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Berry flavored peasants … it’s what’s for dinner.
I’m not pee monogamous. I’ve been with other plumbing fixtures.
But Mr. Lifeguard, it’s just acne… .
Grilling is the only way to shut him up...
I have a hard time getting my heels erect.
Are we talking real dough or just peanuts?
Just my luck, the only pair left were the Grand Rapids Grandpa.
It’s a plot summary for Les Misérables.
Makeup can’t cover everything…
I had to restain my laughter...
If you blink you’ll miss it!
I’ll take Breasts for $500….
Please dispose of bodies and body parts in the appropriate bins.
Looks like Wonda’s divorce has been finalized.
Goes nicely with freshly barked bread...
Go home T-Shirt, you’re drunk.
Welcome! Please don’t come in.
Please try our continental thing...
This is why I don’t order Turkish food in China…
Uninvited interlopers are unwelcome.
Edgier than baby pee pee...
Keep the balance of nature – hang a surfer!
Epistemology: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.
No hard feelings if you don’t want to.
Maximum speed: four TPM (teeth per minute).
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