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WiFi On The School Bus -
They're quiet because they're all cyberbullying one another. AMIRITE DATELINE?! - EricaJoy
Morning Sickness Remedy Found To Contain Lead And Arsenic -
Um, who eats stuff that looks like that. It looks EXTREMELY similar to the lead based illegal ant "chalk" my former landlord used to use. - EricaJoy
Unbelievable Poker Hand AA vs KK vs QQ + insane fold -
Unbelievable Poker Hand AA vs KK vs QQ + insane fold
Nuts. - Louis Gray
She must have a Friendfeed feed in Google Reader, I never thought of doing that. - NOT THE CRICKET
Nah, my YT shares come here and Google Reader. My Google Reader shares come here too so its a dual posting situation. I spose I could turn off the direct YT shares. - EricaJoy
Erica, I'm actually just wondering how you came across the video, I shared it here maybe 2 hours ago. LOL - NOT THE CRICKET
Oh I saw it here then favorited it. :) Then <insert little arrow pointing back to first comment> - EricaJoy
It's definitely one of the most bizarre hands I've ever seen though. :) - NOT THE CRICKET
Oh ditto. Although I never trust pocket rockets, EVER. I have been burned by those evil twins far too many times. He was nuts for going all in on that. - EricaJoy
Yeah, I've had mediocre success with them as well, oddly one of my favorite hands is 84, had more than my fair share of wins with that hand. :) - NOT THE CRICKET
Wow. Ice cold. - Rahsheen
Wow. - Chieze Okoye
I think that was Patrik Antonius commentating, "poor play gets rewarded while good play gets punished." sucked to see the king river. I don't know how he folded those kings. - chrisofspades
TED Talks mischief: lasers killing mosquitoes by the hundreds -
Please ship 100,000 units to Interior Alaska and distribute amongst residents. - EricaJoy
Re: 23and…You? The African-American 23andMe Experience -
""So what you want is lower prices for African Americans because their median income is lower? " No I want a lower price for to be available for everyone who can't afford to fork over >=50% of a months rent for genetic studies. A large number of AfAm's happen to fall into this group. "A likely answer is that 75% of the population is european and only 12.4% was African American. Considering a disperse population, it would be easier to find a sample from 75% than 12.4%. With the study conducted on this sample, researchers can continue with smaller samples of other races with smaller percentages of the population." if 75% of the population is European, you might suspect that researchers and geneticists have plenty of European samples to work with, no? Why, then, continue devoting money for studies to adding more European samples? As a researcher, would you not want a complete picture of the human genome and its mutations, rather than a narrow look at one specific mutation (European) and..." - EricaJoy
A new Buzz start-up experience based on your feedback -
Man, the team is working their butts off and iterating like crazy. This is my impressed face. - EricaJoy
Windows XP patch fiasco gets even crazier, Microsoft now scrambling for solutions -
Damn. I suspected malware in the back of my mind as the root cause of these issues. I hope MSFT publishes numbers on just how many computers failed due to prior infection from malware exploiting this hole. - EricaJoy
IdeaPad U1, What We Wanted the iPad To Be -
I am fairly certain I was screaming this at the top of my e-lungs during the launch of the iPad. Glad to see I'm not the only one. - EricaJoy
Real Wedding: Cristina & James -
This whole wedding is gorgeous. If I were getting married on a beach... - EricaJoy
DOGHOUSE | Fax Machine Timeline -
DOGHOUSE | Fax Machine Timeline
The 2010 one should be covered in dust and spidewebs. - Anika
Until you blow the dust and cobwebs off to deal with vendors that have yet to grasp the concept of scan and email. - EricaJoy from IM
*cough* Government agencies and banks *cough* - Anika
At my job, we receive more than 300 faxes a day vs. 150 by email for proofs of payment, not bad, with my 5 years as a collection agent, I've seen people move to email slowly: "Do a print screen, ClientBornIn1918, go to paint, yes, EDIT/PASTE, yes, and then send that screenshot by email, ok, you use Hotmail? New Message... ok, then we have a section called To: hehehe" - Zu from AOD
One client sent us a Word document; 27 page contract in with 4 pages for us to sign. She fully expected me to print, sign, then fax that entire 27 page contract. I signed the papers, then put the whole thing in PDF. She thought I was magical. - Anika
sshhhhh, we ARE magical! I do this all the time and the old timers are like wow! :-D - Paulette
NEWS FLASH: fax machines are still used plenty all over the world. - Big Joe Silence
BREAKING UPDATE: Fax machines KILL TREES! - EricaJoy from IM
Going private for a bit... ;)
....annnnd we're back! That was fun. - EricaJoy
lol as well - sofarsoShawn
Whee! - Spidra Webster
Why go private? If I were you, I'd go colonel or even general. Because in my perception, that's how you roll. - Mark Davidson
AJ Batac
"Furious Fuchsia, a pair of words not often seen together, is the name of a new special edition Dodge Challenger muscle car. The bright purple cars from the still struggling Chrysler Group, available on V8-powered R/T and SRT-8 versions, will be officially unveiled later this week at the Chicago Auto Show, but the company provided photographs ahead of time" - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
So. Tired. Of. Silver. Cars. - Derrick
Um. I'm at a loss for words. - Miriella
Just looking at that fuschia car makes me want to buy one and go rob banks in it. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I agree more silver is not required (unless it is a vintage Porsche with red leather) -- but fuchsia? There were these kind of colours in the '70s (lime, bright orange, pink) on muscle cars -- hated them then too. - Brian Sullivan
I don't even like pink all that much but i kind of like those because they're different - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Owned a sliver '72 911 with black interior - was never all that fond of that combination though. - Brian Sullivan
Or the last either likely but life would be no fun if everybody agreed. - Brian Sullivan
They seem to want it both ways - playing to really tired gender stereotypes in their Dodge Charger Superbowl commercial and then expecting that same macho market to break out and use a "girl" color. - Spidra Webster
@Brian - crazy bright orange, I love. Fuschia, not so much. - Andrew C (✔)
I'd drive a Pepto Racer! - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
this will sell HUGE in the vast GHAY! flaming demographic - sofarsoShawn
Ooh! I finally have a car to match those shoes! Wait... - Just another Bubba
i do love that car - just not that color - that looks like what Barney would drive 3 years after his show was canceled and 6 months after his wife left him - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
I'd drive that car until the wheels flew off. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
That car makes me think dirty thoughts. - EricaJoy
Any bartenders around? I haz a question.
You're a bartender Mona? - EricaJoy from IM
I was. - Mona Nomura
Ever cater or tend bar at a wedding? - EricaJoy from IM
No...I bartended at clubs. I have friends in the Bay who bartend -- one even works at the Goog! (she's in PR) - Mona Nomura
I had an open bar at my wedding... Does that count? - no name
Did you buy the alcohol yourself? I'm trying to estimate how much alcohol to buy. - EricaJoy from IM
We bought it in bulk, through the bartender/venue. We did have to pay for it in advance, which required an estimate of how much we thought people would drink. For that, I just thought to myself: "self: how drunk would you want to get at this wedding?" Then I factored in how many attendees get more drunk than me and how many attendees get less drunk than me. There was a calculator... more... - no name
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 - Black [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] -
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 - Black [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]
Just playing. :) - EricaJoy
I have this camera. It's awesome. - Anika
I've actually been shopping for a couple of webcams. :) - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
If you want a cam with a good sound, great image quality in low light (being all sexy chocolatey like me) for your laptop, this is it. I don't even use my other webcams any more. Even on the desktop, I'd use this one over the powerball Logictech one we have. - Anika
Sexy chocolately? *dead* - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
verified name? - chrisofspades
@chrisofspades Check out for more information on name verification. - John Mueller
thanks John. so is it only related to Knol, or will it also be similar to Twitter's verified accounts, especially as Google rolls out Buzz? - chrisofspades
It existed long before Twitter had verified accounts so I don't know that you can correlate the two. - EricaJoy from IM
true, but Twitter existed before Buzz, but now Google has Buzz, and it sounds like Buzz will be rolled out to profile pages (maybe I'm wrong there?), and if Google profile pages suddenly have these Buzzes, they will look very similar to Twitter/Friendfeed/etc profile pages, and then I see "verified name" so I couldn't help but think verified in the same way Twitter verifies. did that make sense? - chrisofspades
Made sense yes. Accurate? Not so much. The verified name thing has nothing to do with Buzz. There are just two different things that happen to have homes on Google profiles. - EricaJoy from IM
but if its only relevant to Knol, I'd like to see some sort of indication of that. perhaps a link to that page that John linked above. I think Google profile pages are going to gain more prominence and that current "verified" badge seems misleading to me. - chrisofspades
Google Buzz by Erica Baker from FriendFeed -
Google Buzz by Erica Baker from FriendFeed
Google Buzz by Erica Baker from FriendFeed
Google Buzz by Erica Baker from FriendFeed
Pay me no attention, just seeing if I can asplodinate things. - EricaJoy from Bookmarklet
Eff yes, 3 out of 4 of my bridesmaids are Gmail users. Once I get the 4th one, we can do all our planning right in Buzz without worry of anybody else seeing. It is so on.
Can you @reply a non-gmail address? Do they receive an email to participate in the Buzz via plain old email? - Benjamin Golub
I dunno, I suspect its a Gmail only feature. Luckily I have 85 Gmail invites. ;) - EricaJoy
Official Gmail Blog: Google Buzz in Gmail -
Official Gmail Blog: Google Buzz in Gmail
"Five years ago, Gmail was just email. Later we added chat and then video chat, both built right in, so people had choices about how to communicate from a single browser window. Today, communication on the web has evolved beyond email and chat — people are sharing photos with friends and family, commenting on news happening around them, and telling the world what they're up to in real-time. This new social sharing is valuable, but it means there's a lot more stuff to sort through, and it's harder to get past status updates and engage in meaningful discussions." - EricaJoy from Bookmarklet
"Go beyond status messages Share updates, photos, videos, and more. Start conversations about the things you find interesting." - EricaJoy from Bookmarklet
Louis Gray
I am at @Google watching the room fill up for this morning's presentation. @dondodge @chrismessina @benparr @jowyang and many others here.
good to see the event being held in SV. - Allen Stern
At their HQ? Would that not make sense, Allen? - Louis Gray
I think we're seeing the evolution of the internal "walled garden" within Google... will Buzz and comments in Reader be integrated? - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, not yet that I know of. - Louis Gray
take some photos louis of the room and stuff - Allen Stern
More and more lately it seems like Google's becoming a Big Company, where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. It feels like isolated product teams (Gmail, Reader, Wave) are all duplicating effort. - Ken Sheppardson
@Ken They are doing that to see which on sticks I believe. They are behind on the Social movement so they are desperately trying to gain traction... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
They're not going to catch Facebook like this. - Ken Sheppardson
Allen, no need for photos. Why take photos when other people have video and it is streaming? You don't want my photos. My blog posts are all queued up. - Louis Gray
Ken, won't be a valid "walled garden" without privacy controls - haven't seen much mention of privacy control here... - Jesse Stay
Jesse, every single post can be made private or your entire stream can be private. - Louis Gray
I guess I'm thinking "silo" moreso than "walled garden", i.e. I don't see how they reconcile this with Reader shares/comments. - Ken Sheppardson
Oh, wait. RSS is dead. Nevermind. Sorry. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken -- just wait. We couldn't say everything all at once. : ) I think you'll be happy. - DeWitt Clinton
Ken, the look/feel and activity between Buzz and Reader are practically identical. I would assume that in the future, they will be synched. The team has said there are 1000 things they would like to improve. - Louis Gray
Thanks DeWitt. :) Patience is needed. - Louis Gray
Louis, yes, but can I specify only certain groups of people can see it? - Jesse Stay
Cool, DeWitt. Patience and real time are incompatible, btw ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I'd also really like to see Facebook and Twitter integration (deep) into all this - Jesse Stay
Is there a public timeline? Without it, can it become a "Twitter Killer"? - Ken Sheppardson
btw techcrunch has posted their apparently 2pm post now -fyi - Allen Stern
DeWitt, hook us up! :-) - Jesse Stay
I'm sure DeWitt has all the FriendFeed users he knows in the first batch... right DeWitt? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
louis - i will link you up and remove the live links once your post goes live - Allen Stern
Lists? Facebook? Twitter integration? - Jesse Stay
Allen, not a big surprise re: TC. Par for the course. - Louis Gray
Activitystreams support? - Ken Sheppardson
apps for your domain support? - Paul Lindner
Opensocial support? - Jesse Stay
Paul: "Enterprise" support coming later. - Ken Sheppardson
Can somebody PLEASE mention WAVE?! - Ken Sheppardson
Matthew, there is no GWitter. That's not the goal. They are working with Twitter, not against it. - Louis Gray
Ken, they did discuss Wave earlier. - Louis Gray
Louis: Did they? Jeez... So much for multitasking... is this Wave/XMPP on the back end? - Ken Sheppardson
I can't believe they won't release this to Google Apps at launch. Not having Google Reader in Google Apps is one thing, where it's sorta standalone, but I don't use my email address at all because I have a Google Apps domain. Why would I want to use two different email inboxes? - Mark Trapp
It looks like Facebook? I don't see the resemblance. - Jesse Stay
Are you staying for lunch louis? - EricaJoy
Jesse: Only a non-FriendFeed user would say it looks like Facebook ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
It doesn't even look like FriendFeed - it looks like Reader - Jesse Stay
@MarkTrapp That's the Buzz Killer - It assumes you use GMail for email along with all your friends. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
If it supports activity streams you can technically integrate the stream support with any rss client that wants to support activity streams - Jesse Stay
Buzz is absolutely exciting. I hope it can use the same recommendation format to pull in RSS feeds with highest "buzz". - Nathan Chase
Erica is about to make a group called "I Lived in Alaska and I'm Unimpressed By Your 'Blizzard'."
Then I will make another group... :P - AJ Batac
Can I join? I haven't actually lived in Alaska, but I spent a week in Beloit, Wisconsin in January of 2009. 18" of snow one night, -24 F temperature, -40-something windchill. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
My group would be "I can handle 100F+ temps without air con". - Melly
My group would be "Your weather in Alaska is summer to us". - AJ Batac
Were you there in the winter of 91 or 92 Sarah? We definitely got snow MUCH faster. - EricaJoy from IM
Yeah Fairbanks got more snow than I've ever seen that winter. There was a snow hill in front of my house and I could climb out my moms bedroom window (on the second floor) and slide down it. - EricaJoy from IM
I will join and remind you we help pay your heating bills :p - MiniMage from BuddyFeed
Oh, wait, you used the past tense! - MiniMage from BuddyFeed
I don't follow... - EricaJoy from IM
That money they said all Alaskans get from the "lower 48," because heating homes costs so much up there. - MiniMage from BuddyFeed
I wonder who the "they" are because I've never heard such a thing. Also? Alaska has plenty o' oil. I think they're set for heating homes. - EricaJoy from IM
Whoa. Epic facebook improvement.
Am I the only one that hasn't got my profile refreshed yet? - Jesper Lind
No, no change here also. Also, Facebook gives me some very strange friends suggestions lately... People who just signed up, have less that 5 connections and I haven't seen them in my life. Facebook, remember, you're not Twitter! :) - George Moga
Facebook has been refreshed? This is news to me. I can't wait for the torrent of angry complaints from Facebook users wanting the "old" Facebook. - Brian Chang
In this case, I don't think those complaints will come. This is the first change that has actually improved the UI IMO. - EricaJoy from IM
I swear I'm always like the last to get my FB updated. :/ I think it knows I don't like it very much. - Jandy
To me, it all looks like variations on a bad design. You can move feces around the litter box but that doesn't mean you've made it better. - Akiva
I'm seeing the complaints in my feed now before I'm even seeing the changes. I think a lot of Facebook users just complain because they don't like change, even when it's an improvement. Do people always complain this much about interface changes, or is it only with Facebook? - Brian Chang
My coworker just got it. She's pissed. She says she can't find anything. :/ I still don't have it. BOO. - Jandy
I still don't have it. - Andrew C (✔)
I finally got mine updated about a hour ago. - Jesper Lind
When am I going to get my updated FB??? (((whine))) - Bonnie Foster
Mine also updated during the night. And yes, it's harder (or impossible) to find some things now. Friends lists are no longer on the main page. - George Moga
Woot! - Spidra Webster
Tee Gee Eye Eff. - Derrick
YUM. my favorite lambic - holly #ravingfangirl
Um, ok Tad. - Derrick
That is one big glass of awesome! - Jeff P. Henderson
lol - iTad
I knew Tad was gonna say GIRL DRINK. 'Cause we've been married long enough that I know exactly what he's thinking. I would love one of those! - Lindsay
*pours a glass for Lindsay* - Derrick
The Raspberry is the best. - EricaJoy
I haven't had this in years. Went to school with a woman from Poland who LOVED these and always had them at her house. They're sweet and a bit different from what kind of beer I drink normally, but I like it. Nice change of pace. - Derrick
Rachel Lea Fox
Because I can't pass up a chance to post wedding photos, here are all the girls in my wedding. You would be surprised how different each of their body types are in other cloths, but A-frame dresses just cover it all and actually make everyone look similar. Without meaning to different height heels made everyone close to the same height too!
Show all
I tried it on, and I even looked good in this dress. Kinda wish I had bought one. - Rachel Lea Fox
That looks familiar. Is that the Saratoga Country Club? - Rodfather
Love it! I just posted and tagged it on FB. - Kevin Fox
Rodfather, no it is Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley. - Rachel Lea Fox
Ah nice - Rodfather
Wow, looks great! - Just Mrs. V
Love wedding pictures :) The colors are fantastic...I've always wanted to do a wedding with those colors for flowers - Tamara, #TeamMarina
That is an awesome dress. And you are gorgeous. :) - Alix May
Thanks all! Alix, you are sweet. Tamara, I loved my colors! The bouquets were supposed to have some small blue flowers mixed in, and I'm still disappointed that the florist messed that up, but they came out beautiful anyway. I so adore delilahs and the florist did actually pick these from her own fields! - Rachel Lea Fox
Beautiful wedding party! - Anne Bouey
Thank you Anne and Sheila! - Rachel Lea Fox
GAWJUS! - EricaJoy
EricaJoy ??? - Rachel Lea Fox
Gorgeous, with an overly played up southern accent. :) - EricaJoy from IM
ahhhhhh.... cool. thanks. - Rachel Lea Fox
so beautiful, congrats =] - Marissa
love the colors!! - Myrna
This is the hottest thing you will see all day: LackRack - Eth0Wiki -
This is the hottest thing you will see all day: LackRack - Eth0Wiki
This is the hottest thing you will see all day: LackRack - Eth0Wiki
Show all
"First occurrence on eth0:2010 Winterlan, the LackRack is the ultimate, low-cost, high shininess solution for your modular datacenter-in-the-living-room. Featuring the LACK (side table) from Ikea, the LackRack is an easy-to-implement, exact-fit datacenter building block. It's a little known fact that we have seen Google engineers tinker with Lack tables since way back in 2009. The LackRack will certainly make its appearance again this summer at eth0:2010 Summer." - EricaJoy from Bookmarklet
Want. Now. :-) - Jeffrey Canton from Android
Paul Buchheit
hey are you in cincinnati? - MikeAmundsen
No, mailorder. - Paul Buchheit from iPhone
Delicous food. You are eating nicer food than at the beginning of 100meals. - Mark
No, that's the wrong plate for Skyline. I had dinner there tonight, and other tipoffs are that the cheese isn't quite the right color, the chili is distributed wrong, and the spaghetti doesn't appear to be right. - Gabe
it's so much better when it comes right to your table here in the Queen City. - MikeAmundsen
I never knew cheese went with chili but it certainly looks good. - Mark from iPhone
Mark: You've never heard of chili con queso? - Gabe
Nope just chili con carni - Mark from iPhone
Did you get Graeter's too? - Eric Borisch from iPod
I wish I lived near a Graeter's. I can get it at nearby grocery stores, but it's not the same. - Gabe
Mark: never tried cheese on chili? Wow. Whenever I order chili I'm asked if I'd like cheese on it. It's very good - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
Chili is a very American food, so if Mark hasn't heard of eating it with cheese, I'm guessing he's not American. And of course most people outside of the Michigan/Ohio area probably aren't familiar with this Greek style of chili (originally put on spaghetti by Greek immigrants in Ohio and hot dogs by Greek immigrants in Michigan) which contains things like cinnamon or chocolate. - Gabe
So how long would a skyline outfit last in SF? A couple days, tops. - Rob Hoeting
Yeah when we have chili over here in england it looks nothing like that. The above picture looks like spaghetti bolognese to me. - Mark
My chili is all beans, no meat. Topped with grated cheddar, chopped onions and sour cream. I'd eat it on spaghetti but I prefer a base of cornbread. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Mark: Chili on spaghetti is not typically how it's eaten in most of America. It's a Cincinatti speciality. Skyline is a fast food chain that serves it and other chili dishes. See for more details - Benjamin Golub
As a native Cincinnatian, I've spent many years perfecting a non-frozen/canned/packet version of Skyline. I'm happy to share the spice combo if anyone is interested. - Jess
I have never had the original but the knockoff from Steak and Shake is really good. Man I miss Steak and Shake. - EricaJoy
100meals has shown me how many people love good wholesome food. - Mark
Rob, there was actually a bar in San Jose called the "flying pig" or something that claimed to serve Cincinnati-style chili. It wasn't as good as skyline though. When I open my restaurant, we'll serve real skyline. - Paul Buchheit
"Youkilis declared the last Monday of every month [at Edward's on West Broadway] to be Cincinnati Night, featuring Skyline chili, ribs imported from the Montgomery Inn (another Queen City landmark), and ice cream from Graeter’s, a local chain that draws on the community’s German roots. On an average Monday, Youkilis serves about eighty dinners, but on Cincinnati Night the clientele doubles." ON TOP OF SPAGHETTI by Jeffrey Toobin [] - MikeAmundsen
Jess: Do tell... More cities could use a restaurant doing a 'Cincinnati Night' -- I'm sure there's plenty of us transplants around that would frequent a place for a ribs king, Skyline, and Graeter's (if you haven't tried the new Blueberry Pie ice cream you're missing out) fix. If only I could move my job to Cincy... - Eric Borisch
Mona Nomura
Android Roll Call: Who Has One? -
Android Roll Call: Who Has One?
...just trying to figure out who my new phone buddies are gonna be. G1, Droid, N1, any and all! - Mona Nomura from Posterous
I do! (but it's a G1) - Christian (Simply X)
Droid -> - Rodfather
HTC Magic. - Andrew C (✔)
Do you guys like your HTCs? - Mona Nomura
Yeah, it's nice. Half my issues with it are about speed, so presumably the faster CPU of the N1 means you won't encounter those. Oh yeah, and not having a 3.5mm jack, also not an issue after the Magic. - Andrew C (✔)
"DROOOOIIIID" - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Rooted G1 running Android 2.1 :D Looking forward to the N2 or Dell Mini 5 or... who the hell knows what's around the bend! It's the wild wild west right now... - Adrian
This is all excellent feed back -- I'm not as worried or scared anymore. - Mona Nomura
The general apps for Android are a decent second place to Apple IMO, but for games it's a distant second. I want an iPod touch just so I don't miss out. (and I can tell myself it's professional curiosity. =) ) - Andrew C (✔)
I have a Nexus One and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still have my iphone for a few apps, but Android FTW! - shaun mclane
Droid and its awesome. My first smart phone and it can pretty much do anything. - Douglas Blair
Droid and Nexus One. Aw yeah. - EricaJoy
G1 owner here. It gets slow at times, but that's not a fault of the OS. I'll be glad when I can upgrade. I do love it, though! - Anthony Sanchez
Nexus One, which I absolutely love, but waiting on it to be repaired, after my toddler chucked it against the hardwood floor. Cracked screen :( - Joel Webber
Joel, that's terrible. I dropped mine from my desk the other day with the USB plugged in. It bent the part on the cord, and no it doesn't stay in well, but the phone is fine, and the wall charger still works perfectly. I can't wait for the OTA update coming today. - shaun mclane
I've dropped my G1 many times on concrete, in the rain, in the rain on concrete, etc... not a scratch on the screen. Still works. Luck of the draw I guess. - Adrian
I have just seen the most absurd catering quote I have ever laid eyes on. These people are _really_ full of themselves, I think.
Ok I think I'm just now getting over it. Seriously? You want to serve my guests with plastic forks and paper plates? - EricaJoy
It's an interesting industry. For the most part wedding vendors don't have repeat customers so they can almost charge whatever they want. Word of mouth is important but I think they can mostly get away without it leaving little incentive to bend. - Benjamin Golub
When I was actually catering, I never did weddings. It's hard to stand out in that market for that very reason, Benjamin. There are other reasons I didn't do them, but this is the big one. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Benjamin Golub
My Citi card APR just jumped 19% to 36%. I don't carry a balance but that's a shocking increase
Call and threaten to cancel. It'll go back down. - EricaJoy
Good idea - Benjamin Golub
True - Rahsheen
I'm surprised 36% is even legal! - Shannon Jiménez
Oh no. I hope mine hasn't done anything similar. :( I *do* carry a balance. I might need to check it soon. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Kamilah: the only reason I knew it happened was Mint sent me an alert. If I didn't use Mint I'd probably never have noticed - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin, this is technically illegal now, since August 2009 credit lenders must give you at least a 45 day notice before they increase your rate. "Credit card issuers must give you 45 days notice if they intend to raise your rates. Further, they must allow you to “opt out” of the rate increase and pay your existing balance under the old rate terms." From: - NOT THE CRICKET
Jimminy: they might have notified me. I am not good at reading mail :P - Benjamin Golub
I have Mint, too, but I don't check it often enough. Maybe I should have a look. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
woah, that's steep! - Jim #teamFFrank
Don't threaten to cancel. Just cancel. Get another card. - DeWitt Clinton
That would be annoying. I'd have to change my number all over the place. - Benjamin Golub
It'll happen eventually for one reason or another. Stolen card, expiration, changing banks. Still, you should send them a strong signal that this was just not okay. Not that 19% is either, but hey. - DeWitt Clinton
Just got off the phone with Citi. They have a bug apparently that is causing people to see very high rates. The rep kept telling me my rate is 17% despite it saying 36%. When I asked how I'm supposed to know when the bug is fixed she said I should check the website daily and then check my statement. When I told her that is terribly inefficient and they should notify customers about the issue and notify customers when it is solved she said that would be great but we can't. - Benjamin Golub
yeah right!! the bug is a human error that has bumped you into the 36% bracket. I wonder why you still want this card open ;-) - kartik vaithyanathan
Cancel the card, Ben. They're playing you. - DeWitt Clinton
Karitk and DeWitt are correct. Ben's not the only customer having this issue - - imabonehead
Maybe, I'm busy at the moment but I'll call again later - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
If you do switch, I've been happy with Schwab, both for brokerage and for checking. Maybe open a new card somewhere else, migrate all the places you use the old one, then cancel? - DeWitt Clinton
Isn't 17% still high? Agree with DeWitt about Schwab too. - Todd Hoff
Most cards in the UK are ramping their rates too. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
I still have no clue what is going on. The next rep I talked to said it was because I had a foreign transaction fee which brought me up to the default rate. Then I spoke to the supervisor and she said that field on the website now tells you what your maximum rate could be and I should refer to my statement for my real rate. It's all very confusing. If my next statement doesn't say 16.99% I'll just move on. I don't maintain a balance so it doesn't matter much I suppose. - Benjamin Golub
Ben, how long have you had the card? One factor of your credit score is the average length of time across all cards you possess. Another factor it would influence as well, would be decreasing your Debt/Credit ratio, though this could be remedied with another card. As it seems you don't keep a balance maybe just stick it in a drawer or chop it up, if they change the rate. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yeah that's the other reason I don't plan on canceling; I'm just not going to use it. This is my oldest card and represents most of my credit. Canceling would probably cause damage to my credit score - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin, switch to USAA credit card - you'll get a much, much lower rate. (hopefully this wasn't USAA) They're also very good at negotiating to lower rates. - Jesse Stay
Yeah, my USAA card has a great rate. But the rewards aren't as good. - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin, I get 1% back on all purchases I make with my USAA card. I've found that to be better than most points systems. I'm curious what you've found is better. - Jesse Stay
My USAA card has a tiered system. You get 1 point for each dollar but if you cash out a smaller amount of points you don't get 1% back. It takes something like 20000 points to reach 1%. Before that you are getting more like .8%. - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin, tell them you have a friend getting the 1% rewards card system on USAA and ask if you can get it too - I bet they'll give it to you. - Jesse Stay
Credit card companies are going to bumping up a LOT of rates in the next week to beat the Feb. 1 deadline when the new federal rules take effect. After that, it will get a lot harder for CC companies to suddenly and arbitrarily bump up rates. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
My APR is magically back to 17% - Benjamin Golub
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