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RT @johnmaeda: "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." —Lao Tzu
OH: "If you have not been to the zoo for a's BANANAS."
RT @blprnt: This story from @ftrain feels like a brand new form of something wonderful. Tech and love and history and humanity.
It’s Amazing That The Old Record Industry Existed In The First Place — Medium
RT @andygadiel: They should print how much money the candidates raised right on the ballot next to their names, just for reference.
I'm always intrigued by a "how google works" discussion. This one with @StevenLevy, @ericschmidt and @jjrosenberg:
“The Secret to Making People Want What You Got” by @nireyal
No wonder I like @ftrain so much. (It's a trick!) “How to Be Polite”
“Dear Silicon Valley…” by @deenatweet
More typographical refinement on @Medium:
“The Hero Returns: Steve Jobs’ real genius” by Peter Sims
Best thing on Medium I've seen this week. “This Should Only Take a Minute or Four, Probably” by @fchimero
“What then if I make it a resolution for me, and a wish for you: to continue finding new ways to be in awe…”
“A Desirable-Future Haiku” by @kevin2kelly
“Why You Should Really Hate San Francisco Politics” by @schnageler
RT @JackSjogren: Man watches friend hammering a nail
Back this: Underwear for hope
“How are apps made?" by @craigmod
"What makes rational action on climate so hard is something else — a toxic mix of ideology and anti-intellectualism."
Medium launched a new Matter today:
RT @lessig: The Internet has a Superpac
“The J. Crew Catalogue is too beautiful not to destroy” by @sarahLazarovic
“Next-level Lean Startups” by @jennschiffer
Looking forward to checking out @ellengustafson's new book, We the Eaters:
Signed: Petition to tell @JerryBrownGov to protect California from #fracking pollution
Why baby smiles are like crack by @pregscientist
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