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Robert Scoble
My first interview with a Kodak Zi8: with @alanwarms of @appolicious -- I LOVE the Kodak. Far better than Flip!
Robert: what's the resolution of this video, 720p or 1080p ? It gets chopped. - Nir Ben Yona
I believe I've been shooting at 720p because well, the file sizes online get compressed anyway so no need to shoot higher resolution. Plus it means I can record more. - Robert Scoble
Thanks. I guess I should really get myself an Nvidia ION netbook ASAP ;) - Nir Ben Yona
The video looks great! I've been putting off my purchase of the Zi8 until Flip came out with a new camera, but they announce one today, and it doesn't have an image stabilizer. In my opinion, an image stabilizer is a minimum requirement for this type of camera. Maybe they'll come out with another one before Christmas, but I would rather not wait any longer. - Michael Fidler
external mic?!? - SimoTed
Michael: I'm thinking about getting the new Creative Vado, next month. I've been testing it for a while and received great results compared to the Flip. Never tried the Zi8 though. - Nir Ben Yona
How's the audio? Do you get a high pitched sound on yours? - Rodfather
I've been comparing all of them, but I should take a harder look at the Vado. It seems like the Kodak has the most features and quality in this category. It has a mic input, image stabilizer, 1080P, and the final result is excellent as you can see in Robert’s video. - Michael Fidler
ok then i need to ask u a question - i have been working forever putting this education program for the community and inner city kids and part of it I will be broadcasting to the class live from an expedition I chose so they can physically see what they had just learned......I am looking for a new video camera and I just want another digital - recommendations????? I saw a few that looked awesome but didnt know enough - Emy C McSweeney
Simone: no. I am JUST using the Kodak in my video there (the appolicious ones). - Robert Scoble
Emy, are you looking to buy a camera for live streaming? - Michael Fidler
Michael I Have the Vado. I like the Kodak better. Rodfather: the audio sounds fine to me. - Robert Scoble
It's still a tough call with these. The iPod will probably take over this space. Digicams still provide more value for the cash. The Panasonic ZS3 looks nice. Wide lens, 12x zoom, optical stabilizer, and 720p recording to AVC Lite. I guess it depends on much stuff you want in your pockets. - Rodfather
Yes I am.....suggestions??? Advice??? - Emy C McSweeney
Streaming live adds a lot to the cost. If you want to stream from almost anywhere, it's going to take a cell connection. The easiest way is probably an iPhone with or - Rodfather
Emy, if you want to live stream, then you don't want to look at these cameras. They're great for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo, but it still is not live. If you want to go live the Nokia Smart Phones, like the N95/96 are excellent choices. There are bunch of new one’s coming out with even higher resolutions, but you might not be able to wait that long. It gets more complicated if you want to use Digicams. It’s possible, but I don’t know if you want to go there. - Michael Fidler
I ordered the Zi8 a couple of days ago; it should be here today. I was surprised that you weren't using an external mic. I was stressing over which external mic I should get but the built-in mic sounds great! I can't wait to get mine! - William McCamment
i have zi6 - is the 8 much better? - Allen Stern
Steve Gillmor
I know I'll be there, NGL at 1pm. - Cliff Gerrish
See you there, gang! - Tom Milsom
Today? On Tuesday? Has it moved from Thursday? (per - Ken Sheppardson
Ken - we're doing NewsGang Live in a few minutes. Thursday is still Gillmor Gang - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ah. Got it. Missed the "News" part :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Echo. Fixed. - Ken Sheppardson
Weird hearing everybody at the same time again. - Ken Sheppardson
Nice for us all to be back! - Rob La Gesse
What a little cutie pie. - Amyloo
Great to hear these voices again. - Mike Doeff
Watching this live :) - Robert J Taylor
It feels just like 2008 except that Obama won! - Michael Pinto
Those of you on video - get your mouse cursor off your faces :) - Rob La Gesse
where is the video for Francine Hardaway - we need to see the dogs! - Michael Pinto
Is there a link to Tom's material? - Mike Doeff
Thanks Ken - Mike Doeff
brilliant and poignant tune - Eran Even-Kesef
The Internets Got Talent with Steve Gillmor - Dave Martin
Two fer Tuesday!! - Matt Terenzio
Excellent - Amyloo
claps - Mike Doeff
I just got home, anything happen? Too many interviews packed into today. - Robert Scoble
Unless Phil can sing his response I think it's unfair - Michael Pinto
robert they've just been getting started - Michael Pinto
Robert - You missed introductions and Tom's song. - Ken Sheppardson
All depends on your perspective Robert - Matt Terenzio
phil why are you opposed to a public option? - Eran Even-Kesef
@MichaelPinto - sounds like Phil's rapping his response :) - Robert J Taylor
I'll just listen in. - Robert Scoble
Intros - Steve, Michael Markman, Karoli, Francine Hardaway, Rob La Gesse, Tom Milsom and Phil Windley. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
where is loren feldman? - HansVanRock
loren was on last week - Michael Pinto
Loren has been on GillmorGang. That's Thursday. This is NewsGang - Ken Sheppardson
@Hans - tending to puppets? *shrug* - Robert J Taylor
well, then a loren puppet would be cool - HansVanRock
loren is deep into the study of his Shari Lewis videos - Dave Martin
@Hans - yep :) - Robert J Taylor
so what you are saying is that we need a public option, if medicare and medicaid needs to come into the debate - Eran Even-Kesef
it's not so much the republicans - but the lobbyists for the health insurance companies, keep in mind that many blue dog Dems are the problem - Michael Pinto
yes a few blue dogs and ALL republicans are opposed - Eran Even-Kesef
Failing the senate 60 they will be pushed into reconciliation - Dave Martin
Phil? Explain, specifically, why you feel a free market is so essential for our HEALTH? We discuss this like there's some mystery about alternatives. Canada's system is less than perfect, but try finding an unhappy Canadian. You can't. Why is that? Why do THEY make it work, but we can't? Explain that to us. - Shoq
Rudy is just adding noise to the debate - Michael Pinto
jet plane overhead - Tina Chase Gillmor
as long as you dont need to use your plan in a serious way, you will remain happy with the plan - Eran Even-Kesef
The seniors are upset. They don't want cuts to Medicare. - Francine Hardaway
Phil is right in that Harry Reid hasn't done a good job of making thecase - Michael Pinto
I dont thinks cuts to medicare are seriously on the table, part of the death panel myth - Eran Even-Kesef
the longer the issue drags on the longer it looks like you don't know what you're doing - so it has hurt, look at the poll numbers - Michael Pinto
Without seniors there's no profit in the system, that's the dirty little secret. The system is built on the backs of those most in need. - Dave Martin
half white - Tina Chase Gillmor
Triggers are the mid-term cycle hedge - Dave Martin
Peter B Lewis's Progressive Insurance offers thousands of employees great plans for under $100 a month. Now why can HE do that, and not the rest of our employers? I don't know the answer, but I suspect it's because it's an HONEST insurance company working on volume, with constraints that prevent them from gambling with the pool of money. A public option can work the same way, and that's why the Insurance industry simply won't stand for a public option. Fairness is unfair competition to them. - Shoq
those 10 points are very real if you're running in 2010 - Michael Pinto
Triggers are bullshit. Before a trigger could ever kick in, they'd change the rules. It just plays into the industry's hegemony over the process. - Shoq
we lost Markman...trying to get him back - Tina Chase Gillmor
Steve, It's a moral issue - Dave Martin
5 jets in five minutes - Tina Chase Gillmor
How can @kr8tr think they'll be happy with anything less than a total takeover of the whole healthcare system? ;-) - Robert J Taylor
Karoli - you're unmuted again - Tina Chase Gillmor
Why can't we address the people in need through our existing Social Security system? If you are in need of healthcare, apply for it through social security. We can put into place some income guidelines, etc. pretty easily. - Stephen M. Otto
Phil. Republicans have been saying that for 60 years - Shoq
"dealing with the people who most need it" would just mean dumping more money into SS and Medicaid, no? Or are we talking about some new benefits program? If the problem is systemic, you can't just treat a symptom. - Ken Sheppardson
there's not universal support for that from health insurance companies - Michael Pinto
Health insurance is NOT Healthcare. - Shoq
You guys are so last year. Mark Foley just got his own radio show :) - Shoq
Having not read the entire blondetwit post, I'll just point out that I've always thought "health insurance for pre-existing conditions" is sort of an oxymoron. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: I am confident that the other issues can be addressed by removing gov restrictions from insurance...let insurance be offered across state boundaries, increase competition. If you find yourself without the ability to get coverage due to a pre-existing condition, this could also be addressed by applying for coverage through this suggested extension of social security. Also: tort reform. - Stephen M. Otto
Getting a show means very little, the ball game is attracting, sustaining a competitive audience; stay tuned ;-) - Dave Martin
Rob La Gasse, has the most reasonable argument, dealing with those who are currently uninsured should be the first priority - Eran Even-Kesef
Stephen: I was just addressing Rob's comment that we just deal with the folks who most need it and not try to fix it all at the same time. The fundamental problem, BTW is we have lots of problems that can't be solved in 4 to 8 years. Our system is unable to deal with stuff that requires consistent objectives and approaches over a longer period. - Ken Sheppardson
tort reform would prove to be a third-rail issue for the dems in the mid-terms - Dave Martin
Cost controls are simply bullshit. They've talked about cost controls for 40 years. Medicare has NO ABILITY TO NEGOTIATE PRICES. WTF are you talking about? - Shoq
Eran: we have an infrastructure in place for this. It's called Social Security, complete with Administrative Law Judges, case workers, etc. - Stephen M. Otto
People want access to the current healthcare our country has today...we've got to be careful that we don't change the quality of care while providing access... - Robert J Taylor
Dave. more bullshit from the past. Medical malpractice is not even 1% of medical costs. That's anoteher lie to give the right more favors for OTHER business - Shoq
Eran - and we have borrowed heavily against it. - Rob La Gesse
Shoq: how can you quantify defensive medicine? - Stephen M. Otto
So when can I listen to this? Let me guess, video only? I wonder if a bootleg will show up… - Christian Burns from iPhone
Robert. our quality of care is not good compared to many other countries. We provide quality specialty care and suboptimal primary care and care for chronic disease. - Francine Hardaway
Shoq - you're looking at it from a med costs pov when it's really important b/c it harms providers by reaching prohibitive levels of staying in business - ask any physician - Dave Martin
The answer to defensive medicine is not to suddenly remove any remaining safeguards thee are. The vast majority of doctors are never sued. This is another distraction. Defensive medicine is just the latest rhetoric used by the AMA to dazzle the nation with bullshit. - Shoq
Beautiful song, there is hope in the air! - Eran Even-Kesef
You mean the physicians who own most of the MRI facilities in DC? When you have conflicts like that, you dont' deserve to be at the table. The entire system is bass akwards. It's not about health care. It's about profit-care - Shoq
I second the motion - Eran Even-Kesef
We talk about thisproblem as if the problem has no solution. We are the ONLY major nation without one, and its' simply absurd. - Shoq
Shoq: You are right we are the only industrialized nation with out one, but we have a history of doing things differently, not always the best way. - Eran Even-Kesef
thanks to everyone! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Shoq, yeah it's a damn shame we can't come up with a way to totally mess over all the shareholders of those profitable companies, esp those stupid investors that are on fixed incomes depending on distributions. - Dave Martin
Eran, and that history is coming up pretty short. It's time to find another way. Because as steve points out, we can't afford this. - Shoq
These shareholders were oblivious for years, allowing their boards to run us into the ground. At this point, it's just one more bubble to burst, as this country escapes the mass delusions of the past 30 years. You cannot run a nation out of balance, where most of the wealth and justice trickles up to the top, and only the shit trickles down. It cannot continue like this, and no 9th... more... - Shoq
I agree and I argue that the only solution is a universal healthcare model, unfortunatly, to many of us are blind, miss-informed and just plain greedy. Therefore a gradual approach that Rob suggested seems to be the only practical alternative. - Eran Even-Kesef
By the way we have a simlair situation in our education system, where there is a 50% dropout rate in the urban areas, this is can also be directly corelated to the healthcare system, and for that matter an example of our parallel tiered societies. Gosh I am sounding very radical, even though I am not. - Eran Even-Kesef
what Shoq said. - Michael Markman
While we are fixing/rebooting/rethinking things, might as well throw down on education and the justice/penal systems - Dave Martin
Dave-I agree with you, there is much that needs fixing - Eran Even-Kesef
Getting meta here...this was a good show with good discussion -- good conversation in the chat, too. NOT typical for on-line politically-charged forums! - Robert J Taylor
Hey everyone, next time I'll figure out how to comment and be on the show at the same time. My little muddled head couldn't multitask today, but I had a great time and really enjoyed the back and forth. I'd like to give Phil Windley huge kudos for having a great counterpoint and reasonable approach. thanks to all who listened, too. - Karoli
I agree with Karoli. Reasonable, sane Republicans seem to be an endangered species. I'm sorry my contributions were so sparse. Tech problems on my end kept punting me from the call. - Michael Markman
Tom Milsom (@hexachordal) has posted lyrics to the healthcare song he sang on newsgang live earlier today. Says if there's demand, he'll post a recording, too. - Michael Markman
Michael, I would LOVE a recording. That thing would be completely viral. Does he have a FB fan page? - Karoli
we'll rerun at 1PM Pacific tomorrow. - Steve Gillmor
Thank you for rerunning. - Hilary Talbot
Not just for me (but I'll admit my motivation is because I can't see it), you might want to think about varying the time of the re-run, or adding more so they're not all at the same time on weekworkdays. If possible. - Amyloo
I agree with Amyloo. Also, now that the show has an international panel, ythere's even more reason to provide reruns that play in a variety of time-slots. - Michael Markman
NewsGang Live now replaying at - Cliff Gerrish
cool show, thanks! - Hilary Talbot
re incremental reform, sometimes it just doesn't work. I'm thinking of decimal conversion. - Hilary Talbot
Hilary, I just wrote a post about how I think the best way to transition to single payer should go...on a state by state basis. - Karoli
Thanks, Karoli, it's a good post. I can see state-by-state might be the most workable approach in such a ferociously complicated issue. It's easy for outsiders like me to forget how much independence exists in your state federal relationships. - Hilary Talbot
Sad that I can't see this show. Wish I could. - Christian Burns from iPhone
Anyone have a recording of this? - Michael Breslin
Rob La Gesse
Gillmor Gang - 27AUG09
OK, comments for todays "show of silence" belong here :) - Rob La Gesse
better call "The Tech Guy" - HansVanRock
none of that. - Amyloo
it was a pofound session, one for the history books - Eran Even-Kesef
Though there is no show yet, the real-time web is still allowing for conversation...kinda a case study unto itself - Robert J Taylor
*** POST-SHOW UPDATE *** README *** If you're coming to this late and just starting to read through the thread, I'm updating this old comment a couple hours after the show was scheduled... The show didn't happen due to technical difficulties. You didn't miss anything. Well... you missed the conversation here on FF as we killed some time, but you didn't miss the show, per se. Stay tuned to the RealTime Network room for (re)scheduling updates. - Ken Sheppardson
Question about the #gillmorgang tag: does this apply to Twitter, Friendfeed, or both? - Vezquex
Re: the hashtag - anywhere social media is found - soon we'll pull in from about any feed. - Rob La Gesse
Hans: oh yeah that would go over well, need to credit Francine @hardaway with saying "Call Leo" first :) - David Stratton
thx - Web Pixie
awkward pauses are part of the fun #gillmorgang - Brian Hendrickson
Brian that's hilarious! - Francine Hardaway
Embrace the silence - Mike Doeff
this is simply the most fun we've ever had here on the #gillmorgang - Brian Hendrickson
I'll let you all cover the hash tag thing; I'm quite inexperienced with it. As for the delay, it adds to the legend and the charm of the GG we already know and love. - Aron Michalski
I hope nobody's surprised that the folks in the "RealTime Network" room are somewhat impatient, eh? - Ken Sheppardson
is there any hope we'll see the rising of the phoenix before it's over or will we need to wait until next week? - Marko
we're using this time to calibrate the bandwidth use ans scale the back end infrastructure to assess the potential for maximizing global and regional impact on a wide variety of social metrics. - Rob La Gesse
KShep has a sense of humor - Francine Hardaway
Dogs have given up and gone down for their naps:-) - Francine Hardaway
You don't really have to use layman's terms with us... we're part of the advanced guarde...or something... - Aron Michalski
Actually, we are looking for a lost 5 1/4 inch floppy that runs everything. - Rob La Gesse
I'm playing the Calliflower hold music on a loop here just for old time's sake. - Ken Sheppardson
I have the floppy here somewhere in a file. Or is it in Phoenix in a file? Just hang on, Rob, I will find it:-) - Francine Hardaway
I'm home but usually I listen to the Lodgenet theme in order to feel like I'm in a poorly cleaned hotel room... - Aron Michalski
This is more of Steve Gillmor's brilliant modern-day Dada, isn't it - Kevin Marks
lol ken. hum a few bars - Amyloo
The absence of show is the show. - Ken Sheppardson
I think Steve is waiting for RSS to die before starting the show - Michael Pinto
The data collected from the waiting for the show is more important than the lack of topic. - Aron Michalski
Friendfeed frame is cumbersome. I know I can go directly to friendfeed in another window but. . . - Matt Terenzio
looks like I'll have to leave work in the middle, at this point. I don't suppose you can stream usteam on the iphone? - Amyloo
Matt - welcome! @Amyloo - there is a ustream iPhone app! - Rob La Gesse
hmmmm! thx - Amyloo
-amyloo There is an app for that. (really there is, go download uStream) - Jerry Schuman
Glad to see I haven't missed anything Rob. Actually I take that back, but I'm glad to be here. - Matt Terenzio
Steve - how about you just turn the cameras and mics on and let us watch you try to fix it? That might be fun in and of itself! - Rob La Gesse
guess I'll bide my time with a round of "Launching Sheep" - Jerry Schuman
maybe try resetting the PRAM cmd-opt-p-r wait for 2 long tones - Brian Hendrickson
Is there some sort of scheduling window that closes at some point, or are we just sitting on the proverbial tarmac? - Ken Sheppardson
Nice one Ken - Matt Terenzio
The Tarmacians, that's us. - Amyloo
If this was like VirginAmerica they'd start handing out free booze. - Jerry Schuman
track [podcast][next] Gillmor Gang - Matt Terenzio
i'm using this time to scan the building43 page searching for secret messages and shaking the screen 3 times to see if scoble pops up. - michael sean wright
Ken - you are not allowed to leave the plane until the flight crew says you can. Sorry - we are out of food and beverages, and both bathrooms are fouled. Thanks for flying Gillmor Airlines. - Rob La Gesse
bummer, my advance math and strategic lunch and meeting planning all so I could listen before driving home (EST) tossed out the window :( hope you allow these to be recorded this time around Steve - David Stratton
In a few months we'd be able to pass the time poking each other. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: I think this is an American Airlines flight out of DFW and we're stuck on the plane waiting for the T-storm to pass. :) - Robert J Taylor
Virgin Air just announced that they're in the red...maybe good not to follow that model :) - Karoli
Rob: lol - David Stratton
so can someone in the know tease us and tell us who the guests will be? - Michael Pinto
Karoli: does that mean fewer photos of parasailing with supermodels? - Robert J Taylor
Earlier I heard Andrew Keen and Loren Feldman talking to each other about who could and couldn't hear each other. - Ken Sheppardson
Michael - WE are the guests, and THIS is the show! We've been "Gillmor'd" - Rob La Gesse
Gillmor Gang has always been a money-maker. . .for the listeners - Matt Terenzio
Rob I would have dressed better if I knew I was a guest! - Michael Pinto
Truly VRM - Matt Terenzio
GRM - Gang Relationship Management - Matt Terenzio
If we are the guests which one of us gets to yell screw you, and storm off? - Aaron Dyer
Do those two cancel each other out? They may be out of phase with one another... - Aron Michalski
Lately when I'm commenting on more chat-link threads like this I think I should create a different FriendFeed account specifically for this sort of conversation, distinct from the "normal" stuff. Whadya think, gang? - Ken Sheppardson
Good to "see" you all again. - Francine Hardaway
Good to see you francine! - Michael Pinto
Let's feed Francine's bedroom in or something.. . - Matt Terenzio
Ken - or have a checkbox for "chatting in thread, don't spam history, Twitter, FB, etc." - Robert J Taylor
someone ping me when real time starts. back to work time for me. - Karoli
Technical issues have us delayed. We'lllet you know when we relaunch via Twitter and here. Pleasestand by - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina let Steve know that we love the show, tech glitches and all and wouldn't have it any other way - Michael Pinto
Tina - I won't let them go anywhere. I battened the hatches. :) - Rob La Gesse
to me it kinda defeats the goal, the filters should handle that type of work on the receiving end - David Stratton
Is the show still running? I can't find it, though I've found the building 43 page. - Hilary Talbot
Yikes. I just passed through 8,000 comments a minute ago. - Ken Sheppardson
8080 is a big one too Shep - Matt Terenzio
Hilary: You haven't missed anything. They've had some technical difficulties that have delayed the show. - Ken Sheppardson
@Hilary - the show hasn't started. We are waiting for de-icing, or something. - Rob La Gesse
I would like to know if recordings will exist? so if I want I can drive home and catch the show later - David Stratton
Oh, thanks Ken and Rob! - Hilary Talbot
thank god for cabonite.. it just saved my budget spreadsheet - first time i have done a restore - Aaron Dyer
Given that the realtime feed is an embed of a ustream broadcast, I'd sure think you'd be able to just watch the ustream video later. - Ken Sheppardson
I think there is usually a re4cord of the show with Ustream, no Jerry? - Matt Terenzio
Being stuck on the tarmac is better than circling in a holding pattern with the "fasten seat belts" sign on. That reminds me...I'll brb - Robert J Taylor
Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for Steve to come! - Michael Pinto
hi hil! hi hil! hi hil! hi hil! hi hil! hi hil! hi hil! hi hil! - Amyloo
I'm handing out virtual peanuts. - Rob La Gesse
It amazes me that something as old as the shoe is still undergoing rapid innovation - Matt Terenzio
I think ustream only lets publishers record and that is not automatic, they need to click it them make it available, my guess is many have learned and ready to record the bootlegs, but I would rather see an official copy, like many I don't always understand SG - David Stratton
Matt if you think shoe innovation is interesting, you'd probably like that steam engine story from yesterday :-) - Brian Hendrickson
oh shit. iphone ustream app needs wifi. no live for amy. see you all on the recorded side. - Amyloo
Could we get Jason C to record the show and then distribute it without permission? - Michael Pinto
Rob AWS trying to be more enterprise friendly, though I doubt I could have the SLA modification conversation with them - David Stratton
Well Brian I just looked at a new pair of mine and they are typical leather loafers but the soles are Nike Air. Man. - Matt Terenzio
it's just terribly charming how #gillmorgang features these technically inspired interludes - Brian Hendrickson
David - they need to get more USER friendly first, I think. - Rob La Gesse
I hear Nike's cost less than $5 to make and ship here the rest is marketing - David Stratton
This would be great marketing except we are all die-hard listeners already - Matt Terenzio
I think steve is just waiting until there are 100 comments in the thread - you know - to determine if there is enough interest. - Rob La Gesse
Matt yes this would definitely be a great marketing idea - Brian Hendrickson
Rob - I agree, not everyone wants to build their empire via API or 3rd party management tools - David Stratton
@David - and most people like to call a human for help, in my experience. - Rob La Gesse
Matt: think of it, if there wasn't a glitch we'd all be waiting for one to occur and not give full attention. Brilliant strategy! - Robert J Taylor
:) The Rackspace Cloud is holding up well though! - Rob La Gesse
If this was a movie theater we could use this time to buy popcorn and soda while watching trailers - Michael Pinto
I saw a clip of the first episode of 60 minutes the other day - it was kinda like this, but with more static, and nobody else to keep you entertained :) - Rob La Gesse
Rob, you're a pretty good tap dancer. - Amyloo
I wish this window kept the most recent comments at the top, not the bottom. Hmmm - Rob La Gesse
if this was a movie theater my popcorn would have been empty before the trailers even start - HansVanRock
@Amy: you should have seen his dancing last night. He had a ball! - Robert J Taylor
Hey - a fire ant in your underpants will make ANYONE an "interesting" dancer! (Damn, that was painful!) - Rob La Gesse it's own window, that is - Ken Sheppardson
Ken - no - I am looking at the sidebar on - Rob La Gesse
well, see you guys. with any luck for me, and absolutely no luck for you and steve and tina, I'll be home and not miss much. - Amyloo
Ah... yeah, that's hard to follow. :-/ Not a function of building43, it's just that's an awkward embed widget, imho - Ken Sheppardson
Yeah, I know - I embedded it. Will see if they can make a change for me though (well, will see if they can make a change for @scobleizer) - Rob La Gesse
I wish there were a way to either predict or specify the "80de37d5" component of the item path, so one could programatically embed the individual item. - Ken Sheppardson
agree, ken. I ran into that when I was trying to use FF for blog comments. - Amyloo
hi Amy - good luck with the timing! - Hilary Talbot
wow, Apple approves Spotify app - David Stratton
You know, now that FriendFeed isn't independent, I'm going to openly say they were brilliant but left a lot of room for improvement. I'm pretty good at the web and I never figured out their @ system for instance. Was I supposed to read a manual for that? - Matt Terenzio
when it's transcribed to papyrus, I'm in. Later my dear friends. "I'm out to lunch". - Aron Michalski
Mashable says facebook 3.0 just got approval on the iphone - Aaron Dyer
OK, "wow, Apple approves Spotify app - " was the 100th comment - you can now start the show, Steve! - Rob La Gesse
Perhaps Steve is waiting on Apple to approve the start of the show? - Robert J Taylor
Maybe if we taunt Steve with comments that Pete Best was better than Ringo he'll come out and play? - Michael Pinto
Someone mentioned that Ringo was always the happy Beatle - well, duh! He was stoked just to be in the group at all! - Robert J Taylor
Rob - that's not Simon and Garfunkel, it's helmet head and frizzy top! Yoiks! - Robert J Taylor
Ringo was well known in England before the Beatles broke - Matt Terenzio
And he's better than most think (Ringo) - Matt Terenzio
Steve is more like Bob Dylan than Beatles. It's all about the vast library rather than individual masterpieces. - Matt Terenzio
Right - steve isn't a perfectionist - he is a practitioner. - Rob La Gesse
And some Bob Dylan sucks - Matt Terenzio
"Hello darkness, my old friend..." #gillmorgang #soundsofsilenceepisode - Robert J Taylor
Can we "paint this masterpiece" already - Matt Terenzio
"my words like silent raindrops fell..." as usual. - Aron Michalski from BuddyFeed
"people hearing without listening..." welcome to my world. :) - Karoli
"the streets of cobblestone" - Matt Terenzio
By the time Steve got to Woodstock, we were half in the bag - Matt Terenzio
It's like rain on your wedding day, it's 10,000 knives when you needed was a spoon - Michael Pinto
Steve had a run in with the Hell's Angels up in Woodstock from what I remember - Matt Terenzio
If Steve can remember woodstock then he wasn't really there - Michael Pinto
I don't think Steve meant Woodstock the concert, but the town - Matt Terenzio
I always assumed that story was "from back in the day" I don't recall him attaching a location except to say that it was at a bar or something - Michael Pinto
I keep going away and coming back, and nothing's changed. This is truly the still point in the turning world. - Francine Hardaway
Francine I was going to request a video of the dogs if steven can't make it! - Michael Pinto
I could be wrong Michael. Maybe we can clarify that on the next Gillmor Gang - Matt Terenzio
Great plug for the next show, Matt. Thanks! ;) - Robert J Taylor
Matt he always tells that story in passing, it's never the focus of the conversation I notice - Michael Pinto
Perhaps he doesn't remember the entire story? :) - Rob La Gesse
No it's always meant to make a broader point, funny - Matt Terenzio
well I was done with work 83 minutes ago, time to drive home. I know Steve will start soon as I unplug my network :) see you on the other side - David Stratton
I wish Twitter had an edit button like Friendfeed, but would that be good for preserving News as it is formed along a stream? - Matt Terenzio
We do't want people editing what was once the news - Matt Terenzio
Matt - it would be good for making me look less ignorant! Maybe edit for 30 seconds or something? - Rob La Gesse
I rarely edit my comments - Robert J Taylor
Yes, Rob that is what I was thinking - Matt Terenzio
OK, David's gone, Steve. You can start now. - Ken Sheppardson
Perhaps Steve is waiting for ALL of us to leave? Tricky guy, that Gillmor! - Rob La Gesse
It's like an auction that doesn't end until it goes X minutes without a bid.... - Ken Sheppardson
It's actually serious stuff. I give my reporters the ability to edit stories online but I implore them to indicate changes other than typos and such - Matt Terenzio
The show starts when we quit talking about it. Shhh... - Ken Sheppardson
We don't want news people (which is everybody) to edit history, right? - Matt Terenzio
Matt: first it's typos, then, before you know it, your reporters are working for the Ministry of Truth (minitrue)... - Robert J Taylor
Matt - I have some history I would LOVE to edit! - Rob La Gesse
Too bad we don't have RSS anymore so readers can just capture a snapshot of the original version... - Ken Sheppardson
Oh yea - Steve - RSS is dead, you can start the show! - Rob La Gesse
I wish you could edit this piece of history, Rob: ... #TMI! - Robert J Taylor
2 hours. starting to doubt this is gonna happen. - Vezquex
Raphael: THIS is the show today :) - Robert J Taylor
OK everyone - just talked to Steve. He wants you to know that the comment thread has kept the spirits up as he has been pulling out the rest of his hair - but for today we are pulling the show. Still some bugs to work out, but we know what they are. We'll leave this page and chat open, so feel free to pile on more lyrics or anecdotes! - Rob La Gesse
ha, "comment threat" - Vezquex
I have enjoyed moving in and out of the real time comment stream here. Steve always used to jump on me about trying to fill the silent spots on NGL. Now I know what he means. :) Hugs, Steve! - Karoli
why not just drag steve into this friend feed room? we're here for the man not the video! - Michael Pinto
He's still debugging - Rob La Gesse
I'm glad Rob wasn't streaming during his debugging episode last night. - Robert J Taylor
oh well! give my best to steve : ) - Michael Pinto
zzzzzZZZZZZZZZ (past midnight here) - HansVanRock
Bummer but now I might be able to make the first show. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
It was all a ploy just so Robert could make the show... that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. - Jerry Schuman
Wait! Am I late? Did I miss anything? - Frank Paynter
Love you, Steve and Tina. Have a drink on me:-) - Francine Hardaway
So did this show get recorded, or what? Link anyone? One of my best friends is a real-timer, but I swear, if "they" just keep assuming that I don't need time-shifting when I need it, well. There's just something wrong with that. EDIT: Wow, I had to do way too much reading to figure out that nothing actually happened today. Guess I'll stay tuned. - Kurtiss Hare
Rob La Gesse
I've got four monitors on one computer - all 24 inch widescreens. Nice.
ooooo! - Yuvi
i have 2x 24 inch wide screens works fine - but four hmmm mabye soon :-) - Sean Price
hope you are putting them to good use? you might want to like some more things on FF too ;), keep FF open on one and just like everything you see like @scobleizer does :) - Tweet Feeds
How are they arranged? - Vezquex
nan palmero
RT @rackspace: Last Friday's Rock, Paper, Scissor contest @Rackspace had a surprise entrant: a job candidate [vid]
RT @rackspace: Last Friday's Rock, Paper, Scissor contest @Rackspace had a surprise entrant: a job candidate [vid]
I posted this video, but am not the organizer of the event -- this is a genuine look within the "work hard, play hard" culture at Rackspace. I happened to capture this event -- with the cool twist -- on my iPhone. Great place to work, better people to know. - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
Not sure about my R/P/S prowess, but I challenge you all to ping pong. - Michelle
Scoble, Alex Scoble
You know, if politicians were thinking, they would open up the Cash for Clunkers program to anyone with a car older than 5 years. Give them the money if they buy a car that gets 50% or better gas mileage than the trade-in vehicle. If the goal is to get less efficient vehicles off the road, why not do it real?
There's that word again: "thinking". - Steven Perez
Yeah, oops, my bad. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I was hoping since the first $1billion went so fast they would get a little more strict with the gas mileage improvement for the extension. Then again, how many people would be loud and angry about a change? A lot. - Heather
Should do a reverse auction for clunkers. That is, bid the mpg of the clunker you have. At the close of the auction, the government accepts bids starting at the lowest mpg and going up to higher mpg until they run out of money for that round. Make the rounds last say a month. - Daniel Dulitz
Altan Khendup
Finally completed my little machine-Core i7 950, 14Gb RAM, dual nvidias, 4 TB in case w/4TB attached. Ubuntu up! Time for bed!
Atul Arora
Robert Scoble
New blog post: you are SO unfollowed! I'll follow on FriendFeed anyone who comments here:
August 5, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
Follow me! - TheHenry
TheHenry: I already am! :-) - Robert Scoble
Please don't unfollow me!! :) - SKAgnozzo
oh yeah! I forgot! lol! #fail - TheHenry
Very interesting approach Robert. If it is working for you that is awesome though. Hope all is well. Give Roc a big hug for me. - C.C. Chapman
Not too much unfollowing please. - Tim
i'm in - Tai Hsia
Can you follow me? - Giorgio
ok I'll allow you - Derry O Donnell
What's going on here? - Andru Edwards
I think you're already following me Robert. - Andrew Leahey
well ok ) - Denverken
Lead, follow, or get out of the way. - Robert Kenney
[comments here] - Nick Humphries
I will comment here! :) - John Ptacek
Great blog appreciate all of your "likes" that I would not have noticed before. Thanks for all the time you spend educating us. - Gary Prechtel
"baby I'm a star" -Prince (off purple rain) - Michael J. Carrasquillo
auto-follow always seemed like a bad idea. people can always msg you but your stream will get totally cluttered if you dont do a little bit of housekeeping. - William Kapes
novel approach, seems sound - Danny Ayers
Okay, I'll bite.. - Tanya
I agree, Twitter is much better this way. - Ryan W
Bring it Scobleizer. - Todd Pringle
I appreciate your work, and your passion for social media. - Evan Travers
sounds simple... - Mateo Yadarola
Scoble follow me baby - Jadito
Oh you are getting quite a response here!!!! I'm commenting so you'll follow me but the thing is you're going to LIKE following me because you'll learn all about Sedona through tons of videos and you'll love it so much you'll want to pack your camera and head out here! =) - SedonaTV
Thanks for the mentions, Robert (and you know I'm not commenting just for the follow - I just like to follow you, which is what counts!) - Jesse Stay
Guess I might as well delete that overpriced twitter app I bought last week. - Shea from iPhone
hey follow me scoble - Andy Jenks
Actually Robert, now I've seen you've tidied up your twitter, I'll probably follow you there again too. :-) - Tim
joining the crowd - good move Robert. - Adam
Meh, who cares really, not like you read everyone you followed. Plus unfollowed you anyways, not like you have to say that's interestined except friendfeed spam. - Steve
follow me - Tai Hsia
welcome to Boulder - Andrew Hyde
@scobleizer just created the most important tech follow list on Twitter. - Christian Anderson
aww shucks, and here I was thinking it was just me who you unfollowed. - Jess Sloss
Scoble in Boulder = Trouble. - Jim Halligan @jim
I feel fortunate that you're still subbed to me on FF. I haven't even noticed whether you unfollowed me on Twitter. But you following me, still hasn't gotten me the chicks. :P Always fun seeing your posts, long as you don't block me, it doesn't matter if you follow me or not. :) - Arlan K.
I did the same thing some weeks ago after avoiding twitter because it got too noisy. It was instantly better. But in the mean time I started to use FF more and I like it better here so I hardly go near twitter now. - Murray Barton
You already follow me here on ff, which i use more than twitter. - dthree
Hey Robert, so for following >1,600 is it that right way taken by Philtro and Filttr? - Martin Adamek
Hey Robert - fight the tweetspam ! - Michael Neale
I'm still trying to figure out the following... so I'm watching how you do it scoble. - Matthew Schrock
Don't think you are following me on Twitter anymore..please do and best regards - Karma Martell
Good plan. I'm looking forward to your results. I'm trying to figure out all these social media elements. I would appreciate your Twitter follow. - David Stanley
hope this new approach works for you! - timepilot
Oh, so now you are only easy on FF. - James Watters
Odd internal response, I don't follow everyone who follows me cuz of the very noise you talk about. And, there's no good reason for you to follow me since I'm unlikely to deliver news of interest to you. And yet, here I am, posting on FriendFeed so you have the OPTION of following me, a stranger who is not the same kind of SMART as you. Who'd have thought... - Della Mauler
This seems like asking for trouble to me, Scoble. But, it's your time and bandwith to do with what you will. Since only a handful of people (by that I think I mean just one) follow me on Twitter, it's pretty easy for me to weed out the bots. The people I follow are my internet nerds (mostly the Rev 3 crew) so I know their interests are in line with mine. Hit me up for some edifying conversations about Lost and video games, Robert. - Jeremiah Green
Interesting statement about original content value of FF independent of twitter. Twitter is where you keep your noise level down... - James Watters
Here you go Robert! [also via twitter: @Scobleizer Therefore: only approx. 1.7 million "active" human @Twitter users contribute 50%+ of all activity, right? #engagement] Regards, @AAinslie - Alexander Ainslie
The green avatar is so disturbing mate. :) - Jordan Windebank
I'll lead, you follow. So where are we going? - Tom Sheppard
I was sad to see you unfollowed me, but now you may follow me again, so all will be well in the world. - Jodi
following the leader... - John Munro
You're still following me - does that mean I'm a smart feller? ;) - Brett Kelly
so glad I mail Robert a business card every month :) - Christian Anderson
Della: the thing is here I can follow you and put you into a list and watch you less frequently than some of my other people. So everyone wins. But only here on FriendFeed. :-) - Robert Scoble
Some of us have been doing this from our start. Kind of cool, eh? But our numbers don't grow quickly so we were tagged as "slow." Nice to see you catch up with us! Also, this may shock you, there sre folks who follow and communicate with only 3 folks on twitter and they are HAPPY! Imagine.... - lynda spangler
Yay. Now he will follow a librarian. - Joe
Follow this dot!!! . - Bwana ☠
Comment! - anna sauce
Good test, count me in... I don't follow tons of people, I follow a few prolific Scoble-types and the rest are more focused in areas I'm interested in. - David Ziembicki
I'm not following tons of people, just a select few. More to follow on FB when facebook has completely integrated Friendfeed-funcionality. ;-) - Wolfgang G. Wettach
I only follow people I know or have something interesting to say, did you really have 160000 people that said something worthwhile??? - Gerard van Schip
Well I commented via your Blog so instead of repeating myself I'll link to comment - Keith - @tsudo
Gerard: everyone says something worthwhile once in a while. The trick is to see it when it happens. Here on FriendFeed, by the way, you have a better shot because good stuff usually gets liked and commented on, so it pulls up higher into my view. - Robert Scoble
come join us here folks xxx - Mark
Okay. But will you read and comment on my stuff? - Melly
Robert, I posted this after Loic's decision and it looks like it will need another update. I think there is value in stating your follow policy. - Keith - @tsudo
cool - Zach Cheatham
Hello? - Vicky
following all the discussion of you unfollowing everyone on twitter has made me think about doing the same thing and starting fresh. - (jeff)isageek
not unless we beat you in the Ashes - Mark
Nice post Robert, and no surprise it's an improvement. ;o) I have seen it for me too. - Rob Sellen :o)
1 thing I find Robert still worth following @Scobleizer when I am not on friendfeed & on my Hootsuite or PeopleBrowsr. therefore not much affected, not much 2 bother me, ego not gone at all. luv your post Robert it is a frank posting - polou/indigo_bow
Follow me Robert, I promise I'm not annoying. :) @cluteman - Greg Clute from iPhone
Robert, thank you! I follow you and enjoy your "likes" and your energetic takes. I also enjoy your Building43 interviews! I am a constant FriendFeed user now. Thank you! - Tobin Truog
This made me realise I must be more active on FF and comment/post more :-). - Mats Pettersson
I think I'll give FriendFeed a go! Never tried it, but looks easy and I need to understand the interwebs better. @CodeSamurai_Com - CodeSamurai
butt-kissing is not a prerequisite for being followed, he will follow you anyways :D - Mark
Count me in! (Please??) - Ricky Maveety
lol @mark. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
You can follow me, but since you follow a lot of people, you probably can't pay attention to the stream of tweets. - Alex Knight
Alex..that's the WHOLE point he did this... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
IMHO 1,647 is still way too many people to follow. - Alex Knight
I will NOT get baited into ... ah CRAP. I follow very few people on twitter, mainly only to find info from Android developers (my topic of choice). If you mention anything about the food you are currently eating, etc.. you will probably not be followed. If you post 80,000 times a day, you will not be followed, since Twitters interface sucks (not so for FF). Also, no offense to other social users, but if you resend your FF/FB/<insert other social site here> entries to twitter, I probably won't follow. - Tim Hoeck Chris Pirillo is Scum. - Mark
good move IMO - Joanna Nicol
nice hanging out at with beach w/ you last week! follow moi!!! - Raina
I always feel like scoble's following me - Rodney J Woodruff from iPhone
Don't forget your Dunbar number, Scoble! There are only so many people you can have meaningfully connect with online. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Mark is right. No butt kissing. Ew. - Robert Scoble
"I always feel like, somebody's watching me..." - Wizetux
Comment!!!! Ohh wait but you already follow me... - Amit Nangare
Follow me, if you aren't already....please. Thanks, - Steve de Mena
here is my comment ZOL - Grim Reaper
Comment? What kind of coomment, Robert? :-) - Mitch Featherston
Whoop there it is! On Twitter @jimgoldstein - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
Oh..Oh... Mr. Kotter...Mr Kotter..follow me! - Scott Booher
Glad to see you're writing more than 140 characters on that blog. Doesn't that feel liberating? Maybe we should be allowed character# based on your metric for powerful/smart/newsmaker - Noah Bloom
You already follow me here on FF, for which I thank you. So, I'll just say thanks for the phone call the other day. :) - Jeff Harbert
I'll take a follow! - Jeff Weber
@shaunhess - Shaun Hess
Ok, so follow me again and I will follow you back. Thanks! - Audrey
Robert - I fail on most of your criteria so I'm not expecting you to follow me. The thing is I don't care if you follow me back - this is social media and everyone has their own choice. I choose to follow you because you entertain and inform me. The relationship is 100% one way and I am more than happy with that! - Pon
Robert - Last night at GDGT Party the person at the Blackberry booth said: 1) She had 'heard of Twitter, never friend feed' uses neither 2) Is SCOBLE is coming tonight 3) Wow, your Blackberry is really "archaic" and find out when contract lets you upgrade. F-D UP? Booth babes need primers. - Liza + = ?
Interesting theory... people who comment more apt to contribute? - Mark Philpot
I know someone else who tried this strategy last year, with similar results. I've been debating it. Once I got over 3K followers on Twitter life just got weird. Started to spend X amount of time every day blocking porn spam. - Patricia F. Anderson
Liza: yeah, sorry for not coming to the party. I went and saw Obama's CTO instead. - Robert Scoble
Steve Lynch: my Dunbar number is higher than yours is. :-) - Robert Scoble
What is the best friend feed aggregation strategy of non-friend streams (eg RSS, twitter, etc)? Imaginary friend per service, then add to lists? Multiple services per imaginary friend or 1 to 1? Or add the services to a group? What are the considerations? - John Brown
Keith: you can repost anywhere you like, thanks! - Robert Scoble
I'm in! - Craig Shipp
still wondering how you are able to handle such a big load of subscribers here and e.g. so many followers with twitter o_0. I am already (sometimes) lost with the few i got till now. Lately with one sweep almost 40 to 50 contacts in twitter disappeard and i have no clue why ... boah, how are you handling the noise? Hell, with so many ppl in, you might have a terrific noise? Or you wear just good headphones ;)? - Ronald
I very much agree that being choosy is the key to Twitter. I'm not nearly on the scale that you are, but in my experience, freely following people (whetther they follow me or not) and then mercilessly cutting back on them over and over again results in a kind of darwinianly better and better signal to noise ratio. - Tim Maly
Touche! - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Hi Robert - Randy Allen Bishop
Liked the blog post and totally agree. I've been meaning to do something similar. What I do is occasionally prune and then add some "better" replacements, so my total is always 2000 follows. - Bora Zivkovic
I don't see how anyone can manage so many users without groups. Then again, with groups you could just make an "ignore" group. - Oscar M. Cantu from iPhone
Great blog post. I totally agree on the noise level. I figure I have blocked a few hundred accounts on Twitter, and my noise level has dropped dramatically. Thanks for the follow! - Tony "Frosty" Welch
Hello Hello! - Sam Goldfield
Robert - I figured you were in DC from FF, but she had NO IDEA what a CTO is. Point is, she was eager to give you a Blackberry, but not me, and I wish I had a Scoble costume to pretend for 5 minutes. - Liza + = ?
@Robert I think you are starting another mass follow again. - Steve Chou from fftogo
Steve: that's not the problem. As long as spam doesn't enter the system I can deal. Keep in mind here I can choose how I follow. I can put you all in a folder that I never look at, if I wanted to. - Robert Scoble
I'm in! - Chris Rossini
Brian, yeah, but I follow you here. So there. - Robert Scoble
Autofollow was a horrible idea to begin with. - David Chieng
I kind of tired to keep an eye on who follows me now,the ones I'm following is much more important.:-) - Steve Chou from fftogo
Whoa lots of comments I'm following you longtime lol - Edgar Rodríguez from iPhone
Robert: we need more intelligent spam-follower-filtering on Twitter! We need to fix this. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
@David +1 I think auto follow is such a bad idea to begin with,and people like Robert now even need to pay to unfollow these people. - Steve Chou from IM
How much did SocialToo charge for running the unfollow script? - Shane
I'm in! - rich brant from iPhone
I heard its 25 dollars. - Steve Chou from IM
I've always been very picky in who I follow on twitter. I follow 40 people, and I can't guarantee that I see every single tweet. I don't scroll back usually, unless it's my "Real Life" column in Tweetdeck that couldn't fit on my screen. - Tom Ribbens
Thanks Steve! $25 is pretty reasonable. Wonder if anyone else will be jumping on the bandwagon - Shane
Thanks for your post. Last time I checked you follow me here on FriendFeed. OK not to follow me on Twitter. - Pilgrim Five
Smart way to clean house. - Jeremy Chone
Let's do it. - Kate
this is like an awesome commentfest - Edgar Rodríguez
You can follow me, but I never say anything. Oh.. wait.... - James Macgill
follow me! - Tate from BuddyFeed
Sometimes the tortoise beats the hare after all... building organically based on getting to know people and interactions tends to avoid the ghastly spammers, seo peeps and bots - Sally Church
Tap, tap... is this thing on? - Yanik Falardeau
This is the best place to follow you. On twitter you only see post headlines, but friendfeed is where the conversation takes place. - Michael Fidler
Ah crap. You're already following me :) - Jason Nunnelley
I'm outside your sphere, but bootstrapping is bootstrapping right? - Travis Bedard
Tuesday night for the first time in 2 months I UNfollowed everyone on Twitter who wasn't following me. Since you had UNfollowed me, yup I unfollowed you. My Twitter account is so /FUBARed! It only goes to page 506 to show who I'm following and after that it is BLANK! I don't even know if they show in my Home stream. So Robert, I value what you say. Know I can tweet profusely - but it's as @replies to others with the occasional micro-blog thrown in. Question, what DID I do to cause you to UNfollow me? - Arleen Boyd
I hope you'll follow me... - Shane Tilton
Follow me, eh? - Joey Gibson
Trying to fill out those dropped Twitter follows? - Jamie Elgie
Scoble: Have you convinced Guy Kawasaki against his "follow everyone that follows you" mentality? - Kevin Pruett
please do what you must to have the most effecient feed mr scoble, the random will still creep through the cracks, ;) - chaz2b
I still haven't really adopted FriendFeed, but I will get interesting here in time if you follow me. - Lance M. Brown
How are your cleanup efforts coming along? - Jennifer Ruggiero
Oops - I also meant to ask, Robert: how are you managing to follow the couple thousand that you are now re-following on Twitter? You must be using groups, I guess...any other methods? I find ~500 people to be a near max in terms of how many folks I can fully read. - Lance M. Brown
Following your inspiration, I unfollowed almost 100 people last night and blocked about 1000 spammers, cam girls, MLM marketers, and the like. Twitter is more like it was a year ago, its almost like I gave my Twitter account an enema and it worked. Thanks for the original idea. - Mark Edwards
Excellent! - Don Strickland
Robert, I started out only following those I know and those I am genuinely interested in. I've only followed back a few of the people who've followed me. I have a second account that I decided to experiment with. I followed about 700 people on there. It has had about double the followers of my main account consistently. I am about to try some new tricks there with an auto-follow script I'm writing but I think I will stay the course with my main account. - Paul The Raven
Robert, I tried the "follow everyone" (almost) method for a short time - then I'd unfollow about once-a-week. Now I try to schedule a "follow new" once a week. TweetDeck's group feature makes following lots of folks bearable. So does FF, but you've been saying that for-ever! - Kathy E Gill
Hey. - Kreg Steppe
I will follow you if you follow me (Genesis) - Keith Barrett
I may not be smart, but I'm smart enough to follow you! - John Pfaff
It occurred to me (and surely to someone before me), that different definitions of "following" might be a big factor here. If I'm following someone, it means I'm following along with their updates. But others might see themselves more as becoming part of a person's "following". Not that they are necessarily reading the person's stuff, but they are willing to be considered part of that person's inflated Twitter posse, as part of the influence-trading aspect of Twitter. - Lance M. Brown
I can't imagine how it would happen technologically, but it would be great if there was a way to ditch followers who weren't actually reading your tweets. - Lance M. Brown
Enjoyed recent posts and look forward to more from you! Keep it up. - One Degree Connected
I don't want to be left out please!! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
All right, I'll bite :) - although I'll say that I did the mass-unfollow-thing months ago - long before it was cool. - Justin from Nambu
Your most active followers are on FF. No loss.If you really wanted to make a bold statement you ought to have blocked all of your followers and started from scratch. - Benjamin Taylor
Been a while since I put you and Shel On the record...Online - Eric Schwartzman
blah. - imabonehead
Good article Robert. I honestly enjoyed the perspective. I found the same to be true, but on a much lower scale, of course ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
i'm in! - Criz
I don't get it - so now you are using Twitter kinda like a normal person, and its some kind of miracle that it works better? - Nick Lothian
I'm impressed you can keep up with 1600 people. I have trouble enough with the little amount I have. I did find that making FriendFeed imaginary friends and putting them in groups for those I'd like to read occasionally (but not on a regular basis) has helped a lot - Tamara, #TeamMarina about some promotion! - Bob DeMarco
i'm in - Joshua Smith from twhirl
9/11 Was an Inside Job - bill giltner
Stop it, or I will have to get a restraining order. - Sriks7
Hey, Robert! - Ronald S from iPhone
In my mind I'm important enough to follow ;-) - Jonathan Callahan
Hello Robert....Whatever your favorite genre is... - Michele Lorito-Chase
Looks like you have a lot of work to do following everybody. - Corbett Barr
now i'll have to write something interesting... - Robert Littlejohn
me! i offer nothing but the warm feeling of having accepted a ff reject. - Marco
ok. so how will you filter the noise now - Kfir Pravda
Ooo, I've won the lottery. You'll follow me now. Wheeee! (how do you have the time to go through all of the names by hand? VA assistance?) - Peggy Dolane
Interesting trend on twitter - I always wondered what sense it made to follow tens of thousands of people, too much noise. I'm finding it hard enough to follow 2900 (looking to cull even that down as I mostly tweet about 30 people!) - Tia Singh
211th comment: WTF - Geer
Good :) - ★ Soner Gönül
I like your ability to influence so many people. I'm following you (mostly here - on FriendFeed) because it's one of the ways to learn how you do it (but, please, do not follow me if you do not see anything you could learn from me :-). - Hanna Wiszniewska
why would you do that? - james
got to get a pic up so i can fit the criteria, I only follow 45 people and some of them are on thin ice ( Im lookin at you Scoble) - James Hunter
"Where in The Net is Robert San Diego?" (cit.) :-) - Luca Perugini from iPhone
I'm not kissing your arse,but i do learn a lot listening to you. - Paul Downing
@scobleizer why would you randomly follow people who comment in this post when you just got done knocking FFollo and having to unfollow a gazillion people on Twitter? - Bryan Zirkel
Bryan: because I'm following people one by one and putting them into lists on my screen. Autofollowing means you aren't doing ANY of that thinking. Also, autofollowing will get you spammers, if they ever show up (and they will). - Robert Scoble
If you follow me, great, but if you don't I'll understand. :) And I ought to do some pruning myself... - Grant Bierman
Let's give it a try. :0) - Tyoma Kazakov
I still don't understand how you want to follow someone who just writes a comment over here. Well, this is not the first time. I did not understand why and how you followed 100k people. I find it hard to properly follow 100 people. - Sumanth Kolar
Sumanth: obviously there are degrees of "following." When you read the New York Times, do you read the entire paper word for word? I don't. Same when I'm following. I only get random slices of some of my lists. Others, which have 500 people on them, get 100% read. - Robert Scoble
I'm still here . . . although tired after teaching all day. Louis Gray came to my PR class at SFSU and WOWED the 50 students [except for one who thinks we are making too much of social media] We won't be following him. - Shari Weiss
I like cheese! - Paul Puri
Shari: Louis wows me too. Glad to see the class is getting into it. - Robert Scoble
He he :) - Richard Holas
I still like the "stranger stream" of Twitter vs "friend feed" of other applications. I don't feel the need to read all tweets from everybody - and tools let me check my fave tweeples. I think mass unfollowing destroys some of the social contract - Robert you are lucky because you are well liked and can do some risky things but companies for example (not Brands of One) would be in... more... - Laurel Papworth
As @charleneli predicted back in January, 2009 will be the year of de-friending on social networks. It's here. - Mark Evans
Laurel: yeah, you have to navigate these waters carefully if you are representing a brand, that's for sure! - Robert Scoble
you can put me on your boring list... - Charles Tanton
i will not get followed back: not powerful, don't have a brand, not a news maker... but i kinda understand the reasons - Dani Martínez
I still think it all goes into how you use twitter. If your using it as a communication tool it depends on if you are looking for broadcast or 2 way. Its interesting to watch as some of the bigger names turn back from the broadcast and go back to the 2 way. - Luke Kilpatrick
@Robert so when you're taking in information from FF do you have a feed of several dozen/hundred "key" people and then categorize the rest, or are you mainly searching? Do you utilize groups at all or mainly just rely on what comes across your feeds? I guess I'm curious as to how you're using FF to collect information. - Bryan Zirkel
I have found Twitter becomes noise rather than a conversation once the following/follower thing gets over a certain mark. I think this is the dirty little secret of Twitter - if it just turns into white noise, rather than a filter, then it becomes less than useful. - Michael Liss
I'm interested in how we'll all feel over the next few years as social networks continue to change and more people and organizations get on them. Obviously, many of us are getting fed up with spammers and are unfollowing them on Twitter and Facebook. I am also having a hard time keeping up with new subscribers on FriendFeed because I know less about them from their profiles and have to... more... - Cathryn Hrudicka
BTW, I feel like I'm finding lots of interesting new people to follow from these discussions that Robert and others are holding on FF. Cool! - Cathryn Hrudicka
Am I too late to comment and get followed? - Hichame Assi
I'm definitely around :) - KyNam Doan
Aren't you following me already? If not, you should be! LoL - Thomas Ward
I'm definitely late to be followed. :D - Faraz Mullick
I don't get it but ok :) - Parvez Halim
LOL! I follow those I find interesting and which can give me useful information. And hope someone follows me for the same reasons. - Flavio
Very interesting post - I've always thought that you guys who follow loads of people must get completely swamped by noise! Like you, I've found it useful to follow companies I use that have interesting products like Zoho and Evernote as a way of keeping up to date with their latest innovations. Excellent idea spelling out your "follow criteria" - it needs to become standard etiquette for social networks so that people don't get offended when they aren't followed back :) . - David Meredith
aren't you doing the same thing here, that you did in Twitter? Choose carefully who you follow, filling your brain with pollution doesn't make you smarter - Allison
Just finished reading the Mashable post on your unfollow exercise. It's attracting attention from all the other big names now. - George Hall (Australia)
Very interesting indeed, I only to unfollow a few, cause I just never had auto follow on.. So now I just unfollow the ones I'm bored of.. - Jaap Willem
Seems like a good idea. Although Louis Gray also has a few valid points on his latest blog post why it might be a mistake - Silver Hage
I've never understood the auto-follow procedure on any social network. Even on Facebook, where it is obligatory, one can still lower the noise by simply hiding the updates of those who want to follow you, but perhaps also have little personal connection and therefore can be hidden. - Noah Gray
It seems like the unfollowing was the easy part. Choosing who to follow again must have been a chore. I think it is crucial in twitter (and FriendFeed for that matter) to have a clear out every six months or so otherwise you get bogged down in an information feed you don't really care about. - Chris Nixon
I can totally understand why you had to do this. I'm following 2700-ish folks on Twitter and I need 3 groups to manage it (using TweetDeck). I feel I am keeping up with most of my local community and the general tech community at large though I'm sure I'm still missing quite a bit of stuff from people who are not in the 3 groups. I also wonder how much more I can actually handle. - Ken Seto
OK, OK, changed my picture. Instead of a green clock (a clock is my personal brand) I put a picture of myself. A lot of people told me to do that.... - Bora Zivkovic
I am still looking for info on holographic technology being used for news delivery. Perhaps it's a technology that hasn't even been invented yet or is sitting on a shelf somewhere. What say you? - Denise
Hoping your new look account has had the desired effect. No need to follow me, I'm not the interesting type, I'll just be glad if your insights, links & content continues. Congrats & good luck - JanLawrence
Here's what's interesting, Robert, I've noticed an uptick in followers even if you reply or RT or like someone's tweet, not just if you follow that person. Then again, perhaps that's the intent - if you like or RT someone's idea, that's a kind of stamp of approval. - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Hej hej! - Peter
I did a purge on Facebook for the same reasons a few months ago. It's under 300 and it's people I actually care about. I've come "this close" to running a purge on Twitter but haven't yet. Maybe this will spark me to do it. I've kept FF tight from the beginning. - Rob Williams
moving from FB to FF ... fewer, longer, more meaningful threads. welcoming your follow. cheers - marc calamia
ok, you´re following me already :-) - Torsten Eckert
alright - follow me... - thx in advance Robert Scoble... - Nilesh
All that commenting in the past counts for nothing? - Kevin Gamble
Hey Robert... Great post... On FriendFeed, I increasingly put people without meaningful and valuable content on a separate feed that I rarely check... Its a more "sensible" way to unfollow, i think... I only unsubscribe if I get pissed at someone etc. I wish, FF gave users the option to only unsubscribe from comments and likes (but keep the main feed). This would be a good tool to control the noise... - Onur Kabadayi
I agree with Robert (duh!). I very briefly made the effort of checking out the new follows and deciding whether to follow back. I think once I hit a thousand I shifted to a model of occasionally saying, "If you want me to follow you, talk to me." Hit two thousand and quit saying anything or checking followers. I don't care if they follow me as long as they either say useful things like real people or don't talk at all. I've never autofollowed back. This strategy works for me. - Patricia F. Anderson
I have a large difference between people I follow (around 2000) and people who follow me (around 1800) - I choose people who are important sources of information. People choose me if they think I am an important source of information to them. I never thought it would have to be a one-to-one relationship as to who is useful to whom: some are informative, others are good listeners and learners. I learn from people I follow and I hope my followers learn from me. - Bora Zivkovic
I also think that those of us who follow larger numbers of people don't use the stream in the same way. It is more dipping in and out of the stream, trusting that the important stuff will be repeated enough to float to the top, engaging with conversations of the moment. I wrote a blogpost on this earlier this year: - Patricia F. Anderson
Someone told me twitter can be separated into two types. (id say at least two) - Kay Proskin
Scoble, I am beginning to think you are a cult leader :). Look at all these comments! I am using FF more and more these days... Useful for that's for sure. - Marc Ostrick
I'm not sure your following me. - Amit Morson
Hey Scobie :D Follow me ! - paniaguai
What the heck. Follow me if you like. I'll be as entertaining & informative as I can. - Aaron Schaub from iPod
Been considering doing the same. Your post just might be the flame that lights a fire you-know-where to get it done. - @katebuckjr
I only follow a few people and keep losing track so lord only knows how you managed to even begin to keep track of a conversation before friendfeed came along - Iain from BuddyFeed
Well done! Who need followers that aren't reading your tweets anyway. - Sean Rasmussen
I'm considering doing same once I'm more confident in my use of FriendFeed. I RT'd this and it resonated with at least one of my followers. - Tony Hollingsworth
'Hand-crafted personal network' is the meme of the moment, and whilst I can see the workmanship, where's the value going to be for you, Robert, in following this rag-tag (no offence people :) ) of folks from a gazillion different verticals. (OK, so they're mostly life scientists). - Andrew Spong
um..... - Spencer
My take: you can't be an authentic, credible voice to your community if you let 'sex & dollars' spammers hang on to your coattails. Spam followers matter.... in a bad way. Allowing them to be associated with you diminishes your potential value to genuine followers. It's a pain. It takes time. It's worth doing. More on this, if interested: - Andrew Spong
Hope to see more "old fashioned blogging", like it better than tweets. Tweets are bound to disappear into oblivion the moment they're posted. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
"Spam followers matter.... in a bad way." - I certainly agree with this. I block pornbots just as quickly as they follow me. I'm less vigilant about the commercial follows, but usually they go away by themselves after a while. - John Craft
You're already following me here (don't care about twitter tough), so i just hope you don't un-follow, even though you probably don't understand what i'm talking about most of the time, since it's in portuguese. - Diego Sana
So what happened to the advantages to following so many people you always talked about? - Bas
Thanks for connecting here, still learning all the advantages of FF - carece
@Andrew Regarding spam followers and the idea that allowing them to follow you somehow dilutes your credibility, I just have to disagree. To me that places the burden on the wrong person. I don't have time to waste pruning those who follow me, unless they are overtly annoying.My stream is public, they can follow me anyway. What matters to me is that the spammers leave me alone. If they don't, I block them. If they keep quiet, I don't care. - Patricia F. Anderson
What is important is not who follows me, but who *I* follow. - Patricia F. Anderson
Funny my twitter feed is much noisier but I have been very selective on who I follow. I have tried to make the feed relevant and actionable. At times I post things that seem out of the norm on my twitter feed but that is mainly for the few people who follow me that don't get it but I am trying to keep up their interest level. I also control who follows me, yes this breaks the model but I think the follow everyone model was broken and reckless - Richard Gallo
Am I interesting? Dunno. I'm often controversial, tho. ;) BTW, we met in person at a Pittsburgh Blogfest, but I really don't expect you to remember that. - Eric Williams
Enjoyed the post. I just started Twitter a few days ago to get away from Facebook. I like friendfeed the best - can't wait until it becomes more mainstream. - Robby Parker
Awesome move. Consider that my comment please :) - Charlotte Barker
friendfeed is definitively more evolved that Twitter. Conversely, user bases of Twitter is still its real (and unique) point of strenght... - Marco Castellani
Don't want you to follow me (unless you find my stream of interest) but it's quite interesting the number of people that comment to get you to follow! - Ben Drury
Hey Robert! So, I would like to talk to you about a social media company I'm working with right now. They launched a few months ago and their trajectory and momentum is pretty amazing. Oh, and I started unfollowing the noise in my Twitter after I commented on your blog post. - Gregg Le Blanc
Great ideas. I've been selective (though it fluctuates) about following people/accounts on Twitter since I joined about 2 years ago. I can't take too much noise. - Joe Lance from twhirl
I'm asking the same thing Bas asked... what about your video on the benefits of following so many people? I took a stab at that method of madness by starting to follow all kinds of people, and following anyone that followed me... but I always felt like I was missing good content from good people because of all the "spam". I started to use TweetDeck to create groups/columns for... more... - Timothy Federwitz
thanks - Keith
I like conversing with interesting people. Sometimes that means commenting to get followed, @cogiva. ;) - Eric Williams
Hi Scoble! - Pete Gilbert
I did almost the same thing - unfollowed about 1000 from my 1500, no attention is way better - Maarten den Braber
Couldn't agree more. It's about time we all grew up. BTW Don't follow me. :-) - Gee Ranasinha
Robert what's the deal with Twitter? - stockmanmarc
Your post makes good sense. I didn't auto-follow & still find folks to unfollow because their noise gets too loud. - Debra Ellis
Very clever. I imagine the signal to noise is sooooo much better. - Chris Brogan
I've been thinking about unfollowing a bunch twitter folks as well. I'll look at SocialToo again. My initial experience with SocialToo wasn't good. However, it was during their infancy. - Ron Hudson
I don't blame you at all. Leo was all over that yesterday. - Daniel B. Honigman
why would simply leaving a comment prompt you to follow me? - David Wescott
You're not going to change your mind and mass unfollow us are you? - walidmREALTOR
Sup! :-) - Jon Winters
I suspect it identifies you as a real person interested in dialog, David. - Eric Williams
Followers are currency and you have plenty to spend - Lee Odden
Bob, did you do anything on Twitter recently ? Did you massively refollow people ? Seems like you screwed up Twitter : down for a while... ;-) - Enikao
Follow me! @carloscomputers - carloscomputers
very cool timing with just before twitter goes down hard! well done Robert! @crbrowning - Colin
@davidorban - David Orban
I've followed you and have really enjoyed your posts. I think I would miss that - Tom
Good to hear that your experiment has stopped the spam @lindsaydavies - Lindsay Davies
ciao Robert! - FullSite
Your ego is amazing. You make it seem like it is a special deal to be followed by you. I'm glad there are many very bright, talented people here who follow others, regardless of class, education, social status and not based on some snobbish criteria. - RuthNH
DON'T follow me! I write in Italian :-) - Lorenzo Strambi
Here I be - Robert
Wow, this is a lot of comments. And kudos for following Followable people who have something interesting to contribute to your day. I'm glad you did it, because that means you'll find AND share more interesting things. This, in turn, makes you more followable too. Thanks for seeing the light, so to speak. - ax0n
You killed twitter. - Melissa Pierce
and now with twitter down, many will flock to here! - Mark V. Fusco
I love rob - Mark from iPhone
Did this take down Twitter this morning Robert? - frank barry
That must of taken a long time :-) I've always been a fan of twitter, but I must say they have struggled in the last few weeks. We are working with their API on a project and their seems to be an issue every other day that causes problems. Do they have what it takes? - Chris Nadeau
I follow under 200 people and it's great. I can't imagine 1k+ . I add about three or four a month. - Mike Janicke
I unfollow people when I find I ignore their tweets/updates. After reading your blog, I think we ALL need to be more judicious. - Janet Barker-Evans
Is this why Twitter is down? LOL! Can't check to see if you unfollowed me. Hope not. You, Shel Israel, and Jeremiah Owyang were some of the very first people I followed way back before Twitter even had 100,000 people on the service. -- It's been a fun ride but, of course, the spammers always show up to make things difficult. - Brenda Young
How do you really know if you should be following someone until you follow them for a while? Sometimes I don't start talking to someone until I see a common interest, then I tweet back and we start talking, but that could be months later. I don't follow everyone back, but I follow back those that interact. I will unfollow once I see that won't happen, or I don't like their tweets. - Nadine Gilden
Twitter is victime of it own success, they have to re learn how to scal better, but more important they have to learn to share better. - abdellah
looks like you'll need to follow at least 343 people LOL - Shari Weiss
@Patricia I don't want potential followers to be put off by who is following me. I wouldn't want them to think I care more about have n+1 followers than I do about what they're going to see if they review who I've allowed to follow me. Not to cull spammers suggests I care more about my experience than theirs. To a great extent, the quality of their experience will determine the quality... more... - Andrew Spong
Friendfeed takes over for twitter finally? - Thomas Resing
1600 ... isn't that a big number too? It could be you'll think again before you follow every one here :) - Mario Gastaldi
Hi... do I get a follow? - Jason Mayoff
If you are already following me. Will you double follow me? :) - Brady
Hi Robert!! :) - Zaneology from Nambu
Still waiting for my Building 43 t-shirt. Not that I'm bitter or anything. ;-) - Donna Tuttle
Be sure to come by Dallas when you swing through Texas! - Zaneology from Nambu
Respect your opinion Robert but we'll have to agree to disagree. Yes I despise all the FakePornSpamBots who follow me. I block as many as I can, but can't keep up. Our views differ regarding what is important to SEE! I treasure home Home stream! I read it, refresh, read, refresh and in minutes I have the pulse of the world... at least MY world! EVERYONE has something of value to share at some point. If I UNfollow tens of thousands, I will miss so much worthy of consideration. - Arleen Boyd
Just another reason why it's good to diversify, I can still read your posts here. :) - Luis Sandoval
Cheers! - Jeff Wiant
Funny. I was catching up on news on Friendfeed for some odd reason. Great post; plenty for new and long-time users alike to consider there. - Alex Howard
I'm still waiting for the ultimate tool to manage my followings - I can only manage to keep up with about 1/3 of those following me. I'd love to see something that can tell me what friends of mine also follow those that I am or those that are following me. Maybe it's out there and I missed it? - TheDiva Rockin
Anyone interested in assessing the quality of their followers should check It's pretty chastening. I aim to improve on my C rating. is a fun, fast way of decoupling yourself from non-reciprocal followers. You can select individuals to purge, or flush 50 random non-reciprocal followers at a time. - Andrew Spong
Robert, your timing could not be better. ;-) - Dave Martin
Great post, with perfect timing! Dang it, Dave Martin just took it off my lips. - Vadim Lavrusik
I hereby rename this comment thread neoTwitter <waves at followers> - Andrew Spong
/me waves - Kevin Johnson from iPhone
Awww, you gotta admit, saturation, the level of influence that you have, because of your high follower, count, is a tool of mass destruction. Seriously, did you think if you recommend an online service that people would not try it out? Was this an asassination attempt - Peter Murphy
I'm glad i'm not the only one who misses /me actions from IRC, Kevin. ;) - Eric Williams
With today's Twitter outage your timing is pretty stinking good, Robert. :) - Chris Cree
Now to get the rest of the world to follow that same logic when it comes to follow/unfollow! I only started being more selective as Twitter (and everyone else) started getting aggressive with spammers or anyone that even remotely did a single spammy tweet. Now if only there were the same contact management tools available for the other social networks as with Twitter. No matter what though, I'll continue updating my status when I eat a peanut butter sandwich! (With Fluff of course!). - Paul Monaco
Twitter couldn't handle the mass unfollow load, blew up... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I've been followed by Robert Scoble :-) - David Finch
Follow iPolitics - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
Now I think that it is time to think about a way to make money using Twitter. - abdellah
@Mark, +1. When in doubt, the default delegation of blame goes to Robert. - Dave Martin
what is critical mass for twitter? Too few and nobody interacts, Too many and spam bots overwhelm, Is it 1K or 2K needed to get a real experience? - WarLord
Of course I thonk it is a different experience if you hand follow reading each bio from the beginning then these mass purges are unnecessary - WarLord
I thought you already followed me. lol - Duane @PreppyDude Myers
Not sure if you do, but here I am... - Aron Michalski
I am intrigued how RT addict will RT now?!! (ps: FF please don't post this to my twitter) - abdellah
I have been keeping my twitter account private a majority of the time lately b/c I am going through a divorce, but I really kinda like it. Have been reducing followers as well as the number I follow. - Jackson Miller
You should follow me here in FF and on Twitter too! - Karthi
hopefully most of us have proven our worth beyond commenting on this single thread - andy brudtkuhl
I like the way you operate, Scoble. Thanks in advance for the follow! - Dr. Frank Ramblings, Ph.D
Nice way of doing it... - Charles
No need to follow me unless you are actually going to engage in conversation with me. - Jeff Hurt
If you're already following and we comment, will you unfollow? *wink Hoping all is well your way! - Dayngr
4&5 are my favorite! Those are big reasons I decide to follow someone too. - Kelly Mitton
I'm lucky. Have never had Twitter spam. But then again I'm no Scoble either :) - Lori Reed
I am the peanut butter eating bot - Benjamin Spector
I'll add my name to the list. I came back to FF after the Twitter DoS outage. Maybe Scoble broke Twitter by all his unfollowing. He was the "glue" holding Twitter together. :-) - Tom Newman
Robert: Here's the bit you missed off the end of your title here: .... and put them in that group I don't read :-) - Jim Connolly
Great post. I'm sure that some people might say that this kind of mass unfollowing will hurt Twitter, but I think it's just the opposite. Users who are following people they have no interest in just to pad their own numbers are diminishing the meaning of "following." - Mark Denton
@Ulrichmargarita - Ulrichmargarita
I don't know how you ever did it the other way. I am not in the tech world near as much as I used to be, which wasn't a whole lot. I just followed some random people I saw on SMugMug-related people on here when I started. You were one of them. I had no idea who you were (and still don't :-), but you talked about Twitter a lot too, which got me on there as well. Both services have really... more... - James Schipper
Follow away! - Ferdinand Perez
ok 400 jackpot - abdellah
Quality over quantity in all things, including (perhaps especially) Twitter. Loved your friending methodology -- those are the same rules I've applied since being on Twitter. Posted them onto Posterous to share the love with credit to you: - Lori Laurent Smith
it's not about unfollowing, it's about filtering... - Barak Hachamov
I started out following everyone on Twitter.Then I got wise. When someone's stream becomes more noise than signal, that's when I consider unfollowing. I realize that threshhold is different for everyone, but I'll take "what I had for lunch" over a dozen bogus "marketing tips" any day. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
Well, I am trying to use FriendFeed more after watching Scoble's video on all those monitors he had up. I'm not a big consumer of information and don't own a TV but this online social stuff has been a perfect fit into my life because I can connect with people who are fountains of knowledge on a specific subject or are "human mashups". I like both! - Adria Richards
Why !? - Bertrand Soulier from iPhone
I've been reading al of this unfollow bits, and this point of yours: - Donna
Hey, I think that today you might make your point about FriendFeed being more interesting than Twitter. Hope you are well. Talked with @fransteps this morning and she is excited to work with you at Rackspace. - Kami Huyse
I've been reading all of this un-follow posts lately, and this point of yours in WHY you unfollowed: "#2 Because I personally care about everyone I am following their noise level is a LOT lower. ." Is exactly what I do. And now I am starting to understand Friendfeed more. and using posterous to do aggregate posts. So is this overload making more people sit up and think first? I think so. At least the intelligent ones. - Donna
I love you Scoble! ;) - Carol Levesque
with all due sycophantism :) - jeff hammond
This is a great move, Robert. It's also a lot more human...I was almost convinced that you were the only person who could actually drink from the fire hose without choking. - Steffan Antonas
That sounds fair. After this morning, I've renewed my love for FriendFeed and Tweetworks. Until the next DDos attacks, of course. I will miss the fake porn stars, but I did when I moved from L.A. - Scott Pierce
Steffan; I agree...there is no way anyone else could do what Robert S. does. It's good to see him become human. - Robert Jones
This has been my problem for about the past six months. I routinely go in and unfollow, get the noise level down to where I want it, and then end up following back a bunch of new people, some of whom I'm incredibly grateful to get to know. When I had track, it was a whole lot easier to manage the stream, but I suspect even that tool would now be out of hand. I have a set of rules for... more... - Karoli
hee hee. i am commenting not so much to beg your follow but what a clever pitch:) - Tresha Thorsen
Robert - I have not read all 416 comments so if this was asked and you answered forgive me. What was the all of a sudden revelation that caused you to reverse stance on Twitter Followers? - Jeff Vreeland
It's difficult to maintain and filter a list on all the social networking sites. I cannot even imagine maintaining the kinds of lists you must deal with, Robert. - Jeremy Brooks
Dude, you broke Twitter! When you unfollowed all of your 100,000 the other day you pulled the rug right out from under it, so it fell down and now it can't reach its beer. :-) - Robert Morrison
Actually I felt rather sad being fav'ed by you on FriendFeed then dumped.. But again. I get more from you from FriendFeed, so oh well, stop talking about Following and Get on more with Tech! :P - Du Senyao Peter
Me Me! lol! - MrBill
i like the idea of importing favorite tweets into friendfeed. i haven't used that favorite feature much because i haven't seen any real use in it. thanks! - Jonathan Blundell
When twitter is down I always wish I could tweet: checkout friendfeed. Nevertheless, how will following folk that leave a message here really improve the quality of your input? While I don't want to judge many of the fine folk on this thread, are they all that interesting? In other words, isn't this the start of the same problem you had on Twitter... - Jon Mountjoy
what like here? this is a comment :) - michelle harris
Well to bounce back on your Twitter is down comment I think it is time to watch this video again Hilarious! - 77Agency
Robert, I'm glad you decided to stop auto-follow (finally). :) - Veronica Sopher
I'm in - Jeroen Sangers from Nambu
works for mw - Brendan Jackson from twhirl
Robert, but why clutter your FriendFeed stream? This comment is not to get you to courtesy follow me on FriendFeed, think you've established you've changed your thinking. :) - L.P. NEENZ FALEAFINE
OK, I have enough people to follow so I will close the comments on this thread. Thank you everyone, I will try to get to everyone today. - Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble says they have better than Sharepoint 2010 today - says they have better than Sharepoint 2010 today
huh? and the only thing Sharepoint is good for is document management and making consulting firms lots of money. The Sharepoint team trys to push it as an actual app server type solution to actually be all your websites, this makes all the developers I know shudder and other depts at MS smirk. - adolfo foronda
We use SharePoint at my work. All I can say, the alternative for some time was Lotus Quickr. So at least we got the lesser of two evils. - Fleagle
Nice to learn about these services from people passionate about them. - Steve Farnworth
I think if people were using Sharepoint only for doc management and the likes, it definitely is too heavy to consider and there are better solutions out there. However, Sharepoint Services plays well into MSFT's Visual Studio Team System strategy as an over-arching dev collaboration platform - they leverage Sharepoint in VSTS pretty well. Sharepoint is used transparently and powerfully in that platform. Would I want to use Sharepoint outside of VSTS? I don't know. - The Fat Oracle
Their product may be better (I don't know if it is) but they lack an enterprise footprint, and enterprise reputation so the arguement pretty much doesn't matter. Yet. - Jeremiah Owyang
To those people who are calling Sharepoint a glorified document repository, I have to say (respectfully), you've never seen it used properly. Organisations that implement it straight out of the box, expecting to scratch their itch, get all that they deserve. I consulted at a UK bank that had a dedicated team in IT supporting the infrastructure and departmental content owners responsible... more... - Andrew Terry
SharePoint isn't just about the out of the box -experience, but customization through configuration and development is another part. As a developer on Microsoft-platforms, I'm not really impressed by the APIs and deployment experience in the 2007 -version (especially public web site), but I hope that has changed in 2010. - Jemm
The footprint of the SharePoint isn't really a problem for most enterprises anyway. It's normal to dedicate several servers around it, if necessary. For some small companies that -product could be a fine alternative, though. - Jemm is awesome! I use it regularly, there is also a product called DocHost at that is really great and works much more efficiently than Sharepoint - jamie swartz
Sascha Pallenberg
@techcrunch did it again.A netbook article full of spin,mistakes and bs talking - - i bet the crunchpad launches soon :)
Robert Scoble
Live with Jeff Pulver and Gary Vaynerchuk on Fox at join us now.
Love the building43 shirt.. you self promoting guru ;-) - Jerry Schuman
wow - that's a painful feedback humm coming from something - poke one of those highly paid broadcasting engineers to fix it :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
but yea, loving the Building43 shirt :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
The thing about the net on events like this, the news syndicates so quickly to other sites to help distribute the load. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
All I get is a black screen. :( - John Fox
Packets will flow on the net but access to sites will be greatly diminished. - Jerry Schuman
wait a second. i've gotta install some Fox News PLAYER to watch this? why? - Andy Sternberg
Correct, It's always about "your brand". - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Andy, the button to the right allows to watch in browser - Jerry Schuman
Andy - the button to the right opens in the browser window - so it's not MS Silverlight type of onerous - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Who is Fox using to stream? BitGravity? - Jerry Schuman
Don't worry.. you're not. ;-) - Jerry Schuman
So this guy on Fox is doing things that Leo has been doing for a year now - just goes to who Leo had the right idea and it's going mainstream - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Apple is very happy right now - Bryan R. Adams
Why the hell don't MSM sites like this show you how many viewers are on the stream? - Jerry Schuman
His point of paparrazi is good but I think it's a good thing - because now the paparrazi "elite" don't have the monopoly - so maybe things will calm down in that area - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I guess people can type on a soft keyboard ;-) - Jerry Schuman
Robert, what is the deal with the Apple earbuds underneath that gaming headset? - Jerry Schuman
What amazes me is, why did the Net react to this like it was 9/11. Again no disrespect to MJ, but was this new *that big* to need such an instant real time response. I didn't think this news was any bigger that McMahon or Fawcett. I guess I just never understood the MJ hype after the 80s. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
jerry i am connected via two lines - Robert Scoble
cell phone for audio and skype for video (and for hearing everyone else) - Robert Scoble
manielse - it's because MJ is such a cross-cultural icon - even if you didn't like him as a person some part of his entertainment presence you've experienced. he was also someone who most of the adults now have grown up with. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Trusting AT&T for your audio to Fox is pretty risky ;-) - Jerry Schuman
I guess Mike, just didn't connect that much to me. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
manielse - nor with me to be honest - but you should see the reaction my wife and her friends are having. so even then it's impacting me - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
How long till police and dispatch scanners are attached to Twitter? - Jerry Schuman
Jerry: in LA the fire department already is. - Robert Scoble
Yeah.. I have LAFD... just not realtime - Jerry Schuman
Jerry - it's already being done by the same folks who monitor ham radio sites for emergency info - they are doing it currently on IRC in realtime during emergencies so it's just a small technology step to wire that to Twitter/FriendFeed - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Free is only free in how you use it for monetary gain. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
You gotta let these guys try, I like seeing people try. - Colin
I'm working on that right now with OpenTV. Realtime aggregated streams widgetized for tv - Jerry Schuman
Jerry - that's *hot* - would love to see a streaming tech that works for a wider audience - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Gary, call me back damnit. I've been trying to get you hooked up for the past month. - Jerry Schuman
thank you Gary! - Jerry Schuman
A FriendFeed mention! FTW! - Joey Gibson
Why don't they show us how many people on the stream? - Jerry Schuman
the same work that it took to build the highways and the telephone system - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
So glad that Jeff Pulver is moving forward again - Now Media - I love it - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
So glad we didn't coin it as Media 2.0.... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Agreed, Jeff is a great guy and has done quite a bit over the course of his career. - Jerry Schuman
this is where the new generation takes ownership of what GrassRoots is/are - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
How are you connected? If that is a Skype line it is amazingly clear! - Robyn Hawk
He is doing audio over his iPhone.. video is via Skype - Jerry Schuman
Robert great point about crowd interaction - Eran Even-Kesef
Robyn - he's using skype and only streaming video to get the most bang-for-the-buck - audio is via his cell phone - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
how is he doing audio via cell? - Tyler Gillies
No, it's a side interaction... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
the engineers at Fox have called him like a phone interview - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
GaryVee is all over it...Beware of the haters. Gary's transparency makes you unique. Social Media is all about marketing WITH consumers not TO consumers - Rafe Anderson
is his headset plugged into his cell? - Tyler Gillies
The thing that guy is missing is that we don't pick and choose...we do it all and find what works for us. Gary makes a fabulous point that now we are fighting among a much larger group and absolutely the best will win - Sheryl
if look close you will see the iPhone buds under the headset ear cups :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
1700 other wine shows.. Scoble are you fighting the same battle? - Rob
Well...if it's pertinent it's worthy - Sheryl
Rob: yes. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Mike - I can use all technical help available! ;D - Robyn Hawk
Rob: we are all fighting that battle. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
What is needed is what happens with Leo and Chris during their live sessions - they have to have community moderators to help manage the flow - crowdsourcing the info filters - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
trust networks.... that is the next big push - Jerry Schuman
Rob: I was here before Techcrunch. Now they have 14 employees. - Robert Scoble
Darnit why can't there be a comment box at the bottom??? LOL - Sheryl
conversation through reputation - Jerry Schuman
can you plug mic into iphone? - Tyler Gillies
Aggregation is the key - Kim Landwehr
Sheryl - click on the link that shows the date/time and open it in it's own tab - then the comment box moves to the bottom - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
is this the official interview thread? - Tyler Gillies
Have you guys talked about the Perez Hilton/Counterpoint yet? (And not that regular news doesn't make mistakes, but it seems like there is a middle ground here...) - Bill Grant
tyler: it's the only thread. :-) - Robert Scoble
robert: thanks - Tyler Gillies
Mike: Awesome! - Sheryl
this is hilarious because Robert is going to benefit from this from a Google index standpoint and not Fox. - Jerry Schuman
dang. i have to go to work in a few minutes. need flash for iphone :( - Tyler Gillies
sheryl - glad to help - it's the only way to follow a Scoble live event :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
You never know Scoble, a totally different live thread could be happening on Facebook... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Mike: No kidding. Now this is why I love this!!! Help on the fly! - Sheryl
manielse: if there were someone would have posted it here. - Robert Scoble
Don't say 'brand' too much around Gary, he'll have a seizure. - Mitch
FOX News? *BARF* ! - Michael Forian
FF has one major usability issue to fix, and that is the mystery that is clicking the date/time to get to the conversation... - Bill Grant
manielse - if there is a link cool - the internets are big enough for it :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Interesting coversation - Brett Kelly
The energy of social media is contagious. - Sheryl
@Robert excellent point... you gave me 20 minutes of your time @ 140conf and it made you even more credible in my mind - Stuart Tracte
Yes Yes Yes! When I talked about the struggle with my sons bone disorder, WHOA did I get some love and support. Jeff is right on them oney with that. - Sheryl
Bill - agreed - need to have "comment" box stay open at the bottom of feed - Robyn Hawk
legacy is better than currency - Tyler Gillies
@Robyn It works for me when I click that date/time but I wouldn't have known it until someone told me about it. - Bill Grant
Am I the only one a little disgruntled that this is on FOX News? Really? - Michael Forian
Yeah Robert likes his HD does Jeff. :) - Sheryl
Michael - I don't know about disgruntled - more like pleasantly surprised for me :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Michael: Maybe a little but I give them lots of cred that they are doing it! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Michael I think the point is that in todays world who cares where it comes from. It IS and that's all that matters. Plus...we're watching this on our PC's not the tv. - Sheryl
The advent of high quality, high value on the fly video production is coming... it is right around the corner. A software based, cloud based system is coming to fruition. - Jerry Schuman
Michael - it is the first time I have ever clicked their link - don't know if I am happy or not! - Robyn Hawk
@Ken I think that's a bit of the challenge... If one person said something false and 10,000 repeated it, a simple aggregator would have the inaccurate news at the top. Instead we need aggregation that understands context. Maybe the simplest is location-based. - Bill Grant
Sheryl this is the *only* time where I'm wishing I had a TV in my cave - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Thanks Bill - big difference! - Robyn Hawk
ken: good point. maybe scoble can interject something from the conversation to actually add to the conversation: for example: Hey Gary! Tyler Gillies says Hi from friendfeed land - Tyler Gillies
E.g. if 10 people in South Africa say US beat Brazil in the soccer finals that is probably more credible than 1000 people saying it fron NJ. :-) - Bill Grant
Mike LOL! Too funny. Well Sometimes, tbh, I plug my pc into my tv....but I'm content to watch on my laptop. - Sheryl
@Robyn You bet! - Bill Grant
@bill - yes, we will soon be seeing a trust/relation based aggregation toolset that allows us to rank info sources and they will bubble up - at least that's what I'm working on ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Bill, that isn't exactly correct... algorithms can address that specific problem set. - Jerry Schuman
Crap, did I miss Vaynerchuk shouting on Fox? - Mark
ken: yup - Robert Scoble
Ken: You bet Robert is. (see) LOL - Sheryl
Mike, didn't know you were a competitor ;-) - Jerry Schuman
Ken - agreed - like Wiki - a person to provide manual oversight! - Robyn Hawk
All these guys were at Jeff's 140 Conference in NYC last week - I was so honored to be a part of that behind the scenes - they were awesome! - GeekGirlCamp
@Mike, @Jerry -- Fair enough, I shouldn't have suggested it wasn't coming soon but obviously it isn't here yet - or pervasive - Bill Grant
I want to know how many freaking people are watching this stream. - Jerry Schuman
Jerry - I want to be a competitor - but right now i'm an open source dev doing this in my spare time - need help? :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Love the Twitter Trending Topics as Breaking News! ;D - Robyn Hawk
Mike... hit me up at some point. - Jerry Schuman
@geekgirlcamp I second that statement. I was working there too, and the level of honor I felt was unmatched - Stuart Tracte
Here is the link Jeff Pulver is talking about : - the videos are definitely worth watching! - GeekGirlCamp
Well, there's no way I'm going to be watching this any further. As much as I like Gary Vee and Scoble, FOX News is the US' most corrupt network (but not the only one). I think the majority of you guys listening to this conversation are thinking the same thing. - Michael Forian
I hate to say it but whenever the common non-geek listens to a sentence that has twitter, facebook, friendfeed all in the same sentence they roll their eyes. - Bill Grant
thanks for calling me a kid LOL - Jerry Schuman
jerry thought you would like that - Robert Scoble
I like of these apps are in neutral areas to hear 'many different views'. If Fox had own app, the views would be slanted to a conservative camp. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Ken: I hate Fox too. But Clayton is a good guy. - Robert Scoble
Bill: how true is that, right? I thought I was the only one to notice that. - John Fox
its 2009. everyone is a geek - Tyler Gillies
now we find the limits of mainstream media - it's the top of the hour and he has to get the channel - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
If you would have said the name my Amazon bill would have just gone through the roof ;-) - Jerry Schuman
@John yep, especially when twitter is mentioned. Most non-geeks can't even compute what FF is. - Bill Grant
Say what you will about Fox (I cant stand them either) yet, they are the only network having this discussion with people of this caliber - Stuart Tracte
Jerry: Gotta love self-promotion... in the digital age, there is no such thing as a shameless plug. :) - John Fox
Part of what is great is that it doesn't matter any more and we can pick and choose. Like Gary said...years ago there was only Walter Cronkite et al and we had limited choice. We can now watch Clayton and when he's done move on. Network is unimportant. - Sheryl
@Sheryl exactly right, content is kind, not the delivery mechanism - Bill Grant
Jeff... I definitely have to hook up for the LA #140conf - Jerry Schuman
kind=king - Bill Grant
Robert I should talk to Clayton....Right? ;-) - Sheryl
Ahhh - but Bill - with the help of folks like you - we are here!!!! total not tech Robyn! - Robyn Hawk
thanks guys.. great conversation. Really appreciate it. - Jerry Schuman
@Robyn Excellent! hopefully long-term it's all a blend - Bill Grant
EXCELLENT - Thanks! - Robyn Hawk
Sheryl: I'd be happy to connect you. - Robert Scoble
@Ken Agreed, as long as we can reasonably handle it all. Information overload is a real problem too. - Bill Grant
That was a fun show. Thanks for joining. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert - Bill Grant
Robert thanks! :) Great! I liked it a LOT! - Sheryl
love the afterparty - Tyler Gillies
@Michael, I stand corrected - Stuart Tracte
glad I caught this - now back to planning world dominiation! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
it's still on air...too funny! - Sheryl
Mike: have you been talking to my son??? - Sheryl
LOL we are seeing women "not being hit on" - Bill Grant
Mike, would love to hear what you're working on,... - Jerry Schuman
Stuart, it's ok ;) I just have a major hatred against the network. O'Reilly, Beck and Hannity are scum I just can't stand to deal with. - Michael Forian
Jerry - going to have some demos ready via Leo after I finish dealing with some real-life sad things with my father-in-law - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Mike, sorry to hear that... best wishes. - Jerry Schuman
@Michael, Beck scares me - Stuart Tracte
thanks Jerry - it's been, umm, different - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
anyone still watching? The racism is flowing - Stuart Tracte
looks like someone in the engineering room got smart and started the pre-roll stuff - before she said something really off :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
the women in the yellow jackets said "self hating color changing" and someone else said "Who, Obama?" - Stuart Tracte
Mike, interesting... XMPP guy. We definitely need to talk. So you work full time for Loic? - Jerry Schuman
Jerry - yes, XMPP, server tech, streaming, open-source - full time with Loic currently - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
We're you at BearHub? We might have met. I did meet Bear - Jerry Schuman
Mike you work with Leo? That's awesome! I got to go to his show when he filmed in Vancouver. :) He invited me and I said yes. Met Randal Schwartz there too. Fun times. - Sheryl
Jerry - yes, I was at BearHugCamp - so probably did meet - for some reason the folks at friendfeed wouldn't let me take over the "bear" name here even tho it's been idle forever - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Sheryl - i'm helping Leo with some server stuff and preparing a demo of a real-time moderated info stream - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I thought that was you. I was sitting in front row with Loic and you. I help produce Gillmor Gang and the old NewsGang Live show. - Jerry Schuman
I really enjoyed my time with him. Cool you get to do stuff like that. I miss his tv show...but then not really since I get him all the time! ha ha! - Sheryl
How is Leo's River coming? - Steve Hampton
yea, i recognized your nick Jerry - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Steve - I had to slow down due to my father-in-law's cancer - but it's moving slowly and picking up speed - have a friend helpingme with the project now - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Ken all in good time. :) - Sheryl
cool.. well I would really love to have a deeper conversation at some point about what I'm doing with We have an underlying XMPP layer that needs to be overhauled. It was based on work by a team at RedHat and is based on Openfire. - Jerry Schuman
Jerry - would love to talk XMPP tech - Openfire is good up to a point but doesn't cluster or scale - if I can't help I know quite a few of the XMPP dev core so can arrange to introduce you to folks who can - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Mike I'm really sorry to hear about your FIL. - Sheryl
Oh Geez now we get the 'technical' discussions. :) You guys are amazing. - Sheryl
Sheryl - thanks - it's something I don't wish anyone to have to deal with. But I think with the aging boomer generation I'm on the leading edge of a wave in that area - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
RedHat did a cluster for Openfire. I think its a little known extension and was wrapped in another RedHat product. - Jerry Schuman
Jerry - must not have been very widely released, but thankfully there are a couple new entries to the realm of clustering now for XMPP - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Mike I already went through it with in laws and my own parents. I'm an old duck too :-/ - Sheryl
Sheryl - its amazing how us old farts are making our presence known in the tech realm, once we fight off the young-tech bias that oozes from the west coast - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Ken - 56 is young - i'm currently 45 and amazed at how much is the same from when I started in computers - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I'll second that... ;-) The fact Robert called me a kid made me fall out of my chair. 1 married daughter, 3 in college and one in high school. I must admit though... I still think I'm 19. - Jerry Schuman
crud - it's already past 1500 and I have some "must do when the day star is up" errands - hope to chat with you all in other events again - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I've been on the bleeding edge since I was a teenager. Just because I am at the verge of 50 doesn't change the fact I've taken a lot of arrows in the back for the new millennial geeks. - Jerry Schuman
yep, I've a sandwich with my name on it... back in a few. - Jerry Schuman
Mike not to beat a dead horse, but the numbers of middle aged women in this space in the OPEN who are publicly recognizable are few and far between. I'm trying to change that 1 day at a time. *sigh* But, I am LOVING even the behind the scenes stuff. It's pretty awesome to know we're all breaking ground. :) - Sheryl
Ken I'm coming...really still want that krispy kreme donut I talked about earlier :( I'll settle for a sandwich too. - Sheryl
Tim O'Reilly
How user contribution improved Google's maps of Iran:
Brian Sullivan
Kingston announces world's first 128GB USB flash drive: Digital Photography Review -
Kingston announces world's first 128GB USB flash drive: Digital Photography Review
Robert Scoble
There's a reason I follow 100,000 on Twitter and 25,000 on friendfeed: I get to see patterns no one else is seeing. Here's some:
I saw the Chinese earthquake while it was happening. 45 minutes before CNN. - Robert Scoble
I see that Bing is gaining steam today. - Robert Scoble
I saw that people were frustrated on Saturday with CNN. - Robert Scoble
Matthew: in a way, yes. - Robert Scoble
I see new software, services, ideas before most other people. - Robert Scoble
How do you deal with the noise? - Kevin Lim
How do you filter out all the noise? I find myself constantly unfollowing people to make Twitter more relevant. - Michelle
And I get to see how they react to news, like Opera's new browser this morning. - Robert Scoble
The Robert Scoble version of "Google Earth" - Pete Blackshaw
Big Brother style - Richard Lai
So that's like "Scoble trends" :) Like Twitter trends, but for emerging events. - Kirill Petrovsky
Jinx. - Michelle
Michelle: noise is like the lawn. It lets you see the flowers. - Robert Scoble
So effectively you start a topic on Twitter, and then use friendfeed as a chat room? - Richard Lai
i follow almost 60,000 on twitter now and love it. totally agree scoble. - Jason Pollock
Hoping for some improvements to Tweetdeck groups - just not enough yet - Kirsten Hamstra
yeah but how do you SEE the patterns, you cannot read them all do you? - Hans Mestrum
You should be talking about all the spammers on Twitter because that is the trend - paul mooney
Robert is our filter, we follow robert who sees the patterns and reports it back. - Ray Slakinski
Here's a hint: I don't always follow 125,000 people. In friendfeed I have lists of only 150 people. THEY HAVE VERY LITTLE NOISE. - Robert Scoble
He has a socket in the back of his head ;-) - Richard H
Also, in friendfeed I can remove noise by displaying only items that have gotten a like. Like this: - Robert Scoble
Thank goodness we have you, Robert, to do that, so we don't have to. - Jason Mayoff
make sense following "likes" - Hans Mestrum
paul: spammers don't bother me. They add about as much value as people who tell me they had a jelly sandwich for lunch. - Robert Scoble
Jeff Pulver Followers every p0rn site and spammer who Follows him, check his Following list - paul mooney
paul: here's a little trick: I do most of my following in friendfeed. Why? Better friend management. - Robert Scoble
I also have issues bc what I have to follow for work is very different from what I want to follow, but that is another issue. - Michelle
Twitter has gone the way of email, that's why Twitter Search doesn't work - the system is overwellemed! - paul mooney
Bill: actually you only need to follow a few people to get a pretty good look at the good stuff. Why? If something is good everyone talks about it. - Robert Scoble
Michelle - same issue here! work vs. professional following and juggling multiple accts - Kirsten Hamstra
paul: it still works for me. I just skip over the spam. My mind likes seeing spam and noise. It helps me see the news. - Robert Scoble
For the rest of us - just friend Scoble -- you might hear about stuff delayed 5 minutes or so. - Brian Sullivan
Where do I get one of these neat sockets in the back of my head, I get dizzy just trying to follow 2K people. - dabitch
All the Twitter marketers are auto-Following the spammers, it's a perfect storm - paul mooney
paul: in email I don't care about the spam either. I can always scan a page of spam and find my boss' emails for some reason. - Robert Scoble
reminds me of roy - I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate. - mike "glemak" dunn
Brian: that is true. My like feed at is pretty good. - Robert Scoble
That's why people who don't follow others on Twitter are kinda of missing the point, aren't they? I love seeing when people are being followed by 30,000 people but following 2. - Curt Mercadante
BTW Robert, props on following the Iran elections. Hopefully this will open our eyes to what has been happening in Egypt, Russia, Pakistan and a host of other countries for decades. If Benezir Bhutto were alive and had been elected like she would have been, we'd live in a different world. - Michelle
so robert - could you be an android ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Robert: so in a way, if you follows all that people, we actually needs to follow only one person, which is you. here's why: it is most likely that you'll post about the major stuff that you read about in your friends stream - which make you a better filter than any other service around :) (I'm following lots of people too because I simply like to find and read about new and exciting things) - Orli Yakuel
I totally agree with you Robert. It's like holding your hand into a jet of water and drinking from time to time. - nik
you need to have the spirit of sharing good stuffs to others, or the good only reaches you but does not spread out. - K.D.
I cannot get people to join FriendFeed. I even did a video showing them how great it is. I cannot seem to follow that many more on Twitter than 200 and keep up with them. I tried Tweetdeck, but it just used too much RAM for me. - Hummie
The REAL trick here is that you have a natural gift for scanning with your eyes. I would follow many more people if I could scan (and absorb) information as quickly as you do. Since I don't, I follow you. You are among my first line of defense. - Bettina Tizzy
All these fortune cookie Tweets are the work of spammers, sooner or later comes the link to the get-rich-quick site - paul mooney
Robert you are awesome! ★ - weirdchina
@scobleizer I want to see the matrix also... still several K from where you are. - Robert Freeze
i follow more on ff - junrxu
Sounds a little like Joey Osmond - Robert I see patterns Scoble? Definitely agree though - there is useful information that can be pulled from the right people's twitter/friendfeed that gives trends developing real time, as long as sea changes over longer periods - Tom Tubbs
holy shit robert... i just had my mind blown watching your live friendfeed. this whole time i've been trying to control the chaos... keep people organized into neat piles. wow... wowow - Eric Nakagawa
You are so right! - Thomas Chai
@Hummie: I had the same problem with TweetDeck. Try SeesmicDesktop, it has similar functionality but less RAM-greedy - Ashalynd
Robert do you have a link to the video you did showing 'how' you manage all this information flow? I would enjoy watching it again. - Matt Perry
here's another interesting search which will show all scoble's friends' items that have at least 1 like: only wish this were realtime - Mike Chelen
Robert - cool post, excellent comments - same exact reason I embraced FF in early days and stayed here!! Love it - Susan Beebe
Robert since I have been following you I have done a complete 180 on how I felt about social networking before. I mean the media is fast but social networking works at the speed of thought. Now if I could only figure out how to interact behind the Army & Airforce firewall... I felt lost today at work... LOL - Nathan McClain
Matt, I think that video is this one: HOw I Read Tweets: - Robert Scoble
Orli the problem with only following me is that I need to sleep once in a while and I also might not follow people you care about. For instance, if you are into celebrities and not technology I totally wouldn't be good for you to follow. - Robert Scoble
we know what I care about and I'm glad that I'm following you! but I got the point, and I agree of course. I was just kidding I guess.. - Orli Yakuel
Great video. Watching it again now... - Matt Perry
Yeah some wild connections are made by watching a lot more than a few friends. Wonder why most people don't "get" that? Researchers should follow a ton of people and sources. - Jack Humphrey
Jack: actually, people should do BOTH follow a ton of people and sources as well as follow just a very select group of people. I wish I could share my groups (er, lists of friends) with you all. THEY are going to be the secret to filtering in the future. - Robert Scoble
I'm lazy. I use your feed as my pre-filtered source of good/interesting general information. Thanks for doing a lot of the hard work for us (or at least me). - John Meagher
Robert I think you are 100% correct, but it touches on what people should have already been doing, and that's getting as much information as they can from as many sources as they can and putting the facts together for themselves. I think traditional media's days of fact-less reporting are thankfully numbered. This is truly Fair and Balanced!!! - Nathan McClain
Robert: People still won't get it. Seeing patterns is a talent or a skill. You can aid it, however, by showing or demonstrating how you filter for patterns. How do you scan messages and discern a pattern? How do you focus on a few without missing the patterns of the many? Might make a good presentation/blog. You probably already did it, right? - Alan Eggleston
I don't think it requires following 125,000 people to be aware of the same trends. - stretta
stretta: it does not, but I get to see small things that many people don't. - Robert Scoble
Robert - and I appreciate those "small things" :) --- they look like startups! and new bright shiny tech toys! - Susan Beebe
imagine an AI system that can analyze all that data for you and generate illuminating reports... - Matt Jaunich
Matt: I can and lots of geeks are working on building just that. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for the post. I immediately added the "like" search to my saved searches. - Sean Powell
I follow 60,000 and I see a white light at the end of a tunnel. It's getting closer... - Rick
You must do this by o s m o s i other way? Intuition and speeed reading. - Ziona Etzion
Yeah. Robert, I don't read your stuff and I don't know if you're going to read this. But regardless, I know you're well famed and this is the first thing I skimmed across of yours that would indicate that it's deserved. I follow options in the same way., eg almost literally. I have TD StrategyDesk open right now, ThinkOrSwim, Power E*Trade Pro, OptionsXPress, and the regular TD Ameritrade website open as well. Doing this allows me to view and be ware of data and turning points in many views and levels - Matt Kaufman
Robert: If you could follow all 100,000+ people from Twitter in real time within friendfeed would you? - Garin Kilpatrick
Twitter is a helpful automatized hammer for the main engine, which is friendfeed ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
I don't see why you couldn't just save a search on everybody's posts with likes on FF though and still follow only those you actually read daily + any protected accts? Even build smarter searches than that. You increase the number of people following you by lots more your way of course. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ from BuddyFeed
Sorry. The trend watching and analytical part would be the same, wouldn´t it, except that I now see that the saved searches don´t update in realtime. Yet. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ from BuddyFeed
No doubt... - Thor
How did you find so many people to follow? How does an average user find so many to follow? - Bas
Patrick: I was on stage and couldn't be on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Patrick: the people I follow are usually much more tech interested and demonstrate early adopted behavior than the larger public audience. - Robert Scoble
Never mind all this. How's Opera? Got a link this morning and thought I might try it (what a surprise, me trying something). - Francine Hardaway
Scoble Earth(TM), Pete Blackshaw? ;) - Tyson Key
Robert: Is this a Mandelbrot pattern? The chaos has a look, a feel and a taste, as in the jet of water analogy. You're the freakin' hydrologist with the dousing rod. - Phil Boiarski
I'm with Robert, just not with such a big of a scale. My point: I am noise and you are noise. Let's not forget there's a baby in that bathwater before one takes a blanket anti social network view of social networking! - Mike Lewis
makes sense 2 me - Summer Fling
OMG Robert I agree 100% BEFORE Twitter screwed with the @replies censoring us from seeing all that people tweeted... I could scroll through my home page and get the pulse of the world on Twitter! A beautiful site! Comparatively now: Twitter is silent. - Arleen Boyd
Robert, I'm having a jelly sandwich for lunch tomorrow. ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
All major television networks/news outlets should hire Scoble and heed this advice based on this weekends events in Iran. They need to learn how to listen, filter and understand how social media can deliver real-time information around the world. - E-Advocate Network
böring - yazarcizer
What tools are you using to keep track of the all that flows past? - Inbox2 Team
Yeah, Robert is an Androïd! Each time I'm gotta 'like' 1 of his entries, comment, or visit links, I ask myself if I'm doing this because he is Scoble! Of course not: it's just because he's always pointing on valuable infos. And this is good for IT stuffs, for early adopters, for business. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
So, Scoble proves that the best search & filter engine is Human. (Nah.. I'm not a 'groupie', never will ;-)) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Curt, pple who don't follow others and hope to be followed & heard are obviously wrong. Social Media is not "Ego Media" ;) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Patrick, IMO Robert uses FriendFeed's search to find infos, & FF's email features to keep track of conversations & updates - Thierry R. Andriamirado
or maybe you also miss some important ones because of the noise: like the patterns known by 99% of the users that have less than 1000 followers? does that make sense? - Ouriel Ohayon
isn't that a little too much? do you even have time for anything else? Is it worth knowing about an earthquake some 30-40 minutes earlier than most people than spending some time with your real life friends? - stefan
Stefan, the point is: if you want to spend as much time as possible with your real life friends, you have to be as efficient as possible during the time you spend in front of the computer. The more information you drink in a short time, the faster you can identify patterns. - Brome
Best answer I've heard for why I'm also ok with following and listening to a ton of people on various platforms: "noise is like the lawn. It lets you see the flowers. - Robert Scoble" - Leslie Poston
Wow, that's a clever use of the platforms! - Il gareth in Brasile
We need information so we can decide while staying in touch with reality. -> Filtering skills, Good Human filter, Good filter tool (FriendFeed). - Thierry R. Andriamirado from email
hey it was great to finally personally meeting you and hung out at the diner ; my weblog about the evening now at plus infos about WE LIVE IN PUBLIC premiering now in L.A. and my new video "PERU" @ ; all the best for the conference today and building43 ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
@Brom, yes. but there is only so much information one can absorb at a time. 100.000 twitters and 25 FFs? Even half of it is too much for a normal person to take in that fast. Robert MUST be a robot O_O - stefan
how do I follow thousands of people without clicking follow over and over - Kyle Weller
Kyle: Use friendfeed and click "subscribe" - Garin Kilpatrick
Kyle: its still required to click subscribe for each user, but those clicks are well spent, and FF also will show posts from friends-of-friends. another good option is to join some groups for subjects that interest you - Mike Chelen
MG Siegler
The Kindle Is Not A Smartphone -
great comment regarding the kindle, though i bet that it eventually will be next to free... - Eran Even-Kesef
Jesse Stay
I am currently in the car (passenger), using my new AT&T wireless connection - this is fast!
I am extremely surprised how fast this is, and how bearable it is. - Jesse Stay
FriendFeed is still almost real-time with it. - Jesse Stay
Can't wait to road-trip with it this summer! - Jesse Stay
FriendFeed "is real time". It is you who is delayed. :) - Louis Gray
Actually on this connection I'm not really delayed. - Jesse Stay
I do that with my husband's G1. You should do what I do and Ustream your ride. - Anika
Well what we are amazed about now we will take for granted by the end of next year. - Eran Even-Kesef
Anika I'm on the lower 50MB plan right now so I'm trying to take it easy on my bandwidth. I want to see how much of this I use before I do that. I'll try to do some Ustreaming of our roadtrip to Boston in a month. - Jesse Stay
Okay. [pouts] - Anika
Jesse Stay coming to Boston? Maybe we should schedule a friendfeed meetup for while you're here. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce I would love that - if you organize it I will be there - Jesse Stay
Bruce, I should be there from middle of July to about first or second week in August - Jesse Stay
Cool. I'll make a planning room or find an existing Boston-focused room and let you know. - Bruce Lewis
Approaching my train stop (MBTA nowhere near DSL speeds). Talk later! - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, sounds good. Let me know as things finalize - Jesse Stay
Will you be here July 15? I'm thinking of scheduling a meetup in the afternoon before - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, the 15 is great. Let me know the details and I'll be there. E-mail me with more info - Let's see if we can get Chris Brogan and Pistachio over as well - I'd love to touch base with them too. - Jesse Stay
Boston FriendFeed meetup 2009-07-15: - Bruce Lewis
The Real-Time Investor -
The Real-Time Investor
Fred Wilson has an interesting conversation with me. I could talk to Fred for hours. Very interesting guy. - Robert Scoble
very interesting- especially the part around 16:55 regarding homeschooling/unschooling services coming soon and future entire education system disruption. - metalerik
metalerik: There was a great discussion on technology and how it's going to disrupt the education system on a recent This Week in Tech podcast - - It's a great listen! - Mike Bracco
I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up. - metalerik
Robert Scoble
Today is TechCrunch's fourth birthday. It seems longer than that. Thanks for all the tech news!
it certainly feels like it has been around forever but in a good way - Nick Stone
That's a testament to how fast the web world moves. I thought they had been around for much longer than that too. HB TC. - Sajida Hina Khan
Congrats TC - Jamie
Figuring out how this all works. Happy Birthday! - Nicole
I unsubscribed yesterday. after this overly indulgent "Aren't we the king-makers" post from Arrington: - thomasrdotorg
Robert Scoble When is going live? - WolfManz611
Oops Where is Friendfeed account for Techcrunch - Michael_techie
And hasn't the site changed. In it's first few months of operation, I got a copy of Godin's Big Moo from Mike, as he was using it as a 'prize' to get people to link to him. - Rachel Clarke
Dang, four years. Time flies. Hey, best of luck with your launch tomorrow. Looking forward to it =) - Miiko Mentz
Being around 4 yrs is forever on the web. Congrates! Quality will out. And it has here. - D Lets
CONGRATS TC, Arrington, Erik and team!! MG signed up just in time for some cake! :) - Susan Beebe
Have fun Mike, Leena, Erick and Team; here's a slideshow for you today: - JPannu
Robert Scoble
Yesterday Rackspace renamed @Mosso to "the Rackspace Cloud." Makes my job easier in evangelizing Rackspace to startups. More here:
more where? also always been curious why there isn't a real resell option with rackspace - chris demeyere
One of the advantages that's winning us business is we can offer both traditional and cloud based hosting to businesses at the same time on the same network in the same datacenter with the same great support (lower latency and other advantages). This makes it clearer and makes Rackspace's cloud offerings easier to explain as part of the Rackspace family. - Robert Scoble
Chris: whenever I say "more here" you gotta give me a few seconds to type. :-) - Robert Scoble
You have had a "Powered by the Rackspace Cloud" button on your blog for a while. This move was anticipated. - Louis Gray
Here's a search on friendfeed I use to track what people are saying about Rackspace: - Robert Scoble
I see there are a few people bummed that we're moving away from the Mosso name. Yeah, that had more personality, but it's hard to explain what that is and how it fit into the Rackspace family. - Robert Scoble
good call, everytime i talk about mosso i usually add that they are a rackspace company. Rackspace has a strong brand and is the best hosting company IMO. Only thing left to make them perfect is to have an un-managed dedicated hosting option too. - Diego Sana
Will BizSpark startups be able to benefit of the BizSpark licensing with the R Cloud ? as they do today with Rackspace ? - Julien Codorniou
I agree with robert - as a customer evangelist its much easier to explain - andy brudtkuhl
also the brand recognition in IT for the Rackspace name is high - this adds a correlation that creates more trust - andy brudtkuhl
"Robert and Rocky will push us. Like Robert pushed Microsoft, he will make us uncomfortable. He will praise our competitors and point out our missteps. But, he will force us to get better. He will force us to embrace the future and the commitment required to getting there. " - David Lloyd
"and if it all goes wrong he will bugger off to YET ANOTHER new company in 18 months!" hehehe, love you really Robby xx - David Lloyd
@Robert - as a rackspace/mosso customer I am happy about this, as I found the Mosso brand confusing during my account signup process and when i needed service... - Jeremy Toeman
Mark: I lasted three years at Microsoft. Rackspace is an even better company. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Good move, never heard of 'Mosso' <you gotta give me a few seconds to type> Hee, they want it, and they want it NOW!! - JimmyJet
So if, Robert, you "will praise our competitors", it would be interesting to know your comparative view of the Rackspace Cloud services. As far as I can tell, in this market, Amazon has the ball and is running far ahead of everyone else. - John W Lewis
John: Amazon is ahead of everyone else in a lot of ways. Where we have an advantage is that we provide both traditional and new cloud hosting. Amazon only provides cloud. That might not sound like a big deal, but we've won quite a bit of business lately away from Amazon because companies often do need both. Even new companies like run both a traditional server and cloud, so... more... - Robert Scoble
I've also seen companies which get good use of the NVidia CUDA facilities, using the graphics card CPU to offload computational tasks like video transcoding. Virtualized servers don't allow this. Having real servers for heavy lifting, plus spinning up instances in the cloud on demand, is a good combination. - DGentry
Unclear why people would be upset or surprised by this. Rackspace has a great brand and a great reputation. It is silly not to utilize that. Anyway, everytime I said Mosso I had to follow it w/ the Rackspace Cloud anyway. Now I have one less word I have to use - always a good thing ;) - JP Maxwell
Great example was Peter & Ryan's (formally from engadget & gizmodo) running their new live blogging platform on Mosso for the WWDC evert. Props to Rackspace, it never died or paused once! - sean andersen
Smart branding move! simplicity FTW! - Susan Beebe
Leo Laporte
Live now, FLOSS Weekly 73 with Tim O'Reilly, Jono Bacon, and Randal Schwartz. Discuss here...
Tim should spend a week on FriendFeed. He can always go back. - Ken Sheppardson
I liked this - ramiles
Yup FF is a much cooler place than Twitter - Jeff
I wonder if there is a Friendfeed app for the Itouch? - ramiles
You can point it at Don't know about apps. - Ken Sheppardson
Welcome, Tim :-) - Ken Sheppardson
So - now we all move to here ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
What was that book that Leo mentioned? - Troy
Thanks Ken - ramiles
Wow, FriendFeed users sure do have to convince themselves that they're better than Twitter. - Stuart Jones
click the timestamp twice - Ken Sheppardson
you get a pop-up the second time you click on the timestamp - Ken Sheppardson
Hello, Tim. - Matthew Gifford
Hi everyone. And hi Tim! - Vlad Bobleanta
Hey everyone - Seth Hoogeboom from IM
Hello! - Benjamin Taylor
Hey all! - Simon Oliver
Yes there is a app - ramiles
there is a few of them - ramiles
about 4 2 free - ramiles
how do I open a new page so the comment box stays at the bottom ? - John Hillestad
dbl click time stamp and resize window? - Thomas Perez
^-- use that link - Ken Sheppardson
John -- click on the time stamp - LPH™ and his dog P™
The book Leo mentioned was Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin - Tim O'Reilly
How did you do that Ken ? is there something I am supposed to click ? - John Hillestad
I really miss FF support in Tweetie for the iPhone! :) - Carl-Fredrik
click the timestamp twice or add ?embed=1 after the url - Vlad Bobleanta
ok thanks - John Hillestad
Carl---- BuddyFeed, Amigo, or AlertThingy are decent on the iPhone - LPH™ and his dog P™
I see carl - ramiles
I just bought AlretThingy - ramiles
Whadya know... looks just fine on the Pre too. Cool. - Ken Sheppardson
I've got my pink Camel book sitting on the shelf next to me. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
ramiles - good purchase -- - LPH™ and his dog P™
you got the - ramiles
PRE - ramiles
Thanks LPH - ramiles
I remember seeing Dale Dougherty give a presentation RE GNN and The Whole Internet back in 1992... - Ken Sheppardson
Since I started watching TSS i have has a crush on Sarah Lane - ramiles
Hello everyone. :P - Kate Phillips
I have used linux in verious distros - ramiles
hard to choose which one is best - ramiles
ramiles - yes -- my only green desktop is CherryPal - a great little device with Ubuntu. - LPH™ and his dog P™
It's the difference between wanting "enough" and wanting to take over the world. - Ken Sheppardson
Tim, can you discuss the importance of Richard Stallman? The crazy-ass zealot is important to any movement. Doesn't he act as our conscious? - Scott Smith
"Money is a hack that got out of control" - nice one - Keith Harrison
It isn't a word ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
i wish i could keep the pop out window ontop of my screen - ramiles
Love oreilly's books. - Cody C
"In the July 1999 issue of Print magazine, Darcy DiNucci wrote a piece titled “Fragmented Future” about Web 2.0 vs. Web 1.0..." -- - Ken Sheppardson
the oreilly books are a great source - ramiles
Can Tim discuss the importance of Head First books on technical documents/books? - Scott Smith
the first O'Reilly book I bought was The Whole Internet User’s Guide - happy days - Keith Harrison
i think thats the book i bought as well when i first got on the internet - ramiles
LEO your the BOMB - ramiles
What about Leo's the BOMB? - Dekz
Divya - Agreed - Najeeb Mirza
yep - ramiles
Why Google is Offering 411 Service - - Ken Sheppardson
Yeah wow Tim seems very knowledgeable. - Kate Phillips
"In short, I'm speculating that the 1-800-GOOG-411 service is designed to harvest voice data to build Google's own speech database, rather than licensing from Nuance or another player." - Ken Sheppardson
Very insightful man - Cody C
He's a visionary - Cody C
my dad has that in his Cell phone already - ramiles
Tim: How do you avoid "group think" in this type of scenario? Just because everyone "believes" something is a certain way .. doesn't mean that it is ... - LPH™ and his dog P™
wikipedia FTL? - Thomas Perez
lph we all need to think about this - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Thomas: I was going to ask about Wikis too - LPH™ and his dog P™
see it all the time on wikipedia.... published facts vs commonly accepted "facts" - Thomas Perez
I think that Wikipedia is always checked for true facts - ramiles
LOL @ ramiles - Dekz
...... - Thomas Perez
the problem is in peoples' definition of "true" - Thomas Perez
be great to hear tim's view on google wave and where that is heading? - Simon Oliver
I caught some of this live, will definately download and listen when it's posted. - Michael Koby from BuddyFeed
Thats what I was thinking. - Kate Phillips
Dakz thats a true fact - ramiles
There's a difference between folks complaining about the fact that services don't give away what they have and not being open to letting anyone pay a fair fee to access it. There's no published process for me to pay for Twitter API (firehose) access right now, for example. - Ken Sheppardson
"Open" doesn't necessarily have to mean "free" - Ken Sheppardson
i use twitterfon for my itouch - ramiles
a great twitter app for my touch - ramiles
We just need a level playing field. - Ken Sheppardson
Speaking of land grabs... we have the Facebook land grab coming up Friday. - Ken Sheppardson
how many here use facebook and twitter and myspace - ramiles
Yep Facebook one will be big - LPH™ and his dog P™
I use all 3 - Kate Phillips
yeah.... - Thomas Perez
i use twitter mostly, a little facebook. no myspace ever - Thomas Perez
Yes, integration of new social services is going to be important - LPH™ and his dog P™
I use all 3 - ramiles
FriendFeed gets it. - Ken Sheppardson
i follow so many people - ramiles
I just learned about friendfeed today - ramiles
Welcome, Ramiles! - Ken Sheppardson
ramiles - you came to the right place - LPH™ and his dog P™
I just set out today to learn a bit more about friendfeed but i've have an account for a while. - Kate Phillips
Kate - why a private feed on a social service? - LPH™ and his dog P™
thanks Ken and LPH - ramiles
Ugh, My FriendFeed app keeps crashing on my Itouch - ramiles
Yep - my handle is taken on Tumblr -- but unused :p Hopefully I can convince Tumblr to let me have it -- - LPH™ and his dog P™
What do you mean? Private feed? - Kate Phillips
Kate: When we put a cursor over your name it says u have a private feed - ramiles
I wish Google Profiles was used on FriendFeed - LPH™ and his dog P™
Tim's really amazing! - Lyderic
LPH: It's the default for new users. Kate: If you go to the "settings" link in the upper right under your image, there's a checkbox for "private feed". You should uncheck that so everybody can see what you post :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Actually, I have my FF badge on my twitter account ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
I wonder if its becuase my itouch is jail broken - ramiles
I actually don't know why It says that. hehe - Kate Phillips
Ken - what is the default for new users? I missed something in your thoughts. - LPH™ and his dog P™
LPH: Private feed is the default. I've noticed it when creating a couple of temp accounts. - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks did that fix it? - Kate Phillips
OH -- didn't know that. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Thanks I had no idea. ^^ - Kate Phillips
Divya -- I changed my personal blog to simply include the 'activity stream' - LPH™ and his dog P™
There've been a number of articles lately talking about how many folks actually "lurk" on Twitter etc. - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter is more than a blog more communtative - ramiles
i heard that the ratio was 80% consumer 20% creator - Chris Heath
I'm not a lurker - but a wall-flower ;) - LPH™ and his dog P™
I'm a lurker - John Matulich
it sounds like Google Wave is the next big thing. - Michael Sanchez (SF Chronicle website) now has a twitterfeed on the front page as of..... this week sometime. following other news outlet twitter accts - Thomas Perez
UGH this is aggervating my App keeps crashing out to main screen - ramiles
on my touch - ramiles
I started "blogging" in 1996 -- so it was just a stream of activity - so it is based on the definition. The word blog didn't even exist in the 90s .. - LPH™ and his dog P™
i had a wordpress blog - ramiles
used to blog on yahoo when they had a blog - ramiles
I agree with you Michael. I saw video of the google wave and it blew me away. - Kate Phillips
google HUD in your car would be something - Thomas Perez
what is google wave - ramiles
*ANY* GPS HUD would be slick... - Ken Sheppardson
how about a global social network message 'recall" app - Benjamin Taylor
google it - Thomas Perez
Google wave brings all the things there talking about together - Michael Sanchez
Thomas -- and many "news" stations on t.v. are simply quoting twitters .. funny really - LPH™ and his dog P™
I learned the multiplecation tables in elementary school for example through 12x12. Thats given way to the calculator widget on my igoogle page. @Ramiles An example of something lost and something gained. - John Brazel
but imagine GPS.... plus all the info google maps provides (photos, reviews, MyTracks) plus everything else, gmail, twitter, facebook (viewing friends realtime location displayed on HUD) - Thomas Perez
I wonder how far the LCD/LED technology is from being able to add a layer on the inside of your windshield... - Ken Sheppardson
or strangers for that matter. interaction with other drivers beyond a few scowls and "gestures" - Thomas Perez
any thoughts on what Google is doing with Wave - wingman
John whats that have to do with anything - ramiles
Leo: Has Tim tried out Wave? - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, wouldn't OLED be able to do that? just another layer in the windshield - Chris Heath
Leo put Kim Commando to shame - ramiles
Actually, I don't really get Google Wave :( - LPH™ and his dog P™
Leo puts Kim Komando to shame - ramiles
thanks for the correction ken - ramiles
Great job Tim ! Very thought-provoking - LPH™ and his dog P™
ya it was a good convo. Tim - Michael Sanchez
Nice job... HAH - Ken Sheppardson
Good joke Leo - LPH™ and his dog P™
Awesome show LEO - ramiles
good show LEO - Michael Sanchez
Would love to be a guest on Leos show - ramiles
Really good shoe, thanks Leo et al. - John Brazel
firefly, whats that :-p - Thomas Perez
glad i could catch the end of this show, what a great interview - Chris Heath
Firefly was a really good TV show - Kate Phillips
awesome show - ramiles
I have the complete show - ramiles
Firefly lead to serinity the movie - ramiles
was written by Josh Weldon who did buffy the vampire slayer - ramiles
I own the series - ramiles
Are we going to get a new thread Leo? LOL - LPH™ and his dog P™
sorry, :-p = sarcasm, but i'm sure someone didnt know. did he just hint at a firefly videogame? - Thomas Perez
Joss Whedon* - Thomas Perez
Thanks for the correction Thomas - ramiles
but i dont like to be publicly be corrected - ramiles
make sure your facts are true? - Thomas Perez
they are - ramiles
how many here have seen the series - ramiles
I saw the series and the movie loved them both - Kate Phillips
never heard of it before today - Michael Sanchez
highly recomend it - Thomas Perez
Ditto - ramiles
is it on Hulu? - Michael Sanchez
the guy thats in Castle was in it - ramiles
sure is - Thomas Perez
Yes I posted a link earlier - Kate Phillips
there is even a baldwin brother in the show - ramiles
Its has all 14 episodes avaliable. - Kate Phillips
one you probably never heard of - ramiles
cool thanks i'll have to check it out - Michael Sanchez
I would reccomnd to buy the series its only like $50 - ramiles
hes not one of the baldwins, but his last name is baldwin...... - Thomas Perez
Thomas I think he is - ramiles
check wikipedia :-) - Thomas Perez
hahahahaha - Dekz
wiki isnt always true - ramiles
good times, leo - Thomas Perez
"I think that Wikipedia is always checked for true facts - ramiles" - Dekz
thanks Dekz ;-) - Thomas Perez
I wonder when leo is going to take advantage of all of the different angles you can have going at once with bitgravity? - Kate Phillips
I know I would like to see it like how they did on Digg Nation - Michael Sanchez
Yeah that would be wonderful. - Kate Phillips
where all the cams are live and you get to pick what you wanna watch - Michael Sanchez
Kate, you can't do the multiview live since leo would have to send each camera's feed out to bitgravity - the diggnation multiview was not done live - Chris Heath
I saw one day they were talking about it. They were talking about talking with bitgravity to work out something for them. - Kate Phillips
It was a while back when they were still on stickam. - Kate Phillips
At least when stickam was on the main page. - Kate Phillips
yeah it might be possible one day, but probably not - Chris Heath
I remember TechTv used to have it where u could click on what cam u want to view like the studio cam or cubicle cams - ramiles
Dekz leave me alone - ramiles
thomas ur right he isnt - ramiles
cant wait to see the game - ramiles
i hope it follows the show - ramiles
I hope they show or play some of the music or game - Michael Sanchez
that would be nice - ramiles
I hope its not just for the PS3 I hope they put it out for the PC as well - ramiles
I doubt that. - Michael Sanchez
Sony owns the game company that they are working for. - Michael Sanchez
thats sucks - ramiles
are they really - ramiles
bringing back doll house - ramiles
I'd pick watching Leo Laporte any day over network television. I have streaming on my 42 inch plasma via a pc, who wouldn't enjoy that! - Jim Lavin
jim your spoiled - ramiles
but Plasma is out dated - ramiles
you should replace it with a LCD TV - ramiles
ya i run my Mac Mini on my 42 LCD TV - Michael Sanchez
you have the new LCD tv Michale - ramiles
Michael - ramiles
hehe I run my laptop upstairs to my 30" lcd when i head to bed so I have something to watch at night. - Kate Phillips
CRT's still rule - ramiles
I watch the Planet Green channel when i head to bed. a lot of good stuff on making your house green and off the grid - Michael Sanchez
I have enough shows to watch that have been tivo'ed - ramiles
Any of you play any videogames? - Kate Phillips
i do kate - ramiles
the TIVO is the wife's... lol - Michael Sanchez
I still have the Xbox and PS2 - ramiles
havent upgraded yet - ramiles
ya i play Gears 2 on xbox - Michael Sanchez
and Killzone 2 on PS3 - Michael Sanchez
i do agree with spending 50 on games - ramiles
think its absurd - ramiles
MIchael how old r u - ramiles
between boxee, video games and work I tend to be entertained easily. - Kate Phillips
I am 38 - ramiles
ramiles: I'm not spoiled, I'm just another gadget geek with a lot wire running all over the house. - Jim Lavin
why is that funny o.O - Thomas Perez
you got some years on me... lol - Michael Sanchez
Jim your totally spoiled - ramiles
yep but your married I am single and unemployed at the moment struggling - ramiles
Jim I am the same way.. - Michael Sanchez
I used to work at intel and there's some really young people with some really nice gear at home lol. - Kate Phillips
kate u married or single - ramiles
ya i am 24 and i make over 100k a year as a Tech - Michael Sanchez
where do u work Michael - ramiles
I'm single. Not dating though. - Kate Phillips
k - ramiles
for a construction company. managing there network. - Michael Sanchez
Wish I could make u kind of money - ramiles
I am going for my BS in Network Security - ramiles
What do you do for a living ramiles? - Kate Phillips
in between jobs Kate - ramiles
I do freelance web design and PC tech - ramiles
good stuff i have my bachelor degree from ITT tech - Michael Sanchez
Very cool ^^ - Kate Phillips
I am getting my from Colorado Tech - ramiles
in Cisco networking - Michael Sanchez
Michael where u from - ramiles
I do some freelance PC tech work on craigslist - Kate Phillips
like 2 hours away from where leo is - Michael Sanchez
you went here fro school cool - ramiles
hows that kate - ramiles
MIchael u ever met leo - ramiles
Kate: do you make good money from craigslist? - Michael Sanchez
finding jobs from craigslist is tough - ramiles
Ramiles: no I haven't had the privilege. - Michael Sanchez
Most jobs are really easy clearing up viruses. Stuff like that. - Kate Phillips
i have talked to him on the Phone in the old TSS days I have also talked to Kevin - ramiles
would of loved to talk to Sarah Lane - ramiles
Kate: ya i ask because i do a lot of PC tech for the family on the side and i was thinking about putting something on craigslist for it - Michael Sanchez
Post a number and people call. I usually charge by the hour on how long it took me to fix it. Generally i charge a lot less than an hour of say a best buy like 20 do an hour or an install of a new OS for cost of software and $50. - Kate Phillips
I would do network setups - ramiles
and troubleshoot - ramiles
I am running Windows Home Servere here - ramiles
Plus i help them with a lot more like suggesting opensource software which is what i really try to interest people in. - Kate Phillips
kate where u from - ramiles
I have installed a few routers as well. - Kate Phillips
California. Sothern cali - Kate Phillips
seems a lot of your are i Cali - ramiles
I am in chicago - ramiles
I was just in Sothern cali at Disneyland for last week - Michael Sanchez
My Dad wants to open a business fixing PC's with me. Not sure when he really wants to do it though. - Kate Phillips
i have done both disneys - ramiles
I really want to see Disney World - Kate Phillips
I havent made it to Disney World yet.. - Michael Sanchez
I want to do Universal and see the harry potter world - ramiles
Its been a while since I've been to universal. I prefer the shows and shopping at Disney Land to the other crazy rides. :P - Kate Phillips
Been to Universal but never seen harry potter world. but its been some years since i've been there - Michael Sanchez
the Potter world is something new - ramiles
Why I asked about the games earlier is I just pre-ordered the game "Aion" - Kate Phillips
I am a first person shooter kind of guy. - Michael Sanchez
I'm in the beta for Batlefield Heroes - Kate Phillips
Love that game. - Kate Phillips
oh wow how is it? - Michael Sanchez
Its pretty nice the beta is down right now though. - Kate Phillips
What is it it never heard of it - ramiles
Been down almost a week. - Kate Phillips
it looks cartoonish. - Michael Sanchez
my friend just bought infamous - ramiles
but good - Michael Sanchez
mac support? - Michael Sanchez
it dont look like it - Michael Sanchez
Let me look and check on something see if there's anymore beta keys left. - Kate Phillips
not really into the mmorpgs - ramiles
Not sure if it has mac support - Kate Phillips
the new Iphone blows the pre away - ramiles
I know is giving away keys - Kate Phillips
Here's the site to get a key you just need to log in to get it no need to buy anything. - Kate Phillips
kate ur into the mmorpgs - ramiles
I play MMO's in just about all forms - Kate Phillips
Play Guildwars a lot - Kate Phillips
Love the PVP - Kate Phillips
kate how old r u - ramiles
lol im 30 - Kate Phillips
ur 8yrs shy of me - ramiles
wow i feel young - Michael Sanchez
no offense - Michael Sanchez
no offense taken - Kate Phillips
wow 10gig an hour - ramiles
dang thats a lot - Kate Phillips
mpeg2 - Chris Heath
i love my Mac - Michael Sanchez
Here's the google wave video that wow'd me - Kate Phillips
or shall i say Mac's - Michael Sanchez
WE LOVE YOU LEO!!! - ramiles
Google Wave is the next BIG thing i think - Michael Sanchez
Definatlly Email 2.0 - Kate Phillips
And so much more - Kate Phillips
is that his wife? - ramiles
She works with leo - Kate Phillips
i remember that episode - ramiles
glad i bought the SET - ramiles
it has a huge following - ramiles
I love the theme song - ramiles
its a combination of old and new technology - ramiles
nd the language they speak is chinese - ramiles
Have a good evening. - Kate Phillips
See you guys later. - Kate Phillips
later - Michael Sanchez
later kate - ramiles
wheres he going - ramiles
hello - ramiles
KOIT! - Thomas Perez
i accidentally left my computer connected to and was rewarded to find abbey interviewing leo!!!!! so awesome - Thomas Perez
i'm sorry, abby* - Thomas Perez
Dvorak started Leo's carer, I have to re-think my life, ha... - Marc Bochy
This is fun watching Leo's daughter Abby argue about the time left for her recording session. lol - rob from twhirl
She did good..... - Marc Bochy
she did awesomely - Thomas Perez
Robert Scoble
We are official! T-shirts and stickers and Techcrunch party tomorrow! Picture and more: -
We are official! T-shirts and stickers and Techcrunch party tomorrow! Picture and more:
That is Rob LaGesse showing off our new shirts -- in Silicon Valley you don't actually need to ship anything as long as you have a cool T- shirt. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Nice! Want! - Jesse Stay
Great shirt! - Gregg Morris
I'd really love to be there with you! - Gabriele Cazzulini
Jesse: the stickers are even cooler. Metallic. - Robert Scoble
Robert, awesome, I'll take one of each please. ;-) - Jesse Stay
definitely want one of them shirts! nice! - erik yuzwa
I want, I want - andy brudtkuhl
can't attend, would love to get some stickers though. Is there going to be a place to order some? - Chris Pugh
Rutger: we launch tomorrow. Building43 is a community for people fanatical about the Internet. - Robert Scoble
Chris: we still have to figure that out. Stay tuned. - Robert Scoble
Looking forward to the launch. Any word on whether or not the shirts will be available to order? - Matt Wolpin
Matt: we are working on that. Stay tuned. - Robert Scoble
way 2 cool! want autographed t-shirt, please! - glfceo
Good luck with the launch! - Kawika Holbrook
Can't wait to see what you guys have built. Been looking forward to this since the announcement. - Chris Pugh
Want some schwag! I hope you guys can figure out a way to get them out to people across the country (and world)! - Brandon Titus
Tomorrow is the big day, can't wait... - Eran Even-Kesef
so how much cooler does one get for putting a building 43 sticker on their laptop - Eran Even-Kesef
I would <3 some stickers and a t-shirt! - Ric Johnson
Quick Question for FriendFeeders! When I signed up FriendFeed allowed me to auto subscribe to all the Twitter Accounts I was following. Is there a way for me to run that function again? - Jason Pollock
Jason: sure thing. Click "Browse/edit friends" in the "Friends" sidebar. Then click "Find/Invite Friends" on the next screen, and you should see the Twitter option. ** Edit ** Or, just go here: - Nick Wade
nick: thanks dude - Jason Pollock
Getting excited! Good luck with the launch! - Account Name
Rackspace had a great presence at SXSW 2009. A few pics on Flickr at They gave out nice Tee's and even socks too. - JimmyJet
Where is the TechCrunch Party? - Cheri
Robert Scoble
When did I find time to write 24,000 comments? Damn! Arrington's right, I'm addicted. ;-) is my comment feed here on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
And what's even scarier is there are people with a lot more comments than I have. That's really scary. - Robert Scoble
You should start up a FF training service. There's plenty of other kinds of social media "experts" out there...but unlike them, this could be really useful. :) - phil baumann
Assuming 30 seconds per comment, that's 200 hours. - Micah
I think FriendFeed has become your new IM with high level exchanges. I'm showing my friend right now how the live updating of thought streams / chat is something that's only really on FF in a topic-organized visual manner. - Gib
Interesting to see more "likes" than comments. Hmmm... What does this mean? - Arthur Edstrom from BuddyFeed
Likes are easier than comments, and can be used to alert people to ideas, even if you can't add to the conversation. That said, we're pretty close to 1:1. - Louis Gray
I believe we will have to schedule an intervention for you. Maybe we can get it on TV. - frank barry
If someone someone sets up an intervention, make sure to capture it on Qik : ) - Mike Doeff
Lightweight... ;-) - FFing Enigma
u must be a speed reader aren't u not on 24/7 lol - polou/indigo_bow
And when, exactly, do you have time for a day job? - V Mary Abraham
And when do you sleep? It is after midnight here, and I am still twittering and FF - Ric Johnson
V Mary: who said this wasn't my day job? One boss tried to say that, by the way. I found another job. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Tina: I can't keep up with you. Arthur: I use friendfeed a LOT on my iPhone and clicking like there is a lot easier than typing. - Robert Scoble
Mike: the intervention that will work will be my death. I wonder if that will be Qik'd. I hope not, but I won't have much to say about it if it is. - Robert Scoble
I'm at 8K but I aim big. - anna sauce
I would like to get paid to spend time on FriendFeed and Twitter, where can I get one of those jobs? - Antoniu
321: get a job at any of the big brands that are on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
OK, I'm in Little Rock, Arkansas, and my neighbor stops me because she knows I'm into this stuff and tells me she read of a Winery in California that is offering a 10K a month job to sit around and Twitter all day for the company, tells me I should get that job! - Stephen Pickering
I think I could sit around all day, drink wine and Twitter! - Stephen Pickering
I just hit 24,000, too! - Liz
Stephen: I thought about applying for that job myself. - Robert Scoble
Liz: addict! - Robert Scoble
Liz, it says you only have 97 comments? - Stephen Pickering
Man, I'm only at 298. I've got to start being more engaging around here - Stephen Pickering
Liz has almost 24,000 tweets. Tweets are not the same as comments as far as I know. - David Damore
Oh I see why I'm not more engaging. Most of my feed is coming through from Twitter, so they aren't seeing my comments. Duh. - Stephen Pickering
screw mike arrington... screw him.... oops... channeling leo laporte there - david amodt
Robert Scoble
I am sitting in the cell phone lot at SFO watching Building43 videos. I am so happy I have @rocmanusa -- he makes everyone look good.
The path to launching a new thing is very tough. I have gained a lot of respect for anyone who builds new teams and new businesses. I can't wait to see what you think. - Robert Scoble
'see what i think'?? LOL, you're wanting to get inside our heads? all this work has turned you into a zombie and now you're after brains ;) - Rachel Clarke
I am really looking forward to this! Roll on 11th - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Very cool. I can't wait to see it. Welcome to the land of creation! - Troy Malone
When are we going to do an interview about how we are using Mosso for our file hosting on Pelotonics AND the Google Documents tie-in?? - Troy Malone
Troy: where are you located? I'd love to get you on the calendar. Call me at +1-425-205-1921 - Robert Scoble
Can't wait to see the launch. - Curt Mercadante
Fred Davis
It’s amazing how something can be so great and so horrid at the same time. Take Twitter… please! Everyone knows Twitter’s quality of service is among the worst in the industry… so I guess I’m not surprised to find out that their customer support is, um, uh, well they don’t have any. Someone hacked my Twitter account (API security hole is my guess)...
Can we help Fred Davis get his Twitter account back? It's funny that the co-founder of Wired Magazine is locked out of his Twitter account. - Robert Scoble
Has this been resolved? We can do a story on if you'd like. - Ralf Rottmann from BuddyFeed
Fred - any luck yet? I sure hope so by now! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Robert Scoble
Where to watch today's Apple keynote:
Darrel: I would rather keep this over here: - Robert Scoble
Got it. Sorry wasn't paying attention - Darrel Davis
Is this going to be streamed on web video? Or is this just for talking about it? - frank barry
frank: Apple rarely lets people stream video at their press conferences but someone usually turns on a cell phone or a Mac with Ustream or something. - Robert Scoble
Robert will be on stage streaming via Qik! - Mike Lewis
Frank Barry: Apple isn't allowing streaming audio or video from inside the keynote, but I know is having a stream that will be covering it from outside the keynote by having people from inside liveblog. - Mister IQ
Mike: no, I won't be there. - Robert Scoble
here's the list of live coverages to follow: - Konstantin
Konstantin: that list isn't even close to complete. There's a lot more over on - Robert Scoble
now updated. Of course it's not complete - these are only some of the sites I'M HOPING will not go down - Konstantin
Gizmodo. Those guys are funny and really, really geeky. - RobinDotNet
Robert, Mister IQ - thanks for the tips! - frank barry
Jesse Stay
In a moving car, I'm getting close to DSL speeds - I love it!:
Picture 2.png
This is on a laptop via AT&T Wireless - Jesse Stay
Driving? - Louis Gray
Louis, no, I'm in the passenger seat. My wife is driving. I'm also transferring database servers, and picking up Krispie Kreme donuts at the same time. It brings a whole new level to multi-tasking when you can do it in the car! - Jesse Stay
But yes, it is in the car. - Jesse Stay
Robert Scoble
I'm looking forward to meeting @zkellyq and others at the Tweetup today. What a nice thing to write about me:
It would be good to see you come up to Canada, I'm East of Vancouver, British Columbia. Come work your magic up here and see what great potential is brewing. - Owen Greaves
The reasons Chris Brogan mentioned in that article is why I 'keep up with you' despite your very Human moments, where you come with statements that I just don't know how to react to in a good way. You are a tremendous value-adder to your network, and I have found you to be an inspiration since your channel 9 days when I myself was part of the early wave of videoblogging, among other... more... - Raymond M. Kristiansen
I have only really started following Robert's work over the last few months..and I gues what I appreciate most are his 'human' moments...the times where in a FF comment, he writes exactly what he feels. My point is, that doesn't happen very much, not from 'famous' people. What can at times look a little reactive or even a bit childish is really just human, sort of what I would have... more... - Daniel Kenney
"Robert is interested in the intersection of 'future potential' and 'positive impact.' Translation please? - Stephen Pickering
See I didn't realize Robert Scoble was such a rock star, maybe it's because of the way he acts, so normal. - Eran Even-Kesef
Robert Scoble
Use your phone as a digital business card with this: -
Use your phone as a digital business card with this:
Map This is Chris Hopkins co-founder of Dub. They are working on a new version that hooks up to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other data that will come in late June. @dubmenow is his Twitter address. - Robert Scoble
I'm still waiting for the time when we will be able to touch each other's phones to exchange info. - Sasha Kovaliov
looks great! Waiting for the Europe version ;) - Lorenzo Strambi
This looks promising especially for sales people with many contacts and are always on the road. - Lon Cohen
Very sweet. This is the type of app that drives a market. - Fred McClimans
US only :( People - reviews! :) - Sasha Kovaliov
have you seen SnapDat on iPhone? - Goktug Gedik
Trying it out now. - Brian Bufalo
cool idea - Susan Beebe
Grrr! Looks like contact sharing done right, but alas, US-only. :( - Grey Drane
Hey Robert, Check out My Name is E, they already handle Twitter, FaceBook, etc. Let's set up a demo when your free. (fyi, I am on their Board) - khrisloux
So is this like a plaxo client for the phone? (i.e. canonical copy held be web service) - Boris Gordon
Looked great but was immediately disappointed that it didn't work in Europe. US only at the moment. - Angus Neil
After using it, it seems to be missing useful features. You can't add a profile picture. You can't add a paragraph to list personal or professional information. Essentially, it's just contact information. Why not leverage the power of this being electronic and add features? - Paul Maez
Why can you only add one IM service and one Social link? No pic either? - Shawn Hickman
I have to wonder whether these types of applications can ever really generate the traction needed to become anything more than a passing fad. If you want to exchange business information why not SMS/email/whatever your .tel address? Or is no-one using .tel? - Gee Ranasinha
To answer and ask you a question, what is .tel? - Brian Bufalo from IM
Interesting. - Brian Bufalo from IM
No software to install, and works in every country. Here's my info if you're interested - Gee Ranasinha
Gee, does that mean that everyone has to buy a .tel address? - Shawn Hickman
err...yes, in the same way that you'd buy a URL. But at about €15/$20 per year it's not that bad. What I like about it is that all your details are stored directly in the DNS without the need for an application, website or anything else and the information is accessible from any device. - Gee Ranasinha
Reminds me of the old Palm Pilot; let you "beam" your contact info via infrared. That was great fun - Bill Alpert from twhirl
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