together. 48 minutes of cathartic cartoon violence. -
johnbaichtal: Naked old guy in the shower… in Lego. -
TristanGregson: MagicTV top 8 featuring our favorite MTGO bugs is now up on Channelfireball check it out. -
bradleyrose: A fantastic suggestion for viewing the Star Wars Saga for the first time. RT @JVWoodward @settern: -
mtgcast: [Tom] I am in a shambling, decomposing love with this UB Zombie list by Phillip Fortner that took 2nd at SCG Charlotte! -
Lady Gaga – Christmas Tree -
Kimya Dawson – AlphaButt -
Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess' Stardust -
Re: More Evidence of a Battlefield 3 Day One Patch? -
"EA confirmed there would be a day one patch, it's the reason console review copies are going out late" - Matt Thompson
I am watching NFL Football, Week 3: Pittsburg Stee... (S46E47).
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7) -
Cutulus: Just started drinking a High Seas Great Pumpkin #beer and let my wife have some. She is not as impressed by it as I am. -
PFF_IDP: NEW! #IDP Comparison – DL – Weeks 1-3 from @kevingreenstein - -
RT @danharmon: #Community Season 2 on DVD today! Every 30th RT wins a free copy till they're gone. #anniesboobs
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