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Evil Librarian

Evil Librarian

Librarian to the Netherworld. Strong moral compass. Mostly harmless.
Almost done research for the day. Today's efforts should be seen tomorrow with any luck. Do stay tuned.
RT @joshuamneff: Eating a hamburger with bacon the day before a cholesterol test is probably not a great idea.
Some of my best work has been accomplished in the past two months. Considering a break, although demands from work continue.
So You've Decided to be Evil (a guide):
RT @retired_bush: My memoir is almost done. It took a while to get the aircraft carrier to pop up right, but now you can pull a little tab and I wave my hand!
I must endorse the fine work being done by the Annoyed Librarian She is simply marvelous!
Truly gruesome. You have been warned.
Evil librarian drawn during a game of Pictionary
Evil librarian drawn during a game of Pictionary
Uncanny resemblance, if I were indeed female. - Evil Librarian
Time reverse energy support facial pillows
@SherrinIngram We are only as Evil as Those who we Follow - Evil Librarian #quote
Preparing for All Hallow's Eve.
Quite pleased with what is happening so far
@thenucreative most would not understand the ways to establish an evil plan.
@ElizaWyatt I do not understand. But please, do continue.
What are you doing?
People do not understand the implication of zombies
I do not believe what just occurred. Unprecedented.
@infobunny you are truly refreshing.
Some reading to prepare for an upcoming evening with my date.
Considering catching a flick this weekend. Angels & Demons would give me a good chuckle no doubt.
Enjoying the heat. Usually it becomes tedious and trying, but after some recent frosty negotiations it is a pleasant change.
@infobunny You are charming. I cannot imagine why that would not delight the b/f.
Applauding:RT @gapingvoid The world is not governed by the passive-aggressive yakkin's of people like yourself. Please realize that. Thanks.
Let me reassure you - @NateDelaney - when you are insane of course everything around you will appear normal.
Laughing at the #fixreplies stream - people seem to think this is a democracy. So amusing.
I notice that @iHysteria has an extreme opinion. I respect that.
Ah humans! RT @ev Reading people's thoughts on the replies issue. We're considering alternatives. Thanks for your feedback #fixreplies (not)
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