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RT @deseraestage: The 'it gets better' sentiment isn't honest. I don't like it. It gets better and then it gets worse, better and worse. It's just life.
RT @PublicDomainRev: Elisabeth Gaskell's email inbox (based on her correspondence from 1854)
Or rather, "traditional skills".
In a conversation about ancestral skills: "The ancestral land of my people is New York City." (And also LA.)
For those of you who checked out PlaceCage & FillMurray, did you notice Steven SeGALLERY?
RT @usgsa: Want your own @ArrestedDev style stair car? We've got one for auction right now!
RT @TiredFairy: Even though I love my cats I feel no need to wear cat themed clothing. Everything is cat themed already, cos of shedding.
. @RepDennyHeck why? “@BlueDuPage 2 months ago House Democratic leadership voted AGAINST demilitarizing local police"
Video Killed Trust in Police Officers
RT @mrchrisadams: Two things I found today: Nicolas Cage placeholder images: Bill Murray also: You’re welcome!
Re last RT: kids have made an app to rate interactions with police officers. Comes out for iOS & Android this week.
my first perspective drawing!
RT @nytimes: Mapping the spread of surplus U.S. military gear to police
And that meeting basically yanked me out of my all day code-brain. Not quite sure how to get back in.
“@K_recs Helsing Junction Sleep Over starts [tonight]!”
This morning has had two massive reaffirmations about why this place is exactly where I need to be working. <3
RT @uncannyxbot: The X #3 | Jean takes a step further telling the truth about the briefcase. X watches from a castle draped in shadows and smiles in approval
RT @Willetton: We used a universal translator on birds and it turns out they’re all just constantly saying “I love to chirp”
RT @MammonMachine: Edge of Tomorrow is experiencing buyer's remorse with its title change yet still doesn't think All You Need Is Kill isn't the best name ever
RT @darrylayo: Remember the movie with the raccoon and the dumb tree? Anyway:
This weather: I need a sweater (etc) in the morning but not in the afternoon, so I've got 4 (plus a shawl) piled up in my office now. :\
RT @XFilesbutemoji: 👦no way am i coming back to the fbi! 👩we don't want you back 👦i won't do it! 👩you are literally banned 👦ALRIGHT I'LL COME BACK
RT @OliviaKelly_: "@emilymphocyte: i've waited my entire life to read this:" #wut
RT @WesleyLowery: my latest: MAJOR change in police tone as Cpt. Ron Johnson, a Ferguson native, takes command
RT @PolyLibrarian: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a giant spider.
RT @perpendicularme: Embrace imperfection and flexibility instead of being perfect.
RT @TPM: House Democrat unveils bill to demilitarize local police
RT @shelleypowers: Just a reminder, in _fairness_, it's the St. Louis CO PD featuring in news last few days related to protests, not Ferguson police
RT @BarbinMD: Missouri Governor announces St. Louis County Police to be relieved of their duties in Ferguson via @dailykos
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