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Un-marking, or the joy of Good Writing -
Un-marking, or the joy of Good Writing
RT @rickygervais: Dear China, powdered rhino horn cures fuck all! (Poachers' teeth however cures everything and makes your dick bigger. Go get some!)
RT @NeelieKroesEU: I'm absolutely outraged at decision of a court in #Brussels to ban @Uber + issue drivers €10,000 fines for each pick-up. Cartel! More coming
If I keep getting stronger at this rate, I can be World Boxing Champ in month or 2. In all categories. Against all current champs together.
RT @shariv67: My neighbor has an unsecured, wireless printer. I just sent this document to it.
YouTube just recommended 'Life After Cancer and Divorce' to me. Would be happy to experience 1st. Less enthusiastic about 2nd part though...
One down – or how I almost disappeared completely in less than a month ;-)
One down – or how I almost disappeared completely in less than a month ;-)
One down – or how I almost disappeared completely in less than a month ;-) -
Doesn't hurt... ♫ Bach: Matteuspassionen BWV 244 by chrihalf #NowPlaying
First chemo session today. Ready for battle...
RT @avocatbxl: Le poisson d'avril de la prof de mon fils. Pitain, j'ai failli claquer...
Just got 'Sir, this is technical department from windows' call. Put down the phone. Grrr - couldn't think of something smarter to say or do…
MANY thanks for supportive tweets. Bit overwhelmed. Feel very privileged with your support. Keep the messages coming... MUCH appreciated!
Not so great news... Don't panic! I'll be fine, I hope and trust.
Sorry for dropping bit of a bomb at the end of the #chikul14 session. Take care: you're a nice group of students! Impress me with your work!
Crane carried by a crane - on a boat. Recursive transport?
Parsifal. Bis repetita placet...
RT @HealthifyApp: Nog steeds op zoek naar deelnemers voor mijn onderzoek! Inschrijven kan op Je maakt ook kans op 2 cinema-tickets!
RT @dougclow: First day of pre-conference workshops at #lak14 today! I'll be liveblogging, gathering it together at
Mystery of the day: why do @samuelkolb 's tweets not show up in the #chikul14 twitter feed, even when he uses the hash tag? #puzzling
RT @KarlreMarks: Schadenfreudeabwesenheitssprachvokabulardefekt The German word for not having a word for Schadenfreude in your language.
RT @VinckenMichael: Postersessie Bachelorproef KU Leuven @ Dept. CS - University of Leuven
RT @NeelieKroesEU: Repeating my message: the Twitter ban in #Turkey is groundless, pointless, cowardly. Freedom to speak is fundamental #TurkeyBlockedTwitter
"Research and empathy" - sounds like a good basis for more than 'just' design to me… #chikul14
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