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Today I woke up with lower back pain so I'm wearing a brace under my clothes. Is it supposed to feel like I'm wearing a corset?
yes, matching heels aren't required but they so make a statement without saying a word - Steve C
So, do I go to my 20 year HS reunion or not? (Note: I was mostly known as "weird guy who got shat on by a seagull multiple times at lunch.")
.@seancanton Best part of cloud based Jesus 2.0 is you know if the servers go down THEY'LL COME RIGHT BACK UP AGAIN IN THREE DAYS, HEY-YO!
I just backed edshelf - Socially curated directory of education technology and my friend @mikeleeorg on @Kickstarter
RT @DavidOvalle305: BREAKING: Miami-Dade judge Sarah Zabel rules Florida's ban on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution; stays order pending appeal
RT @rsm: Amazing morning talking @CodeForMiami and nerdery with @gwcmiami! Heading to group 2! @GirlsWhoCode @codeforamerica
RT @frankyarriola: O Cinema Looking for Home at the Byron Carlyle via @OCINEMA @kareemtabsch @MayorLevine #OCINEMA #MiamiBeach
Letters That Are The Letters "C" #BadJeopardyCategories
OH in my coworking space: "HEY ERNIE I MET A CHINESE GUY TODAY!!! But he's moving back to New York on Friday so n/m." #AsianInMiamiProblems
Today's e-mail attachment from Mom, one-screenshot-says-it-all edition
Spending this weekend working on a Miami local customization of @StateDecoded. Tempted to add "¡Dale!" to all county laws. ¡Dale!
Counting down the days.
Overheard: Me, in the kitchen: Babe, do you mind if I store the cut-up cantaloupe with this pineapple? K:...
Me, in the kitchen: Babe, do you mind if I store the cut-up cantaloupe with this pineapple? K: Do you mind if I take a shit in this living room? -
Just stumbled across an indiegogo for a harness made out of crocheted yarn and suddenly I'm homesick for SF again.
RT @MarthaStewart: #the martha blog has amazing photos of my farm taken by a drone! We love the possibilities and opportunities drones offer. Do you?
RT @JordanRinke: We need less hackathons, more apprenticeships. Less bootcamps, more classes. Less rockstars, more mentors. Develop people instead of product
"So what did you do tonight, Ernie?"
So they serve Taiwanese Snow here. And cortaditos, because Miami. (at @SrirachaHouse)
The best part about moving FloridaCon to Miami Beach are the quizzical looks from Argentinian tourists on Lincoln Rd
Miami friends, do you guys have any plans tonight? K and I are thinking of hosting a small get-together for the 4th.
My nomination for #30daysofchangemiami is @MissSustainable, who brings knowledge & passion for volunteerism & social justice. #tagyourit
I found the other Asian in Miami.
RT @CodeForMiami: Tonight! Commissioner @JuanCZapata and @TheRealWifi visit to ask how we might help improve issue reporting with taxis.
Looking forward to being home. (@ San Antonio International Airport (SAT) w/ 13 others)
"I totally dare you to do that," said my co-worker at the bar. "Why the hell not?" I replied, slightly buzzed.
So side effects of this medication apparently includes "severe insomnia while traveling for work." Oy.
RT @CodeNowOrg: Know a HS Students in #Miami #NYC or #BAYAREA who wants to learn to #code? Apps for our summer workshops are due 6/27
RT @aramonc: #Miami there’s a new project from @CodeForMiami for cataloging art murals in Miami. Check it out & contribute!
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