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‘Blended learning' houdt ons onderwijs relevant.: De Tijd -
4 hospitals in next 4 days. Not exactly fun. But kind of exciting, the more so as 2 visits are to discuss my further #lymphoma treatment ;-)
I've seen worse... It only takes 7 goals in 15 mins for Brazil to qualify!
I so wish I was a polar bear sometimes... via @YouTube
I so wish I was a polar bear sometimes... via @YouTube
Hey, #VictoriaDuval - we share a last name. And #lymphoma. Let's both show them we can beat this. (I don't play tennis though…)
Novartis embraces the 'quantified self' with TicTrac tie-up - PMLiVE -
Impostor…that voice inside you…
Impostor…that voice inside you… -
RT @Toespijs: Size doesn't matter.
RT @rickygervais: I never thought I'd say "what a fucking great game " about a USA Belgium match. Amazing
It’s all in the mind…
Following #lasi14 at Would have loved to be there, but still bit shaky after chemo last week. See you all at #lasi15!
RT @SoLAResearch: A live stream of the #LearningAnalytics Summer Institute sessions will be available at Starts on June 30 #lasi2014
I have hiccups sometimes too. But I guess I'm not that cute... via @YouTube
"Hey, I can actually do this"… So cool! Great work by @oanasipos !
Woody in the Sky with Diamonds…
RT @lievenscheire: That's why they're called Tesla, and not Edison: Tesla Motors goes open source!
RT @NickPoole1: RT @leedsartmap: From the latest private eye... via @sophontrack
Significant improvement…
Dear #chemo, please don't take my nausea personally: I welcome you in my body & appreciate your help in kicking out the #lymphoma intruders!
Just been told that's so me. I have no idea what she's talking about... "∞ How you react to every Apple announcement"
I have nice students. Really nice students…
Playing with google play music and re-discovering music from my past. (Yup, The Jesus And Mary Chain rule, as do Echo and the Bunnymen...)
RT @BrechtDecoster: Looking for a break? Try out the new release of POCKETPROF Read all about it at #chikul14
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