Murder by hacking someone's heart implant is no longer a perfect crime... (sorry) - tom
@harryharrold I said the same thing 11 years ago, only way grumpier. - tom
Autism: Decoding Emotions Through Glass - Explorers Community -
I've just written the LONGEST EVER blog post on the history of goth. - tom
Goth at BBC . To be fair, this is pre-goth (before it became crap). Compulsory viewing kids. There will be a test. - tom
insanely awesome : The flaming Lips destroy Sgt Peppers - tom
@suzyskaphotos They keep veering of the road into Bond-eqsue ripoffs... They keep veering off into Bond ripoffs - tom
Exciting new front-end web developer job available in our team @UniOfYork - tom
"…add their own reminders - to pick up dry-cleaning or give parents a call". But I haven't been to dry cleaners. - tom
Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll - Peter Bebergal - Google Books -
I'm using @JustPark to rent a parking space. They want me to add a photo to my profile. WTF? - tom
Google Apps for Education users are to get UNLIMITED storage! I bet @mc80york needs more though ;-) - tom
SCREENING: Strong Coffee With Vodka (Germany) A weird boss, a sadistic soymilk-loving customer, a helpless waiter - tom
Sophie's book, The Glass launches today. Go fill all your Kindles up with it. - tom
Pukka stop making Chamomile & Vanilla tea. Now we can't find regular Chamomile anywhere. Now THIS! #conspiratea ? - tom
But... but... Sir? ... @offmessage ... IT'S THE SAME SONG! CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT! - tom
"...smartphones are not designed to be put in trouser pockets..." So where else should you keep them? - tom
And We Have Been Since 1776: 214 Years of American War-Making | -
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