Evan Williams
Dear coffee shops of America: Let's just assume no one needs a receipt, unless we're told otherwise.
What's even worse is when you buy a doughnut or cookie or similar, and they try and give you a bag to put it in. I'm not entirely feeble, I can carry one item, thank you. - James
The bag isn't for carrying ease. It's to hide the shame. :-) - Kevin Fox
maybe we could make it "green" to not give out receipts. that way stores could reduce their carbon footprint by not giving out receipts - Jonathan Jesse
What if they found a way to print receipts on bacon? Okay, okay. Prosciutto? - Kevin Fox
Haha. Costas give me TWO recipts for my coffee. I can only surmise that one is for the coffee, and the other is for the extra shot. So one is under "C" and the other goes under "E". Enron prevention, FTW - Roberto Bonini
For those who prefer, i'd like to see digital receipt cards, perhaps integrated into smart payment cards, we can then verify against our online statements, and also upload to whatever budgeting, business expense, and income tax software we use. - John Lam
I like when I get a receipt for lottery tickets. If need be, you can be damn certain that I can prove I bought a lottery ticket, because I'll have. . . . the WINNING TICKET! - Dave Roth