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RT @karenmcgrane: “The things we use are so disgustingly terrible, there’s unending opportunity—We don’t need novelty, we need better.”
RT @fakebaldur: “The User Engagement Death Spiral”
RT @hellogeri: I'll be distributing them in a student project with links/credit to your name underneath. Think photos like this:
RT @hellogeri: Weird question: does anyone out there have any Instagrams of their bicycles? Does anyone mind taking some for me? I need 3 city bikes.
RT @gusandrews: Everyone! There's a shocking lack of Fred Schneider gifs on the Internet! Help preserve our greatest natural resource
Really?! These guys are punching each other with guns?!
Seriously, I'm using the memory of my cat's fur as calming technique right now. So sleek. So soft. So not this bus filled with loud people.
RT @atfmb: So... This just happened at work... #spellcheck
RT @GeekyLyndsay: A website is born full of cobwebs and you're just sweeping them out and sweeping them out until you find the website underneath
Waiting for a file to publish so I can see if this one line of changed code actually did anything. :\
RT @hnshah: This 1981 Computer Magazine Cover Explains Why We’re So Bad at Tech Predictions
RT @gusandrews: I'm looking for an intern 2 write/interview ppl on usability this summer Get 2 know the circumvention tech community!
RT @hellomaleka: Made a thing from my #BloodMoon lunar eclipse photos. What an incredible sight. #GoodNight #BloodMoonEclipse
RT @_yourDM: Here's a Tip: you do not want to drink that Potion of Falchion.
RT @steveburnett: Happy little numbers: a statistical analysis of Bob Ross’ paintings
RT @tackyspoons: Rick Steves is looking for an awesome social media coordinator!
Only problems: 1) now it's entirely the wrong season for this piece. 2) I don't have a meeting-friendly project ready to start!
Finished my "meeting project" just as the meeting was coming to an end. #knitting #winning
RT @gusandrews: .@mulegirl Oh MAN. We need to make Snopes an APP. And/or a plugin that detects classic spam/scam texts. Holy crap why isn't this a thing.
RT @theolympian: The YWCA’s Build Your Future camp exposes area girls to careers in technology:
RT @eaton: Great report from Pew about changing US demographics... with fantastic use of animated GIFs. No, really.
Watching the starlings (?) fly around the library roof. <3
Hugely enjoyed the first episode of "Rachel [@RaeBeta] & Miles X-Plain the X-Men" (using a snippet of the 90s cartoon theme: nice touch!)
RT @_firstworldcat: Scientific Americat. Now there's a publication worth reading... #IFLS
RT @besslovejoy: Today's the anniversary of that time New Yorkers ran all the doctors out of town. Best riot ever.
RT @kitchenmage: @epersonae Kobold Sad Noise is my Nordic Death Metal cover band name. D says it's the noise cat is making.
"Maybe you could use Ghost Sound to make a kobold sad noise..." #notesfromthegametable
"You know, those good-aligned things: donuts, hugs, friendship." #notesfromthegametable
RT @Stagedoor_Zadie: Photo: Medusa had been a shut-in for many years and had become something of a hoarder. Then one day a band...
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