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April Buchheit
Joel Nelson Productions (5/5) -
"I had DJ Brandon spinning tunes all throughout my birthday party this past weekend. I was able to give him some ideas on what I like and he churned out a playlist that was OFF. THE. HOOK. He had me…" - April Buchheit
Ross Miller
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Great memories! Dan working on scene two. (Re:
Cool. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
So it's all done with Legos. Brilliant! - Jack&Cleo
That is such a great video! - Anne Bouey
Cool, I loved the first one!! woo hoo!! :D - Susan Beebe
Wow! - Brian Johns
Great memories, indeed! - April Buchheit from iPhone
AJ Batac
Best tongue action in the world -
Best tongue action in the world
Best tongue action in the world - AJ Batac
woooow :-O - کله گنده
What in the world...? - ronin
creepy body mods for $500, Alex. - Big Joe Silence
also, i would not hire her for a position that required face-to-face interaction with the public. - Big Joe Silence
Again. - Ashish
By the way: people with bifurcated tongues make great kissers. Just sayin'. - Steven Perez
Reading the wiki link, self modifying sounds painful! - BRҰANSAҰS
@Steven: not just kissing, i'd wager. - Big Joe Silence
You'd wager correctly. :D - Steven Perez from IM
Sssssssss - Ruchira S. Datta
The tongue is wild but the eyes are what send shivers down my spine - Robert Higgins
bump - Not Me
I bumped it because I just refound a clip of the video this is from on my computer. - Not Me
Huh? Freckle tats. - Not Me
bump - Not Me
It's funny how the tongue halves are like a villain rubbing his hands together. - Spidra Webster
Ew. I'm with April B on this. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Count me in as well. Eww. - teleken
Interesting. Once I'm awake I'll make up my mind about this. Maybe. - Uli
bump - Not Me
if they ever made a TV show out of "Welcome To Night Vale"... - Big Joe Silence
April Buchheit
eskimogirl43 on 10 things you might not know about love -
""Love doesn't require that you ignore or suppress negativity. It simply requires that some element of kindness, empathy or appreciation be added to the mix. Compassion is the form love takes when suffering occurs."" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Triple Twist Makeup & Hair Design (5/5) -
"If I could give Mei 6 stars, I totally would. Mei made me so beautiful for my birthday party! I told her that I had planned on doing quite a bit of dancing and she made my hair so that it held up to…" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
SnapFiesta Photobooth (5/5) -
"As far as photo booth rental companies go, these guys are top notch! I had SnapFiesta at my birthday party this past weekend and I swear every single one of my guests had a blast getting in front of…" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Hi, FriendFeed! I've missed you.
Hi April!! - Georgia
Hi, Georgia! *waves* - April Buchheit from iPhone
Hey April, Happy New Year! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy New Year, Starmama! ^_^ - April Buchheit from iPhone
Eric: Yo! - April Buchheit from iPhone
Hi, Spidra! - April Buchheit from iPhone
Hola! - imabonehead
What up April - chrisofspades
howdy! - Big Joe Silence
Imabonehead: Mabuhay! - April Buchheit from iPhone
Not much, chrisofspades. Wattupwitchoo? - April Buchheit from iPhone
Joe: Howdy back at cha! ;) - April Buchheit from iPhone
April!! - Amit Patel
We've missed you too! - Bruce Lewis
Happy New Year, April. :) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Happy New Year, April ! - непростые коротышки
Happy New Year! - Wulffy
Happy New Year!!! - April Buchheit from iPhone
Gung hoy fat choy - amelia arapoff from iPhone
Hey April (I know, I'm late to the party :-)). - Kol Tregaskes
Come here more often. I had to check Facebook to find out how you were doing! - Bruce Lewis
April Buchheit
Buster loves hanging out in our dirty laundry
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
^_^ <3 - April Buchheit from email
AWESOME!!! I had a feeling he would make his own bed in there! - Rachel Lea Fox
Robert Felty
Rachel Lea Fox
I HATE stockings!!
Then you hate Santa! - Steve C
and Pippi Long... - Roger N
What about them do you hate? - April Buchheit from iPhone
Sorry, was in LA for a wedding all day. SteVe and Roger :b and April, I hate everything about them! They never fit right, even really nice quality material still irritates my skin at least a little bit, parts of them always gather and pinch in some areas, and then there is the bathroom issue! Generally because I love wearing swing skirts and crinolines that means extra layers under the... more... - Rachel Lea Fox
Would thigh-high socks with garters work better? I've had a couple of friends swear by that, if regular stockings or tights won't work. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer, I don't think so. The one time I tried something similar it was just worse. Most thigh-highs are a bit tighter at the top and that just makes things worse. In general I don't see the point in stockings. I only wear them when I feel others would have an issue with my not. What is wrong with legs? - Rachel Lea Fox
I totally agree, Rachel. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thank you Higlet!! - Rachel Lea Fox
April Buchheit
Plum forgot about Camilla's gymnastics appointment--again (for the 2nd consecutive week). Feeling like a complete flake. Not a good start to 2013.
I'm just going to accept that I'm a bad mother and get on with my life. :P - April Buchheit from iPhone
This is one of the busiest, craziest times of the year, so I don't think you're that bad :) - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm starting to feel like Master Shake in the 'Super Spore' episode of ATHF: Master Shake: Hey, how ya doing? I think I need to go to the doctor. Cause I've been losing long, long tracks of time now, and...and I'm starting to get just a little freaked out about the fact that my hand is missing. I can't find it. Frylock: Shake you'll be fine. That hole in your head will heal up in no time. Master Shake: Hole? Oh thats great. I'm sure it was drilled on one of those days I can't remember. - April Buchheit
April, sorry you forgot. But it's no big deal and you're clearly not a bad mom. Is there a calendar function in your phone that could remind you next week? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Rachel Lea Fox
Pablo goes up for adoption tomorrow! This is the hard part. This little angel needs a good home!! #foxfosterkittens
Aww. I hope he gets the perfect home quickly, lil cutie! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Thanks Starmama, I am seriously going to miss this good little crazy man! - Rachel Lea Fox
Awww, can't you keep him? - Not Me
James, Pablo is our 48th foster kitten. If I let myself keep all the kittens that I feel in love with I would have 50 cats instead of just my 2 current girls. I adore him, he is one of the top tier of all of them, but sadly I can't keep him. :( - Rachel Lea Fox
This means someone Rachel knows should adopt Pablo so she can get updates. :) - Bash
You are truly my inspiration on how I will live the latter portion of my life. I could step over to the side of owning 50 cats though..... - Janet
How do we convince Paul to adopt Pablo, too? - Corinne L
Yes, Paul and April should take Pablo, too. Brothers shouldn't be separated. ;) - Not Me
No, Buster is the star of Paul and April's 4 legged family!! Pablo is a good independent kitty and needs his own special family. I miss him so much!! I've been bawling half the day!! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
I did consider adopting Pablo, too, but having two kittens would be beyond our capacity right now. We can only handle one furry quadruped at the moment. - April Buchheit from iPhone
I understand, April. It sure would have been fun to see pics of the pair growing up on FF. And hearing that Pablo was renamed GOB...or Michael... ;-D - Corinne L
^ Yesssss! :D - April Buchheit
I'm just so pleased that April and Paul adopted Buster and I have another baby in a good loving home where I get photos and updates! I'm so happy to know so many loving people who have opened there doors and hearts to tons of my foster kittens!! I know Pablo will also find a good home. The initial separation is just very hard. :) - Rachel Lea Fox
April Buchheit
2012 has been a long year. It has been an eventful year full of challenges. But with those challenges came strain, as if I had done innumerable reps lifting weights that were beyond the capacity of my strength and endurance. I have been left sore and feeling like I pulled a muscle or two. But with the micro-tears of muscle fibers, new growth can...
"But with the micro-tears of muscle fibers, new growth can be cut off by Friendfeed's character limit" - Amit Patel
+5 Amit - Spidra Webster
...occur. With the strain of exercise comes increased strength and stamina. I've had the workout of my life in 2012; in mind, body, and spirit. I've overcome challenges that another version of me would have shirked. I am confronting my fears, but not in an aggressive way. (Admittedly, that is what a lesser evolved me would have thought to do.) I've learned to face my fears head on with... more... - April Buchheit from iPhone
Forgot about the character limit. Thanks, Amit! - April Buchheit from iPhone
I want to like this again. - Bruce Lewis from Android
Laura Norvig
Today's challenge: don't get too depressed. Should I make resolutions? Muse on the past year? I'm scared.
Maybe treat it like any other day? - RepoRat
Ignoring the opportunity to change/improve also makes me depressed ... that plus I didn't accomplish anything over break. Depressed about that. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I didn't accomplish anything over the break. Instead of trying to fix that, I'm going out for a hike ;( - Amit Patel
I'm feeling a bit like that, too. :-/ - Jenny H.
Amit, you are wise. It's a beautiful day. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I think resolutions are usually pretty flimsy. Too ambitious to be realistic and social expected to be flaked on. Unless they are specific and reasonable, but that's tricky to do. What about writing down the 5 things you're most happy about or proud of for the past year? You could use that to shape how you look at 2013. - Heather, 30k Camper
I like Heather's idea. I resolved not to make resolutions probably 40 years ago, and that's one resolution I've kept. Happily. (Also: The dead of winter is a terrible time to make resolutions. Even if, around here, today is a sparkling-if-chilly day.) - Walt Crawford
I've had much better luck with small, sustainable changes than making grand resolutions. I like Heather's idea. I'll make a resolution to write down those things sometime in the new year ;) - Amit Patel
This year is the first year I ever, ever, ever kept a resolution. Last January, I decided it was the "year of posture" and then throughout the year, that idea would just pop into my head occasionally (probably ended up being 1-2 times a week? maybe more), and I would improve my posture in whatever I was doing. Dunno if it helped anything posture-wise, but I'm pretty impressed that the idea stuck with me a whole year :) - Meg VMeg
I find that learning the art of staying present to be most worthwhile endeavor that I've undertaken. If I'm happy with right now, then I won't regret about it when right now becomes the past. The future is irrelevant as it doesn't exist. I find that practicing staying present and mindful ensures that I will be happy with my past and puts me in a good trajectory towards the future. It's... more... - April Buchheit from iPhone
#^_^# - April Buchheit from iPhone
Thanks for the reminder, April. It's funny, the way the last few days have gone, spending time with family and friends, I ended up being present much of the time. Must have psychically absorbed your comment before I even read it! - Laura Norvig from iPhone
What April said. I prefer to give resolutions to other people (in a humorous way) and set 3 goals for myself on every birthday (early February). Less peer pressure that way. - Corinne L
April Buchheit
My Buster Boo Boo
aka Buster the Baron Claws Von Kitteh, Buster Bear, Bustie-boo, Dr. Fluffy 2.0 - April Buchheit from iPhone
Y Combinator Startups
Top Posts of the Year and Best of 2012 Awards -
Top Posts of the Year and Best of 2012 Awards
Well...there goes my afternoon. - April Buchheit from iPhone
April Buchheit
Quick Appliance Service (5/5) -
"My Viking refrigerator was leaky, causing my hardwood flooring and my cabinetry to warp. I found these guys doing a search on Google. I called and reached a human right away. To my delight, Prospero…" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Quick Appliance Service Corporation (5/5) -
"My Viking refrigerator was leaky, causing my hardwood flooring and my cabinetry to warp. I found these guys doing a search on Google. I called and reached a human right away. To my delight, Prospero…" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Quick Appliance Service (5/5) -
"My Viking refrigerator was leaky, causing my hardwood flooring and my cabinetry to warp. I found these guys doing a search on Google. I called and reached a human right away. To my delight, Prospero…" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
eskimogirl43 on List of deaths in rock and roll -
"Aaliyah, d: August 25, 2001, plane crash" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
eskimogirl43 on Thankfulness Linked to Positive Changes in Brain and Body -
""Studies have shown measurable effects on multiple body and brain systems, said Doraiswamy. Those include mood neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine), reproductive hormones (testosterone), social bonding hormones (oxytocin), cognitive and pleasure related neurotransmitters (dopamine), inflammatory and immune systems (cytokines), stress hormones (cortisol), cardiac and EEG rhythms, blood pressure, and blood sugar."" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
eskimogirl43 on Can anybody tell me what breed this chicken is? -
"You guys aren't very helpful. *pout* But, whatevs--it's a free country." - April Buchheit
Hi April! I bet FF will be better then Reddit at figuring out what breed is. - Stephen Mack
Hmm, looks like April got her answer on FB, per her update: "Update: So, I've inquired with my friends on FB and we've narrowed it down to an Easter Egger/Americauna/Sussex mix." - Stephen Mack
Not sure, has lots of pics by breed, may be able to find it there. - SAM from iPhone
April Buchheit
Photo on 2012-04-27 at 16.27.jpg -
Photo on 2012-04-27 at 16.27.jpg
Who is that?! - Amit Patel
That's me showing off my new hair cut - April Buchheit
It's been so long … last time I saw you, you had dark hair ;) - Amit Patel
nice - ibrahim ali
April Buchheit
eskimogirl43 on I was shocked as a kid when I found out that most pop singers don't compose their own songs. What was your biggest "life is fake" realization? -
"That there is no spoon." - April Buchheit
When I found out humans hadn't been to all the planets. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
There is a spoon. - Amit Patel
Paul Buchheit
"Remember: I blame FriendFeed for this, and Robert Scoble, Steve Rubell, Dave Winer, and all the rest of the puppets and ex-Techcrunch analysts who, by appearing to rationally debate the pluses and minuses of FriendFeed versus Twitter, suggest FriendFeed even exists in the absence of Twitter. Nik Cubrilovic doesn’t help either with his cogent (except for the Rails part) analysis of Twitter’s scaling problems. Nowhere in this debate (most of it mercifully hidden forever behind the FriendFeed black hole where conversations go to die) was there a word spoken about the fatal Track bug until Jack hit the Off switch. Now, in the cool clarity of no pulse whatsoever can we begin to rationally approach a solution. Forgetting that Hillary has shown no indication of processing the similar lack of pulse in her White House aspirations, let’s put the blame for all this squarely on the parasite API suckers and their dark master FriendFeed. Good." - Paul Buchheit
I accuse my parents (a little MST3K humor) - Mark Dykeman
My guess is that a good deal of folks who are otherwise technology experts haven't yet mastered the "Hide" option, and seeing Twitter in FriendFeed makes them feel it's simply an echo chamber for Twitter. Hiding Twitter, and/or utilizing the many other sources that are not Twitter here in FriendFeed makes it more valuable. - Louis Gray
Someone pass around what Steve Gillmor is smoking. That is some heavy stuff he's got in his stash. I think I counted 10 words he seriously made up for that post. And why is friendfeed to blame for the XMPP/Jabber shutdown? - Mark Trapp
WTF? This guy reminds me of Gary Busey, but angrier, if that's even possible. - April Buchheit
This article simply doesn't make any sense. Please reword for clarity. - Eric Florenzano
This is very amusing :-) - j1m
I was afraid when I saw "?" there. And comment... :S - Erhan Erdoğan
Is he kidding? I hope he's kidding. FriendFeed exists with or without twitter. In fact, I would love to see twitter removed from FriendFeed altogether. Guaranteed there would still be plenty of conversations revolving around the links shared, the pictures posted, etc. - EricaJoy
I don't follow Twitter at all on FriendFeed. I find it somewhat ironic that one of Steve G's big passions was (is?) "Attention Metadata" and FriendFeed via likes, comments, etc is actually a service that makes great use of attention metadata! - Robert Seidman
I enjoy that this Friendfeed post has more comments than his post on TechCrunch. - Mark Trapp
This is the most buzzword-laden web 2.0 rant I have ever read. It's like he is making words up to describe stuff every other paragraph or so. And.. what's this jab at Clinton in the middle? How random. - Phil Glockner
FriendFeed direct posts are really similar to Twitter in my mind. - Hutch Carpenter
@Paul can you share the percentage of FF users that hide twitter posts? - EricaJoy
Gillmor refuses to realize that the comment feature of FriendFeed does indeed add value that Twitter lacks. That's probably the key reason why I MOVED MY conversations to FriendFeed! Also, the sharing feature is the reason why I like FriendFeed! IF I merely wanted the 'stream of consciousness' of Twitter, I would just use Twitter! I think that FriendFeed 'exposes' the 'chinks in Twitter's armor' - Thomas Ho from fftogo
I think that Mark Trapp's observation is 'priceless' - Thomas Ho from fftogo
It sounds like Gillmor hasn't given FriendFeed nearly enough time if he thinks it's only "Twitter, but slower". I have a great time on here with Twitter hidden half of the time. If anything, let's blame Twitter for so much noise and/or so much conversation due to their issues - Andrew Dobrow
FriendFeed can definitely make it without many conversations occur without Twitter being involved at all. - Chris Rossini
That... made no sense to me. Still dazed from the insanity of it all. I see more conversations here on links and such than on tweets. And really, why is FriendFeed to blame for the Jabber shutdown? Seriously! - dgw
Hilarious - Aviv
Twitter is probably the least interesting feed I see on FriendFeed. - Adam Thorsen
funniest ever on tc - kosmar
This whole article was most undirectional article, I have read in recent times. I read it twice, and can't make out, what he want to say. - Varun Mahajan
Adam, same here. I personally find the vast majority of twitter messages to be extremely boring and of no use to me. - Aviv
Where are these "siloed conversation spamyards" to which he refers? You could say that about any chat system (if I understand his rather obtuse meaning) and FF discussions are quite cogent and open. (And seem especially so if you've ever spent any time in the Digg comments.) - Nicķ
I usually keep the Twitter FF feed open. FF is definitely NOT the only app pulling on Twitter's API. Hundreds of sites, clients, etc?. Twitter had (maybe has) time to distinguish itself. Just 'come clean' with regular community updates. (PR time?) So far it's been lame. In the meantime, there's no doubt Friendfeed will continue to increase it's pull. Twitter put the API out there. THEY need to deal with the results, whether they were ready or not - Charlie Anzman
FriendFeed is what you put in to it. If you add all your Twitter friends and nobody else, FriendFeed will appear to be Twitter with siloed conversations, but in that case that's exactly what you asked for. If you don't add a thousand people as friends and convince a thousand people to follow you then you won't see any of this 'spam graveyard' Steve talks about. You get what you ask for, and irrelevance is what you get if you add irrelevant friends. - Kevin Fox
It's also worth noting how much FriendFeed thrived when Twitter had its difficulties this week. That would seem to put a hole in the argument that FriendFeed is primarily a downstream service to Twitter. - Kevin Fox
Yea Cat fight !!!! - viki saigal
OK friendfeed is NOT twitter. Its something else, and I like both. (sticks out tongue)...via feedalizr - Photo Larry
man, I honestly care jack shit about what people post on Twitter, but I find FF incredibly useful. Gillmor is seriously off his rocker with this post (which is the least legible I've seen on TC in a long time). - Chieze Okoye
4 years passed, all the comments are still valid. #humdaybumpday - Ahmet Yükseltürk
April Buchheit
The French Laundry (3/5) -
"I have to say that I was a little underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, the food was tasty and the service was impeccable (and I'm very grateful to everyone involved in making the evening happen). But…" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Manresa Restaurant (5/5) -
"Update: Went here again last night with a couple of other friends. Just coming back from the wine country and having eaten at The French Laundry, I can say, with certainty, that Manresa is my top…" - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
The Prehistory of Prop 8 | Psychology Today -
The Prehistory of Prop 8 | Psychology Today
""Marriage as the union between one man and one woman has been the universally-recognized understanding of marriage not only since America's founding but for millennia.” —Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, in response to the recent finding that gay people have a fundamental right to form families based upon legal marriage. Having just co-authored a book where we survey the concept of marriage across many cultures, I’m calling B.S. on Mr. Perkins. He hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about. But Perkins isn’t alone in his vehement ignorance. A common refrain among those arguing against allowing same-sex marriage is that doing so would alter a long-standing trans-cultural definition of marriage. Rick Warren, the controversial evangelist Obama invited to speak at his inauguration, told Ann Curry in an NBC interview that, "For five thousand years, every single culture and every single religion has defined marriage as a man and a woman." Hogwash. In fact, the world is... more... - April Buchheit from Bookmarklet
"Among the Canela people of Brazil, "Virginity loss is only the first step into full marriage for a woman." There are several other steps needed before the Canela society considers a couple to by truly married, including the young woman's gaining social acceptance through her service in a "festival men's society," which includes sequential sex with fifteen to twenty members (no pun intended) and "the mother in law's receipt of meat earned by the bride through extramarital sex" on a festival day." - Paul Buchheit
When he says "universally-recognized understanding of marriage", he means "universally-recognized by non-heathens", no doubt excluding such heathens as Mormons and everybody in the bible who has multiple wives. - Gabe
Paul Buchheit
The last word: Advice from 'America's worst mom' -
The last word: Advice from 'America's worst mom'
"I really think I’m a parent who is afraid of some things (bears, cars) and less afraid of others (subways, strangers). But mostly I’m afraid that I, too, have been swept up in the impossible obsession of our era: total safety for our children every second of every day. The idea that we should provide it and actually could provide it. It’s as if we don’t believe in fate anymore, or good luck or bad luck. No, it’s all up to us. Childhood really has changed since today’s parents were kids, and not just in the United States. Australian children get stared at when they ride the bus alone. Canadian kids stay inside playing video games. After I started a blog called Free Range Kids, I heard from a dad in Ireland who lets his 11-year-old play in the local park, unsupervised, and now a mom down the street won’t let her son go to their house. She thinks the dad is reckless. What has changed in the English-speaking world that has made childhood independence taboo? The ground has not gradually... more... - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I've brought this up a few times before. Parents don't even let kids go outside their own property anymore. I understand, but it seems to me exploring is an important part of a kid's development. - Rodfather
The nation of Flip Flops and bike helmets has lost its mind -Kids 100% safe, 24/7 365 is impossible. we want it! In the next breath we condone 500 million tainted eggs... Really is it all a reactin to Baby Boomer Parenting and will it lead to helicopter velcro parents. So is your kid playing in the park alone about safety or about something else... So no I don't understand why kids can't be kids bu lets be clear its not about them or safety - WarLord
Thing is, if anything does happen to a kid, the first thing everyone does is blame the parents. There was a kid killed fairly recently at Fort Wilderness (Disney campground) by a bus - and the overwhelming majority of comments were - why on earth was a 9 year old riding a bike without adult supervision? What kind of parent lets their kid do that? - Pixie
My first thought when reading this story was "how old is old enough to ride the subway alone?" Apparently the rules say 8. But really, I think the parent's judgment is the best bet. I'm pretty sure I walked 4 blocks alone to school when I was in sixth grade (10). I also started riding my bike about 2 miles around that age to pick up newspapers for my paper route. - Robert Felty
I walked a mile home from elementary school all the time, and it never occured to anybody that it might be dangerous. If I had to cross any major streets, though, things might have been different. - Gabe
Rob & Gabe: That was before safety was invented. - April Buchheit
I wish I could remember the details, but either Lewis or Clark as a teenager used to walk across two states, alone, to get to their farm. I remember when I read that little factoid I thought my, how things have changed. That would scare the crap out of me. - Todd Hoff
I'm surprised by how children are bestowed independence suddenly, rather than being eased into it. I very much believe this to be the root of a lot of social problems. Children are taken to and from school every day, with parents carefully monitoring who they talk to after school, and then when they turn 16 they're given a license and a car (and the freedom that comes with it) and are... more... - Tudor Bosman
I would go further and say that this happens because parents are looking for easy solutions. It's easier to say "don't touch alcohol, ever, and when you're 21, you're on your own, and no longer our responsibility" than to teach moderation (preferably by example). It's easier to say "don't have sex, at least until you turn 18 or until you no longer live in our house, whichever comes... more... - Tudor Bosman
Exactly Tudor. - Paul Buchheit
I walked to and from school 1st grade to senior year. In middle school I had to walk across town, sometimes without my friends. I never gave it a second though. I was a latchkey kid for many years so I was used to being fairly independent. One half day (high school) I asked my dad if I could go to McDonalds for lunch. He forgot and flipped out at me for going missing. "You could have... more... - Heather, 30k Camper
I wonder if this is why so many kids aren't ready for the real world when they're 20. - Amit Patel
Here in PA, it's illegal for parents to give alcohol to their own children. I grew up in a household where, as a small child, I'd occasionally get watered-down wine with meals; better to think of it as something that tastes bad than as something wonderful that only adults get. - Phil Pennock
I grew up in a household where wine was just a part of religious ceremonies, not a beverage. Every week we'd have a Kiddush cup of wine. It's hard to imagine such a thing being illegal! - Gabe
Phil: irresponsible parenting mandated by law! That's great. - Tudor Bosman
April Buchheit
Manresa Restaurant (5/5) -
"Had a double date with some friends here last week and the food and drinks were amazing. I definitely plan on coming back." - April Buchheit
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