Another beautiful visual explanation - how your immune system actually works. via @seyhunak
RT @julian0liver: Excellent work from @bitnk: Random Darknet Shopper - a bot that shops the darknets w/ $100 worth of Bitcoins per week
Beautifully simple video of how Key Exchange works
Beautifully simple video of how Key Exchange works
Dumbo Festival of Light #nyfol @ DUMBO Arts Festival
Coming soon: A browser dedicated to web developers, from @mozilla
RT @SDLerner: Do you have a Bitcoin business idea and you need Bitcoin experts to build your product? Contact @coinfabrik
RT @ideo: Seeking digital tools for design research? Here are 16+:
"How the internet is run, governed and filtered is a human rights issue." @zeynep
RT @ZackShapiro: Build a stock portfolio like LEGOs with Hello Money
RT @keywonc: RT @ZackShapiro "Build a stock portfolio like LEGOs with Hello Money" -- also with 24,000+ funds ;)
Democracy may need a redesign to trump populism that exploits the unaware, uninterested, and the ignorant #turkeyelections
RT @miocaro: şurada seçime ne kaldı. bu hesaplar çok işinize yarayacak #FF @SecimMuhabiri @TRninOYLARI @GurbetinOylari @saydirac
A data view on the Israel-Gaza media war by @gilgul
RT @nyff: I know where you are aiming! A great UX idea from @cihadturhan
RT @ggreenwald: Israeli anti-war activist in the New Yorker on the country's "twisted world view" & attacks on war opponents
Verifying myself: My Bitcoin username is +erdogan. #bitcoin
RT @arikan: The right to get revenue for users #userlabor http://userrights.contemporary... @erdogan
This is refreshing: Bitcoin as an operation currency for a company, also used to raise money via @adamludwin
How to design a very very fancy mirror (a beautiful & informative documentation) by @aprilzero
"A more diverse audience of art lovers will celebrate artists that achieve trans-brow appeal." in @wsj by @carterac
Quote of the day by @zsims "be a cockroach, because cockroaches don't quit" @ycombinator #startupschool
Next AI challenge: replace soccer referees
How A Mining Monopoly Can Attack Bitcoin (incl. monopoly nostalgia) by @el33th4xor cc @arikan
RT @mdpotvin: Canadian Robot to Hitchhike Across Country Without Human Supervision via @Techvibes
RT @crowcrag: @erdogan @andjelicaaa You can get a good view of that controversial Fred penalty dive here:
5-second films documenting some key moments of World Cup. Watch out for Gullit! cc @crowcrag via @andjelicaaa
RT @davidlubensky: Our DBS programming wins Gold Medical Design Excellence Awards: Implant and Tissue Replacement Products. Congrats @erdogan @bhoffer #MDEA14
RT @matrushka: .@arikan @erdogan What if you guys use to track amount of private information we leak on social media?
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