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the traditional post-haircut selfie. :)
RT @lilyorit: Research question! Does anyone know if you can still get cell signal at the top of the Seattle Wheel?
“@fureigh Folk Models of Home Computer Security: (PDF) #cfa2014 h/t @hypatiadotca” hey @gusandrews
Little boy on the bus meowing. <3
RT @kitchenmage: I want about 100 giant redwood seedlings. Anyone know of cheap source?
Even thought I'm still just flailing/futzing at this point, I'm so happy to be working in Drupal again.
Re last RT: it's also a really good book.
RT @mulegirl: I wrote the briefest, most affordable, and *orangest* book on design research. Go buy it: #selfpromotedtweet
RT @samusclone: Lily Tomlin's phone company bit taught me everything I need to know about net neutrality (just sub in "comcast")
RT @Alejandrobot: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't even
RT @GeekyLyndsay: Hey, friends! Do you have any favourite articles about the upworthy style clickbait headline I could read/share?
RT @gusandrews: My writing is like a spider egg sac. What looks like just one article explodes into a million crawly little articles when I prod it. :\
RT @eyemadequiet: My piece on @thepastrybox this month is about acknowledging that things are usually more complex than we think:
RT @nickf: Don't aim to ship a MVP (quickly release something subpar), aim to ship a MVX (focus on a good experience, let that drive the release).
RT @metafilter: MeFi: Thirty Errol Morris Movies That Can Be Streamed
RT @EspressoParts_: We've designed socks for all of you baristas and coffee folks! Head to @Betabrand to pre-order
RT @bradleyvoytek: This... is an amazingly honest methods section. (via my friend Sarang)
Usability testing possibly EVEN MORE EXHAUSTING than usual. :\ Seeking solitude for recovery.
RT @intercitytransi: Heads up for Saturday (4/26): We have detours in downtown Olympia due to Arts Walk activities.
RT @NiemanLab: Why Vox (and other news orgs) could use a librarian
RT @jackbrewster: Hey, PacNorWesters, you should totally come to Olympia for Procession of the Species this weekend.
RT @r343l: Wind turbines are not a significant cause of bird death. Buildings and windows, high tension lines & cats are. #fb
RT @gusandrews: I'll just be over here absorbing this oral history of Mystery Science Theater 3K word by word mkay? @reneehobbs
RT @CatherineOmega: Do I know more than two web developers with CS degrees?
RT @CrillFactor: lazyweb request: lots of classical music performed on old synthesizers / 8-bit instruments, not just Tomita
RT @Stagedoor_Zadie: Photo: The minotaur had been lost in the labyrinth for decades. He was just too ashamed to call for help....
Argh. No. Why would you even? #vaguetweet
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