Excited to bring our newest developer Matt on board full time today! 8 is a nice round number.
Happy Birthday Entermotion! Thanks to all our friends, family, and clients who have allowed us do what we love for a decade.
We know a certain donkey who turns 10 years old today...
Launched the all new Contech website today. http://contechusa.com/
If we did your logo in the past, and you want one of these, just let us know!
Starting a new thing where we send clients their logo files on these little guys. An email never felt special enough. http://entermotion.s3.amazonaws.com/logo-di...
Moved all our local backups to a Drobo. Super slick setup process.
Really good article on SEO that steers away from tricks, and talks about relevance. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012...
RT @Heartspring: Heartspring's movin' on 2 the Final 4 of #SocialMadness Plz vote in the med category & 4 our friends @AtlasMD in small http://www.bizjournals.com/wichita...
. @AtlasMD only has to tweet and we get new clients... Good friends to have.
RT @dustinparkerart: Watch GOODING's super awesome new music video for BUFFALO - Directed by Wade Hampton - Turn up the volume + enjoy - http://www.google.com/sorry...
Oh sweet retina display.
RT @AtlasMD: Intraoffice planking for doctors 101 ;) http://twitter.com/AtlasMD...
RT @AtlasMD: a good portion of @entermotion 's day is spent dealing with @dnunamaker 's bad jokes
Why AdWords is more important today than ever. http://www.davidmihm.com/blog... It's only going to get worse.
RT @scottbelsky: What's next? Apple's job board gives us a hint for what's cooking: http://jobs.apple.com/index... via @chopeh
Designers Unite! Remove the fax number from business cards.
RT @AtlasMD: Ahead of projected growth, Atlas MD looks to add third physician http://www.bizjournals.com/wichita... via @WichitaBizJrnal
Launched our redesigned blog yesterday. http://entermotion.com/blog/
RT @dustinparkerart: Listen to 5 NEW songs by GOODING at http://t.co/XKfh8TTm.
Remember the good old days when Mad Men actually talked about advertising a little?
Evidently Quark still exists.
Call Adobe. "All our representatives are busy. Would you like us to call you back?" Yes. They call back. "All our representatives are busy."
Just launched this. http://buntingmagnetics.com/ The Europe and other sister site will lag behind due to propagation.
Getting ready to launch websites at once, and move about 40 domains.
Added lots of stuff to our portfolio this week. Here's the RSS. feed://entermotion.com/rss/
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