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MT @RumsfeldOffice: That I & most Americans have no idea whether our taxes are accurate « #KnownUnknowns
Hey @googleglass, a little help here? Order processed over 6 hours ago still pending?!
.@myspacetom please tell me you got a great shot of the lunar eclipse tonight! Hoping your in the southwest because the sky was perfect!
RT @SonyKapoor: The biggest risk of tacking action against #ClimateChange is…
.@Venice311 we saw a hit & run on Venice Blvd @ Sawtelle. Seabring vs. Scooter. Seabring fled south LIC# 5AMR739. last seen s405 @ La Tijera
Hard to get out of bed with this dog here.
I'm at CVS/pharmacy - @cvs_extra (Marina del Rey, CA)
Turning in my G2 for an S5! (at @TMobile)
.@paulcarr Sometimes my feed infers things that I'm pretty sure are unrelated. Or...
RT @Verizon: Action sports blogger @LTsurf puts local terrain to the test using wireless #tech: |
RT @GiveMeInternet: Proper grammar makes a difference.
.@PandoDaily's "SCAMPAIGN" best pun EVAR @jalrobinson RE:
RT @GiveMeInternet: I have a new favorite bumper sticker.
RT @aliveness_ape: Musician responds to an advertisement for a free band.
"@OldSchooIPics: Albert Einstein in fuzzy slippers, c. 1950s" « fuzzy logic
RT @WilliamHogeland: It's not all about corrupting the *electoral* process. Money corrupts the *legislative* process.
Very funny @intellijidea! The 13.1.2 EAP (aka 14.1) and its fog and chat-with-idea.txt. LOL #AprilFoolsDayPranks
I would like to take a moment and thank all of the fools who make this day possible.
Check out how this dude gets maximum refill on his plugin hybrid! #WTF
Pump 'n' Shake Plugin-Hybrid Guy -
Pump 'n' Shake Plugin-Hybrid Guy
RT @nbcnightlynews: Bags of fresh air sent to one of China's most polluted cities as smog worsens
RT @TheTweetOfGod: The religious groups questioning the "accuracy" of #Noah deserve to drown in a flood of irony.
RT @TheGoodGodAbove: RT if you like the Dude's style...
There the earth goes again! #earthquake
Re: What Companies Should Facebook Buy Next? -
"But "Image courtesy of /" makes it all ok right? Looks like a couple other sites did the same:" - Robbie Coleman
Still shaking and rolling! #earthquake
RT @OldSchooIPics: The Beatles waiting to cross Abbey Road, 1969. Photo by Iain Macmillan.
.@MySpaceTom I wanted to make sure you saw via @GiveMeInternet
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