Don’t worry, the water is only needy-deep.
This platoon only has one mission, and that is to conquer your taste buds with utter blandness.
Those don’t look like the flags for Des Moines, Iowa
Because kids aren’t annoying enough…
Honourable technology, made with integrity circuits.
The office can be available, as long as someone hasn’t lost it.
You can’t buy this kind of bagel, only rent it.
Save some room for urinal cake
Does this make my butt look rectilinear?
This was posted on the door of a foreign tenant in Japan. Imagine waking up to this...
This better not be a petting zoo.
It sleamed like a good idea at the time.
You have no chance to survive — make your time.
“Open the pood bay door, HAL.”
Careful where you put those fingers.
Preparing generations for servitude!
CAUTION: Our dairy products may contain traces of cotton.
Berry flavored peasants … it’s what’s for dinner.
I’m not pee monogamous. I’ve been with other plumbing fixtures.
But Mr. Lifeguard, it’s just acne… .
Grilling is the only way to shut him up...
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