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April Buchheit

April Buchheit

Help a UCSF Preemie Reach Their 5th Birthday:
Stirling engine in slow motion -
Stirling engine in slow motion
"Everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently."
Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. Thank you for all the laughter and love.
"The affect that you have on others is the most valuable currency there is." @JimCarrey
"There is no reality except the one contained within us" - Hermann Hesse
RT @paulg: Announcing UberPool:
RT @watsi: 100 dollars and 2 Watsi donors later, Thy can see!
RT @rstevens: There’s a thin line between pessimism and pattern recognition
Then again, human pattern recognition tends to make Type I errors, so maybe it *doesn't* pay to be pessimistic. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
But there's also a thin line between optimism and pattern recognition... - Stephen Mack from iPhone
So basically, having expectations leads to disappointment :D #RealityContinuesToRuinMyLife - Victor Ganata
RT @paultoo: These really are amazing smoothies. If your office is still serving dead sugar water, give @LivBlends a call.
RT @DrShlain: Acupuncture may help fatigue and psych distress w/ breast cancer with joint pain related to aromatase inhibitors
RT @martinrue: Never seen so many positive HN comments before (RE @paultoo’s @startupschool talk)
RT @paultoo: My Startup School Europe talk: The Technology
Axiom Learning (5/5) -
"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Stephenie Lee and the other staff at Axiom. This place isn't just for test prep and extracurricular tutoring. Axiom also offers assessment and…" - April Buchheit
RT @sama: #startupschool europe was a big success. next year, startupschool asia!
RT @paultoo: I'll publish my talk next week. This was my first time speaking scripted -- I usually just make it up on the spot. Was oddly nervous.
RT @danielnordh: Everybody at #startupschool want to talk to @paultoo. Can't blame them really.
RT @VoxLondon: Paul Buchheit partner @YCombinator talks & inspires "We don't need more jobs, we need more Steve Jobs" #StartupSchool
"I'd rather fail at something awesome, than succeed at something inconsequential." @paultoo #startupschool
RT @justinkan: .@paultoo: "Someone in this room is going to create something very important. That's the person I'm trying to reach."
RT @foundersatwork: @paultoo on YC: "I like to be in the place where history is happening." #startupschool
"Economically, we don't need more jobs. We need more Steve Jobs. When we set everyone free, we enable the outliers everywhere." @paultoo
"You must own your programming." @paultoo #startupschool
"You must own all your own programming." @paultoo #startupschool
Looking forward to @paultoo 's talk.
RT @startupschool: Startup School Europe is today! Livestream kicks off at 11am London time. #startupschool
RT @paultoo: I'll be speaking at Startup School Europe tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!
C: "I hate nature! I'm not overjoyed!"
Camilla: "Mom, I wish you had a cat face at the end of your tongue. With cat ears."
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