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RT @EmmetOC_: @saladinahmed Lando is totally a Smiths fan.
RT @saladinahmed: Bespin Knows I'm Miserable Now #rejectedstarwarstitles
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: The Grugq Center For Criminals Who Can't OpSec Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Security Stuff Good Too
RT @MammonMachine: Under Night In-Birth has an absurd name, but it is remarkably kind to beginners with the speed and style of airdash
RT @cityofolympia: It's awfully wet out there. IF it's safe to do so, you can help prevent flooding by raking the leaves from your storm drain #rakeadrain
site launch being overwhelmed by discussion of (someone else's!) pregnancy.
grump grump grump. sinuses, literally the worst. also rain. also time change. can't I just sit at home & knit & watch TV?
Oh, and then the pulled-back hair girls let their hair out and it's perfect-shampoo-wave hair! #Arrow
So far there are two kinds of girls on Arrow: skinny with the pulled-back hair, and slightly less skinny with the shampoo-wave hair.
RT @nemorales: "The first rule of user research: never ask anyone what they want." - Erika Hall, Just Enough Research...
RT @revoltpuppy: Holy shit, let’s dance to the new Madeon track! ♫
RT @intercitytransi: It's time for qualifying non-profits & community orgs to apply for our Van Grant program. Aps Due 12/19. Details 31 drawings of Reddit movie title typos. really great drawings, and I kinda want to see some of these movies. :)
I don't do it as well as @MammonMachine does, but here's a #selfie4aevee. Happy birthday!
RT @saladinahmed: These berries are growing in our backyard. Does anyone know what they are?
RT @christinelove: HAPPY @MAMMONMACHINE DAY! Let's celebrate her birthday by sending her selfies making Aevee-face #selfie4aevee
RT @olyheather: "Who traps the trappers?" #possiblePETAad #dungeonworld
"This is a very unbearded table for Olympia"
druid sketch, while waiting for players. #dungeonWorld
RT @conradhackett: Where you can have a same-sex marriage ceremony while smoking marijuana
RT @mulegirl: T-shirts have been disrupted. We are post t-shirt. Embrace the new fashion of the sharing economy:
RT @notlikenormal: If I have this right, Oregon residents voted and they can now legally buy unlabeled-GMO marijuana.
RT @GeekyLyndsay: CREATURES OF THE SHADOWS. they are deer
RT @ashedryden: I’m striking out with venues for @alterconf Oakland in January. I’d really prefer to have it there vs SF. Suggestions? :(
RT @mallelis: where the DAR are all snarling steampunk villainesses and Ida B. Wells has like a...a magical printing press (this idea needs work)
RT @mallelis: idk I would definitely read a comic book series about turn-of-the-century activists like DuBois and Wells fighting the DAR
RT @OlyProjects: We have a new Featured Project on our Construction News page: 505 4th Avenue E. Isthmus Demolition.
RT @richdurham: Game Designers, find a rules editor that thinks like this:
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