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Steve Gillmor - FriendFeed
I just noticed Steve seems to be actively using FriendFeed, at least moderately. Therefore, I say welcome, and sorry I called him names a few months ago. :) - Phil Glockner from Bookmarklet
luckily I didn't see them. - Steve Gillmor
me <---------- whistling - Richard Walker
I think it is funny that Gillmor changed his mind about FriendFeed. All smart people will see the light eventually. :-) - Robert Scoble
I didn't change my mind. I asked for realtime and when I got it the whole place lit up. - Steve Gillmor
Robert, it's true. When I wrote that he had spurned FriendFeed, Steve wrote that just because he didn't comment did not mean he wasn't involved. That said, it's nice to see you be more involved, Steve. Welcome! - Phil Glockner
Oh, so you didn't keep telling me that FriendFeed is where conversations go to die? Sorry, FriendFeed's search engine is too good. I found the proof. :-) - Robert Scoble
that is just taunting... holding someones words against them... - Brian Roy
Welcome to (at least more active involvement in) FriendFeed, Steve. The discussion will be that much more interesting from this point. :) - Lindsay
Brain: we went back and forth for months about FriendFeed. I bet on the team, not the feature set. I knew that the features would come, so invested a LOT in FriendFeed this year. He couldn't see why until the features came, now he's on board. Cool. Wait until next year when I get the features +I+ want. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert - I was just being snarky... Aggregation is a key... Hoping to see the features I'm looking for as well. But FF can't solve it all - which is why I'm out building stuff that solves problems leveraging FriendFeed and their APIs. - Brian Roy
Just for new people, a week after I joined in February I asked for this feature: "I want to talk to the database and pull stuff out of it. I want to say something like "show me all items that mention xxxxxxx and have nnn "Likes" and nnn "Comments" that are between February 1, 2008 and March 1, 2008." If you could talk to the database like that, then watch how usage around here explodes. There's a TON of value in the database here that no one can pull out yet. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Haha. We were talking about this just the other day in Steve's Ustream chat. I think he won't be totally on board until he gets track in FriendFeed. ...and probably full Twitter integration. - Rolf Schewe
Robert - love that one. I'm more interested in filtering out the noise, getting just the data I want (which changes from hour to hour), being able to participate in the conversation AND aggregating the data for later analysis. This morning I wanted to see stuff about the Jets and Vikings... this afternoon I wanted to see stuff about the AZ Cardinals... tomorrow I can go back and re-read the good stuff and follow the interesting people. - Brian Roy
Rolf and Brian: here's the thing, if I get what I want, you guys get what you want too. Think about it. If you can talk to the database you will get track and aggregation and participation info. THAT is why FriendFeed will explode next year as soon as they get us a rich interface to the database. - Robert Scoble
Another Gillmor comment about FriendFeed being a roach motel. -- the search engine here is pretty fun to use to find old "dead" conversations. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: Remember that in the intervening months Twitter pulled track, dropped IM, bought Summize, said they were bringing functionality back then dropped those plans, said they were providing the full feed through Gnip, then weren't. It's not like it was just this sudden "You were right all along" epiphany. The situation changed a bunch. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert - Potentially, yes. Rate limiting and API limitations become key. FF won't (and shouldn't try to) solve EVERYTHING for everyone. They can, however, serve as a data aggregation hub - that is where I see "talking to the database" fitting in. I don't buy that Social Media will every have a "single source". Just my opinion. - Brian Roy
Also, the observation that it was a comment silo was true until, what, less than a month ago? i.e. - Ken Sheppardson
If FF gets track, never mind Twitter getting track, across all these services, that would be nuts. On separate thought, I think Twitters features will eventually be a subset of FF's services. - Rolf Schewe
Ken: FriendFeed never was a silo. I always seemed to figure out how to post links to my FriendFeed conversations on Twitter before. :-) Truth is, everything here always had an RSS feed so you could take conversations back out anyway and my blog has had a FF widget since April so it isn't a closed garden like Facebook is. - Robert Scoble
Rolf: be careful you don't start repeating all the track propoganda. ;-) Let's just say when I can follow/subscribe to subject/concepts on FF instead of [and of course by "instead of" I mean "in addition to"] people, the game will change again in a big way. - Ken Sheppardson
the million dollar question is: Is the value from FF in the data it aggregates or the data it generates? If the former there will be many aggregators vying for dominance. If the latter they have a real advantage. - Brian Roy
Ken: what I want isn't a Techmeme replacement, but something far more powerful. I hope we all get it. Either way, I am not unhappy with my investment. Some of my friends think I'm the biggest idiot for spending all this time on FriendFeed instead of blogging but I'm happy for them to think that. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'd like to see not only a date range/# of comments (like you suggest) but also a measure of diminution- how quickly the # of comments is diminishing with each successive "re-incarnation" of a topic; if a conversation important enough that it is brought back to life and then generates a large number of new comments when compared to its original count it is more likely to be of lasting interest than one that got a lot of reaction at the time but no one found it worthwhile to go back and add to. - David HC Soul
Robert: Oh, I'm right with you wanting something far more powerful than Techmeme :-) Home about something Techememe-like where you're the one who determines the algorithm? - Ken Sheppardson
Brian, there's a reason why I clicked "Like" 10748 times so far. There's a HUGE amount of value in creating new data out of FriendFeed. Much more than mere aggregation of the stuff coming into it. - Robert Scoble
Again - is FF an aggregator, conversation platform or analyitics engine? IMHO they should pick one (maybe two) and source data for the other solutions built on the data. Just my 2 cents. - Brian Roy
Brian: yes. All the above. And a search engine. And much more. - Robert Scoble
Ken: FriendFeed is TechMeme where you get to decide the seed list, not Gabe Rivera. How's that? Do you understand yet why I've been spending so much time here and not caring what TechMeme thinks anymore? :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert - I agree... but Bret (and his team) have to deal with that prioritization and it's effects on business model. It will be tough to balance the competing priorities of the demand signals in "Micro-messaging". I'm not saying I know better... just pointing out the questions and offering my opinions. Hey - that is what makes this so great... right? - Brian Roy
One of my biggest complaints...and an area where things are virtually unchanged from the beginning... is the comment system. The lack of timestamps, monolithic text, usernames at the end of the post... It's an area where there's room for tons of improvement. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: yet, despite all of these problems (and I agree I'd like to see improvements there) FriendFeed has far less commenting friction than any blog platform I've seen so far (and I comment on a lot of blogs). You can have your feature requests next year after I get mine. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: I was hoping for big things back when I heard Daniel Ha and Bret were talking. If FriendFeed and Disqus would team up and sort of refactor what each does (i.e. Disqus provides a streamlined system to replace the current FF comment system) thinks could get pretty slick. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken - there are in fact time stamps on comments if you hover over the little bubble icon next to them. - Phil Glockner
Phil: I still can't get used to this sort of worldview where things just flow past and you either see them or you don't. I'm stuck in a world where I want to mark things as read, catch up now and then, see what's new since the last time I visited, scan down a list of comments and just see the dates without hoverging over bubbles, etc. - Ken Sheppardson
BTW, anybody know when Disqus plans to provide their full feed of all comments via XMPP? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I'm more interested in BackType holding comments hostage. If you want to use the API for "commercial use" you have to pay them... Nice. - Brian Roy
Robert: I have a few issues with FF comments: There is no formal reply system in comments. I would like for people who reply to me show in my stream. It would be cool to have an archive of them too. Also no real-time comments. - Rolf Schewe
Ken: if it is important someone will figure out how to get your attention! :-) - Robert Scoble
Why do you think this lack of friction exists? - Patrick Thornton
Ken - It's not for the faint-of-heart, but you can grab any of FriendFeeds various streams (like the main feed, a room feed or a friend list) and add it to your RSS reader, giving you the ability to mark stuff read. - Phil Glockner
Phil: I've tried that, but IIRC comments are treated as as feed items, so you don't get anything new on your feed as the convo continues. Best I've been able to do so far is Enjit ( :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Ken - Oh! In that case, FriendFeed has that newly built-in. And it's pretty sweet: - Phil Glockner
Yep. FriendFeed turned that on about 72 hrs after Dustin Sallings and I launched Enjit :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Oh... whoops. Well, FWIW, I like Enjit too! (gnaws on foot) - Phil Glockner