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Re: Contest: Win a Moto 360 From Droid Life (Day 2 of 5)! -
"I really hope RunKeeper will be supported on AndroidWear!" - Robbie Coleman
Re: Contest: Win a 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One From Droid Life! -
"Been wanting the OnePlus One for months! Please!!!!" - Robbie Coleman
RT @AmnestyNZ: The situation in #Ferguson has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we've deployed inside the US.
.@swarmapp @foursquare @4sqSupport nevermind. I found an alternative
Here's to all the guys with grey in their beards and spring in their step! Keep it up!
Airship over Florence & Hindry. Any word @LAScanner or @Venice311 ?
RT @tweetsauce: A site that finds tweets that are anagrams of each other: @anagramatron
.@swarmapp @foursquare zero response isn't the support I expect from @4sqSupport! More details on swarm battery drain
Seriously @swarmapp you're eating up my battery like there's no tomorrow. Please fix your app @foursquare ! !
In case you never saw or heard the eye witness account of the #mikebrown #ferguson shooting:
Thing Two brought this glue sick to life 😊👌
RT @SteveStreza: Palestinians are tweeting people in #Ferguson to tell them how to deal with tear gas. Basically tells you everything.
RT @The_Blackness48: Powerful picture we took today at Howard University #Ferguson #MikeBrown #MyaWhite #DONTSHOOT
RT @mikexmoynihan: Cops in #ferguson are quite literally rolling up to reporters and tear gassing them to keep reports from getting out
RT @CassFM: PHOTOS: Police fire tear gas near Al Jazeera crew, then disassemble the gear after they flee. #Ferguson
RT @TheRealBuzz: The loss of @robinwilliams is tragic. Like him, I also & many veterans also suffer from depression. All Americans should awaken to this.
Hearing of @robinwilliams death was the saddest thing I've read. Please read the BEST thing I read:
.@MarkAmesExiled YES! @paulcarr, @sarahcuda, @PandoDaily: Please keep up reporting like this!
RT @DigitallyDownld: Everything wrong with modern media in one screenshot:
RT @xeni: Depression & addiction are diseases that "win" sometimes even when the sick person does get help. They're diseases. Not personal failings.
RT @seriouspony: Another study referenced: Neural basis for how rewards can undermine intrinsic motivation
TIL you can omit the scheme of links in HTML source. Came across the practice on @craigslist
Hey @swarmapp, please stop wasting my Android phone battery!
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