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RT @NightValeRadio: Southern California, or, as it's known by locals: SoCal, Cali, The Crying Realm, The Princedom by the Sea, or an unpronounceable glyph.
RT @eads: Why "Word Crimes" is a little off-base by @stancarey. I <3 this article: language changes and language belongs to us.
RT @Pinboard: Turtle power, yes, but also turtle sorrow. And more and more, a sense of the divine spark that hides in the everyday. By Michael Bay.
RT @KarvelDigital: There are so many terrible websites.
RT @sininlinens: Officially done. If I wanted to use Swarm, I would have downloaded it. I WANTED to use @foursquare, but they don't give a shit about that.
RT @cthulhuchick: Guys - who do you think told Phil all those stories about Cap? THIS POST IS OVER 2 YEARS OLD AND IT JUST. GOT. BETT…
RT @michaeldhm: In Settlers of Catan, the players are colonialists, and the robber is a repeatedly displaced native stealing from the occupiers.
RT @VanityGames: I ugly laughed RT @HotLardBucket if honey isn't vegan because it exploits bee labour i have some bad news for you about late capitalism
RT @EntoLabLOL: Anyone have good lab stories? I'm working from home today so I don't have any new material!
RT @GeekyLyndsay: Imagine how much more productive d&d worlds would be if peasants had like, just cantrips, even. I just want unseen servant, pretty much.
Can I just spend the afternoon in the studio doing architecture drawings instead of in meetings? #hermitLife
RT @CMS_Borat: In mobile world you must to chunk all content into littlest, tiniest, ittiest, bittiest pieces. Then hire more editor. #IWillTeachThemXML
RT @sarahjeong: @Lubchansky LESBIAN CAT HUSBAND would make such a good band name
RT @mahalie: drupal tweeps, Tabelau software in Fremont is having a hiring-type open house
#Drupal ppl: Node Clone or Duplicate? (I used Node Clone LOTS when I was running a D6 site.)
RT @acarvin: Ditto. RT @chrislhayes: Honestly, I'm nearing some kind of awful news breakdown.
RT @MammonMachine: I found a painting of a victorian rando in an open tab
RT @markboulton: Content management is not a technical problem, it’s a people problem. And a content problem.
Some sort of power tools somewhere in the building. OH: "Reminds me that I need to go to the dentist."
Did Sean Bean ever play Tybalt? #boromiresqueCharacters
RT @olybuzz: the 1st rule of dinner is that you can't go back in time
RT @WorstMuse: Wait, TWIST: What if the corgis were vampires instead of werewolves?
RT @PoesyGalore: QR code lovers, boy oh boy does the Eden Prairie News have a present for you.
Oh, and I FIXED MY PHONE. There's a bit of adhesive covering part of the selfie camera, but otherwise it's doing great. :)
Official hat of outdoorsy science guys:
this morning's meeting: interrobang, knuckle tats, carhartts hats. oh, and launching a site.
RT @RellyAB: Fuck flying or lasers. I want whatever power means Lycra will tuck under my girl norks and keep them supported like EVERY SUPER HEROINE EVER
RT @WorstMuse: For additional verisimilitude, make sure to list the brand and model of every item your characters encounter.
Who do I know locally (#Olympia) who is interested in joining a Dungeon World campaign starting in the next couple of weeks?
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