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Evan Travers

Evan Travers

I'm a photographer, blogger, and social media junkie.
Looking forward to the Secret Sisters and Nickel Creek at the gorgeous Alabama Theatre. I last saw…
Can’t wait to see @nickelcreek tonight at the Alabama theatre… saw them there at their farewell tour a few years back.
Declaring inbox bankruptcy. What email? No… more like on instagram, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, flickr…
Had lunch with one of my favorite #peopleofbirmingham, @etbowser. He wears a plethora of hats over at…
RT @NonCombosMentos: A group of pedants is called an "actually"
The photography in the NPR borderland piece is really great… and matches the full screen format well.
Show me the path, and give me light enough for the next step. #x100s #vscocam
I love spring, the season of rebirth. #vscocam #x100s
Neat trick… in iTunes, if you hold opt you’ll see a shuffle all icon pop up in the control bar. (I think it’s shuffle all…)
I like the old meaning of glamor... It originally meant enchantment, magic, fae. I feel kind of sad…
I am really enjoying @thoughtbot’s work on the whole Bourbon ecosystem these days… very well thought out.
59S stopped entirely before trussville exit, EMS on scene. cc @TrafficMike_BHM
Is it bad that I always sing the lyrics to “kryptonite” over the introduction to @rubyrogues?
Someone send Spring a get well card, I think she has a cold. #vscocam #x100s
Wandered down to pepper place after my gym visit. I can do better, but I like something about it. I…
Morning devotions and Earl Grey at Seeds Coffee. Psalm 143 had been my go to meditation for about an…
Just heard a large explosion/sound in the Ashville area… Has anyone heard it?
RT @ttscoff: Dash docsets from MultiMarkdown [post]
I’ve been obsessed with @usertesting’s peek service all morning… my favorite part is the weird look into the tester’s browser tabs. :-P
RT @utku: Twitter is blocked in Turkey. On the streets of Istanbul, the action against censorship is graffiti DNS addresses.
My #firsttweet… could be today's tweet.
RT @tomdale: My favorite book about creating a management-free culture for your company is called "Lord of the Flies."
RT @samsaffron: Instant "why is my process hung" for Ruby: rbtrace -p 666 -e 'Thread.list.each{|t| puts t.backtrace.join("\n"); puts }'
The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight -
Zombies – I Can't Make up My Mind -
The Civil Wars – Tell Mama -
Five Mile Town – Saturated -
Re: Kris Kowal @ JavaScript Meetup November 7 -
"My pleasure." - Evan Travers
Alexandre Desplat – Benjamin and Daisy -
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