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RT @PoesyGalore: QR code lovers, boy oh boy does the Eden Prairie News have a present for you.
Oh, and I FIXED MY PHONE. There's a bit of adhesive covering part of the selfie camera, but otherwise it's doing great. :)
Official hat of outdoorsy science guys:
this morning's meeting: interrobang, knuckle tats, carhartts hats. oh, and launching a site.
RT @RellyAB: Fuck flying or lasers. I want whatever power means Lycra will tuck under my girl norks and keep them supported like EVERY SUPER HEROINE EVER
RT @WorstMuse: For additional verisimilitude, make sure to list the brand and model of every item your characters encounter.
Who do I know locally (#Olympia) who is interested in joining a Dungeon World campaign starting in the next couple of weeks?
RT @scottohara: Final-approved-design-v3-b-ii-version4.psd That’s how final this is.
RT @rogue3: In related news, any local #Olympia folks with an 8-12 year old interested in trying out #DnD for the 1st time? Let me know ASAP!
RT @rachelbietz: This sign was the most clever counterfeit I've ever seen. #forevergreen @epersonae
RT @EntoLabLOL: "Female genitalia. Perplexing to even the most adept entomologists."
RT @TrampolineBear: .@A_single_bear We aren't meant to be trampoline performers, that's all I know. @epersonae
RT @mathowie: Roadside vegetable farm had three signs for "Sweet Cron"
I ate all the plums.
RT @MammonMachine: Cool we're having a drill for an armed shooter at this campus b/c a murderer with guns is just a fact of nature like a tornado or something
RT @zeldman: In-page web animations make people with vestibular issues sick. The only way they can turn them off is to disable CSS & JavaScript. #AEADC
RT @rachelbietz: Academic question: can I have someone on my grad committee who isn't a professor, but is a PhD in my field of study?
RT @MindfulOnline: Anxious? Take a few long, deep breaths. On your next task, move slowly. Speed only hides panic. #mindfulinterrupter
RT @mulegirl: Your best content strategy may be to burn your warehouse to the ground and start over.
knitting socks while I wait for usability participant to arrive...
RT @sblackmoore: Of course, Chandler was also a suicidally depressed alcoholic with poor impulse control. So maybe don't take too much inspiration from him.
RT @sblackmoore: Shit takes time and you're never too old to start. Well, when you're about to die, maybe. But before then go for it.
RT @sblackmoore: Something to remember when you think it's too late to write, Chandler didn't get his first novel published, The Big Sleep, until he was 50.
Scully Likes Science.
So very much wish I could take a full-time program.
Seen in the @EvergreenStCol catalog yesterday: Computer Applications for the Fiber Arts (!!!!!)
::sigh:: NOPE. #vaguetweet
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