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A room to discuss Enterprise IT related issues.
Susan Beebe
Deciphering @Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrades: The Official Chart by @WaltMossberg | Mossblog | All Things Digital -
Deciphering @Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrades: The Official Chart by @WaltMossberg | Mossblog | All Things Digital
" Deciphering Windows 7 Upgrades: The Official Chart by Walter S. Mossberg Posted on August 4, 2009 at 8:09 PM PT Print Post to Twitter Share Over the past two weeks, in my Personal Technology columns, here and here, I’ve explained some of the challenges and limitations that will be involved in upgrading an existing Windows XP or Windows Vista PC to the forthcoming Windows 7 operating system, due out October 22. Several readers asked me to publish a chart showing which current versions of Windows could be easily upgraded to which planned versions of Windows 7, and which couldn’t. So I asked Microsoft (MSFT) to supply such a chart we could publish, and the company graciously did so. It is reproduced below, unaltered. You can click on it to make it larger. Windows 7 Upgrade Chart Common consumer versions of XP and Vista are listed down the side, and the three (out of a total of six) planned versions of Windows 7 likeliest to be used by average consumers on existing PCs are listed across... more... - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
Typical case of MS shooting itself in the face ... Ed Bott has shown that chart to be horribly inaccurate - LANjackal
More simplicity from the propeller heads at Redmond :P I wish they had better coffee over there! - Susan Beebe
MS need to sort something out so that users aren't required to re-install their apps after upgrading the OS. It's a ridiculous situation that hasn't improved a single bit over the various release of Windows. It's in Microsoft's own advantage to make upgrades less of a pain in the ass for its customers. - Paul Grav
AFAIK that's not the case with 7. None of the reviews I've read say re-installation is necessary. As a matter of fact, they all report it going smoothly. That said, apps that weren't specifically developed for 7 or Vista may have issues, but given that the RC's been available for a while and Vista's been out since 2006 that's more of a 3rd party dev problem than an MS one - LANjackal from IM
Paul, see here: FTA: "The most recent upgrade, over an installation of Windows Vista Home Premium on a Hewlett-Packard small-form-factor PC used as a Media Center PC in the living room, was almost effortless. Every installed program worked with no modification. The only manual change I had to make was to replace the included Nvidia driver with... more... - LANjackal
Yeah, but if you have XP, then you're fucked. - Paul Grav
Yeah but what kind of argument is that? XP is 2 whole generations and 8 years behind, and there was a HUGE under-the-hood shift between XP and Vista. You can't be suprised that XP -> 7 upgrades will be problematic. That's why AFAIK MS' XP policy is that you either have to do a clean install or go through Vista. Sounds reasonable to me. I find it funny when people argue that MS should... more... - LANjackal from IM
It's not an argument, I'm just suggesting that MS can make upgrading easier. XP might be 8 years old but it's installed everywhere. I'd wager that Win 7 would sell a lot more if companies could easily upgrade their XP boxes. Wouldn't you at least agree that it'd be worth the development effort? - Paul Grav
Paul, XP and 7 are *fundamentally* different. Binary compatibility isn't the end-all of similarity between systems, and any app that choked on Vista is also going to choke on 7. MS has been making this point pretty clear from the start. Since many companies that stayed with XP did so for that reason, an XP-7 in place upgrade option wouldn't make sense. Not to mention that thanks to... more... - LANjackal from IM
But the apps aren't fundamentally different. - Paul Grav
How much about Windows app development do you know? You might want to read the Windows Blog about developing for 7 to see just how WRONG that assertion is - LANjackal from IM
Every app on my XP machine can run on Windows 7. - Paul Grav
Paul, please read about W7 app development before mouthing off. I mentioned the official Windows Blog. There are numerous posts there about exactly how *different* proper app behavior/devlopment on XP and 7 are. It's not just binary compatibility. There's a LOT more to it than that. Please inform yourself before requesting features whose difficulty of implementation you clearly have no idea about - LANjackal from IM
Lets take Firefox as example. It's installed on my work machine in XP, why can't I just copy the folders across and it just work? It's the same bloody install binary. - Paul Grav
Paul, READ UP. Jesus. Do you see me going around suggesting stuff for OS X or Linux out of the blue? First of all, Windows apps don't work like that because the installer and the app itself are 2 different things. You don't install Windows apps by copying folders of existing programs. You need the original installer, which was most likely deleted after the program was installed anyway. Holy hell. No offense but obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Windows apps do NOT function like OS X apps. - LANjackal from IM
I know! I suggesting a change, to make things better for Windows users. You're making it sound like it's a problem that not solvable. It clearly is. - Paul Grav
Paul, like I said. READ. Such a change would 1)WIDEN the gap between Windows versions and make even Vista -> 7 in-place upgrades impossible 2)not fix your upgrade complaint because the XP apps would still have been installed by the "old" (read: current) method 3)break every current existing Windows app, which would undoubtedly result in another round of whining from you and others who refuse to inform themselves about the systems they criticize - LANjackal from IM
1. Widen the gap, just employ more programmers. 2. I'm not suggesting MS find a way to allow easier upgrades from XP to 7, I'm suggesting easier upgrades for future versions of Windows. - Paul Grav
That argument has been rehashed myriads of times across the net. Shouldn't take you too long to find out why it hasn't been done yet, if you're interested. Although the reason should be obvious. I'm not pursuing this line of convo any further - LANjackal from IM
Coverity, Inc., the leader in software integrity, today announced the launch of a 2009 web seminar series that will connect software developers with industry thought leaders in the fields of software security and quality. -
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Robert S. Hines
Track class file versions - JavaWorld -
Nice, Elegant, I like it. - Robert S. Hines from Bookmarklet
Robert S. Hines
Citigroup Executives to Meet Sunday on Wachovia - Financials * US * News * Story - -
"Citigroup to Buy Wachovia's Banking Operations" - Robert S. Hines from Bookmarklet
Robert S. Hines
Breidenbach | David and Goliath - alphaITjournal -
I work with Kevin and enjoy interacting with him quite a bit. I thought the rest of ya'll might enjoy this article as well. - Robert S. Hines from Bookmarklet
Robert S. Hines
Exclusive Lifehacker Interview: Debunking The Myths of Multitasking -
"Debunking The Myths of Multitasking" - Robert S. Hines from Bookmarklet
Quality Problems Cost Software Companies Up to $22 Million Annually According to New Report -
2008 networks product Innovation award -
Leading Industry Analyst Presents a New White Paper "Innovative Approach to Combating Spam" -
Dimitar Vesselinov
WordFrame: Better Web Communities and Social Media Collaboration -
Hey Guys, you might wanna considder moving over to the Sysadmin room, we have about 40 people there now, and I think the topic material is most likely identical. -
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