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Scully Likes Science.
So very much wish I could take a full-time program.
Seen in the @EvergreenStCol catalog yesterday: Computer Applications for the Fiber Arts (!!!!!)
::sigh:: NOPE. #vaguetweet
"Your problem can be solved using recursion [in XSLT]." Oh great, now I have ∞ problems.
Also, I'm basically the worst at being a professional tweeter. (Filling in during a vacancy at work. Seriously, I'm the worst.)
I appear to be getting enough time in bed, and the cats are leaving me alone, but crappy dreams mean I feel as if I haven't slept at all.
RT @mallelis: Two Monks Invent Biblical Art |
This is the part where I'm not actually ready for anything. Any anything.
Oh, just a minor freakout. ::breathes::
RT @sblackmoore: With all the powers that Pokemon have to electrocute, burn, control, or hammer an opponent, how the fuck does anybody manage to catch one?
RT @MammonMachine: We're organizing a gender-swap this thursday, bring all your old and unwanted gender and we'll exchange it from this big gender pile
RT @saladinahmed: This is actually a serious question: Are there any dark fantasy/horror stories out there featuring Walt Disney as a character?
RT @cityofolympia: Lakefair brings fun and food, but also road closures and traffic revisions. Find them all here:
RT @BrianTMcClellan: The new Weird Al music video should be delightful to all writer types.
this week's @XPlaintheXmen band name, so far: Brooding in Hats. (also, so much giggling over Giant-Size Man-Thing #1.)
RT @_yourDM: Our fire mage just blew up a field of cows and then said he "didn't even like steak". What's wrong with you dude come on
Re LRT: "other harlots might be mistaken for goodwives, and so forth" O.o
RT @xPeregrine: RT @saladinahmed: From 1979's DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE, one of the most remarkable bits of RPG writing ever produced.
Keep getting this goddamn error message that makes no sense. AND has a grammar error. >:(
RT @WorstMuse: It's not too late for a summer crossover event.
People reviewing a print piece: "that guy, frowning" "oh, that's my BIL, he always looks like that"
RT @dancow: Declassified - and hilarious - complaints from the CIA’s cafeteria via @muckrock
RT @lukew: Designing for specific device models becomes overwhelming. Human ergonomics (like viewing distance) help simplify.
So there's that.
It was mostly about how he didn't know grandpa at all, really, and how they didn't get along.
Strangely, one of my strongest memories of my uncle is from a funeral; his dad's, where he gave the eulogy.
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