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RT @kjhealy: A castrated male sheep is a wether. A wether that wears a bell and leads the other sheep around is a bellwether. Hence, a leading indicator.
which maybe now is not the best time to throw my brain against rewriting menu html in Drupal. :\ #owmybrain
such sleepy
RT @BlackGirlDanger: READ THIS. RT @ShaunKing: Share this. Make it viral. ALL the tweets & facts we exposed in one place --> #Ferguson
RT @OlyProjects: Be aware that @PSETalk is out on Blvd Rd at 22nd Ave trying to find and repair a gas leak. This work will cause traffic impacts & delays.
RT @wsdot_tacoma: SEA to PDX this weekend? Consider @Amtrak_Cascades Big delays possible on I-5 in Olympia
RT @ibogost: I keep seeing this img. I guess: Design: fascist not-giving-a-f#ck User Experience: libertarian not-giving-a-f#ck
Me: "Argh. Can I set the CMS on FIRE?!" Him: "Just let me make a couple of these updates." #weblife
RT @RaeBeta: Oh, hell, no, @twitter. The more you become like Facebook, the less use I have for you.
self-evaluation, Architectural Design Studio -
Break Up the NSA - "making the police less efficient is how we currently protect ourselves from overreaching."
RT @wsdot: Anyone want to help us count cyclists and walkers Sept. 30–Oct. 2?
“@BnBoutreachNW Hipster Accident: One handed Tweeting while riding 3 wheel bike delivering artisan coffee.” Olympia!
My Drupal Webform 4 bug got fixed in the latest release candidate! I am so excite!
"Vincent Price's mutant power is making anything sound briefly credible." - @XPlaintheXmen
RT @jbouie: This has been the consistent pattern. Unilateral police escalation prompts minor response from more volatile elements, justifying crackdown.
RT @sarahjeong: anarchists: not that exciting, you guys
RT @jbouie: All of this repression, because the police killed a kid and the community wants answers.
RT @jmspool: Brilliant » RT @livlab: My “Responsive versus Adaptive is not a thing” tweet expanded into a write up #RWD
seen this weekend. Pretty sure both of my main Jr High crushes (ca 1987) had this same shirt.
RT @eaton: “I don't give a shit if Mike Brown was a career thug or a saint. Everyone has rights, or nobody has rights.”
97 cents in the bookstore. #nixon
RT @deseraestage: The 'it gets better' sentiment isn't honest. I don't like it. It gets better and then it gets worse, better and worse. It's just life.
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