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RT @atduskgreg: A Markov chain based on transcriptions of @XPlaintheXmen episodes that generates new crazy X-Men plots.
RT @notlikenormal: On twitter, everyday is #snarknado! Oh, #sHarknado2. That's an "h"? Oh hell, never mind...
2hr mtg in a windowless basement room on a sunny July afternoon. #saveme
RT @WorstMuse: It's not really an exposition dump if a character is reading it off a futuristic device.
"You're an administrator on that!" "...apparently?"
RT @AnotherElle: The Riverdale of My Dreams: Toward a Bisexual Betty
RT @BadAdviceDog: how to get a hot body: - preheat oven to 425° F - get in oven
For @XPlaintheXmen, next time you need to explain what a wolverine actually is: (seen at the college where I work.)
tiny little model I built for class. :)
"If you make something without knowing X-Men fans are going to overthink it, that’s on you."
RT @mallelis: "Set an intention of shutting up." Yoga for jerks |
RT @WorstMuse: Now is the perfect point in the story for a 2000-word ideological manifesto from your thinly-veiled fictional stand-in.
🚲 🚴 🚵 🚲 🚴 🚵 🚲 🚴 🚵 🚲 🚴 🚵 🚲 🚴 🚵 🚲 🚴 🚵 #bike
Does anybody know how to add more emoji characters to Android keyboard (iWNN IME)? I can't believe the bike emoji aren't included!
RT @MammonMachine: Dear someone important and popular: please interview me about ZEAL on your Web Site
RT @Beschizza: Attn business insider, that's not his "torso"
RT @raganwald: Don’t say, “Users are familiar with the shitty apps we design for them, and don’t know any better.” Just say, “Stockholm Syndrome."
RT @jasonlblair: Most frustrating thing creatives do from a mental health standpoint is romanticize mental illness. It's not your muse.
RT @owillis: superman: don't be a dick to refugees
Baroque music & knitting on the bus go together really well. 😆🎶🚃 #whyNoKnittingEmoji?!
RT @austinkleon: George Lucas's first wife edited all 3 STAR WARS movies (won an Oscar for the 1st) and yet, you never hear about her:
RT @eaton: From the weekend: Your Brain Hates You! I write about cognitive biases that can sabotage metrics-driven decisions…
RT @lasrina: "And we will convert the gnolls to a religion that involves killing demons, eating snacks, being decent, and drinking a lot!" #dnd
RT @lifewinning: really trying to make Weird LinkedIn a thing
RT @LovedayBrooke: For the pm/American crowd who're into diversity: I've made a thing to help identify subtle gender coding in job ads
RT @tef: "why do you want to work here" "i feel that your company is a most comfortable compromise between my political ideology and desire for food"
Free idea: dance-off to settle style guide debates. #badidea
RT @mattblaze: New EULA clause: "We reserve the right to induce despair".
Realizing that I have no more meetings today and can actually spend the rest of the day coding all the things. :)
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