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RT @SeaTransitBlog: Introducing “Seattle in Progress,” a mobile web app for engaging Seattle in planning and development
impromptu trip to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge! Cold but fabulous.
RT @kfury: "Prof. Mandelbrot? It's Dr. Schrödinger. I seem to have a problem."
RT @BeardedSteven: @K_recs I think these are old enough to be vintage? 😜 Hand made by @nikkimcclure even. ⛄️👐
A bit of sketching on a day off...
"that's the point, to be a Bond villain" #nocontext
RT @prossolallison: Fun factoid of the week: Harvard's annual giving, $1.2 billion = unrestricted op revenue of 43 #comm_colleges. #priorities?
RT @MammonMachine: Halloween issue of ZEAL is up (might be edited later but u get first look) (tw, discussion of nonconsensual touch)
RT @ruthbrar_ebooks: If it doesn't auto-close, leave it be, nobody can be strong enough all the things done tonight.
RT @marcysutton: Attention, lady devs of Seattle (and SF)….@Substantial is hiring. And I have yet to see a female candidate come through! You should apply.
RT @revoltpuppy: You get one: you can fly, but only as fast as you walk; or you can turn invisible, but you become incorporeal (all your clothes fall off).
so after debating incorporeality with @revoltpuppy for like 10 minutes, I'm totally with flying. the rules make more sense.
RT @intercitytransi: We will operate REGULAR SERVICE on Veterans Day - Tuesday, November 11.
RT @jcb: the fact he views dressing himself as decision fatigue and not a form of self expression says a lot.
Archeological hairdresser!
RT @BenKuchera: I went to Catholic school as a youngster. It's hard to hear "May the force be with you" and not instinctively say "And also with you."
Just wanna psychokinetically rearrange molecules into this outfit. That's all.
Are people like you in congress? Unless you're a straight white guy over 45 with a law degree, probly not:
also, there was blue sky outside my window earlier, now it's just a solid white-grey.
RT @XPlaintheXmen: #FF @uncannyxbot, the weirdly poignant automated wind beneath our deadly metal wings.
I need all y'all's "I have no fucks left to give" gifs.
RT @TRLDistrict: Huge sets of LEGO bricks hit the libraries. Kids (& parents) are going creative! Everybody can be a "maker."
RT @DrScienceCat: I've waited my whole life for this moment
RT @seh: I know I have to have at least one adult friend into Pokemon. My goddaughter is now into it. TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD BUY HER FOR CHRISTMAS!
RT @bonerman_inc: .@gamestop just want to let you know u guys have done a very bad job of stopping the games so far. you've done like, the opposite
RT @Spacekatgal: Captain America: Winter Soldier gets an 80s trailer and it is GLORIOUS.
RT @NickAmadeus: I'm so sick of unexpected character deaths for shock value. This is a terrible pilates video.
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