Using Twitter to Friend Feed Importer (version: 0.0.1) - http://InternetDuctTape.com/tools...
Twitter to Friend Feed Importer finds all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed and subscribes them. - engtech
that sounds really useful. when will it be available? i cant see it on your site ...via AlertThingy - David Adam
I should have it released in the next hour or two - engtech
You are a coding machine! - Phil Ashman
haven't been able to get it to work. it installs fine, but when i open the "friend feed importer console", after a few seconds it displays a bunch of errors ...via AlertThingy - David Adam
I'll try installing it on a clean machine and see what happens... I might have a missing dependency - engtech
Ah, it breaks on machines that don't have the HOME environment variable set. I'll release a fix. - engtech
w00t it works :) Installed fine, and is currently doing its thing. Thanks a bunch I was just thinking the other day how useful a tool like this would be. Whats it mean when it says "Can't find social graph" though? ...via AlertThingy - David Adam
I put more discussion about the social graph stuff in the blog post. I'm using XFN/FOAF stuff to find the connections between people... doesn't always work well. - engtech
it is running now but is there a way to produce a simple output instead of subscribing? I am now subsribing to some people I really did not want to subscribe to. ;) or better, if that thing could just produce two lists (twitter friend / friend feed twitter list) i could do a very neat comparison in excel myself. ;) - Nicole Simon
hm okay. ran it but have no idea if it aborted or not, but given the amount of friends i haev in both, it seems like it. a pause button at the end might be a good idea. :) waiting for the next version. ;) - Nicole Simon
superb! If only it was a web service.... - zeroinfluencer