The Hebraic answer to @TheKominas and cutting edge @Taqwacore: Bei Mir Bistu Schoen from the Sisters of Mercy #passover
If you aren't following @sebpaquet, you might let his blog 'Emergent Cities' try to change your mind. I did. #ff
Xenon Experiment fails to awaken even a little SUSY:
Jacks-of-one-trade are understandably pretty defensive.
We are in a process of giving 2nd, 3rds, etc... chances to senior economists so that we do not risk giving 1st chances to people who get it.
At this point 'The Girl without Body Modification' would have been a more compelling title.
Particle Physics and Neoclassical Economics can stay irrational longer than the heterodox can stay solvent.
Q: Is there a term for words which are synonymous at the level of content but antonyms at the level of empathy (e.g. Foul-mouthed v Salty)?
Why are we not joyously out in the streets in a show of force...ever? In what year did we outgrow those things that actually work?
Quora: (Theoretical Physics) Rank the leading explanations for 3 fermion generations by level of support? ... Answer:
RT @sebpaquet: "The most precious resource [in science] is not funding. It is space in the gated dominant narrative." @EricRWeinstein via @michael_nielsen
Kayfabe voted top scientific concept at @Edge by head of the Technion Management Institute Shlomo Maital: ! #aprilfirst
Me: You're late for school. Let's rock n roll. 5YO: [Appears w/ red Strat] "There's a red house over yonder!" Me: Figuratively. 5YO: Oh.
Irish Followers: Arch Capitalist @declanganley brings the fight against financial cronyism to radio show @lstwrd..uh..from my office?!! Now.
I am being followed by punk Islamists and radical feminists. Yet my fear is being followed by various executives I know off-line.
"Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden." by G Mendel is on auction at Christies. Q: Defend your favorite 'impact factor' given the $86K price.
The lesson of @Taqwacore has little to do w/ Punk&Islam. It showed us it is possible to invent missing cultures. That's highly non-trivial.
If you are looking for others who refuse to run human malware, void the warranty on your own mind and follow @umairh.
Apparently, @_CatStevens was unfollowed by @_a_moonshadow and we didn't even get a song out of it.
We live in a Gödel Universe if Shah Rukh Khan's Bollywood flashbacks in 'Om Shanti Om' & 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' are flashbacks to each other.
In liberal Cambridge MA, the doesn't flinch: "Live Poultry Fresh Killed." Our hawks in DC might do likewise.
Regarding our new US malware "kinetic military action": Res Ipsa Loquitur. This isn't how we did what needed to be done during KMAII.
Q: When will Ed Witten tell us what the M in M-Theory stands for? A: Mañana, amigo. Mañana....
Me: It's time to go to school. 5YO: I can't. Me: Oh? 5YO: I'm trapped in the matrix. My mind cannot be freed.
Congratulations to topologist, poet, and true genius John Milnor on winning the Abel prize!
The perfidious lemma of Dehn Was every topologist's bane 'Til Christos Papa- kyriakopou- los proved it w/o any strain. -J Milnor
Fact: according to the Mathematics Genealogy Project, every self-advised dissertation since the 1600s was advised by Steven Glenn Self.
I am looking for all science PhDs who have no advisors to share experiences. I am guessing each of us is isolated and may not know another.
Now running the 'Nuclear Apocalypse' malware and the 'Bananas are more Dangerous than Reactors' malware simultaneously between my ears.
LaTeX Geeks Only: do you know of a Beamer presentation elegantly changing elements of an array without moving the rest of the array? Thx!
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