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The new standard for meetings and conferences -
I often wonder when people will stop being sheep and get the requesters to explain why they should travel to see them. There has to be a reason to travel nowadays. Companies are often, in my experience, far too cavalier and waste tremendous amounts of money, trying to please by sending warm bodies when the right person communicating in the right way would really give the desired outcome for all. - Shamir Katsu
Robert Scoble
yes Twitter is down. Now is a good time to work! No noise on FriendFeed! Heh.
Joke's on us. With all the talk of a Twitter boycott, Twitter decided to preemptively boycott us. - Mark Logan
Robert, any insight why Twitter is down a lot more often these days? - Rudy Amid
Wait - I thought it was the opposite! Once Twitter is down, that's when FriendFeed gets noisy! ;) - Nathaniel Payne
did it occur to anyone that maybe the FF guys are sabotaging Twitter to grab their users? :-) - Dave Hodson
Is anyone tracking Twitter downtime? Seems to happen several times a day now. - Mark Logan
It's like a shark keeps stalking your favorite beach. Will someone please shoot the shark? - Jeff Crites
This is getting ridiculous. How can you advocate its use for business when you can't depend on it to stay up? - Dana Franks from twhirl
No noise? what do you call me? :) - Fred Grott
lol@Mark - Shey
Twit-Out anyone? - Shey
lol, Twit-out! Twit-out! - Bwana ☠
I'm not sure that boycotting a free service would accomplish much. - Dana Franks from twhirl
I want to participate in that event, blogged it a few minutes ago. tired of twitter's appaling level of service. - Richard A. from Alert Thingy
Dana, at my blog you can see a bunch of the conversation we've all been having about Twit-Out Some might disagree, but a bunch of us think it's worth a try. - Andrew Dobrow
is Twhirl down too? Ah well, time for me to return to reality *shudders* - Iain Baker
I bet it does. Matter of fact, we've already got a great discussion going surrounding it. A boycott doesn't always have to "make change", it can simply spark several discussions around the topic. My goal is to learn from the twit-out, and share that knowledge with everyone who cares. - Bwana ☠
OMG - I have hives - I am going through twitter withdrawls - Maxine Appleby
Oh look my Twit-Out followers are back! Friendfeed for FTW! (poor twitter bird fell out of the tree again -ouch!) - Susan Beebe
Jeff, I wish there would be a Captain Quint scene (played by Robert Shaw) in which he shows up and promises to scale Twitter for the outrageous sum of $10,000. "For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing." - Karim
thank god for FF though! - Sarah Perez
I think this is the first time I've blinked today... glad Twhirl has FriendFeed support - SolidSmack from twhirl
@Karim - and Cap'n Quint is joined by Cap'n Kirk (Scotty. I need. Twitter. Now!) and Cap'n Crunch ... who's just on hand to offer sugary goodness to take the edge off this whole damn thing. - Jeff Crites
haha... I actually started reading a book in the interim... how spoilet we are to Twitter - Gilbert Corrales
There is no news and free debate without noise, Robert, don't block. - Prokofy Neva
Yeah, FF rocks... but not from my phone! Where's mobile for FriendFeed? - Mark Arend
Somehow, I still like twitter... - Lakshman Prasad from twhirl
This post is going on 48 hrs. - Russellreno
e w/mark where's my phone-friendly friendfeed? - Morgan from twhirl
Get an iPhone. - Robert Scoble
Bwana ☠ FriendFeed Friday Tips #1: Five Ways To Use the Hide Function -
The definitive FriendFeed hide guide. Point people to this for the knowledge. This is good. - Bwana ☠
Indeed. This post can show you how to minimize the so-called noise; the hide feature is your best defence. - Shey
Post the TinyURLs, Steven. Your stuff is always good. - Louis Gray
I refuse to do another screencast. They always change the UI right after I do it. :) - Bwana ☠
Why not? Post the links here Steven - Shey
Allen Stern
Twitter Down Again, This Time It's Their Fault -
Allen Stern
Sarah Perez
I don't miss IT: My ex-coworker just finished troubleshooting someone's email-they had set up a rule to automatically delete incoming emails
LOL, I have to use that rule myself... - Anthony Farrior
But it was saving space! - Mark Trapp
I'd like to set up a rule that makes peoples computers, who send me spam, blow up. Or at least: launches a stink bomb at them. - Alexander von Halem
Awesome! Inbox Zero ftw! - Bwana ☠
*snort* Anyone that dumb shouldn't be allowed on the Intarwebs. - Cyndy
Now that is classic craziness. Surely they knew they were setting up the rule?! - Matt Frog
Cyndy - but they're allowed to have a job where they have to use a computer apparently! - Sarah Perez
Matt - not necessarily. I knew the guy. Not good with these new fangled things - Sarah Perez
They're working on a new rule to automatically forward a copy of all incoming emails to themselves. - Kevin Shannon
Dion Almaer
now this amazing and it will make zooming so smooth and with animation - zsafwan 
And here I was hoping we were done with Flash. - TranceMist
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