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Evan Brown

Evan Brown

I’m a really nice guy once you get to know me.
I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man’s being unable to sit still in a room. -
Re: Confessions+of+a+Left-Handed+Technology+User -
"It isn’t clear evidence in my book. I am left-handed and have always worn my watch on my left wrist. Why? I don’t know for certain. Maybe because my right-handed father did it that way. I didn’t realize it was abnormal to wear a watch on one’s dominant hand until a schoolmate pointed it out to me when I was a senior in high school. By that time, I had been wearing it that way for years, and it felt natural to me." - Evan Brown
Wikipedia is blacked out today, but interestingly not the page for SOPA, which was the first article I tried this morn.
Re: JumpstartLab - We Build Developers -
"Well said." - Evan Brown
Why do I need to give O’Reilly Media a shipping address at checkout when all I’m doing is downloading an ebook?
Google Reader Social Retrospective -
Ten years of Windows XP: how longevity became a curse -
F1 Fan Receives Bionic Hand from Mercedes Team -
F1 Fan Receives Bionic Hand from Mercedes Team
The Bearable Lightness of Google+ -
My feelings about both Facebook and Google+ are similar to those of Bill Barnes. - Evan Brown
Casey Anthony and American “Justice” -
Will Joe Biden pass his @VP Twitter account to his successor when he leaves office? Or will he keep on using it after a new VP is elected?
Facebook needs a serious competitor, so I hope that Google+ has what it takes.
Cardboard Bike Helmet Better than Plastic -
Cardboard Bike Helmet Better than Plastic
I want one of these for my son, who loves riding his bicycle but still crashes from time to time. - Evan Brown from Bookmarklet
On 2010 May 31, Lala, my favorite music service, played its last song. Today, a year and a day later, I received my invite to Google Music.
Get free @readyforzero stickers to put on your credit cards (assuming you don’t cut them up Dave Ramsey style):
Why I’m the Best Programmer in the World -
Space Exploration & Human Spaceflight: The Next 50 Years -
AOL/HuffPo Shuts Down Download Squad -
This is a surprising development. I have been reading Download Squad since its first day. It was a great tech blog. - Evan Brown
Helpful Bible Versions Chart -
Helpful Bible Versions Chart
I am a long-time fan of the NIV, which I believe strikes a good balance between dynamic and formal equivalence. - Evan Brown from Bookmarklet
Polar Bear Knut Died of Drowning -
Polar Bear Knut Died of Drowning
Only 46 shopping days until Easter…
Realizing You’re One of 7 Bible Studies at Chick-fil-A -
“Starbucks is to open Mac laptops as Chick-fil-A is to open Bibles.” So true. - Evan Brown
Re: Mozilla: Internet Explorer 9 Isn’t A ‘Modern’ Browser -
Re: Mozilla: Internet Explorer 9 Isn’t A ‘Modern’ Browser -
"Some things that Mozilla has contributed: They helped develop the WOFF format for web fonts, which the other browsers now support. They are constantly conducting forward-looking experiments that may eventually become web standards (things like multi-touch events, the -moz-any() selector for CSS, and a browser-based audio API). They are also usually one of the first to implement many features of future standards (IndexedDB, File API, etc.), which provides valuable feedback to improve the specs." - Evan Brown
Happy 100th birthday to a great American. I am proud to share my day with you. We need another one like you, Mr. Reagan.
Jack LaLanne, Fitness Expert, Dead at 96 -
Jack LaLanne, Fitness Expert, Dead at 96
I always expected him to make it to 100. - Evan Brown from Bookmarklet
Re: Payback: I Just Canceled AT&T By Way Of Google Voice -
"I agree about the landline. My parents have a home phone with a number that they’ve had for more than thirty years. They rarely use the landline anymore since they have cell phones, but they keep it for the phone number. If the number could be ported to Google Voice, they could have it forward to both of their cell phones and drop a monthly bill." - Evan Brown
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