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A major player in the free jazz movement, among many other things... space is indeed the place - Erik
Lance Shields
“POLL: Should President Obama Continue to Use Social Media?” -
If yes, which ones? - Lance Shields
Yes - he should at least stick with Twitter. I'd love to see a tweet "riding in the limo to the white house, late for a meeting with the pope. oops." I'm just saying... - Damien Franco
Yes -on all of them. Each community has its own language and unique audience and his staff needs to tailor that message as necessary. - Erik
I found this cool Scorpion guitar on Amazon... -
"Killer! "Heeeerrrrreee I AMMmmmmmm! ROCK you like A HURRICANE!"" - Erik
YouTube - Grateful Dead - Jack Straw (Copenhagen 72-04-17) -
YouTube - Grateful Dead - Jack Straw (Copenhagen 72-04-17)
One of my favorite Dead tunes from the 72 euro tour - Erik
YouTube - Grateful Dead - Ripple -
YouTube - Grateful Dead - Ripple
Loved this video... heartfelt performance - Erik
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum -
I went here when I was on tour and was simply blown away by how geeked I got over being there. Great experience! - Erik
Ontario Emperor
A thought is burrowing in my brain. Web 2.0 is supposedly about communication. Therefore, you'd expect that the news about Web 2.0 would be communicated. However, I suspect that the communication about what we think of as "Web 2.0" hasn't reached most people.
Perhaps it helps to compare these technologies against the telephone, which is one of the earlier social networking technologies. Compared to the telephone, things such as Facebook are very difficult to use. Some of this is due to Facebook's complexity, but even a purposefully simple application such as Twitter may be seen as complex in comparison to the telephone. (Here, I'm speaking about a dumb phone, not a smart phone.) - Ontario Emperor
Web 2.0 is too tech for non-tech, non-marketing people. I always explain it as way to enhance your relationships and stay in touch. When it gets put in a personal, social context it's much more digestible... Or with all that's going on in the world and crude oil at $120/barrel, most people probably have other things to think about - Erik
Probably because we're too busy informing ourselves. Often we don't give non-geeks enough credit and think they won't get it or they'll think it's stupid. - Shey
This conversation inspired two blog posts in me. Here's the first: - Ontario Emperor
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