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Black Friday Savings at the Store - Best Deals 1st Come 1st Serve! -
I left a tip in the back seat...
Mexico, the fabulous land of hot dog fish and unpredictable digestion.
Save 10% to 20% at the Store this Holiday! Check here for coupons -
the United States of America captain is my favorite hero ...
Or you could fall down an empty elevator shaft. That would be nice.
If you’re going to do something, do it wholeheartedly. With a goose.
All their stuff is too loose.
The Build-Your-Own Calendar has been updated for 2013!-
The manufacturers have subjected this trimmer to stringent testes.
Part of the new Secretions fashion collection.
And don’t stop drinking until you can read the rest of the sign.
Thou shalt not covet thy boyfriend’s odor.
“Can we all get along? Like chicken feet?”
There ain’t nothing like really authentic Mexican food.
He's trainable and makes his own gravy...
We’ve been having a lot of problems with these being used for things other than memos.
The butcher keeps the meet under the en counter.
Must be a crappy movie. That’s my gut feeling anyway.
So beautiful, she was the Jack of Clubs…
Rud me until I scream “Yi YU”!
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