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I really need to chill with this too busy to eat thing. (Hashtag I want to flip this table over and light it on fire)
Does anyone have any good substantive editors they recommend for a personal self-published writing project? I'm at that point, I think.
.@RealSimple, the Martha-esque lifestyle magazine, just gave me a Monday inspiration quote by Machiavelli. It's gonna be that kinda morning.
One of the reasons I'm totally okay with moving off South Beach.
So we're on our way to Miami Beach Pride. Or as I call it, "acting out most scenes from The Birdcage"
I should be resuming my personal writing like I promised, but um there's a cat on my lap so I'll just sit here.
There's nothing like getting my gums shivved at the dentist while "Easy Like Sunday Morning" plays softly in the background.
Even though a pizza has been ordered, I'm making a batch of chicken adobo. At 9:30pm on a weeknight. You know, for future emergencies.
RT @dimensionmedia: With over 700 attending, WordCamp Miami needs some volunteer help. If you can spare a few hours: #wcmia
The Notebook (full of child porn) #RuinARomCom @midnight
RT @rsm: Yeah, see @aramonc is waaaay too excited about the command line … @CodeForMiami
Another hack week at @CodeForMiami, another super photogenic portrait of Cristina!
Back in Miami, where the Vietnamese waitresses are Cuban. (@ Miss Saigon's Bistro Coral Gables)
San Antonio, what I WON'T miss you for: your allergens. I'm dying here.
Sorry kids, my outrage reservoir has been depleted for a while now.
Met a Cuban woman from Miami in San Antonio and I'm not quite sure if shaking her hand or besitos is appropriate.
(enthusiastic screaming) WE HAVE A SOY LATTE! FOR *BER*NIE!
At a cafe where a couple is bickering because she positioned the dudes monitor to be more vertical. That's my cue to return to my hotel.
RT @TheNodeLebowski: == !== ===. This inequality will not stand, man!
RT @elainejchen: What does it mean about South Florida's startup potential that no @Ycombinator funded startup has come from here? #StartUpMiami
RT @albertocairo: Miami/Florida quants, geeks, and nerds, this seems to be a blog worth following (just launched): @MiamiDadeuh:
The best part of American Airlines is the Muzak they play when they touch down. Like Kesha's "Timber" as a piano ballad.
It's a flight to Dallas because everyone is talking to their neighbor. If only they weren't talking about the missing Malaysian flight.
Checking twitter and FB, yeah, I'm REALLY glad I got off the API issues bus when I did. #TheOutrageReservoirHasOfficiallyRunDry
Visiting San Antonio for work this week, maybe a trip to Austin on Friday night. Anyone around to hang out?
So every Asian American actor, producer and writer is jumping to write a fictionalized version of this whole Leland Yee fiasco, right?
Look at @PeterShanley, being all professional and big words in front of people and stuff!
Fried chicken with @PeterShanley! (@ Yardbird Southern Table & Bar - @ybsouthern w/ 6 others)
HAVE YOU SEEN MOLLY? (no, seriously, she was just in the bathroom) #UltraHaiku
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