The #DNN Daily is out! Stories via @DNNCon
The #DNN Daily is out! Stories via @brisbanesnews
Who wants to share a ride with these two handsome guys on Sunday? #dnncon /cc @peppersol
Who wants to share a ride on Sunday with those two handsome guys? @peppersol
RT @DNN: Congrats to the new #DNN MVPs, announced by @jbrinkman at the #DNNCON keynote this morning!
.@jbrinkman going over the awesome #dnncms history during the #dnncon keynote
#DNNCON starting :)
RT @DNNCon: Friendly Competition: who's going to lead the best session tomorrow? #DNNCON
Same here :) "@paulscarlett: @DNNCon @erik_hinds @erikvb -- working on session prep at Hyatt. -- Beating old Laptop into DNN site. #DNNCON"
RT @paulscarlett: In WPB for #DNNCon ... ran into the usual suspects in the bar upon late arrival last night eg: @WillStrohl @erikvb @mitchelsellers +++
#DNNCON getting ready to takeoff from AMS :)
The #DNN Daily is out! Stories via @QCDUG @DNNExtension
RT @ODUG: Nice refresher post on #DNNCMS content localization by @erikvb
Yes there is! RT @ajplopez: @erikvb @WillStrohl @pdonker Is there a satellite module for Latest Posts? - on the homepage, for example.
.@WillStrohl readable for your customers... presumably those are of the corporate type :) @ajplopez @pdonker
.@WillStrohl @ajplopez @pdonker I like the "corporate ipsum" plugin for Chrome: (generates readable english)
Thanks @WillStrohl for making a cool #Hangouts module. Enjoying the first community hangout at #dnncms #dnn
RT @mmmCommerce: Join our very own @WillStrohl right now in the first monthly #DNNHangout #dnn #dnncms
hmm... I am at # 26 on the community leaderboard. Let's see if I can climb that ladder a bit :) #dnncms #dnn
RT @dnnconsulting: Free #dnncms module. Easily add #Bootstrap Tabs, Accordions, flipbox, buttongoups and Carousels to your #Dnncms skin
RT @DnnSharp: Watch a demo with our cool #DNN #dnncms modules made for our friends from Queen City DotNetNuke Users Group (QCDUG)!
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