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Founder of We provide web hosting and infrastructure as a service.
RT @BreakingNews: Japan's prime minister says radiation has leaked from damaged reactor; asks those within 20K to evacuate - Kyodo
Landed in Singapore.
Back at ICN, waiting for my flight to SIN. Really glad I got that night of rest.
Landed in Seoul. Long, long flight. Looking forward to showering, food, and bed.
Flying SFO to ICN (Seoul). See you on the other side...
Really happy that I didn't take a layover in Japan for tomorrow's flight... #lucky
Facetime for the MacBook needs a *lot* more polish. It won't dial a non-iPhone, but can't filter non-iPhones from the contact list.
Loving the new Sandybridge MacBook Pro.
My first contribution has been merged into #OpenStack compute (nova). Your cloud just got a little more secure...
RT @nexenta The WSJ has taken notice of OpenStorage! And KT and NexentaStor. #zfs < no mention of @cloudscaling ? :)
New netbook rocks. Used intermittently throughout work day & is still at 56%, OS says should last another 5:30 hours.
RT @randybias: Had the whole global @Cloudscaling engineering team in the same room today. 20+ world class technologists. It was inspiring.
Out of meetings. Now: food, beer, san francisco
First day at @cloudscaling. Got the T-Shirt, having coffee and bagels. Working on my nova execvp patch.
After a brisk reminder that a 1/2mi walk in San Francisco != a 1/2mi walk in Philly, I'm finally at the hotel.
Landing #SFO. BBL
Just realized I can slingbox the Oscars & watch on the plane.
(Where #openstack means Nova, at the moment)
Making decent progress on a patch for #OpenStack for it to use execvp rather than executing strings in shells. #security
The woman in the seat ahead of me is watching Dr Who off Netflix. #inflight-wifi #win
Boarding to Atlanta. Then, off to SFO.
I'm starting at @cloudscaling next week.
As an Apple developer, I now have access to Lion, but to be honest, it is less exciting for me than Snow Leopard. Full-screen apps, really?
RT @Cloudscaling: Blog post by Randy Bias discusses today's news: Cloudscaling's new CEO. #cloudcomputing #cloud
Signed up for Amazon Prime. I plan to be doing a lot of travel soon, so having the 2-day shipping will be useful. Oh, and vid-streaming++
Confirmed: I'll be in San Francisco next week. Looking forward to meeting up with some of my friends and peers.
Who said that infrastructure failure was a bad thing? Power went out at SBUX, got free coffee.
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