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Albert Maruggi
if you have a daughter, then you need to follow @safeworld4women Eye opening, gut wrenching.
Make Polenta Fries Without the Deep Fry -
Make Polenta Fries Without the Deep Fry
Make Polenta Fries Without the Deep Fry
"I cut out strips and placed them on a lightly- oiled sheet, then baked them for 20 minutes. The resulting fries were crispy on the outside and super creamy in the middle. No deep-frying or pan-frying necessary. And no cheese or loads of butter required!" - Derrick from Bookmarklet
Ok Derrick - give me some ideas for using polenta. We have a huge bag of it as I use it for a lemon polenta cake which is gorgeous, but I still have lots left. I'm not altogether comfortable with dollops of polenta (like mashed potato) but open to other suggestions ;-) - wensleydalelass
Oh, yum - what a great way for the leftovers to be used! (or as a primary.....) - Jennifer Dittrich
Wendolene, I've never made it, but saw some good suggestions in the Vegetarian room: - Derrick
Thanks love. Harvey's Cheese and onion croquettes look divine... - wensleydalelass
Now I want polenta - Just Mrs. V
Salih, just love this again today! - Myrna
thanks again.. - salih
salih, thank you for taking so long to reply..I got a nice surprise when I came to FF.with these 2 images..still just as lovely! - Myrna
beatiful!!! wooow - Andie Pop
Erin @queenofspain
weeping with joy. i just paid off and closed 5 credit cards. i see shackles falling off me as I type. ... in more ways than one
Oh, that is FANTASTIC! well done! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
One of the best feelings in the world! - iTad
Congratulations! - Ordinarybug Heather
Congratulations! - James Kuypers
you rock! - Loc
Freedom! Congrats! - Pilgrim Five
Robert Scoble
Jonathan Wells
6 Ways To Speed Up The Loading Of Your Website | -
From the page: "Your website could be the most beautiful site in the world but it does you no good if it takes forever to load. Let's face it. People are impatient and a slow website prevents potential customers from completing their purchase. " - Jonathan Wells
50 Viral Images The Web Shared In 2009 -
50 Viral Images The Web Shared In 2009
"Every strike brings me closer to my next home run"-Babe Ruth
Robert Scoble
Real time videos are about to get hot based on what @aaroncray CEO of @rippoleffect and @Michael_Irie just showed me. Video later tonight.
So you're saying we've all got to start live streaming our lives???? That can be scary! LOL! - Arleen Boyd
I liked it, so I finally put a ring on it. -
I liked it, so I finally put a ring on it.
Yeah. LOL. I just made it official, like in the Thriller video...except that I didn't turn into a werewolf and chase her through the woods.... - Rahsheen
Congrats!! - iTad
congrats - MiniMage
Congratulations to you both! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congrats!!! - RAPatton from iPhone
Very good, my dear Rah! - Derrick
Congrats, Rah! - Pete D
Congrats to both of you, Rah! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Congratulations! - Spidra Webster
Congratulations!!! - Michael Fidler
Congratulations, Rah! - Micah
Congrats Rahsheen! - Hutch Carpenter
Congrats to both of you! - Jandy
Way to go Rah! Congratulations! - DJ Stevie Steve
Nice work. - Louis Gray
Awesome... don't know her from Eve... But from what I've gleaned from you online. She's got a good guy. Congrats! - SAM
Congrats! - imabonehead
congrats then :) - webosapien (Burcu Tüzün)
Congratulations man :) - LANjackal
Congratulations, Rah! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! ^__^ - Abhishek
"it" ? ;) Congratulations though ! - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
*wonders if he should put on leotards, a metallic hand and run up the wall...* Congrats man! - Johnny
Congrats man!!! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Congrats! - LB needs a break.
ویدا بیا برات حلقه ازدواج خریده دوستت :)) - Mil∂d
Congrats! - jbrotherlove
Congratulations, dude! - Daniel B. Honigman
Woohoo! Congratulations! - Ordinarybug Heather
Congrats! - Shevonne
Congrats. :) - Kevin Winn
Congrats! - MoTO Boychick Devil
میلاد :)))))))))))) انگشترش رو دوست نداشتم نامزدی رو به هم زدم :دی - Viva Vida
Oh that's awesome!! Congrats! - Just Mrs. V
Congrats! - anna sauce
Yay! Congratulations!! - Yolanda
Congrats, happy for you Rahsheen!!! - YoYo_P
Congrats, Rahsheen!!! - Live4Emma (L4S) from iPhone
Congrats :) - Rodfather
Not fair that the lady gets to wear a fancy ring before we even do the church thing. What's the point of being engaged if you can't flaunt it? LOL. Thanks everyone :) - Rahsheen
Woot! Congrats. :) - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
Congratulations! Welcome to the ranks of those of us promised and intended to the love of our lives =) Aloha! - Arleen Boyd
woohoo! congrats! - Leslie Poston
Congrats, Young Sheen! - Bryan R. Adams
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) - Susan Beebe
congrats and good luck! :) - Tim Hoeck
Alright, Rah! Happiest best wishes to you both! - Ayşe E.
Congrats! - xero
Congratulations, Rahsheen and Trail! - Anika
Congrats Rah! - Justin Korn
woooooo hooooo! - metalerik
So very nice. Congratulations! - Martha
Congratulations!! - Erica Thompson Briggs
CONGRATS!!! - David Cook
Congratulations!! - Harold
Congratulations, Rahsheen! I had a similar thought for Harold when he gave me my ring: "Gee, kind of unfair the guy doesn't get to wear something too until the wedding." - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Congratulations! - Tracy Benham
Way to go... May you have a wonderful life together. - Mitchell Tsai
bump. - Rahsheen
bump^2 - imabonehead
Jesse Stay
So my wife gets lists before I do. We know whose account will get used as my test account now :-)
Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 12.37.24 AM.png
What's funny is I have 6 accounts of my own and she gets the lists. - Jesse Stay
You are blacklisted. - Louis Gray
I guess so. Time to change Twitter identities? - Jesse Stay
Seriously, Louis? - Rahsheen
I thought everybody got lists yesterday. I did. So what was the selection criteria do you suppose? - Melanie Reed
Ryan Sarver told me it was completely random, no selection criteria at all. They couldn't even put me in as a developer until my number got picked. (which is BS because I know developers "chosen" for the developer beta) - Jesse Stay
Well,Jesse, if I could give you mine, I'd do it. I'm not particularly ready to play with it yet as I have other things I'm concentrating on at the moment. - Melanie Reed
Melanie, the only reason I want it is for development. I'm much more enthusiastic, from a user perspective, about Facebook. I do see ways to incorporate this into SocialToo though so I want to play with it to do that. Also, Facebook doesn't yet let you group fan pages into lists or anonymize lists like Twitter does so I might find some benefit there as well. - Jesse Stay
Actually, I'm wrong - I just realized I can add fan pages to lists. Cool. Wondering if I can do some stuff from an API perspective now. - Jesse Stay
So it looks like in Facebook the only capability I need now is the ability to share my lists with others. Ideally those that I share with should only be able to see those with permissions set to be visible to others. This would include all fan pages (the equivalent to a Twitter profile). - Jesse Stay
Which I can already do via the API - Jesse Stay
Jesse - with your brilliance a) everyone -even Twitter - knows you've been doing your own "lists" for a while! b) you'd test it so heavy the system would blow up! *giggle* - Arleen Boyd
Arleen, lol! In all honesty, I have been doing lists for awhile via FriendFeed and Facebook, so you're right there. The only reason I really want to test it right now though is for SocialToo - for those that prefer Twitter I really see some potential for lists to remove the need for unfollow. - Jesse Stay
Keep in mind I'm in this as an entrepreneur, not to necessarily find news. I can find news, but it's not my sole purpose or mindset right now. - Jesse Stay
I am still waiting for lists myself, - Rob Cairns
Can I share FriendFeed lists on SocialToo? I can imagine API calls to dump list data there and subscribe to others. - Bruce Lewis
I finally got lists, so I've finally stopped complaining (at the end, I begged @twitter on bended knee). Once I got lists, the first thing I did was create my big NaNoWriMo list which is probably the biggest one built so far. When I saw how many lists I was on, I found out that I was on just about everybody else's NaNoWriMo lists already. So I'm pleased, though I might now complain about how hard it is to create big lists out of my nearly 1,500 followers. So it goes... - Dennis Jernberg
Cloud Jacking: 7 Steps to Dominate Your Niche -
Steve Cleary
I turned around to see where I had been - wait a minute - who is that following me?
Hey miss your tweets Arleen - Twitter is less interesting without your wit ----- - Steve Cleary
manielse (Mark Nielsen)
This looks so decadently good! Can I lick my computer screen PUH-lease? - manielse (Mark Nielsen) from Bookmarklet
one of the most heavenly desserts! - magali
I died and went to heaven only after bookmarking your cookie page for my fiance to enjoy upon my demise. - Arleen Boyd
Leo Laporte
You're invited to my Windows 7 Launch Houseparty - October 22 10a, at the TWiT Cottage. There will be cake and balloons!
Leo — Fastmail (39204 messages, 4238 unread).jpg
Congrats Leo - couldn't be anyone better - Jesse Stay
Will you broadcast it? - nick
Yeah, Leo... you should set up a webcam or something. - Ken Sheppardson
oh well as long as there will be cake - Mr. Erv Server
I don't think Leo has a webcam - Jesse Stay
I'll have some virtual cake please. :) - Daynah
looks like i need to clear my schedule - Bryan
I'm sure he has an old Soundblaster mic in his closet - Eric - Final Countdown
*ding dong* ... Daaaaad, the Internet is here!! - Andrew Skretvedt
What should I bring? - Sean Montgomery from iPhone
Hey, save me a slice of that cake! Lorraine B - lorraine boot
Congratulations Leo! You're the perfect choice. - Martin McDermid
Oh noes...the cake is a lie - Jeremy Heslop
What about the napkins? - Manuel Mas
Imma happy for you and imma let you finish, but Mac had the best OS *evah*...*evah* - Jesse Stay
Windows 7? I thought they were up to version 2008 by now. - Vermyndax
What's about shrimp?-) - notagolfer from iPhone
I am so tempted to make the 1700km drive to Petaluma for this - Jon Poeschek
Well, hot dang, Leo! Me too!! In fact, I just got my notice AS I WAS READING THIS ENTRY!! Awesome!! - WazNeeni
Wish I could be there! Unfortunately, the distance along with the fact that I have to work, since it's a Thursday, prohibits me from attending... Live streaming I hope...! - Chris
We're gonna take over Petaluma like Woodstock!! - Sean Montgomery from iPhone
I'll be there! :) - Kim Fong
*looks over at canoe*... If I start paddling now... - Johnny
Congratulations Leo. - Technogran
Live stream it and we can all join in!! - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
"The cake is a lie!!!" - Lukess Eckley from iPhone
I wonder if Paul Thurrott got his party too. - Willem (@wim66) ☠ from iPhone
I wish I could go, Leo, but I'll be at my own party. Have fun! - Eric Geller
You think I'd drive all the way to Petaluma for Windows 7, are you crazy? Oh wait, there WILL be cake, well then, THAT is different (in best Rosannadanna voice). - Richard Bitting
James: you still got a month, use it wisely... :) - Holger Eilhard
I love how the image title reads: "Leo — Fastmail (39204 messages, 4238 unread).jpg" Good luck with inbox zero, Leo! :-) - Holger Eilhard
I was going to invite you to my party like you said on the radio show. Now who can I get? Any other tech-related celebrity radio hosts I can call? I wonder if Kim Komando is hosting her own party... - David Sheneman
Hey Leo I got my Finalist note. I'll invite you and we can set up a skype link. You can be a hub that shows not just your party but connect to other parties around the world. - Paul Wirtz
The balloons are a lie - Chris Shearer
my unboxing is here: - Ernest Lehmann
Jesse Stay
Who has both a Twitter account and a Facebook Page that they manage? I have something for you to try.
That would be me... - Megan Fitzgerald
Me too. I'm 'managing' posts thus far via Seesmic Desktop. What you got Jesse? *intrigued* - Kate Foy
Sending DMs to those that comment here on how to get set up with the new thing I want you to try - Jesse Stay
Oh, and we're going to try an experiment - if you get instructions, please feel free to share it with your friends if you like it! - Jesse Stay
Present. - Micah
I try....and I mean manage Twitter and Facebook posts on TweetDeck. - Bonnie Foster
I do - steven healey
I do - Melanie Reed
I do as well. - Rob Schieber
I do! - Laura Norvig
My fb page (one of them) is named after my blog: I also help manage and just started for meeting new people. (Does That Count? :) - Garin Kilpatrick
Okay, for everyone else wanting to try it, wait until tomorrow morning and we'll post how you can try it and use it on - Jesse Stay
I do, I have a few Twitter accounts. - Kol Tregaskes
I do, I do. - Gary Walter (gwalter)
It's live now - go and try it out!: - Jesse Stay
BTW, I've got one more feature I'm holding back on you'll see in the next day or two. :-) - Jesse Stay
Sounds like me, too. - Jason Miller
Jesse, I'm interested and would be glad to do review for you. I could also use your help weeding out some (spam) followers on Twitter. - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
Jason(s) - it's live now - go check it out at - Jesse Stay
Me! - Carter ♥ JS from iPhone
Me!! - Adam Clarke
Pieso, Carter, Adam, it's all launched now - just go to for the details. - Jesse Stay
I have both. - Anurag Bansal
Lay it on m,e Jesse!!! Put it to the test! - Arleen Boyd
Arleen, Anurag, anjelina, be sure to check out the links I posted above - all the instructions are there! Let me know if you have any troubles. - Jesse Stay
I do too. - Martha
I manage a page as well as a Twitter account. Happy to help. Twitter account is @thejeffbrown. - Jeff Brown
Jeff, please see the blog post link above - it has all the instructions. - Jesse Stay
Robert Scoble
Because @jowyang didn't tell me where he's going and I learned it anyway I am very tempted to tell the world to mess up his launch. :-)
so a startup then.. - Zee.
But I won't, because he's my friend and so are the other people involved. :-) - Robert Scoble
Hmmmm... - Simon Young
I hear he'll announce it "within days" and it's a pretty interesting gig. - Robert Scoble
When will we find out Robert? - Dave "Freedom 35"
Are there cameras involved? - Simon Young
Funny. He didn't tell me because he thought I would tell everyone. :-) - Robert Scoble
so go ahead and tell us! : ) - Teri Gidwitz
Teri: believe me, I'm tempted, just to teach him a lesson! :-) - Robert Scoble
What I want to know: Who will replace him at Forrester? - Dave "Freedom 35"
BTW, I dig the new avatar, glad the green is gone ;) - Keith - @tsudo
Will he be interviewed on Building43? - Simon Young
Dave: not possible to replace him, sorry. - Robert Scoble
Well, payback is always worse. They're recruiting for a replacement at Forrester. Go look at his "former" blog; HR guy posted. - Teri Gidwitz
Same here. Green was getting a bit putrid. - Dave "Freedom 35"
Simon: nah, it's not a building43 kind of thing. - Robert Scoble
Big shoes indeed. - Dave "Freedom 35"
Oh. Interesting! - Simon Young
Nice going Robert, we all are looking forward to knowing when the time comes. - courtney benson
Damn... I got excited for a second that I may be among the first to know what he's up to. I guess I'll wait to find out along with everyone else! - Jodi Echakowitz
Daniel: it could be "JeremiahGate!" :-) - Robert Scoble
FF is pretty cool for these kinds of flash news teasers. :) - Dave "Freedom 35"
James: real time TV: Heheh. - Robert Scoble
James: FriendFeed's real time search engine has a lot of cool features that never were explored. I really hope that's what they are going to do for Facebook. - Robert Scoble
thx Robert ....thats super cool - Johni Fisher
Amazon? - Jesse Stay
Jesse: no and not Facebook either. :-) - Robert Scoble
Either your going to be a big tease or a tattle tale either of which will get you beaten up on the playground, so stop it (: - Kim Landwehr from BuddyFeed
DBAD - Josh Haley
Kim: heheh. - Robert Scoble
Robert. You're a friend, but you've a habit of breaking news --sometimes when folks aren't ready. It's not personal, but I just know your traits. I'm going to brief you in detail on Wed. We can do a video if you'd like --I'll come to you. Hugs? - Jeremiah Owyang
awww... ;-) - Chris Heath
Robert - hug Jeremiah, do the video - but insist he brings that little dog with him. IT is cute :) - Rob La Gesse
Will Robert put away his (fake) wounded pride and interview Jeremiah on Wednesday? Oh yes, he will - and now we have a deadline. Good work Robert! - Kami Huyse
bring @goodboyrumba along for the video! :) - Rachel Luxemburg
Jeremiah: :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
OK, can we flashmob to celebrate Jeremiah's new gig right after the interview? - Elliott Ng
Jeremiah: here is the deal. I am not under embargo but already know the news. So I think I will call Arrington because you didn't embargo me. Oh, and I +do+ keep embargoes. I am even keeping a secret about two things you will learn in the morning. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I still struggle with my 7 year old son to not steal his siblings' thunder in matters important to them. It's not easy for him. - Josh Haley
I know those two things, Robert. - Louis Gray
I know a lot of things, not even just two, but maybe not the two you are thinking of - Jesse Stay
Kami, I saw Robert yesterday, and I asked him if I'd hurt his feelings, he said "yes". Robert and I go back, there was a time (ustream launch) where we well, didn't coordinate on news. He's truly a friend, and someone I respect as a media trailblazer --but I need to get everything coordinated. To be clear, he was on the list of folks I'd brief in detail --others just got cursory info. - Jeremiah Owyang
Here's a long discussion on where Jeremiah Owyang will be going next. Interesting discussion developing on embargoes and 'bloggers' - Drew B
Lets figure out where he is going. Who is in most need of Jeremiahs incredible intelligence on social media? - Nisse
Drew, is it interesting that Robert is threatening me that I didn't tell him? Should bloggers assert themselves to get news? (it's a bit fun watching him get antsy) - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah, I find the continual embargo deiscussions fascinating. I hope your trust is respected here. - Drew B from email
Is he going to disneyland? - Cliff Gerrish
Jeremiah: my feelings were hurt because you told pretty much everyone else in the industry other than me. Here's a hint: they can't keep their mouths shut either. But I will. You will know tomorrow that I actually do know the news. But the other deal is that you're wrong. I've kept hundreds of embargoes over the past year and haven't leaked them to anyone. If you weren't a friend and... more... - Robert Scoble
So they want the publicity you can bring but want to control the timing and message. I would be inclined to not agree as well. Sounds like you are being used. - Brian Sullivan
I hear news all the time about people who aren't necessarily friends but would generally want the news quiet - does this mean I should start leaking those details? I'm not sure the right answer to that. The problem though is often the way I hear about that information is through other friends who were trusted to keep the info private. Is it worth betraying the trust of those friends as well? - Jesse Stay
The problem comes maybe when you are "friends" with everybody but also are trying to be a legitimate reporter at the same time. We criticize television and newspaper reporters for this all the time but tech reportage seems to get a pass. - Brian Sullivan
Jesse, yeah your situations seem tough because if you leak, you're a jackass because someone else can't keep their mouth shut. - Chris Heath
Brian: everyone uses me, I'm used to it, it's part of the role I play in life. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, I was planning on telling you before the announcement --and the offer still stands. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, that wasn't my intent. - Jeremiah Owyang
What's the point here?? - Andru Edwards
nothing really andru, I say we just move along and let Robert and I handle this offline. Clearly, we need to work this out. - Jeremiah Owyang
Talking to Scoble now, I apologized. I take back what I said above, he's not broken any embargos in a while and I take that charge back. I also briefed him, as a friend, and more. Sorry Robert, I crossed the line. - Jeremiah Owyang
Ari - that's my guess too. - Hutch Carpenter
Now watch Scoble jump to Streamy right now to tell what Jeremiah is doing next. Ha! - Bryan R. Adams
This is funny! "JeremiahGate" got love it :) - Susan Beebe
Scoble is very good at keeping secrets and creating Buzz! :) - Susan Beebe
Thanks Jeremiah! Excited for you. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I want a "Gate" named after me :-) - Jesse Stay
Robert, excellent start at creating the "buzz" for @jowyang 's launch LOL - j damon brown
Link Baiting 101: Start a fight with Scoble. - Jason Calacanis
Once again, calacanis ftw - Chris Heath from iPhone
Dude, why would you do that? I knew where you were going both times, and I kept it to myself. I coulda broken it, but why violate trust. - Jeremy Pepper
Jeremy: who you talking to? No one has violated any trust. We're all cool now anyway. - Robert Scoble
Jeremy: and when I left Microsoft someone DID violate my trust and leaked it within hours. So what? It all works out. Coordination is overrated. - Robert Scoble
LOL Jason. But Robert is right, co-ordination can be overrated. - Ian Betteridge
Group hug. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah - your recognition and classifications/categorizations of trends and strategies is truly unique. Thank you for all you've done at Forrester. Whatever your new role is, I hope you'll continue to share your thoughts. - A Mitchell
Louis Gray
FYI - The Ten People to Follow on FriendFeed Monthly Feature is Suspended, Failing Future Announcements.
Given the changeover to Facebook, Mike and I have talked and decided we will let the community shake out before we think about continuing to build it more. - Louis Gray
Uh oh. - Akiva
Mike and I are champions of what has been built here, but we are going to be watching the changes closely to see if it makes sense to continue investing the efforts we have each month. Hoping something comes to change our mind and returning to normal, but we're being realistic. - Louis Gray
Yep. - Louis Gray
this may sound stupid....keep in mind im new to FriendFeed...but what is the ten to follow on FriendFeed monthly Feature....? - Marissa
Well, if nothing else, I just realized that I wasn't subscribed to Mike. So that's something, I guess. - Akiva
Louis, what are your secret plans and your roadmap? I'm super intrigued by your desktop at this moment. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
whoa... now it's getting serious. - michael sean wright
oh. okay. thank you. =]] - Marissa
It was a great run. I agree with Louis, until we have a clear understanding of what the future has in store for FriendFeed, it's not beneficial to anyone to keep the list going. - Mike Fruchter
Akiva, same here. It was never on purpose though :-) - Mike Fruchter
Jason, I think that we have been reassured that the site will be kept alive. We have been encouraged by the recent introductions. But the last two videos have been more disconcerting, talking more about FB, and showing less clarity into plans. So I think it is safe to assume, until we hear otherwise, that the bulk of work will be for the site with millions of users. There has been no official update from the team yet, so we'll wait cautiously. - Louis Gray
Until then, consider this a "feature freeze" on our behalf until we get word from higher up that the project is still a priority. - Louis Gray
I don't think Louis is loosing faith. I think he is just realistic.He is not abandoning the site he championed the masses so hard for. It's a simple "feature freeze". Personally, I'm optimistic but also very cautious about the future of this site. Lets see what happens. *Hopefully* Facebook will make a public announcement at some point, the question is when? The fact that they have not, two weeks after the acquisition, makes you really wonder what their plans are for FriendFeed. Time will tell. - Mike Fruchter
So 10 to follow in Google Reader coming next? - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
MaryAnn, that would be an interesting thing. I believe some of the best Google Reader sharers are here on FriendFeed. :) - Louis Gray
Much easier to see the whole list here: Hopefully you won't take that spreadsheet offline, as I am using it for some research and it does have some merit beyond friendfeed. - April Russo (FForever!)
April, I would never take that doc offline. I don't even think I am the owner. :) - Louis Gray
I think the list could be kept going, but expanded in other directions to include more than just friendfeed, so anyone added to the list, it would also give info on how to follow them elsewhere, like twitter, facebook, Google Reader and other sites...not just friendfeed. This way, the list continues to be of value, no matter what happens. I believe that anyone that made that list for... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
here comes the Facebook changes - sucks! - Mekkar
April - is that list up to date? (I vainly checked for my name and didn't see it :) ) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Wow. That comes as quite a shock. - Derrick
Louis, Mike, maybe just switch over to a monthly list of what order we should start unsubscribing. <--- Being cheeky, but it gave me a serious thought: List of of people to follow in other contexts—those who are FF alumni (whether active on posterous, greader, or what have you). Just a thought. :) - Micah
@Jeff I think June may have been the last time it was updated. - April Russo (FForever!)
[sad face] I realise you are adopting a very prudent "wait and see" policy but this still feels like the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning of the end. It's almost more shocking than the FB announcement itself. I shall have to ponder this further. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Interesting move. - Kol Tregaskes
Perhaps the any new top 10 should be posted on All Wordy and Junk? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
That would be one option, Kol, and a good one. - Louis Gray
Bummer, but it is a pragmatic decision for the two of you to make. - DGentry
I guess I can suspend my devious plan to send massive bribes to Mike Fruchter, then. He probably wouldn't have taken it, anyway. - DGentry
sad, but probably a good decision as well. It would be great to keep FF as its own domain, but without any information coming out, it is difficult to commit to FF as a social network, or spend a lot of time on the site. - Dan owns
Damn! And I thought I was next!! - Dave Hodson
that's too bad... i wonder if you guys have some inside info on FF's future? I just spent the last week on Facebook instead of here - to get used to it. and it sucked. sucked a lot. - andy brudtkuhl
Paul Buchheit
I'm trying to find a formula for generating the perfect tweet (then I can automate it!). Here's what I have so far: Statement of fact (preferably one that shows how awesome or lame your life is) followed by witty insight or observation.
Apply the formula here, or propose a better formula. This was inspired by a discussion of what my brother's dog would tweet if he had a twitter account (and could tweet). It started with "Just got neutered.", but then we had trouble coming up with the witty insight or observation part. - Paul Buchheit
'RT @scobleizer [whatever he said]'. Seems to work for a lot of people. - Akiva
dim statement = 'Unwillingly, unwittingly sycophantic to a fault, but with backbone. Life is like an ashtray.' ; - Rob Schieber
[Statement or question] + [derogatory or self-derogatory co-fact] + [#ididntmeanit or #itotallymeanit or #spammingthetrendingtopics] - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Personally, I prefer '[excerpt of content] + [ link]'. - Akiva
Oh, I read that as [exempt of content] + [ link] - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
People seem to be big fans of pithy observations of life phrased as a rhetorical question followed by the phrase "just sayin'" and an irrelevant hashtag lately. Another one to add to your generator would be a 3 sentence verbose response to the topic of the day, but with the vowels taken out to fit in a 140 character tweet. - Mark Trapp
Is this going to be the "I'm feeling lucky" button on FriendFeed? - Jesse Stay
{situation|product} is {overrated|underrated}. It's like {verb}ing in a {place} with a {object}. - Francesco Balducci
best "something" EEVER"!!!! "link" - Chris Hofmann
'Something [awesome|terrible] happened and that's all I'm going to say about that' or some variant thereof. - Akiva
"RT @paultoo [whatever y'all figure out]" - Ken Sheppardson
{oath of fealty to Friendfeed}.{parting words}."That is all." - Josh Haley from iPhone
Rhetorical question? ANGRY SOUNDING ALL CAPS ANSWER, WHETHER AFFIRMATIVE OR NOT. #threewordhashtag - Chris Charabaruk
Here is the issue: A witty insight or observation is not made witty by the creator but by the observer. So, unless your automator will tweet and laugh at itself or somehow guess the minds of your audience, it might have issues. - Aditya Mittal
The problem with a purely structural approach is you can either end up with "perfect" or - Ken Sheppardson
Start with headline generation rules and then remove the news story subtext ;) - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
I prefer Tweets with links to valuable resources and opinions. - Garin Kilpatrick
i know this is true (this sentence manages to be both parts). - kosmar
For me, the perfect tweet is a link to a high-quality document, accompanied by a terse summary of its core content. Those are pretty much the only tweets I pay attention to. - Sean McBride
Ironic statements are good - CoreyTess Trujillo
My favorite tweets say just enough to make you sooo curious you have to follow the "in reply to" to know what the heck they're talking about! In other words... it's real & witty conversation. =) - Arleen Boyd
Sounds like you have a 50% winner. "How about "I hope you humans are happy with your life!" - Houseofmax
I, for one, welcome our new Twitter overlords! - Bill Sodeman
Robert Scoble
I wish Twitter would sell to Google so it would die like Jaiku and Dodgeball. But I won't post this over on Twitter. I really don't have much love for the service, even though I know I'll be stuck using it for the indefinite future. Jesse Stay has it figured out. It's a horrid place to try to communicate anything other than a bit of self pimping.
Here I can write the equivilent of an entire blog post. And even make changes. And even have a conversation. And use it as many times an hour as I want (Twitter rate limits my apps after a while cause I'm too heavy of a user). - Robert Scoble
werd. - imabonehead
I can sense already that FriendFeed is slowing down now that it is joining Facebook, while Twitter still has the best flow (and best system for following people and best mobile clients). So, we're stuck with Twitter, which is too bad, because the technology here is a ton better. - Robert Scoble
Twitter is a piece of crap - BUT it's where the audience is (currently). - Jim Connolly
Now it is starting to feel like FF again with you bigging it up again Robert ;) - travispuk
Twitter is the new MySpace. - imabonehead
Maybe google wave will change the way we use twitter, etc. again. Haven't tried it yet, but it might succeed where friendfeed "failed" - getting enough people to use it. - Frank S.
Travis: I had to go and clean out my Twitter and Facebook accounts and spread out my usage. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'm thinking of setting up a facebook account for my Marketing blog - what do you think? - Jim Connolly
@Scobleizer I don't think Friendfeed would be quite so popular if it weren't for twitter - Prolific Programmer from IM
Twitter is the new Myspace - HAHA - this quote made my day. For me it is just becoming a multiplicator for my friendfeed but it is important for that! - Sascha Pallenberg
Prolific: I'm not so sure. Blogs made Twitter. So, what if there were no Twitter? We would still talk up something else. But maybe FriendFeed wouldn't have thrived anyway. Twitter hit a sweet spot with its easy to program API, it's easy to use interface, and its cute name and branding. - Robert Scoble
Twitter works extremely well on mobile devices. I constantly see people tweeting whereas it's more difficult to do with FriendFeed's interface for a typical user. - imabonehead
Really think that Twitter is annoying it's users too much. There's some problems out there that are really being ignored. Here's an example of a problem that could be solved very simply, but no action is being taken (if it was solved it'd create a lot of goodwill) - Edd McArdle
Robert, now that FriendFeed's people are working for Facebook, and since Facebook has already been making changes to make it more "open socially", do you think eventually that Facebook will become the best place to have serious conversations? - Carlton Hackett
Carlton: yes. - Robert Scoble
I've been thinking so too. Although, I wonder how the non-Soc/net junkies will respond to that? - Carlton Hackett
Robert, two thoughts. #1 - do you think Google really would let it die? Acquiring Twitter would be more like its YouTube acquisition than Jaiku (in terms of price and # of users). Secondly, what would Twitter have to change for you to change your opinion? - Ben Parr
I really, really, really want Twitter to work out is the thing. It's just a pain in the neck to communicate without either losing the conversation or spamming useless banter over multiple Tweets because you can't fit it in 140 characters. That's just my experience. Those still spending most their time there don't mind it I guess. - Jesse Stay
I like Twitter. The conversation flows pretty well for me, and to be fair, I get more @replies there than I get replies here to my posts. - Chris Nixon
I think a combination of the Retweet API and a true threaded replies architecture and UI could change some of my opinion on that though if they do it. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: It's NOT just your experience. Twitter is getting less valuable the bigger it gets. The spam / porn / bots issue is insane and ruining the experience. - Jim Connolly
Chris: I have a twitter account with over 20,000 followers and get ten times as many replies here as I get there. Here I only have a small following. The calibre of people I connect with here is better too. - Jim Connolly
Jesse, have Twitter improved their communication with developers since you wrote about it in April? - Edd McArdle
Edd, over the last week I have noticed a difference, yes, but it's hard to tell if it will remain that way. They now seem to have a project manager over the API dev team (Ryan Sarver). He seems to be putting a filter on some things and keeping devs updated elsewhere. They're still learning though, much slower than FB or FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
agree on spam and bots, but it still is a nice little thing, if it remains what it was made for! marketing and reviewing thing isn't/shouldn't be there, true friendfeed is more effective as a tool for sending your message across, it is simple and strong - testbeta
Testbeta: ... and FF works. - Jim Connolly
Jim, Jesse, Robert: Value varies. For me, Twitter value continues to increase. I use it to find out what's happening, meet up with people, get random insights into how people are doing, find new people. It all works well. There are many different use cases and one tool does not have to do them all. - Rachel Clarke
i couldn't agree more! - lilian
Rachel: "It all works well"? Really? Twitter? - Jim Connolly
Rachel, I agree with you. I just don't think Twitter works well for conversations, that's all. I use FriendFeed and Facebook for that. I use Twitter for different purposes, and I agree it does still have value. - Jesse Stay
sometimes i think of Automattic's intense debate, but well friendfeed is intense debate, such a experience was never had on blogs, the commenting, liking, and so fast it propagates, even disqus commenting systems can't achieve what we have here on friendfeed, but i can't just throw away twitter, twitter still is good, true for the serious types it's word limit, reply system is a bit of... more... - testbeta
I would love to have FriendFeed as the commenting system on my blog. - Chris Nixon
Chris, there are a few plugins that do that. I haven't tried them though. - Jesse Stay
Chris: Check out what Scoble's doing with FF on - Jim Connolly
Jim: yes. It works well for what I want it to do (I'm ignoring the ongoing issues with the DDOS). It's a free tool that adds far more value than it costs me to wait for odd outage. - Rachel Clarke
Just checked your Twitter account and now understand exactly what you are saying. - Jim Connolly
Jesse: agree, I use Facebook, Friendfeed, blogs, comments etc, all for different things. I even use the phone as a phone occasionally to talk with people ;-) But the assumption that one tool/service can do everything - and should do everything - is something I have a problem with. If something does not work for a person, don't use it. - Rachel Clarke
The twitter ecoverse is cool, can do Psychological Profiles, can do Social Network Analysis. All those services that spawned as a result are amazing. I am also amazed at how dense Asians Languages are on Twitter, think about it they get about 60% more per tweet. - Robert Higgins
Ben: at this point I am not sure what Twitter could do to win back my love. I will use it just like I use AT&T and United Airlines. I have very little love for those even though I use them frequently. Twitter wins because it is simple and flat and has great clients. I wouldn't cry if it disappeared, though. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
So why do you hate it? - Raanan Avidor
You want it to die? Such an odd statement. I have met so many great people through Twitter, and the news information I can find through search or news agencies or even people who are newshounds are amazing. I know it's not perfect and the last few weeks have definately proved that, and the spam is just awful. But to want to kill it, what a strong statement. - PC Easy from twhirl
Twitter is not abot writing blog posts or having conversations, its about small pieces of information being communicated to anyone who wants to listen. You do not have to listen, if you want a conversation use a forum or FriendFeed, use WordPress for blog posts. Stop trying to make Twitter into something it is not designed to be. - Darren Rollett
I really used to like Twitter, still do sometimes. What I don't like is the Twitter hype. I don't seem able to turn on any media channel these days without reading/hearing or watching about it. Even the BBC reported that Twitter was under attack recently on the main BBC news. FFS come on, there must be more happening in the world than a micro blogging site with a few million users... more... - Nick Bristow
If you owned twitter would you sell to google? - cheapsuits from iPhone
Robert, Atleast something positive could come out of it. If Twitter sells to Google they might(though its not guaranteed) make it opensource and then a federation of twitter server(ala wave servers) can co-exist happily and that way we'll own our stuff(as Anil Dash and other points out). Or they might integrate it in Wave framework. Not that people are not gonna complain about it but thats a different topic. - Abhishek Sharma
Surely an improvement in the service would be a more positive wish? - Chris Nixon
Say what you want but something with the architecture of friendfeed is far more conversational then twitter could ever be. - cheapsuits
I don't know why people think Twitter is the place to converse. It's really not built for that. I find myself enjoying the flow of conversations more on Facebook and FriendFeed. - Naomi Williams
Self pimping? Hmmm... Perhaps not for all of us. And besides, self-pimping isn't limited to twitter. - @JonAston
PS - Maybe it's just me, but you seem bitter lately. Hope you turn that around for yourself. - @JonAston
Jon: You are right. People pimp on FriendFeed too; as I say in my new book.... :-) - Jim Connolly
@jim, they will do anywhere, this is human nature, they do even in real life, so why not in virtual one? - abdellah
Abdellah: Absolutely. - Jim Connolly
Personally I wish Google would buy both Facebook and Twitter so they could both die. - Brian Sullivan
@brian, hey where could I read to you then?!! - abdellah
@Frank S. Google Wave will only be valid if you actually have other friends/collegues who use Google Wave. Otherwise you'll be using it with the *crickets* - Naomi Williams
Oh yeah -- forgot that due to circumstances beyond our control FF is now Facebook. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
oh yeah , they share the same vision, they got the same perception... - abdellah
I hope the FaceBook people will take comments like these to heart. I do like twitter but the functionality FriendFeed brought was the next generation in stream notification. - Chris Jackson
Mark: Yeah - all I need is a title. Oh, and a book....and the time to write one....then I will be pimping like a pro! - Jim Connolly
Wow Robert, I was thinking this the past few days and could never bring it to words...well done - Braden Douglass
I was gonna call the Funky Phantom. (That really dates me.) - Jim Connolly
Robert, I challenge you to stop using Twitter for a month and then blog about the experience. And that includes hiding all Tweets in FF. - Mike Doeff from iPhone
Lets face it, Twitter was built as an update service - a big Internet megaphone. The natural transition has been from update service to marketing service. Big Internet Megaphone. It's good at that, but it's not at conversations nor at discovery. The larger problem is people still approach Twitter like a true social engagement tool - and it's simply not. The disconnect between perception and reality results in the poor adoption numbers and other soft metrics. - AJ Kohn
twitter is noise. filter it and you can find some gold. imho, that's beyond mere self-pimpage - Rob Schieber
i'd love to meetup with fellows and see what api scraping is going on - know where threads are for that? - Rob Schieber
Idk, This seems so much better then twitter. - SeanParnell
It does have a lot of noise, granted - but if it went away now, I'm not sure where everyone would run to. Facebook is too silly, Linkedin is too stolid, and everything else is too fractured for me to communicate with all the people I want to in a single shot. Guess I'd end up doing everything through after all. - Ciaoenrico
Wow, Isn't online chit-chat such a fuss? :) - SeanParnell
Robert, just a week or two you were saying that Twitter is beating FriendFeed because of scanability And you had lots of complaints about the FriendFeed user interface. You also talked about how Twitter was much better after you un-followed everyone and hand picked who you're following. I have to ask, what has changed in the past few days to make you say that the service should die? Feels like you're flip flopping. - Mike Doeff
Can't you apply for extended API limits? - Tristan Seligmann
love the single post/status page, i mean like this: - testbeta
I noticed that in the past two weeks, the tweet intensity has greatly decreased from all my follows in Twitter. Granted, I'm not following too many, but the ones I do follow have traditionally tweeted a lot each day. Is this a trend (has Twitter become a has been) or is this simply a coincidental anomaly? - Jeff Sayre
Robert I find myself on friendfeed more these days - (jeff)isageek
@brian would you consider myspace if both facebook and twitter die?!!(ps: sorry I forget the LOL) - abdellah
Myspace -- don't know. I haven't really tried or paid attention to it. But probably not -- isn't it Facebook like? Maybe usenet? ;-) - Brian Sullivan
brian, let forget all those techie and go irc :) - abdellah
Well said Otto - Chris Nixon
Jesse Stay: you should stop complaining so much about twitter when you build an entire business based on their lack of functionality and other issues. - Mihai Secasiu
Mihai, I'm not complaining - they can do what they want. As I said I really want them to succeed. It's a matter of fact that they do have their flaws - I'm hoping to help them fix those, assuming they're listening at all. What are you doing to help Twitter get better? - Jesse Stay
it is like twitter if for what,where, when and friendfeed is for why, how - testbeta
Mike: just because I use a service doesn't mean I love it. I use ATT and United all the time and they suck too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
And yes Twitter has some good things about it. Doesn't mean it is all good. Personally it is overused and overhyped and YES I am partially responsible. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Apostol I get value out of Twitter. You aren't listening. I get value out of AT&T too but it COULD be so much more. Chris I tried to be positive but Twitter just doesn't respond to positivity. Plus they are cynical AT BEST about their users. Read the Twittergate documents to see just how cynical they are. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Twitter was just there at the right time. It's not the best solution to the problem (microblogging), but it's good ~enough~. - Trent Hamm
You seriously think Twitter will die once it gets bought by a 'bigger' company? - Mike Shields
Mike: do you use Dodgeball? It was bought by Google. So was Jaiku. - Robert Scoble
Trent: did you just call Twitter the Microsoft of microblogging? Yeah, that's sorta what I was trying to say too! ;-) - Robert Scoble
I just find it amazing that all the early adopters get really snobby about Twitter now it is getting more mainstream. There is something snobby about people's attitude to Facebook as well. I'm not a fan of Facebook but I know more people who use Facebook than use Twitter or Friendfeed combined. Even my mum has a Facebook account but she'd never be on Twitter or Friendfeed. Twitter... more... - Paul Nash
I liked Pownce. I wonder what SixApart has cooking up for them. So there's really no chance for Plurk to make a comeback and take back the community? With all the outage problems Twitter has, I would think Plurk would try to capitalize on that. Guess not. - John Wang
now if the Google Reader team could just get their new commenting system streamlined and real-time ... :) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Paul: it's not hard to understand if you are in our shoes. Here's why. When a company is young and struggling to get noticed, they love having early adopters. After all, that's the ONLY WAY a company gets to the next stage. I've never seen a company go straight to Oprah stage without getting early adopters excited. Then once the company gets enough traction they usually start mistreating the early adopters. In this case Twitter stabbed them in the back. Leo Laporte, for instance ... - Robert Scoble me excited about Twitter and was THE REASON it was the big huge deal at that 2007 SXSW. He had more followers than Mashable last year. But did he get put on the Suggested User List? No. So now Mashable has more than a million and Leo has a knife in his back. And you think it's amazing that early adopters turn their backs on Twitter? Really now. - Robert Scoble
I don't see how Leo has a knife in his back. There was no preconceived notion that anyone would be added to that list. Who cares? He was fine before that list was created, and he can be just as fine now, and just as engaging. - Andru Edwards
Andru: when he was hyping up the service and telling his users to use it, he was getting something in return: being at the top of the follower lists. When Twitter artificially put its own people at the top of the follower lists, and handed out grants of followers (worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, by the way -- Mashable has changed its entire business to be Twitter centric) they specifically dissed Leo and many others. Most of whom won't point it out in public. - Robert Scoble
Sadly true. I'm in much the same boat -- Twitter is a necessity for professionals and bloggers to stay on top of things, but other socialnets like Brightkite and FF are light years beyond it, which doesn't look to be changing any time soon. Don't even get me started on the spammers and the get-rich-quick'ers. - Ryan Meader
But before the SUL was released, didn't Leo abandon Twitter in favor of Jaiku, due to Twitter having "Twit" as part of its name? Just saying, if I owned a list that I had complete control over, and someone showed that behavior towards me (whether it was right or wrong, I am not judging), I would think twice before putting them on a list that will result in many people seeing they they... more... - Andru Edwards
I can't agree with you more, Robert. - Jon Ursenbach
Scobe: I very much disagree that it is about self pimping. Perhaps your senses are mush because you follow too many? I absolutely love getting that link to a new article or research, or to get a tweet from that celeb that makes me think and provides insight into a new world. I also use it as a research tool, for exploratory purposes. Twitter, as you know very well, is about what you make it, and that is a tenuous notion that really is influenced by who you follow. - Chad Gesser
Andru: again, the list did NOT exist in the days when we were hyping up Twitter. So, there was a "promise" to early adopters that if they invested time in the service they could be at the top of the follower lists. Sort of how PlayFoursquare is today promising users that they can become mayors of places they frequent more than anyone else. What Twitter did was the equivilent of PlayFoursquare telling everyone that their "mayorship" doesn't matter anymore and that Oprah is now mayor of everywhere. - Robert Scoble
Chad: one thing you have to remember about me is that I see that Twitter has 1,001 uses. Stop seeing the world as black and white. This is one post I'm making about Twitter among thousands. Translation: I already agreed with you. But you have to admit that many people use Twitter for self promotion. - Robert Scoble
Andru: and anyway, the SUL is hardly the only reason to diss Twitter. Twitter still goes down all the time, it still has stupid rate limits. It still can't block spam effectively. It still has no friend management. It still has no features that didn't exist a year ago. And it is, in many respects, behaving worse. I'm hearing from developers that Twitter is becoming more closed, not more open (to monetize) and we're seeing them pick winners before the marketplace is done ( anyone?) - Robert Scoble
The nice thing about Twitter is that it keeps your message short and to the point. Friendfeed is great but it doesn't lend itself well to an external app out of the browser. Also FriendFeed and any of these services you don't own your content - Seth Goldstein
Seth: bing! So, back to the blog we will go. Except, why are we still here? ;-) - Robert Scoble
Awww Twitter the "me" network :) - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
Anyone tried Streamy? - cheapsuits
because the interraction is in real time - abdellah
Wayne: retweet me. :-) abdellah: I thought it was because of all the sex. ;-) - Robert Scoble
that was my expectation too ;) - abdellah
Robert: But what do you want from these companies ? Chaps like you give them the oxygen of publicity they need and they court you and then when they become successful you suddenly start to criticise them. Friendfeed has become successful (in great part to your endless plugging of it) and the founders will now go on to make money through their company being taken over by Facebook. You,... more... - Paul Nash
Scoble: no doubt....I can deal with the self promotion, the e marketing and spam garbage though to me is what has gooootttt to go - Chad Gesser
Paul: my role in life is to use what will be, not what is. I don't turn on many companies, but Twitter isn't one that dealt with early adopters on good faith. - Robert Scoble
nick: I explained why above. - Robert Scoble
Is there a "social media" company that has dealt with early adopters in "good faith"? Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr I suspect don't qualify ? Any that do? - Brian Sullivan
all platforms seem to have self pimpering styles, why so passionate against twitter? Objectional question, not one of rhetoric. - nick tadd
Brian: I didn't know that any of those have actively dissed their best early adopters. Facebook kicked me off, but only because I broke the TOS. It's always been straight up with me. Same with Flickr, although I do watch Thomas Hawk's talk about their censorship. - Robert Scoble
none as brian says, they all deal with them, and "the earlier adopter" contribute to their evolution until they sell (sorry) - abdellah
nick: because it's so prevalent there. "Look at my blog post about xxx" is almost a staple on Twitter. It's a new RSS reader. Which is fine, I use it too for that! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, I think you may have the makings for one of your future blogs here. Perhaps you do it for that reason? ;) The thing about Twitter is always going to be its LBE. It's a mainstream LBE to Social Media. For that very reason its perfect for business, government, and non profit to take public temperature and promote. The other "noise" is the "MV", the "mainstream voice". The conversation is 4 way.(and yes sometimes only 1 way) but there it is and its not going to go away any time soon. - Melanie Reed
Yes, indeed, Twitter is the Microsoft of microblogging. It's good enough, but not the best - but it has the huge advantage that everyone is using it, so you have to use it for compatibility reasons. - Trent Hamm
DAMN Robert I HATE that you are right on this one!!!!! - Arleen Boyd
Hopefully you use it for positive self pimping and not for negative pimping... which is inevitable - Kevin Burrell
Alex, they are taking mobile seriously - they sold to Facebook. :-) - Jesse Stay
What makes people think Facebook or Twitter is all-conquering? There's a new generation coming through, and they aren't using these services. It's very important not to get sucked in by the hype of a service you use. Fanboys will talk up the positives and ignore the negatives, giving you a skewed message. The truth is somewhere in the massive grey area in between. - Chris Nixon
The new generation uses Facebook a lot, but not Twitter. - Steph (sh_skew) from email
Let me say that it is not twitter per se. It is the population of twitter to make it the place it is at the moment. Whenever there is a (free entrance) place crowded of people, there will be spambots to pollute it. - funkyboy from Posty
Twitter is just a temporary solution for a quick mixture of instant messaging + status updates + chat forum. - Bora Wiemann
Just having a discussion today that Twitter will eventually go bankrupt when the hype is over - Khuram Hussain
I don't agree with you Robert. Twitter is easy to use, succinct and versatile. I've made multiple very meaningful connections through my use of twitter. I do like friendfeed's threaded conversations which are great but in a way it only helps those who have big followings like yourself, because people are more apt to comment on your thread than say mine because they know the conversation... more... - Lon Cohen
For example - how do I message you directly so you know I'm speaking to you (i.e. Twitter @ reply) but all your followers and my followers know that we're having a conversation in Twitter back and forth so that they can follow and interject when they want. Everytime we do that we have to start a brand new discussion thread and I have to "tell" you somehow that I'm talking to you. Twitter is like email/phone conversations and friendfeed is like collective blogging/commenting. - Lon Cohen
Amen, Robert. - Lindsay
The power and beauty of twitter originate from limitation. Think of it as conversation haiku. - Brendan
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Brad Williamson
"Don Hewitt, recognized as a father of modern television news and the creator of the medium's most successful broadcast, 60 Minutes, died of pancreatic cancer Wednesday. He was 86 and had homes in Manhattan and Bridgehampton, New York, where was with family at the time of death. Hewitt was executive producer of CBS News, the title he took when he stepped down from his post as executive producer of 60 Minutes in 2004. Hewitt's remarkable career in journalism spanned over 60 years, virtually all of it at CBS. As a young producer/director assisting at the birth of television news, it was usually Hewitt behind the scenes directing legendary CBS News reporters like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, using a playbook he had to write himself. He played an integral role in all of CBS News' coverage of major news events from the late 1940s through the 1960s, putting him in the middle of some of history's biggest events, including one of politics' seminal moments: the first televised presidential debate in 1960." - Brad Williamson from Bookmarklet
Mr. Hewitt came to visit my electronic media course while I was going to school at SMU. He was a kind and absolutely fascinating individual. I remember wishing that he could keep telling stories all day long. - Brad Williamson
Don was a genius that enlightened us. - Arleen Boyd
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Dead people shouldn't have's stupid.
Dead people don't their estate does. - Chris Greene
Yeah, that argument makes it less stupid? Not. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
+Chris. Or companies which may have invested in the intellectual property. - τorƍue
@Alex - Sure it does. Tolkein's kids have a right to everything their parents left them. - Chris Greene
Copyrights is like an inheritance to the kids, but rather than estates being given, they are giving their intellectual property. - Wizetux
Alex, I agree with the sentiment, but if a copyright is invalidated upon death, then a sufficiently valuable copyright would provide incentive to off the owner. :P - Tanath
Like hell they don't...They have a right to the money/property he bequeathed them at death, not to keep on making money based on his works. That's not how copyright is supposed to work. It's supposed to grant a limited time for which a creator can recoup the costs of their work. It's not supposed to transfer to their children and to their children's children. It should be a lot closer to the patent system. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I think it's stupid that copyrights last much longer than the average human lifespan. I think it actually does a lot of hamper innovation. - Victor Ganata
Why are patents for 17 years but copyrights are effectively without end? It's stupid, that's why. It's all so Disney can continue to make money off of Mickey Mouse without coming out with new content. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The patent system is borked too... - Tanath
@Alex -According to you argument intelliectual property shouldn't be transferred. If that's the case, then why does a company get to maintain ownership of IP after the creator passes? - Chris Greene
Because they bought off Congress. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
@Alex - Adding to that, then if the company is passed on to realatives they no longer own that IP? - Chris Greene
LOL, blunt & to the point. :) - Tanath
@Alex: copyrights have an end: in the US it is 70 years after the death of the creator. - Wizetux
@Alex - So a company is not property then? - Chris Greene
That would certainly provide incentive to innovate... - Tanath
The whole point of the patent/copyright systems are to spur innovation and the creation of new works. The current system actually runs counter to this goal. And no, copyright is not property. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I didn't say copyright, I said a company - Chris Greene
copyright is a system of revenue for work created. - Wizetux
I don't care about companies. This conversation isn't about companies, it's about copyrights. All arguments that don't deal with copyright, but with other ideas other than copyright and patents will be ignored by me. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
By the way, a company's copyrights now last for 95 years. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
It is. I asked if a companies IP (and copyright) is transferrable once the originator dies. As such, is the company transferrable? - Chris Greene
Wouldn't copyrights force people to not copy off others work, and come up with something of their own? I don't get how they inhibit innovation/creation. - Heather
The original U.S. Copyright Act granted rights for 14 years with a 14 year extension. Now it's 70 years after the author dies, or if it's a work-for-hire, 95 years after publication, or 120 years after creation. - Victor Ganata
But it would force creators to come up with new stuff every few decades, instead of milking their one good idea for the rest of their life. The current system encourages mediocrity. We shouldn't be surprised that that's what we get. - Victor Ganata
Patents do stifle innovation: I think the argument generalizes to copyright as well. - Tanath
Heather: If you and someone else are both offering the same service/product, which one are people likely to choose? Without the copyright/patents, it forces competitive innovation on everything, including existing products & services. - Tanath
Copyright law isn't spelled out in the Constitution. :) And I've done plenty posts about it here on friendfeed :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Yeah...17 years should be the answer. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Oh and I wrote a letter to my state senators and my congressman to not pass the DMCA once...they just told me it was in my best interests...yeah right - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Lindsey: "Just because I'm dead doesn't mean they stop being mine." It kinda does, since you don't exist anymore... - Tanath
Logical Extremes: Public policy is supposed to be about what benefits society, not individuals or companies & corporations. - Tanath
I'd rather see a fixed period like how the patent system is. Problem is that big companies like Disney just pay off congresspeople to extend the rights. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I'm surprised that they haven't been able to do so with patents - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
That would be a step in the right direction. - Tanath
I'd like to see lifetime + 21 years or 70 years, whichever is greater. Maybe nudge it to 80 out of respect for expanding lifespans. Actually, my idea would be a fixed cap of, say, 20 or 40 years, but small steps, y'know? - Roger Benningfield
The world isn't restricted to changing in small steps... - Tanath
It's probably too much to ask that the pendulum go back to where it was originally, but at least the pendulum should start shifting in the other direction of decreasing duration. 120 years is a ridiculously long time. - Victor Ganata
Alex: What do you think about eliminating copyright and/or patents? - Tanath
I don't think that would be a good idea...I think that would have the same effect on innovation that having copyright/patent periods too long does - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
How so? - Tanath
For instance, drug companies wouldn't bother spending the billions it takes to get new drugs made unless they got the guaranteed exclusivity that a patent brings - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I don't know about that... and there are other ways to deal with stuff like that. Public funding is one option. - Tanath
Tanath: Short of full-scale, violent revolt, yeah, the world is generally restricted to small steps. And I don't plan on offing anyone just to get Warner Bros. to surrender Superman to the public domain. - Roger Benningfield
copy rights should be timeconstrained, thats it (like 20yrs) - chaz2b
Roger Benningfield: I disagree. The advent of the internet for instance has changed & will change things rather quickly. Change is accelerating. And while you may not be one to off someone, the incentive would still be there, and from time to time it would happen. - Tanath
You know, if we adhere to cavet emptor, and choose not to protect the consumers from bad purchases, why should we protect the rich companies from bad investments? If they invest in something that everyone else duplicates (right away) isn't that called competition? - Paul W. Homer
So your against inheritance - why should a copyright expIre ? - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
Copyright still expires, just not within our lifetimes. The original intent of copyright was never to provide indefinite protection. - Victor Ganata
The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the idea that copyrighted works should have the same protections as physical property in 1834 - Victor Ganata
Just for the records, it's not an issue only at the US level. Since the Berne Convention, a lot of these questions are discussed at an international level (look for WIPO, ACTA,...) - Laurent
Dead people have descendants! And they SHOULD have rights! Dude... Dad up! - Arleen Boyd
Given the time frame they first specified, it was totally not the intention of the founding fathers to let copyright pass into the next generation. - Victor Ganata
Luckily for Disney, the strict constructionists of the Republican party saw through to the true, *hidden* intentions of the founding fathers! - Andrew C (✔)
Even better, they've managed to criminalize infringement. - Victor Ganata
Man, you are soooo onto something screwed up about this perpetual copyright concept. - Jason Nunnelley
I'm finding this discussion very interesting, although it seems that everyone knows a lot about copyright that I don't so I'm a little behind. But I would like to contend that the intentions of the Founding Fathers (dun dun dun and lightening) aren't the relevant concern. - Heather
Can't blame the GOP entirely. The Dems were still responsible for the 1976 act, which extended it to 75 years or creator's life+50 years. - Victor Ganata
I don't know. I still believe the purpose of copyright is "to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries", and not simply to allow people to ride the gravy train into infinity and beyond. I suspect I'm not the only one who believes similarly. - Victor Ganata
Interesting use of "to infinity and beyond". ;) BTW, I can't figure that Wikipedia link out, I think my brain has melted but I don't know what it means. - Heather
I'm in favor of prohibiting "authorship" transfer. And, the original term was 15 years - Now, it's 70 years after the death of the author, and transferable to holding companies and trusts. Not to mention, Disney's artists are "work for hire." Copyright has become the tool of corporations and investors. - Richard Walker
IANAL, so the case write up itself is pretty opaque to me, but going by the summary, one side of the case contended that copyright is a natural right of a creator of any work, and that it should last in perpetuity, and that a copyrighted work should have the same protections as real and tangible property does. The case went to the Supreme Court, and they said, no, copyright can only exist as decreed and enforced by the state and it isn't the same thing as real and tangible property. - Victor Ganata
Oh yes, except China. They don't have to comply for some reason - perhaps because we can't make them pay, perhaps because they haven't signed any treaties. But maybe, the complete absence of "regional pricing" that makes sense is yet another problem with copyright today. - Richard Walker
I believe Microsoft Office would cost a small business in China their entire budget for a year.. A CD would cost one family's income for a month. Or thereabouts. - Richard Walker
Ah . . . the Mickey Mouse clause - every time the copyright on Mickey gets close - the 'fixed term' gets extended. Copyright is driven by American capitalism ?? - Chris Loft
I'm not a capitalist? - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Because I don't believe in unfettered capitalism, doesn't mean I'm not a capitalist - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
How is that not capitalism? I believe in responsible capitalism. Fettered capitalism is what we have now...more or less. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Trading in knockoff goods should be analogous to illegal music downloads, meaning that cheap handbag should cost you literally millions, according to the Jammie (Jamie?) Thomas disaster. - Richard Walker
LOL Dave, and this is where we obviously diverge in opinion. Business has been allowed to run so rampant over society in the last 20 years that it's caused a lot of problems. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
curious Alex: so the family of an arist should've benefit if a work is published posthumously if the work was finished on his deathbead? - Sean Reiser
Yeah, I think if you read my comments, I'd like to have a fixed period of ownership (no longer than 30 years) rather than the system we have now...This would give families in the situation you propose some benefit from the works of a loved one. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Sorry Alex missed it scrolling through... we're in agreement. - Sean Reiser
Patents without an intent to market are even worse - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
What is it Warren Buffet is doing he's left his kids "Enough money to do whatever they want and not enough that they can do nothing" - Sean Reiser
Yeah, in my mind, corporations living off the teat of the dead is even a bigger problem than the "welfare rich" - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I feel like if *poof* all copyrights were over after 30years from origination there would be a lot of shitty movies in production in a year or two. Plus, I understand Disney is the devil and whatnot, but if a character (like Tinkerbell maybe) is still popular and stuff involving the character are still being produced, shouldn't that reinforce the copyright? Going back to Tolkien, LotR... more... - Heather
Heather if Popularity is a factor in copyright then Shakespeare and Dickens are still under copyright - Sean Reiser
Hate to break it to you, but there are already a lot of shitty movies getting made. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Do we need more? lol - Heather
And one could argue that new works that are derivative of previous works would be protected under new copyright - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
LOL - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I'm all for peeling away copyright laws. In a totally unregulated world, copyright would not exist. - Victor Ganata
Apparently I thought this thread was dead, while y'alls comments were queuing up. My bad, I don't mean to talk AT the thread LOL - Richard Walker
Heather, just a bit of background on why Disney deserves derision - Mickey Mouse was ganked, cribbed, stolen, from Steamboat Willie, and much of their huge money makers are derivative of the Brothers Grimm, H.C. Anderson, etc. etc. Song of the South, though, is entirely original I think :) And what others have said about Mickey driving copyright extension is true. So, the fact that none... more... - Richard Walker
Heather, I think you're mixing trademarks (like the characters of Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, etc) with the copyrighted works they appear in. I don't think anyone is saying Disney should lose their trademarks, but IMO old works very well should have copyright expire. - Andrew C (✔)
Heather, 30 years from publication solves your problem nicely. A derivative work can get its own 30 year term, paying as appropriate to the derived from - Richard Walker
By the way Alex, you've hit on my preferred solution exactly, with one small addition: rights of "authorship" can't be transferred meaning Yoko can't prevent a derivative Lennon work. That is Lennon's call only. Not inherited. The heirs to "Gone With the Wind" attempted and failed to prevent publication of a re-telling from the slave's perspective, "The Wind Done Gone". I know my Lessig :) - Richard Walker
Arleen, you should concede that you missed the point, that inheriting the right to profit from a REASONABLE copyright is not the issue. Lessig has written extensively on why the ridiculous, RETROACTIVE copyright extensions have perverted the intent of copyright, and created a monster, namely effectively perpetual copyright bought and sold by holding companies, trusts, and media conglomerates. And occasionally a Michael Jackson. - Richard Walker
I love this thread! by the way. - Richard Walker
Good for bringing up this important topic Alex. Copyright lasts way too long. Disney and mega corporations ought not hold sole creative license to remix these important works from the past. Copyright should not last past your death. That's just wrong. - Thomas Hawk
Why is it "just wrong"? There is as much to justify copyright being passed on to estates as chattel or property, Maybe copyright shouldn't exist at all? - Brian Sullivan
It's wrong because art needs to be recycled and prohibiting past creative efforts from becoming part of new creative efforts is harmful to art and the creativity that is possible. It puts limits in place that the artist has to deal with unnecessarily. Copyright is put into place as an incentive for people to create art. There is no need to extend that incentive on to the artists' children, grandchildren or businesses. All copyright should die with the artist. - Thomas Hawk
Copyright law needs a complete overhaul. Or more accurately, to be thrown out and rewritten wholesale. - Jim #teamFFrank
well, some sort of right to the proceeds generated by one's efforts is warranted. If that could be accomplished without a set of laws, fine (I didn't read this whole thread... maybe something like that was proposed). - Jim #teamFFrank
I agree. I also believe that once you are dead, your image (publicity rights) should belong to the ages... in other words, public domain. Amazingly, in Tennessee, publicity rights last forever... literally. - Mitch Featherston
Thomas -- your statement offers no argument -- just sentiment and bafflegab driven by emotiion. If intellectual property ownership exists at all as a concept there it seems most logical to treat it the same as all other property. Do people need incentive to create art? I think it is one of those have your cake and eat things. Basically you can't. - Brian Sullivan
Copyright ceases to be meaningful when it is allowed to be sold, assigned or passed to abstract entities - corporations with no accountability and a very long lifespan perspective. There are companies out there that do nothing but milk old pieces of music - they are ought of copyright in normal use, but the rights of use in film etc. are still held and charged at a premium. These companies are specialist at snatching those rights from failed projects, estates, and individuals and milking them. - Iphigenie
Intellectual property simply isn't the same as real and tangible property. At least, that's how the law stands now. - Victor Ganata
That's how it works now, but there's a bunch of authors who -more or less respectfully - dissent. This debate is as old as the public domain. - Laurent
Well, wouldn't someone just kill you to make your copyright expire then?? - Dave Hodson
Making intellectual property equivalent to real and tangible property requires state intervention, requires writing new laws. Copyright and patent rights don't exist without the government backing it up. This is clearly not laissez-faire. - Victor Ganata
The best solution is still probably a fixed term. Something like 20 years, regardless of whether the content creator is dead or alive. - Victor Ganata
Dave: you should write a book about this :) - Laurent
I have yet to see a convincing argument that copyright or "intellectual property" should exist at all. - Tanath
Sure it does Brian, my statement does offer an argument. I'm arguing that intellectual property should be treated different than tangible physical property. Ideas are just that. And I don't think that an idea ought to be transferable after someone's death to the detriment of the rest of society. That the benefit of transferring ideas intergenerationally is less than the benefit of allowing ideas to freely flourish unbridled by ownership for society as a whole. - Thomas Hawk
You seem to support the intergenerational transfer of copyrights Brian. Should copyrights be transferable intergenerationally forever if not why not? - Thomas Hawk
I think we should release this thread into the public domain. Because if you don't say otherwise, std. "all rights reserved" death+70 copyright term applies. Some legal minds think you can copyright as little as 5 words strung together. Now, does anyone still think copyright today is reasonable or sensible? - Richard Walker
This is the internet, remember? US law doesn't apply globally. :P And actually, common law copyright was thrown out in the US (see earlier in thread). - Tanath
Tanath, I realize that. But I'm not going to take your word for the second part. That is NOT my understanding of current law. You do not even need the little (c) anymore. - Richard Walker
You don't need the (c) but you DO need to register a work in order to properly pursue infringement cases. - Mitch Featherston
Common law copyright is the notion that copyrighted works ought to be treated the same as real and tangible property, which the Supreme Court repudiated in Wheaton v Peters in 1834. Common law copyright is also not valid in the UK, from what I understand. - Victor Ganata
Yes Mitch, my point. If we do not release this thread into the public domain, someone can steal it and register it. I'm just pointing out how ridiculously things have been stacked against common sense and the "public domain." - Richard Walker
Tanath, the thought is that if copyright and patents didn't exist, no one would ever feel compelled to publish anything. Scientific endeavors would slow down considerably as the flow of information would be hampered, and there'd be no way to get anything peer-reviewed. - Victor Ganata
Victor: How do you justify that claim? - Tanath
Tanath, I can't prove that it's true, but that's the idea behind it. But if there were no protections, I really do think the sharing of research would slow. It would be way too easy to steal someone else's ideas without crediting the originator, and credit for original research is basically the currency of academia. - Victor Ganata
Simple proof of "prior art" would fix that problem. Not that the copyright & patent system works perfectly for that function either. It was Tesla that invented the radio for instance, and only recently that it was acknowledged in court. - Tanath
Thomas -- I don't support any specific amount of time or number of generations a copyright is to apply. Once the principle of intellectual property is established in law as it is in western countries-- it will be subject to variances. Arguing for one length or another then becomes an emotional rather than a factual issue. I am thinking that the abolishing of the principle of intellectual property might be the ultimate solution. - Brian Sullivan
Tanath, it's true that copyrights and patents won't really deter anyone who is intent on stealing someone's idea, but without them, the aggrieved party would have absolutely no ability to attempt to gain redress. - Victor Ganata
Unfortunately, Lessig's supreme court case about copyright terms Eldred v. Ashcroft failed to impress the justices. I'm not very hopeful any of this can be remedied frankly. - Richard Walker
Here is a good TED video "Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity" - Richard Walker
Brian, I doubt you'd ever see copyright abolished. I do think that someone ought to be able to exclusively earn money from their idea for a limited amount of time. But I think that a reasonable amount of time has been pushed to excessive lengths by big business copyright protectors like Walt Disney. I spent a summer working in Walt Disney's corporate legal department which was eye... more... - Thomas Hawk
I highly recommend Matt Mason's book The Pirate's Dilemma to almost anyone makes (or wants to make) a living from intellectual property - Richard Walker
Victor: I don't think "stealing" is the right word. That applies to physical property where something is lost. What's wrong with letting everyone make use of everyone's ideas? I'd also recommend looking at The Pirate's Dilemma and Lessig's talks. - Tanath
Thomas - I had no idea you spent time in the belly of the beast. That's complete vindication of my suspicions. Thank you! - Richard Walker
I think one of the funny things about this conversation is the constant usage of Disney as the worlds worst offender here. For those of you who didn't know the character of Mickey Mouse was created by Ub Iwerks ( and his rights owned by producer Charles Mintz. You could also say that Ub and Walt co-founded the Disney studios back in the day after... more... - Chris Greene
Yes Chris I mentioned Mickey being ganked in the "background on why Disney deserves derision" - Richard Walker
I just don't agree with the negative press they get. It's a two way street. If I create a character while working for Disney I expect them to own the rights to it. It's the price I pay for a regular paycheck instead of forging out on my own. John Lassiter isn't complaining that he doesn't own the rights to the "Brave Little Toaster" after he was fired from Disney for suggesting that... more... - Chris Greene
A lawyer working for a RIAA file sharing defendant recently made news with a radical challenge - "file sharing IS fair use" - Lessig thinks that's going too far - I'll follow up later if I find anything. - Richard Walker
Chris - you also are confusing copyright and trademarks. - Andrew C (✔)
Chris, I don't have a problem with "work for hire" - but people should be educated on what's theirs and what's the employer's, and what can be negotiated in the employment contract. - Richard Walker
"Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, U. S. Code) to the authors of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works."Firstly, copyright is a body of work so Steamboat Willy would be copyright, correct? That lead to the creation of the character and the trademarks that... more... - Chris Greene
No, the design of a character and the name is a trademark...that's a separate issue, however, I find it odd that I have no problems with a company or family being able to protect their trademarks in perpetuity. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Richard - I am a working artist and I am very aware of what rights I have to property (intellectual or otherwise) I create under my current contract. If you are not aware of those rights you shouldn't be working for someone else. - Chris Greene
I'm skipping most of the comments, but tell me if this is right. 30 years after a book is written or movie is made, someone else could redo the work (changed names ect) and it would be legit "recycling" of art? So it's not really about Mickey Mouse, it's about the cartoons containing Mickey? - Heather
Chris - yeah, what Alex said. Steamboat Willy the cartoon is copyrighted. Mickey Mouse, the character appearing in that cartoon, is trademarked. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew - That's what I said, not Alex. Look above. - Chris Greene
Alex, trademarks have to be defended, where copyrights don't, and trademarks can't be transferred. So it's not that odd, really. - Richard Walker
I'm glad to hear that Chris. Good for you. I suppose you have nothing to say to people contemplating such a line of work. They should just "know", hmm? - Richard Walker
Chris, my point is that copyright has always had a finite period, whereas trademarks can last in perpetuity. So just because the work has passed out of copyright doesn't mean the trademarks that came out of it have to as well. Also, preserving trademarks doesn't mean the associated works' copyright needs to last in perpetuity. And no, I was referring to Alex's comment that starts "No, the design of a character..." - Andrew C (✔)
Well if you;re asking for advice I can put a couple of things out there. First, make sure any original work you create on your own you copyright before you submit to anyone else for distribution marketing etc. As an artists you should know that any work you do while under contract to an employer or as a supplier becomes the property of the employer (or vendor). - Chris Greene
One of the research projects I worked for Disney on (now this goes back almost 20 years ago during college) was to research copyrighted works that had trademarked characters in them. I think copyright at the time might have been 50 or 60 years but trademark was 75 I think. Companies were releasing the oldest mickey mouse films and Disney was trying to argue that even though copyright... more... - Thomas Hawk
That's helpful, Chris. - Richard Walker
Fascinating, Thomas! - Richard Walker
I used to have to send out cease and desist letters also everyday from Disney. They would send them out over the stupidest little things. I remember having to send one out to a guy with a little tree cutting business. A solo practitioner who had put Mickey Mouse on his business card and someone had turned him in. My cease and desist letter would include an acknowledgment form that... more... - Thomas Hawk
Tanath, yeah, maybe stealing is the wrong word. I'm not trying to equate intellectual property with real, tangible property. I'm not sure what a good turn of phrase would be, though. In an environment where only original work can really guarantee your livelihood (i.e., tenure), I just can't imagine too many people wanting to freely share their ideas without any protections. The concept of prior art doesn't really exist without copyright and patent law. - Victor Ganata
That's very true, Victor - I was able to put some stuff in Creative Commons only because of those protections. I can share "non-commercial" rights and keep the other. - Richard Walker
Well, they vote! - Kreg Steppe
I agree! Apparently they can also be sued by the RIAA. - Logan Lindquist
Here's an article that's relevant: "Why Virtual Property Doesn't Make Sense" - Tanath
FFing Enigma
Why I love FriendFeed: I've gotten to see my friends fall in love, get married, and have babbies. I've tried to comfort friends who've lost those they love, and those battling for their lives. You are awesome people who just happen to post interesting stuff from around the web, not the other way around =)
Tina, wow. I've never really thought of that way before but you're right: we ARE awesome! - Akiva
Please note: I said "awesome people", not "awesome sheep"... ;-) - FFing Enigma
[crying while self-shearing] - Akiva
baa? - Tom Horn
Tom: hover over Akiva's name =) - FFing Enigma
Ahh :). I was mostly being silly. Actually, I am mostly being silly. - Tom Horn
LOL! That's ok, because silly is also one of the reasons I love FriendFeed. And since Akiva is self-shearing I suppose he would make it into 'awesome' under the silly clause. - FFing Enigma
As a self-shearing sheep, Akiva has guaranteed employment. - Spidra Webster
well said tina - (jeff)isageek
Tina, FF the awsome people's 'watering hole" :)- we share, just about everything, I think ! - Peter Dawson
:) - Josh Haley
Ohh thank you :) - Melissa Taylor
Totally agreed, Tina. Just want to thank everyone again for all the well-wishes for Harold's & my engagement. The response went far beyond what I expected :) That's part of why I love this place, too. On Facebook, I barely caused a blip of response (granted, I spend very little time over there). Even the GReader people that just met me were supportive! I love all of you guys! *group hug* - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
You too, Tina! *hugs - Shevonne
Kamilah, I loved that you and Harold both posted the announcement at the same time. It was like your own personal moment of win =D - FFing Enigma
Tina, you nailed what it's all about Girl!! The world is better because we share more, communicate more... we love more... more different people we've come to know, love more deeply those we already know, and know one another to levels that were previously not possible. Aloha! - Arleen Boyd
:) You and FF are the best! - Tracy Benham
The Rubix Cubewich (via cute idea
Very interesting :-) *now me thinks: how to make it without meat* ;-) - Hanna Wiszniewska
more different cheeses, but please please do'nt ruin the beauty of it with *shudders* tofu.. - Rasmus Lauridsen
you can also add more colours with some vegetable (spinach, potato, peppers, etc.) frittata/omelette cubes. The original is really nice & yummy though :-> - Stefaniav
You could make that with tofu or jello too. - Adrian
The cubes are perfect, I'm still astonished - Stefaniav
Thanks for the suggestion Adrian :-) - Hanna Wiszniewska
Hanna, what about switching meat for tempeh? Wonder if Rasmus shudders from tempeh lol but anyway, its your cubewich to do with it what you want. :))) - Myrna
beautiful - sorina_gt
Very classy. I could spend hours rearraging the cubes. Hey! New dieting idea. - Bob
I can help solve this puzzle! *pulls all the ham pieces out* - Daynah
LOL Daynah, what about the other meat. It has the chemical preservatives...ugly causes cancer. And what to put instead? - Myrna
Never tried Tempeh, I might have to go hunting for it. Anyone know a store in Denmark that carries it? - Rasmus Lauridsen
Try an Indonesian, Malaysian or Thai market. - Bob from email
Awesome! - Mitchell Tsai
Do I detect some Spam in that? - Arleen Boyd
Rasmus, you know what tempeh is, yes? Of course you have health food stores? - Myrna
Yeah I wikipedia'd it :-P So yeah I'll have to try the local health food stores - Rasmus Lauridsen
رونوشت به خودم :) - شروین فتحی
Great idea! I would love to make this with vegetables!! I don't now how though:) - Konstantina (exei gousto)
or with fruits?.. - RussianSeason
Konstantina, I can think of boiled sweet potatoes and pumpkin as some of the vegetables that can be cut in such cubes O_o also carrots maybe... and definitely more cheese. plus some mangoes?.. - RussianSeason
Louis Gray
I used to always hide Tweets unless they had likes or comments. Today I unhid them in FriendFeed. Let the noise ensue.
Why did I do this? Because I was missing the occasional nugget from people I like hearing from. Now, we'll see if this helps or hurts. - Louis Gray
Overall, I've enjoyed the random bits of fun that pop in from the noise by not hiding anything. I kind of dig letting all the information just wash over me. - Jonathan Hardesty
I've gone back and forth over it but I eventually decided to let tweets in and then began permanently hiding the irritating ones. After a little tweaking, it ended up being a better experience for me. I've actually quit Twitter entirely now thanks to some suggestions from Johnny Worthington: I subscribe to a feed of any @replies I get and pipe them into FriendFeed's IM alerts so I can respond to them if I want to. - Akiva
i'll give it a shot... ;) I had 14 hidden entries on my home page feed, now none. We'll see how it goes. #IBlameLouisUnhidingInFriendFeed - Nathan Chase
I wish you luck, Nathan. - Louis Gray
I let the tweets stay in. Well over half are @ replies which are nonsensical out of context, but there is the occasional gem. Unfortunately most of the time if I comment on the gem, the original tweeter never responds the comment. There are a largish number of neglected friendfeed accounts. - DGentry
Well I had them hidden, had not even been allowing my own to show, but after a conversation with, ahem, someone else, I changed my tune. Then I started paying attention to others twitters too! - Sheryl
I let them stay in as well. Things go by quick enough they don't bother me. Plus the top stuff moves to the top naturally. That's the beauty of ff! - Ronald S from iPhone
I recognize that intelligent comments worthy of discussion can be tweeted by people who don't wish to type (or in my case, since I use a Tablet PC, write) things twice. This is why I have never automatically hidden tweets. - MiniMage
Is there really a difference between a tweet and native FriendFeed post? - Hutch Carpenter
:0 - chaz2b
Hutch, there is typically a massive difference between a tweet and a native FriendFeed post. In this example, there is less, but native FriendFeed posts are geared toward conversation starting, while Twitter updates are for conversation ending. FriendFeed native posts also contain images, and show the person is here and active on the site, not just broadcasting. - Louis Gray
sounds like some good information. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa from IM
Guess it depends on the person if they're doin' some conversation ending. Do they end tweets with kthxbai? Glad you're not doing a blanket hide on tweets though. There's some good stuff out there. - Hutch Carpenter
I use Twitter as a conversation starter: I guess I'm doing it wrong. I'm not convinced that the difference between Twitter and FriendFeed posts is that massive now: with the removal of service icons, it's very hard to tell which is a regular FriendFeed post and which came from Twitter, and a lot of people don't bother putting in pictures or other rich media with their native FriendFeed posts anymore. - Mark Trapp
same thing here. should be a default in friendfeed - Ouriel Ohayon
Mark - those are good points. The @reply tweets can be annoying, but generally there isn't a massive difference between a tweet and native post. Is there an option to not see @replies? - Hutch Carpenter
Not currently, but people are always requesting it in FriendFeed Feedback. I bet you could use a saved search to filter out @replies. Edit: never mind, it looks like searching for @ either is ignored or breaks search. That stinks. - Mark Trapp
@Louis: I'd actually like to start conversations with my tweets. Doesn't really happen, though. - MiniMage
MiniMage stole my thunder. Although, I am more and more starting the conversation from Friendfeed and then bouncing to Twitter and back to Friendfeed. - Mathew A. Koeneker
And so it begins... FriendFeed will truly compete with Twitter! When Robert Scoble told me I shouldn't turn off my Twitter interface... I hesitated and often did, until last week. Hope I don't drive everyone here crazy! Big Mahalo for support and encouragement on FriendFeed! (and Louis For God's Sake... show me your web interface!) - Arleen Boyd
Arleen, how can I show you my Web interface? You mean lists and what friends are where? What I use to find the best data? - Louis Gray
Yay! Twitter is really my only way to post in FF these days. Once school is done, you can re-hide Twitter, Louis. ;-) - Lisa L. Seifert
Wondering how to hide tweets directly in Twitter...I use Twitter's web interface (not third-party interfaces) most of the time... Anyone know how? - Aviva Gabriel
Leo Laporte
I left Twitter for Jaiku. Then Jaiku left me for Google. I moved in with Pownce but it died. I went back to Twitter, but flirted with Plurk, Identica, and Rejaw, and even tried doing it myself with Laconica but it was Twitter I really loved. Twitter finally broke my heart so I left it for Friendfeed. Now Friendfeed is leaving me for Facebook. No...
It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives - Jonathan Hardesty
HAHAHAHAHA.... - David from IM
Haha. ROFL - Roberto Bonini
is friendfeed going anywhere or will it just get better? - Craig Shipp
I'm with you Leo. - Oracio
It reads better than Soap - my roadmap is very similar but I'll forgive FF and live happily ever after with it (for the time being, anyway) - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
You're the best Leo. Canadians are the funniest people. - Dan Lessard
And we keep following Leo all over the place! - Robert Scoble
When will we all get in a long term relationship and stop getting our hearts broken? - Nate Pilling
so what is more important, the medium or the people, hope that FF will let us export our content, and our social netork :) (in my wild dreams) - abdellah
Need ice cream? I'm new to FF, and kind of sad I didn't jump on the proverbial wagon sooner! - Elizabeth K. Barone
Feels to me like maybe it's time to go back to building a distributed network, rather than hopping from service to service. - Ken Sheppardson
But where to next? That's the question. Wave sounds great, but the implementation will be a PAIN. So where? Oh LeoMoses...where is our path in the desert? - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Sounds like a hurtin' country song in the making. - Bill Rodman
Well you can't say that what is happening in the 'social sphere' is boring by any means! - Matt Cassem
I think Leo's audience is more likely to click "Like" or "comment" than Scoble's is. When Leo and Rob are both posting on FF, Leo gets more likes and comments - Mark
Didn't you leave a post earlier saying how funny it was that people complain anytime there's a change (referring to the FF buyout)? This sounds like a complaint to me. - Fleagle
Not complaining - just thinking about the future. I think a little Friendfeed DNA will vastly improve Facebook. And I think Facebook is already the big winner with the general populace. I also think we geeks need a corner somewhere else to hang out in. - Leo Laporte
And I have no plans to leave Friendfeed. Yet. - Leo Laporte
Yet being the operative word..... - Roberto Bonini
sounds like a country song to me - gavin
As for this geeky alternative, just showed up in my feed this morning. Thoughts? - Craig B.
I feel more of a personal connection with the FriendFeed team than I have with other services I've left, and that will be a big part of why I will stay as long as possible. - Louis Gray
The only way to have control is to use your own URL - Craig Shipp
Wait till you meet Facebook's randy cousin Overly Friendly Book =) - Cynthia Yildirim
what Louis gray said. I'm going to hang around until the lights go out. - Jordan Brock from BuddyFeed
What they said, I don't see any reason to leave FriendFeed unless something actually changes that makes the service worthless to me. - Craig B.
And many times you cheated Twitter, she was always loyal to you. Thats mean someting! - Jacque from
yup me too Louis and I don't know any of them - Thomas Power
Plurk's not worth leaving anyone for. - Rachel R.
Leo, I think you need to change your FaceFeed status to "It's Complicated" ;) - Daynah
Play this thread off, keyboard cat. - Fleagle
You have to go back to your blog. It still loves you Leo. - Dave Winer
Screw you, Friendfeed! - Andrew Leahey
Users today are investors too - only the 'exit' for us is not lucrative.... its the other way sometimes :) - Mrinal Desai
I just had the idea: wow, how good will Faceboook become though this input? (JUST imagine tagging ppl in FB the way U can Tag them in FF.) - oliver gassner
Love Stinks. - shelter watch
Leo Laporte listed his relationship as: "its complicated." - Randy Shapiro
Damn thats complicated - drmacintosh
Don't worry Leo, its not you, its them... - Steven McGurn
I agree with Jonathan Hardesty "It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives" - And sites keep getting killed off only to come back to life a month later! - Amy Flynn
very true, however on the other hand, we are getting closer to that one service which everyone will be on... and I dont think twitter is going to be that one - Bryce Campbell
Facebook buying FriendFeed is like having to MOVE just when you got your house all dressed up and made into a comfy HOME! I don't feel like doing it again! - Arleen Boyd
Now that Facebook and Friendfeed have married, I'm waiting for Twitfacefeedplebospacening. - Anthony Marco
Leo, u by your self made two companies (services) out of 3 famous and made Google interested enough to buy 2 of them (Jaiku & FF). Google also tried to flirt with Twitter as well. So which one u choose now? Cause we will follow u :P - Sam Ehsan
Sounds like some of my past love affairs. Of course, I'm married now. That, um, was prior. - Paul Chaney
lmfao, its so true leo, so true! - Derek Bender
Feeling a bit worn around the edges? ... me too! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Speaking of Days Of Our Lives: Didn't that show jump the shark when the serial killer was unmasked as Marlena (a character I used to have a mad crush on, and who's now mostly a professional victim)? Then all the "killed" characters came back to life, since they were only what I call "soap opera dead"... - Dennis Jernberg
And if everyone follows you, then your all having affairs all over the place! LOL - Technogran
I think it's back to the TWiT Army! - Paul Salzman
It's not like we have proposed Healthcare reform, or anything really important, going on in the U.S.A. - Steve de Mena
it's getting ridiculous, FEDERATED is the word! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
who is actually leaving FF? have many people vowed to do so yet? I'd like to but there isn't any alternative. - Denise Young
the joys and sorrows of everyday social IT folks... :-) - Thomas Lee
Not to mention Pownce was shutdown as soon as it got good! - Kenneth Reitz
No mention of Microsoft Vine? - Robert MacEwan
Why do we all assume this is a bad thing? Maybe the FF Facebook combo will be better?? - Craig Shipp
Maybe they'll keep both open -- FF is the open side, and FB is the closed side. - John Flinchbaugh from IM
Social Networks are sluts? - TheDiva Rockin
It sure is. - Jason Hill
I know exactly how you feel. What's a person to do? I am mad at Twitter for suspending some of my accounts. First, the accounts kept causing the password to reset, then they were suspended, all around the time of the DOS attacks. All I ever used Twitter for was to advertise my businesses, and for fun. Now I don't know where to go. - DogPatch
Here's some thoughts on what's going to happen: - Kenneth Reitz
It's like my beloved Archie comics romantic twists from childhood! Archie loves Veronica who loves Reggie who loves Betty who loves Archie... ;) - Shawn Zehnder Rossi
More like "As the worm churns" - Houseofmax
한글 와서~ 루거 .. 당신은 정말 잘 생기고있다 누드 사진 기다리다 :] - HealingBrush
One of the funniest sad stories I've heard in a long time... - Aviva Gabriel
Gotta find one who is a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. One who looks like a woman, but thinks like a man. One who tells you you're the only person in their world and worships the ground you walk on. One who's from Venus but want's to live on Mars. One who you know will always be there even when the chips are down. One who looks like a movie star, but doesn't bust the credit... more... - Jan Simmonds
I think a lot of people LOVE to think negatively and don't want to think positively. They think FB is BAD and will ruin FF, but I think if they do it well, FB won't be the bad guy. I think most people who are irked about this are irked because they think the FFers "sold out" to the "man". - Molly Song ;)
@Mollyanna - I disagree. I am irked because the future of FF is completely uncertain. It's more likely that FB will let FF flounder and close it down than it is that FB will invest time and resources in maintaining and enhancing FF. FB has other interests and is splitting up the FF dev team. That does not bode well for FF. I don't begrudge the FF devs for taking the money. I would be... more... - Lindsay
@Jan You're an asshat. - Ian Wright from BuddyFeed
leo, check out I'm actually commenting to friendfeed from there right may like it better. - Casey Petersen
Haiku Laporte - Outsanity
that was cute! :O) - Jeanne
@ian - "Wordsmith. Public relations undergraduate at The University of Texas. Feminist Capitalist. WordPress geek. Future commercial rights attorney"...surely that kind of asinine comment is beneath you! - Jan Simmonds
Maybe they're just not that into you. - Elizabeth Johnson
Wait... who's on first? - Michael Rosenau
Logged in to suggest that many of us have tridden a similar path, but a lot of people have beaten me to it! I miss Pownce - Gary Purvis
wow, Leo. You've got relationship issues! - Justin Bradshaw
there there, Shawny's here... - sofarsoShawn
I sense a pattern here.. maybe you always seem to go after web2.0 services that are bent on ditching you :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Paul Buchheit
After signing the papers :)
What's with the fists, Paul? :) - April Buchheit
congrats Paul - Zee.
I thought it would make a funny picture April. - Paul Buchheit
Secret backyard meetings FTW. :) - EricaJoy
What? No lawyers in suits? Mark's setting a pretty low bar on the dress code for this sort of thing...:) - Tomas Remotigue
Our lawyers were wearing shorts actually -- no air conditioning at their office on Sundays I guess. - Paul Buchheit
Zuckerberg's the only one from FB who could be bothered to show up? - Andy Bakun
American big business such a formal affair - Robert Higgins
Contrary to popular misconception, lawyers don't actually enjoy wearing suits. Haul us into work on a Sunday, and we'll definitely be dressing comfortably. :) - Brian Chang
Andy, the person on the left is Vaughan Smith from Facebook. Sanjeev (the fourth FriendFeed founder) is not pictured because he was boarding an airplane. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, that's so awesome. FB's an awesome company to do business with. - Jesse Stay
Must have been exciting, congrats. - sean percival
Yeah, wishing you guys all the best, its been good fun hanging around here thanks!! - Mel Buckpitt
Congrats to you guys! - Jack Wilson, K4SAC
Congratulations you guys!!!! I love the Teak Conference Room table :) - Susan Beebe
Hey Paul congratulations - FriendFeed has been leading the way since its inception. Are the photos you've posted copy-protected or could I use them in a story on the deal? - Mitchell
Mitch, feel free to use the photos. - Paul Buchheit
where's the ...friendfeed shirts then?? ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
SWEET!!! Congratulations! - Chad Lester
...congrats.can't wait to see what happens with both FF and FB as a result of this. - .LAG liked that
Please try to keep Friendfeed like it was if they let you. Either way, congrats on the financials! - Josh Haley from iPhone
Congrats and best wishes for the future. - Jeff Stannard
For $50m you could at least have hired a photographer who doesn't shake so much. :) - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
FF was the cutting edge whereas FB is quickly becoming the mainstream. Unfortunately, the mainstream does not necessarily equal innovation and pushing the envelope. We all suffer when innovation is chilled. But on the other hand, congrats to the FF crew. They made their money! - blackChinahand
I think the Tiger suit would have been more appropriate! But hey....shorts in a backyard is pretty cool too. - Drea Lester
Congrats! - CG
Whatever the outcome, Friendfeed is terrific. Congratulations. - Ashish
LOL, click through if you want to see pics of newly rich geeks in casual wear.. -> - Alex Schleber
congratulations! keep the innovation coming... - ozlubling
VERY happy for you guys. Possibly even owe you one or two. Are we getting FriendPhone next?? Think Mark should seriously think about 'Friendbook' :) - Charlie Anzman
Congratulations to you and your team. - Maria Niles
just showed the pictures to my students and they were like, "they look like normal people!" Congrats on the deal, onward and upward! - xxx xxxxx
Congratulations, Paul -- to you and everybody at FF. - Eric Johnson
Congrats Paul, Bret and the rest of the team, this is awesome news! The big question on everyone's lips is: Who gets to have :) - Fenn
Congrats, and thanks for taking us all on such a terrific ride! Big ups. :) - Pete D
Congratulations to everyone at FF. Whose house was the deal made? - seman
I am sad .. !!! I do not know .. why .. for me its not good news - Nayan
Congratulations! - Made Adi
++Mark - David Cook
Awesome! Congratulations! - michael silverton
hey, congratus Friendfeed team!!! - K.D.
I call this pic... "Six Happy Dudes & 1,000,000+ Pissed-Off FriendFeeders" - Brad Williamson
I don't get the negativity - did no one realize FriendFeed was a business? The object of a business is to sell eventually (either privately or publicly). We should be celebrating their success. This is a huge win for them, as well as Facebook. I personally think it's a huge win for the "loyal users" as well. So now we stab them in the back when they do something huge? - Jesse Stay
Not to mention we know *nothing* about what this will mean for both services. These guys haven't let us down yet, have they? - Jesse Stay
Congratulations to all of you!! - Steve de Mena
The FB/FF deal rocks. Total win for users and developers. - Steve Gillmor
Facebook announces the acquisition of FriendFeed - Vincenzo Piromalli
Congratulations guys.. and good luck! ;) - Vincenzo Piromalli
Congratulations Paul. I hope for nothing but the best for you and FF. - Martha
We should start a PhotoShop meme on this. - Ben Hanten
Lindsey, I'm with you completely. Bad timing. Too bad there weren't photos of money being thrown in the air. - Ben Hanten
++Ben - David Cook
Congratulations Paul, you should have got more, but I guess $50m is nothing to sneeze at. Have a great wedding anniversary too, I'm sure you both deserve it. Much happiness - :) - Chris Loft
Congrats! The hard work paid off - Becca
Those are the kind of business meetings I could get used to - no suits... but selling to Facebook? Hmmm... Good for someone of course but I suppose we'll see where this ride takes us. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Congratulations, FriendFeeders! I'm anxious to see what changes this will bring. FriendFeed is my favorite site to visit, so hopefully y'all will find a way to maintain the FF spirit somehow. - Keith Pelczarski
No matter the type of big change, there are those who will not like it, often simply because it's change. I for one am very pleased that two of the services I use most are joining forces, and am eager to see the new developments that come of this acquisition. Congrats to EVERYONE on the FriendFeed team. You all deserve it! You've done a great job with a small company. Now lets see what you can do with a large one :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nicely put, guruvan. - Anne Bouey
Congratulations - Steve C, Team Marina
@Jesse Stay re: "the objective of business is to sell eventually" : Ummm, the objective of many businesses is to become profitable by providing a valuable experience to their users. Businesses that feel they can't do that are the ones that sell. - Shane Gibbons
LOL! ♫ ♫ "ooh, take the money and run"!! ♫ ♫ ;) - Vincenzo Piromalli
Congratulations to everyone involved. Well done. - Darius Dunlap
This is a very sad day in friend feed history. It is horrible because I like friend feed for how it's different from face book. I use facebook but I find it really annoying and I wouldn't use it if my friends and family weren't using it. So if Friend Feed becomes another facebook then i donno if I will keep coming to friend feed. - Colide81 (James) from iPhone
Grats. :) - Joshua Schnell
Congrats to the FF staff, but you'll have to pardon my lack of exuberance. I have mental pictures of being forced to use the FB UI and it makes me sad =( - FFing Enigma
Very happy for the Friendfeed team. These pictures say it all. - Christian Burns from iPhone
Congrats -- may the FF UI stay alive! - RateBrain
Where are the photos of everyone celebrating? No beer or champagne? - Shane
Great match-up guys ! The Fabulous Friender Boys ! - Let's see some integrated mashups and extensible apps and FF UI. Given Google and Twitter a run for their money... Looks like they are going to have to "hook-up" now ! - Mike Schmidt
Congratulations Paul and the team! Hopefully we'll still get the same simple UI for FriendFeed. I'm sure however that no matter what you do, things will turn up nicely. - Ovidiu Predescu
Enjoy! - Paul Mayne
NOOOOO! I _LOVE_ friendFeed and this will change it forever. Yeah - this will improve Facebook. Great deal guys - I can not wait to see how this works out - Ric Johnson
Congratulations! :) - İdris Cin
hayırlı olsun - Sinan İŞLER
congratulations to both parties. intuitively, it feels like the right move. - raheel naqvi
Congratulations guys :) - Yalcin Parmaksiz
Congrats Paul, Bret and the rest of the FF team. Your smiles are priceless!! - mj
Hayırlı işler... - Onur Selek
Congratulations gentlemen! - Mutimba
Congratulations Paul. Yes, I do hope Friendfeed users and community are "treated right". - Paola Bonomo
shit all FF VC's and CO-FOUNDERS! YOU DID THE SHIT! you can safely accept all spam "app" invitations on FB. - AlpB.
Ahmet: I'm disappointed to even be on the same service as you and I really can't wait until you leave. - Robert Scoble
Congrats! Maybe you'll make FB usable again... - Eran Kampf from iPhone
cngrtlti.ons I hope you will understand what i mean! - Atif UNALDI
Great vibe :) - Sharel from FriendFeed API Example
@Scobleizer: Come on you're a genius and can not realize future of FF? Turkey was one of important countries which is using FF! They asked no one about this! We hate fcking morons and stupid people on facebook, and I'm sure that this post will be real, just read it: - AlpB.
But Ahmed you are still being an ass about it, trying to rain on their good times. Go find a hole under the bridge where you belong. You can be sad and not have to come out all bitchy about stuff. Clear thoughtful comments instead of going all into "fuck you" mode. - Rasmus Lauridsen
OK, that's great. I hope you can be successful at Facebook Dev Team and enjoy spending that money. - AlpB.
Ahmet: I hope this helps with your inquiry -> - Clifford Kennedy
@Clifford, haha LOL. - AlpB.
Bilseydik biz alırdık :) - Hamdi Yaman
wohoo, lets celebrate that ff owners for selling the land they have hired us - now we have to find another place - MobilAdam
very nice FF! Amazing team! - @RecruitingDiva - Sangeeta Narayan
valla kelepire gitmiş, fotoğraflardan belli.. - Mücahit Yılmaz
Who took the pic? - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
@MobilAdam + 1. - AlpB.
@Mücahit +1 :D - Hamdi Yaman
böyle önemli bir iş için fiyat açıklanmadı ama 50 milyon $ deniyor. Bu kadar lakayt bir ortam olur mu yau. Uzaktan baksan gençler eğleniyor dersin - Fatih Hayrioğlu
Şİmdi yorumları okumadım ama çok kişisel bişi söyleyeceğim. Bu gençlerin milyon dolarları çeviriyor olması durumuna şaşıyorum. Bizim memlekette bu seviyeye gelecek mi veya? Kaç sen uzaktalar bizden bu gençler? - mustafa can
Bizim şirket sahipleri konunun belli saatler arasında, belli kıyafetlerle ofiste oturmak değil, yapılan işin niteliği olduğunu analdıkları zaman gelir tabii. Ama bence bu gavurların dediği gibi "When the hell freezes over". - özlem yetis - elvedaofis
bu postu türkçe commentlerle doldrmak süper fikir.. sarcasm diil ciddiyim - MobilAdam
Bakmayın böyle güldüklerine arkada buyuk yatırımcılar olmasa batar gider bunlar..Adamların yatırımcıları işi biliyor... - Zekeriya Pehlivan
tebrikler.congratulations.gratuliere !!! - muratt
Sorry but as an FF user, I've just tried to express my thoughts about this acquisition: - ibrahim özdemir
Congratulations! :) - Ruben Sanchez
Great result Paul. In such a short time, millions of users, 1 new interface and a marriage with internets' celebrity. This is a period which you should write down to make it as an on-line business case. You people are really wise businessmen. Nice job, congrats! :) - Olcayto Cengiz
Not happy happy congrats bullshit from me-I used FF. - frankiecarl
Frankie, a lot of us use FriendFeed and are concerned about where things are going from here. As I said in my comment above: I'm happy for the staff but displeased with who they chose to sell to. I'm perfectly capable of feeling both emotions at the same time. - FFing Enigma
@Tina ++++ - Shevonne
wonderful so normal so ordinary so simple - Thomas Power
MZ looks like he has just returned from the gym - Joe Dawson
Awesome, nice to see they are actually in fact human still. - Robert Schultz
Congratulations, Paul! - Bill Sodeman
Great photographs showing the very reason why 99% of all people start their own business - money! Well done and good luck for the future. - David Jagger
this is so great! congrats paul! im really happy for u guys! - Jason Pollock
congratulations guys! - Liam Daly
congratulations from me, too! mind to stay (y)ourselves. ;) - Valentina*
L-O-V-E the attire, guys. Did you end the evening with a nice barbecue and a dip in the pool? - Giulia B.
"Hi my name is Mark, I do $50m deals in my shorts!" - Simon May
Congratulations. I'm sad for us and extremely happy for you and your team. - Arleen Boyd
congratulations...can't wait to see the success of the collaboration! - Katy Barrilleaux
We better run away! - Constantine Nicolaou
Congratulations. I'm sure that this acquisition will be beneficial for both parties. - Volkan Özçelik
the one in the green shirt is hawt. just sayin'. - Jessie
eew, that causes diseases - Jim Norris
congrats Paul & evereyone ! - Thomas Mader
Is that Mel sitting on Paul's left? - j1m
CHA CHING!!!!! - sofarsoShawn
congrats guys - well done!!! - Gerd Leonhard
Business is Business and we can only move forward with social-media applications as we herald a new interactive platform. Albeit thanks to the Mothers of all Mothers, Google. Frank Burns - frank burns
The worst day for us, but ultimately not the end, many of us thought. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
best moment - רז
Meh. - Sarita! from iPhone
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Is it wrong for me to feel a certain sense of betrayal? I didn't spend all my time here making connections, adding in interesting content and trying to get friends to join so that friendfeed would get acquired by Facebook.
I guess I should be glad that I made a bunch of new friends here and have learned a lot, but I just wish that the guys at friendfeed hadn't sold out to a company that doesn't really need what friendfeed has. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I think betrayal is the word of the day around here. - Akiva
Meh - Andrew Roche
Whatever, Chris, I'm not amused. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
@Alex: I completely agree... and I haven't been and won't ever be on Facebook... - Harold
not wrong at all. I actually feel a little hurt. - Jim #teamFFrank
Yeah, I think betrayed is a good description... - Lindsay
I guess we are all betrayed - in certain terms.. but FB should have done its market research before it got this property. Most of the USERS are not happy with FB type of connections or that property , so we left and looked for something better, it was FF. Now a new hunt will begin ! - Peter Dawson
I think a lot of us feel betrayed. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
What did you do it for then? - George F. Snell III
I think it's too soon to feel betrayed. This interview made me feel a lot better about the whole deal: - Adam Reyher from Alert Thingy
Yeah. That's excatly how I feel. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Throws a sheep at Alex... Yeah, that wasn't much fun. - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
I share your sentiments in many ways. I have been proud to tell others who had no idea that FF existed how good it is (lets hope not was!) Lets hope they keep the spirit alive. By the way the minute I see any target 'phorm' style advertising, I am off to find a new up and coming. I wont run to Tumblr yet but I do have one foot in already, just in case. - Kevin J Hatton
Feeling a bit of betrayal, or unhappiness atleast. Have a Facebook account but rarely use it since it's a walled garden. Preferred Friendfeed for better technology, organization, but even more so it's openness! - LonelyBob
I don't give 2 cents if that's wrong or not but I feel betrayed. - vijay
Peter, I doubt FB gives a crap about FF users. FB wanted the talent that worked at FF, not the product. - Jeff P. Henderson
I agree with Cecily that betrayal is a strong word. I have always understood that FriendFeed is a free service, thus I can't claim control over it. Though, really, I wonder what s going to happen to my thousands of likes, comments, posts, etc. - James Rishabh Mishra
:-) + :-( - Majento
Completely concur with you Alex. Just goes to show maybe there is room for another platform... - Arleen Boyd
As I said elsewhere, this was a talent + buzz acquisition. I sorta wish I could download my FF history and host it on my own server with SweetCron or something. - Anthony Citrano
+1 Alex. EndFeed's the word... well, how about everybody grieves for 5 minutes, then gets the search for greener pastures under way. There was plenty to be improved about FriendFeed (been saying that since well before this announcement), so I just hope that someone else has the databasing/real-time wherewithal to build something like this, improved. - Alex Schleber
Facebook doesn't even give a crap about their own users - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Do any of these sites give a crap though Alex? I understand what you are saying and how it makes you feel this way, but I realised a long time ago.. they are ALL businesses and the bottom line is NO they don't give a crap... because they are NOT depending on you to be ok.. - Rob Sellen :o)
friendfeed at least acted as though they gave a least until today. And there's nothing about being a business that says "crapping on your customers is OK". Business is business does not equal "screw your customers to make a buck". - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
"Is it wrong for me to feel a certain sense of betrayal?" - in an emotional sense, no. In a literal sense, yes, unless you can show me where FriendFeed made a commitment to you that they'd never change in a way that didn't fit your ideals for the service. - Edward Coffey
i'm just hoping they will keep friendfeed separate and use it as a testing ground for new features. - Edgar Rodríguez
They made a commitment to us when they built a service that wasn't called Facebook or Twitter. They made a commitment to us when they listened to our feedback and participated in our feeds. They made a commitment to us with their actions. A commitment that has been forever shattered with their deal with the internet equivalent of the devil. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Lindsey is right.. the thing is Alex... friendfeed is STILL here... ;o) YOU are still here... - Rob Sellen :o)
Not for long, Rob. I give friendfeed a year tops. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
And forget about any improvements to the site. You know that the team will be much too busy trying to figure out what the next iteration of Facebook should look like. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
Yep , definitely a sense of foreboding there ... "for the time being" - Tom Horn
I can empathize with these sentiments, but Social Media is a set of tools--I appreciate the connections I make, but I'm not getting too emotionally worked-up about the tools changing. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
why? is not going anywhere is it... no reason this place couldn't stay.. what if they LOCKED friendfeed users in now.. said.. we WILL reward you users for helping us, testing things for us etc... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Rob...did you not notice who bought them? Facebook is known for doing dick for their users. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm sure FF is going away one way or another; there's no way that the combined company is going to keep developing full steam ahead on both products. Is it wrong to feel betrayed? I don't know. I don't personally feel betrayed, but I guess I'm not nearly as invested in FF as you and others are. I do think the end result may be something positive though; the ability to interact with the larger FB community on this level is something that could be truly wonderful. Then again, it might just end in tears... - Tristan Seligmann
"...internet equivalent of the devil" - ohh-kayy...*backs away slowly* - Edward Coffey
betrayal isn't the word i feel. it's just business. i do agree with Anthony Citrano: I wonder if there's a way to pull all of my stuff out of FF and put it on my own machine. the year I've spent here, and the 2+ years on Twitter and FB, have been to the detrimiment of my own writing and content creation. The thing about all social media is they depend on users to fill their cyber-vessels with content, and then they make a living off of that...but it's pretty difficult for you to reclaim your "stuff" later. - .LAG liked that
If Google's motto is "do no evil" then Facebook's motto is "do whatever we want to our customers, even when it makes absolutely no sense"...yeah, I'd consider that to be bordering on evil. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from IM
I did Alex.. Facebook sucks in many ways, they treat users like shit... BUT does this deal mean the actual end of < the domain etc... what about if this place is used like a testing place and kept here? who knows? - Rob Sellen :o)
Ironic that! ToS & privacy & UCG & bandwidth & yet how much of that can be measured without actuarial measurements of packet flow? Not surprised based on much of the commentary the past 18 months. Attribution & authenticity matters. - Scott Moskowitz from iPhone
I think betrayal is appropriate - the FB community is NOT the FF community. Even if they make it better, or build something completely new, they will at some point shut down or gut what they have here. - Jennifer Dittrich
As long as my stuff is still indexed, I don't really care. I love Facebook - and I love watching my real friends interact with my Internet friends. :) - Mona Nomura
FWIW TXT is a bigger "content" biz than music, movies, games combined ... Yet this was not a predictable exit? Come on ... Said many times - what is a fair split for UCG & those that skim the packet flow? - Scott Moskowitz from iPhone
Betrayal is definitely appropriate. So is apprehension and a little bit of anger. - Mike Lewis
I wouldn't worry about Facebook integrating your FriendFeed content into Facebook; that doesn't seem very likely to me. - Tristan Seligmann
I feel you, Alex, and dread what is to come. But at the same time, seeing the reported terms of the deal, I don't think I would have turned it down either. - Michael W. May
Alex - Think you'd have to agree (despite the fact we don't know everything) that they were smart. On the other hand, it's pretty obvious you're not alone in your sentiments (Funny - posted this to Robert's stream first by boo-boo :) - Charlie Anzman
Alex, I feel your pain - but someone was going to acquire FriendFeed. It was inevitable. I'm just glad Facebook didn't buy Twitter. - Bill Sodeman
I would rather that Google bought friendfeed and Facebook acquired Twitter. That would have been justice. This...this is a travesty. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
So would I alex..but it never happened.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Do you think Microsoft finish the job and eat Facebook? - τorƍue
:( - Martha
pea brings up an interesting point - pseudonymity is allowed by FF, disallowed by Facebook.And what of the FF groups? - Richard Walker
τorƍue, or worse - Oracle buying out Facebook. hehe - imabonehead
follow the money - Steve Cleary
I love the way FriendFeed works, I hate Facebook interfaces. I wish there was another FriendFeed-like service to jump to. - Amit Morson
I don't think it's wrong to feel betrayed. If Facebook bought Twitter, honestly I would feel the same way. I think they're going to shutter the store here, which is kind of sad, but we'll see.... - matt singley
My fears are threefold. I fear unavoidable unwanted integration. I fear the addition of the awful Facebook TOS, and I fear the loss of the community. That last one is the big one. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Joe, perhaps FB may change their TOS... - Bill Sodeman
my sense of betrayal is so strong that I made this --->- - vijay
It's all about the money, It's all about the dum dum didudumdum, I don't think it's funny... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Bill, that is a nice thought but it is very doubtful. It would solve a lot of the problem I have with them if they did though. I seriously just don't want to lose the awesome community that has built up here. I mean without FF how would I keep up with Alex, its not like I live in the same town....oh wait /stalkermodeactivate! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
If you find any decent asylum, Ryo, please check a room for me, as well, please. - Zackatoustra from email
Guess we didn't read the Terms of Service carefully enough. :-( - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
I wish it was Twitter, Google, even Yahoo but not Facebook. - Jacque
Would you have not spent all the time here (etc...) if you were told that this is a start-up business and could get acquired at any time? Or could run out of money and shut down at any time? At least you had a chance to make the connections and share/consume that content...for free. Looks like you're better off than you were before you joined, no? - mj
Rick: +1 - imabonehead
I am agree :( - Janice
To Alex Schleber: if you build it, we will come. Seriously, what Rick Cogley said too - I love that I can interact with almost anyone, not just people I'd interact with anyway and, in my case, have known forever. I love that it's like a small, really fun cocktail party with your friends, some of their friends, and a few strangers - as opposed to a convention (or, for me, a high school reunion!). Sad. - Amy℠
It's not wrong to feel betrayed, but everyone has their price - sadly. - David Jagger
I've examined the emotional reaction of Alex (and others) to the announcement - John E. Bredehoft
Robert Scoble
Twitter is down. Oh, what will the SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts do?
Come to FF! - Simon Wicks
Give Friendfeed a shot? - Rubin Sfadj
Hopefully they don't come to FriendFeed :) - Robert J Taylor
Hang out on FF - Roberto Bonini
they will spam friendfeed instead? - Denis
They are so freeeking out. - SolidSmack
I couldn't tweet about it, so I told my wife instead. - Patrick Lightbody
Big ups to the FriendFeed massive! - Josette
I tried retweeting that. *sigh* - Andy McIlwain
Call them to join friendfeed, and make - Madhav Tripathi
Hopefully FF won't get killed by the Tweeters flocking over here. - phil baumann
ok.. here ya go..twitter being down has forced me here. Haven;t tried FF yet so... - cheapsuits
I suspect the bots will rejoice.... - walidmREALTOR
just like ya possibly twiddle their thumbs... - Baba
Let's see where these so-called "social media experts" go to fill the void of Twitter. - Christian
I can't open - ybs
Can FF servers manage such a massive movement? - Samuel Goëta
since bots supply at least 25% of Twitter traffic, should we feel the worst for them right now? - Kevin Norman
write a post about twitter being down as a threat to humanity, may be?:) - Nikos Anagnostou
Twitter down... can't post on Facebook,,. so it's FriendFeed! - carrotmadman6
So your're not responsible for that ? Strange... :-) - Enikao
lay on the floor and spin in circles - SolidSmack
Maybe the SocMedExperts will go back to Plurk since Scoble likes Friendfeed. :) - Jay Gilmore
thank God, now we can get back to work - E.P. Scott
if they are the experts they claim to be then they should be here! - Mark V. Fusco
Facebook seems frakked too. - Gregg Le Blanc
I get tweet trough tweetdeck... - Giorgio
I need serious help with FF. For an idiot like me this isn't so intuitive really. Help section is nice but I need someone to hold my hand ..bleeech. Don't get me wrong I am sorry I was reluctant to try FF before - cheapsuits
I blame Scoble. It's always his fault :-) - Keith Barrett
but how am I going to tell the world I need a cup of tea???? nooooooo - Rachel Clarke
Giorgio - I'm seeing some activity through the Twitter API, too (that's what TweetDeck uses, I believe); not a lot, but some - Robert J Taylor
I thought it was just my connection. ;-) I'm also having problems with Facebook today. - Timothy Federwitz
yeah, it seems the web interface is down but the api is working.. - Giorgio
I think the social media experts are going to spend the next hour talking about Twitter being down - Keith Barrett
Maybe read a book for a change? - Yiorgos Adamopoulos
Scoble's followers where the glue keeping Twitter together! now that he's 'pulled the pin' and released them all, Twitter has fallen down and can't get up. - MikeAmundsen
I'm so lost this morning without my cup-o-Twitter - frank barry
They'll comment on it, much like I just did. - Marlin Forbes
Man imagine if this had happened on #followfriday... - Rob Paller
Facebook is copying twitter too closely...even to going down at the same time - Robert Littlejohn
Yiorgas: read a book for a change? I do that anyway, but only about 10/month. need more twitter time to balance it out - Rachel Clarke
Does Twitter have what it takes to be a big player? We've been working with their API on a project and every time there is something out of whack. Anyone else have the same issues? - Chris Nadeau
twitter is really down, I think twitter itself should have a site that tweets when it's down :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
They will use FF to inform their friend that twitter is down - Didier Girard
Show up here I'm thinking. :-) - Dion Hinchcliffe
Huge exodus to FF! - akihito
We will start feeding friends and keeping up our 's - JuneM
What's been the longest twitter outage on record thus far? - Dusty Edenfield
hmm at least they found a solution with a blog :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
I don't understand why you maintain an account when you have such contempt for Twitter & those who use it. - Liz
they will cry in their soup - Bobby Griffith
holiday - Ronald
Well Robert, where will you go when they all come here? - Tokyo Dan from iPhone
it's back up. made ya look - Kevin Norman
Strangely, is up. - Marlin Forbes
Tokyo: I already have a private group setup. Sort of like a bomb shelter in case the rats take over. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
i noticed that twitter is down... anyone know how facebook is ssOOO slow 2...???? - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Just noticed it... - k00pa
twitter outage and news of the PubSubHubbub feature in Google Reader ( make FF look pretty good right now. - Dusty Edenfield
friendfeed is having some issues but for the most part is still up and going :) - (jeff)isageek
find another medium such as friendfeed ;). - rick
Roger, Mr. Scoble! - akihito
@Sebastian they connected somehow... ahhh scary :) - Dani Martínez
good. so not the only one with issues with FB.. wel atleast is FF is going strong.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
what we all are going to do??? =) but if seriously i remember this video on youtube - trouble with twitter: - obolonskyi
They will all sit in their chair and stare at their monitor! - Gabe Diaz
@Dani, who knows... the might merge or something... explain the strange twitter is pulling fb down 2.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Did Scoble bring Twitter and FB down as he unfollowed everyone ? winks -) - Del_
This is very interesting that it is impacting more than one social network ... can't even speculate what the cause is yet. Not getting much work done today I'm afraid, going to be following these conversations.. - Joe Magennis
I haven't been on twitter for days. I guess I picked the wrong morning to jump back in. - Jeff Stannard
Robert: The most important question>> How many new sign-ups for FF today? - K.N. Ajit Narayan
...and who wins? FF great :) - Dani Martínez
Was just able to post to Facebook but took several tries. Wow. FF FTW! - Tom Guarriello
so!! - abdellah
The smart ones will go to FriendFeed ;) - Helene
The spammers should go to MySpace... - Dennis Bjørn Petersen
Tweeple will come to FriendFeed! - LauraLee Dooley
That's why I joined FF a while back. Then I found all the useful features- and the bonus is having Scoble here to show the way. - Brenda Young
No, the smart ones are ALREADY on FriendFeed :) - Susan Beebe
and? - abdellah
@obolonskyi nice. vid.. ROFL... never seen it before... - Sebastiaan van den Akker
GUILTY ! I have had a FF account for awhile just never used it-- - cheapsuits
What the celebrities like you do. Talk about it on Twitter. - Tad Chef
This actually made me laugh out loud, because I was thinking the same thing! - Dan
Could this mean that CNBC was right??? Nooooooooooo! - travispuk
I was planning to unfollow a bunch of followers due to Twitter's follow limit rule kicking in at the ~#2000 user level. I have to wait with that then... ;) - Martin Lindeskog
FF FTW - Eran Even-Kesef
Let's see how well Friendfeed handles this Twitter outage :) - Rene Silva
Re previous comment of mine, 'Nooooooo!' was for CNBC being right, not that twitter is dead. ;) - travispuk
life goes on - Eran Even-Kesef
Hey don't tell anyone about this FF thing, its our little secret - Jeff Wiant
Twitter better be back up by the time Rick Sanchez is on CNN this afternoon or he won't know what to talk about ;) - cjcubs
telnet 80 ? - Gordon Joly
@gordon wont work - k00pa
FF was down for me for about 10 min just now. - Dusty Edenfield
Blogger's having some trouble as well - Crispin Heath
No address associated with nodename ( - Gordon Joly
If friend feed ever gets as popular as twitter were will everyone go to to avoid the popular crowd? - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Panic? - Dean Clark
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Panic? Aren't we all used to this already? :) - Sasha Kovaliov
if this is the North Koreans with a coordinated attack I WILL laugh - cheapsuits
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Robert, please follow back 106,000 and everything will be ok))) joke =) - obolonskyi
I can not play 140mafia!!! This sucks sooooo bad :( - Sam Beckett
Twitter outage is causing issues with both facebook and friendfeed. I guess we know where everyone is going instead of twitter. - April Russo (FForever!)
facebook? no way :) - Sasha Kovaliov
Twitter being down is a a relief to me this morning! Now I can stay OFF it rather than fitting it into every 30 second change of task! n - Arleen Boyd
at this rate they will have to start sending out junk mail via the post office again... oh the humanity - Terry Bruce
Nothing seems to work, I think it will be the Friend Feed greatest traffic boost ever - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
guys, is it Ddos attack? or smth like that? as I understand twitter is hosting somewhere and this datacenter is down. am i right? - obolonskyi
FriendFeed traffic is rocking now... - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
social media "experts" might need to actually find other work to do. - Luis Sandoval
thanks God, Youtube is working - obolonskyi
More info needed. Where is there an alternate feed to real time news? - SenderOK
seems unlikely I'll do anything productive in the interim - WarLord
Hopefully they will move to FF :) - Martynas
it could be ff provocation - obolonskyi
I feel like we are all stranded on a tropical Island together - Jeff Wiant
was afraid for a moment that out IT blocked all social networks or something horrible like that. Thank god FF came back up quickly. This might have gotten me to use FF more. I often neglect it. - Ryan Cummins
Wondered why tweetdeck wasn't loading anything. actually got some programming work done. lol - Justin Long
friendfeed rules! - Kevin Dolan
twits will move, but only until twitter is back online, then there will be a mass exodus. Remember during all of the 2007/2008 fail whales users still flocked back to it regardless. - travispuk
Twitter, Facebook, now Posterous... 4chan organize an attack or something? - Sam Harrelson from IM
Thank goodness FF is still working. :) - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
Friendfeed + Facebook :) - Rafa Lacerda
From "Site is down 1 hour ago. We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly." - Martin Lindeskog
Touché Robert, Touché - Jeff Woelker from twhirl
"We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly." from Twitter Status - Kurt Jarchow
North Koreans I tell ya.... - cheapsuits
took inordinate amount of time to get into ff today as well - A Zmaj
Hmmm DoS attack...someone wanting a ransom from Twitter? - Mike Gargano
Guess they'll have to either pick up the phone or do some work :) - Graham Bunting
Can someone with 94k followers really mock the the celebs and experts devoid of Twitter? - Augie Ray
Hey, no bogus follow messages in my inbox for a while! ;-) - Julie Barrett from twhirl
This is teaching us something about the framework of the current Internet traffic patterns. We're watching cascade scale problems from one major Internet program going down. - Melanie Reed
Facebook is giving up the ol', "Transport error (#1001) while retrieving data from endpoint `/ajax/inline_comments.php': A network error occurred. Check that you are connected to the internet" message now. - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
I think this is bigger than Twitter and FB... I think it's some interweb routes or something. I had a VoIP call going with a party local to me and two across the country and I lost the two across the country, but maintained the local party. And others are commenting on other sites showing signs of outages. - Timothy Federwitz from Alert Thingy
Twitter is,,SOS! - Veetrag
What will they do? Use FriendFeed! - Chuck Huckaby
It's official. Twitter's problem is a DoS attack per twitter/status. - Roger Jennings
shhhh they'll come here - andy brudtkuhl
The real bummer for me is, now I actually have to listen to the radio to get the word of the day! - Travis Owen
is twitter connected with FB or Friendfeed? I am having page errors with both, Ajax issues with FB intermittently , I am no tech geek so I have no clue whats up and come here to learn - lisa coultrup
Maybe Ev's interview on the BBC last night didn't go down well with the Iranians! - Andrew from iPod
Status Blog says "We are defending against a denial-of-service attack." Mmmm... - akihito
Friendfeed it is then. - Aren Grimshaw
Now, It's up! - Martin Sliacky
Posterous isn't working properly either, at least for me. - Steven Melfi
What does DoS mean? - Kimberle Kelly
denial of service - Justin Long
I meant what does denial of service mean? (dumb blonde here sorry) - Kimberle Kelly
If it's true..or is it propaganda? - Alex Schleber
It's down, again. - Martin Sliacky
Thank you :o) - Kimberle Kelly
Ev coming onto the BBC last night and saying that they were asked by the US Goverment to keep Twitter up and running during the Iranian protests cannot have gone down well in Tehran! - Andrew from iPod
DoS on large portions of the internet. Is this 4Chan... Chinese... N. Korea... durkadurkastan... - Ryan Cummins
now having trouble getting to Friendfeed - Justin Long
look, few days ago Clinton back home with two imprisoned american journalists from North Korea and today Korea is attacking twitter? it is revenge))) - obolonskyi
maybe Robert's great unFollowing crashed the servers... no loss! Go FF - Jay Shapiro from BuddyFeed
some government is DDOS'ing the real-time internet to cover up something :-) - Lee Provoost
hmmm - abdellah
As I said, I predict a baby-boom in 9 months... wait and see! - Jordi Soler
SEO Experts can analyze their charts, celebrities and wannabe's can entertain us with video (maybe some cool Twitter Whore like stuff) , and social media experts can quickly become Fail Whale Experts. - Michele Lorito-Chase
@Lee Provost don't you thing you're going to be a little apocaliptic ? :-) - Filippo Ronco
Twitter downing has to be a lesson for all of us. if sometimes gmail or even google will be down. what we all are going to do in that situation??? - obolonskyi
@Filippo i've been suprised many times that reality is often more wacked up than the conspiracy theories of geeks :-p - Lee Provoost
I'm hoping the social media experts go away and do something useful. - Parvez Halim
@Lee this is true too :-) - Filippo Ronco
@Jordi LOL, considering that there are a vast amount of single male computer geeks out there in the twitter community, baby boom effect might be negligible :-D - Lee Provoost
what is bad here? here doesnt exist reply button =( - obolonskyi
@Lee single male computer geeks - LOL)) - obolonskyi
Go back to MySpace? - Juliana
The twitter bots are rebelling - Charles
@Flynn, go check out this Greasemonkey script, solves it: - Alex Schleber
Come here and moan about it! - Kami Huyse
Read post on 100k unfollow - I love how people are commenting and blaming Twitter being down on that! lol - Helene
AAANND.. it's back. At least for a moment I guess.. - Alex Schleber
AAANND it's GONE! ..Again. At least I managed to send out a quick FriendFeed SOS, as in: "Still think you shouldn't have all of your favorite tweeps in a "backup system" on FriendFeed? Join here: " - Alex Schleber
Either collapse or back to use their phones in voice only mode, do some shopping, get eye to eye contact ... Blame god, and then. Give a serious try on FF ;p - Marco ILLESCAS from iPhone
I hope everyone will be - April Mendez
Hey, can I hang out here on FF while my Twitter is down :) - Kevin Krewell
Welcome to FF Kevin! You can tweet from here too! - Arleen Boyd
Thanks Arleen. I hear all the kool kids hang out here now - like Scoble and you! - Kevin Krewell
I'm glad I joined FF yesterday, great timing! - CodeSamurai
I also micro-blog or create my own Twitter, but in more than 140 characters. - polou/indigo_bow
FF and Tumblr are working fine! :-) - Tim Moore
A good FF day- new familiar faces on this thread. - E-Advocate Network
What will the blackhat SEO experts, the SM spammers, and the social media experts do during a widespread outage? The answer is obvious: While sitting out the crisis they're fine-tuning their methodology. Seriously, your question offends me. There's a gazillion of SEO experts out there who do not abuse social media. - Sebastian
Sebastian there can't be a gazillion SEO experts! What's 10,000 keywords times 20?? (and that's being generous!) - Arleen Boyd
Would a social media expert consider it to be a crisis? If they rely so heavily on just one or two tools that it's enough to throw them into a tizzy, their expert status would seem to me to be ... questionable, at best. - Gord McLeod
Agreed. - Greg
Arleen, 10,000 keyword phrases times 20 is a tiny fraction of the search terms that are worth optimizing for. Think of the long tail. Also, consider lots of webmasters and even publishers / site owners / bloggers / Web developers ... SEO experts who are able to optimize their stuff quite successfully but don't sell or publish their expertise. Many of them, and even many SEO consultants, do make sensible use of social media, as plain users. - Sebastian
Gord, in a social media spammer's book 2 hours of outage, IOW 2 hours w/o sales from sneakily distributed links to questionable sales pitches, can sum up to way more than a good day's beer money. ;) However, "crisis" might be a term too strong for this potential loss. - Sebastian
+1 Sebastian - Bill Sodeman
I'm hung up on hop 12! - bev
I love FF! - John Giglio
come to Friend Feed? Not - Rob Cairns
You must be dying of laughter now Robert! - Arleen Boyd
Arleen: yes, reading this is fun. Sebastien SEO types are so easy to wind up. ;-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert, admit it, you broke Twitter by massively unfollowing people. The DDoS attack reports have just been a ruse to cover up the fact that you were the backbone of Twitter all this time. - Louis Trapani
Louis: that is true. I pissed the bots off. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Keep running into the wall a few times then find alternate outlets such as ff, linkedIn, etc... - Kirsten Mitchell from iPhone
Looks like the devious plan to move everyone to FF is working well. LOL :) - Geer
Ha! The whole Facebook Twitter slowdown may have been just people clicking on spam (not a DDoS botnet). How funny! Manual DDoS. See Bill Woodcock's theory at CNet, AP, SF Gate, and The Register - Mitchell Tsai
There you go again implying the only ones that use twitter is SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts - This is definitely SPIN. Perhaps you should join CNN also LOL - RetiredTeacherD
Ironic, given your status as a celebrity social media expert who constantly spams about bots... :-P - David Kettler
Now they'll have time to shower and do their laundry! - Summer Fling
Louis Gray
To Jump on the Massive Unfollowing Trend Would Be a Mistake -
"So too do I see it better that 100 spammers fill my feed than I lose access to the innocents who remain. I am not so self-centered as to believe I know the full set of people who I can learn from and derive value. So don't look for me to start shaking my numbers down on any of the networks - even if it is getting more popular. " love this part of the post, however I want just to notice... more... - abdellah
fighting talk - I do believe you just called scoble self-centered. Still I am sure he has been called worse ;) - Riaz Kanani
it's not about unfollowing, it's about filtering - Barak Hachamov
filter before you fellow - abdellah
Riaz, Scoble and I get along great. I wouldn't call him self-centered. - Louis Gray
I shared this in GR as soon as I read it. Congrats on a great post, Louis! All I can say is finally someone has said it. This trend of unfollowing is rather disturbing imho and shows how self-centered some people are, how desperate for attention others are, and how they all are rather clueless at creating valuable networks on these social tools they so much love to love. - Vlad Bobleanta
true, but people who don't appreciate following others shouldn't do it and shld unfollow..keeps tweeting young and influential. also, the only way to get rid of spam is to unfollow/block each such perp - Amit 'zyaada' Mittal
Louis: you will come to dislike your choice here. I used to say the same thing, but as you get more and more people who you aren't interested in you'll realize you just aren't getting anything out of the home page on Twitter anymore and, worse, you are getting spammed both on it and via DMs. That might not be a big problem for you with 12,000 friends, but as your numbers move up (and they will) you'll hit the same problems I did. - Robert Scoble
Why is Louis' followers number growing very very slowly relative to his popularity on the net - Mark
Robert, I never did get anything out of the homepage of Twitter anyway. :) - Louis Gray
I think unfollowing makes sense on Twitter. On Friendfeed Lists are your friends. - Paul Kinlan
Mark, I would say it has to do with not being put on any kind of suggested list. :) - Louis Gray
I don't find that the Twitter website does a good job of making Twitter usable. The applications are what make it usable for me. - Michael Owens
Unfollowing kinda makes sense. Have you ever played an RPG the second time through... you know what to do in the beginning, you aren't lost, and you know what your end goal is? Yeah. That's pretty much what we are talking about here. - Evan Travers
I like that Evan :) RPG - michelle harris
Yeah, the real thing here is we both are heavy users of FriendFeed. That's why I didn't care that my Twitter feed was getting worse and worse. Over the past year I've done almost all my Twitter reading here on FriendFeed. Now that I've restarted it, though, damn is it 100x more useful! And, yes, there are lots of people who are on Twitter who aren't on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
I could barely handle following 600 or so people, even with appropriate tweetdeck filters. There were too many people who just weren't adding value. I made a particular point to unfollow anyone who regarded themselves as an "SEO" or "Internet Marketing" expert.. I had made the mistake of following back anyone who followed me and slowly began to realize that they were just playing the numbers game. - Neeraj Kumar Agrawal
abdellah: I am starting to agree with "filter before you follow", which I also believe is what Robert Scoble is doing now as he starts to follow people. Louis Gray: I don't think it is a movement to unfollow everyone, at least, not for me. I think Scoble had to start from scratch because of the number he had... for me, having a very small number in comparison, I will start unfollowing... more... - Timothy Federwitz
I've been curious as to the counter argument to this trend. Scoble's reaction albeit extreme is one I can empathize with, but unnecessarily severe. I appreciate the alternate perspective and grounded reasoning to your approach. While I have far fewer followers the numbers have crossed the line of unmanageable with out an automation service. Thanks for the great post and food for thought. - Jim Goldstein
Scoble has this big 7 point list of criteria for following you on twitter, but on Friendfeed he will follow anyone who asks! - Mark
Mark: that's because on FriendFeed I can have lists. So I can use a variety of different following strategies here. On twitter I can only follow or not. - Robert Scoble
I think I am in the middle on this. I am not about to wholesale unfollow everyone, but the noise from news bots etc in my twitter feed is getting insane. I am still nowhere close to "getting" FF so I am still struggling a bit here too.. In fact, I have fallen right back into the trap I was in a few months ago. I think it's time for another social medai diet - Andy Glover
Robert, you can certainly use tools like tweet deck to create groups, but . . .whatever. To me, it's just not an issue, either way. I like it when folks that I find interesting (and Robert is certainly among them!) follow me back, but it's not essential. I don't need to follow the Roberts of the world on Twitter in order to check in on what they're up to, from time to time. Unless someone has a private feed, it seems to be a non-issue. - Kathy Fitch
Andy: on FriendFeed whenever things go nutty, just open up a new friend list and move your high quality follows into that. Leave all the other people in the old list, so you can check in once in a while. - Robert Scoble
I don't see how anyone could follow as many people as Robert w/o losing control. Twitter would become marginalized by sheer un-manageability. Even with groups etc. there's only so much real estate on a monitor. I have groups on FriendFeed as well but honestly I spend most of my time on the home feed. - Rick Bucich
That said, when I'm launching a new twitter presence (as I just have for an organization), it's *really, really great* when people and organizations with similar interests follow back. If nobody did, that would just be sad. Still, I'm mostly interested in the feed aspect of things, so even then, it's not really crucial to have followers. - Kathy Fitch
I've always had the policy of being quick to follow and even quicker to unfollow. As soon as someone begins to bore or annoy me I just unfollow them. But on the other hand I'm glad to follow people on a whim. You never know. - Leo Laporte
Rick--so true. In some ways, the conversations that these folks with massive followings are having around the follow/unfollow issue just is utterly irrelevant to those of us with more moderate goals and purposes. - Kathy Fitch
Nice to see Leo Laporte being more involved on Friendfeed - Mark
Value in this instance is pretty subjective, and that's the point, really. What is your subject position? I'm in SMB mode, so what I'm after is quite unlike what a twit guru would be after. For me, the following/follower # some are cutting down to would be massive. If I hit those numbers, then I'd probably want to trim it back down. Robert is still about 500 over anything I'd be interested in. - Kathy Fitch
One of the first people I looked through was Leo Laporte's following page. He has some great people who he is following. - Robert Scoble
Take a look at Dave Winer's RSS Cloud technique - a great way to assess a following list in your newsreader before adding. - Leo Laporte
Why limit yourself? Someone asks to follow me, I check out their profile and tweets. If the words SEO,check out my webcam, or Arrington are there, I don't follow, If I do follow, I give them a month and then unfollow if any major douchbaggery makes its way to mine eyes. - Paul Puri
Ah, somewhere there's an SEO person who is offering useful tweets about how beginners can use the basic Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to help them create better, more useful sites for users and potential users. That person could be good for some folks to follow. - Kathy Fitch
On the "low quality followers/follows" point, I really needed some of those at first to help me get a feel for the ebb and flow. The trajectory of any given twitter user's account, if it's public, probably follows that basic pattern of "whoo hooo, followers!" to "what the heck?" to "now that I get how it works, how would I like it to work for me?" Seems pretty common sense. It's okay that answers to the final question vary. All as it should be. - Kathy Fitch
I'm just generalizing, of course, but most of the people who try to follow me that have SEO in their bio have 10 tweets and they are link bait. - Paul Puri
I shared w/ Robert and will share with you, YES I spend too much time trying to block all the FakePornSpamBot accounts. And I miss blocking many. BUT, my HOME Stream is the most amazing view of the world! With a few refreshes I can get the pulse of what's going on! Besides, even if someone is often a voyeur, there are those times they pop up and share the most insightful things! I believe I can learn from everyone! So if you're real and follow me - I'll follow you! - Arleen Boyd
In parallel to this, I do manage a corporate account for one of the companies I consult for. Every follow and unfollow there is measured. But I learned a long time ago, that at least for me, people just want to be connected, on any network they prefer, so I try not to get in their way. - Louis Gray
Louis: there's another aspect to this too: every follow you make signals to the world what kind of person you are. Look at my following list. You'll see geeks, VCs, journalists, entrepreneurs. Who isn't there? Not many celebrities. Not many plumbers or quilters, if any at all. That signals to the world the kind of people I want to have in my life and the kinds of information I want to hear. If you are autofollowing that opportunity to signal to the world is totally lost. - Robert Scoble
Chris: always. :-) - Robert Scoble
Oh, Paul, point well taken, of course. I'm just pointing out that they've no doubt ruined it for a handful of smart and useful SEO folks. Arleen was actually one of the first folks to follow me back, and just watching her from a distance (I guess that makes me a voyeur? <grin>) helped give me a good feel for how someone at her level of #'s worked with the system. Very educational! - Kathy Fitch
The "signal to the world" bit makes much more sense to me on the corporate accounts I'm working with. For the Catholic parish, for instance, who to follow gets really important. I can't afford to have anything with even a whiff of inappropriateness about it in the stream. That's going to be a very small list! - Kathy Fitch
Leo, I can usually tell by the last 4 to 5 tweets whether I should follow back. But, everyone is annoying or boring sometimes (including myself) so I don't unfollow very often unless someone's stream becomes overly promotional or full of gimmicks. - Rick Bucich
What's the benefit of following thousands of people? if you say its because you have to in order for them to DM you, how can you possibly respond to potentially thousands of DM's consistently? Once, I tried following everyone that followed me and it made my follower count jump quickly, but it made twitter less fun because I had random automated DM's from people I didn't know, and a useless stream of info from people I followed for no reason. - Dusty Edenfield
Robert/Kathy: I think who I follow making a statement of who I am and what I'm about is less important to me since I am using it for a personal experience and my likes are wide and deep. If I was using my Twitter account as an outward facing presence for my business/organization, then it would matter much more to me... but I'm just having fun with it and like the idea of seeing lots of... more... - Timothy Federwitz
The DM thing. Sigh. Here on FF, it's totally useful. I've never had a single pointless DM. On Twitter, it's a thing to scan very occassionally, and ignore the rest of the time, seems like. - Kathy Fitch
The thing that is being overlooked is this: The real issue is the auto-follow, NOT the total number of "following". It is what removes the vetting process. Once vetted, I'd say the more the merrier, b/c there is real value in your "with friends/following" stream, precisely b/c it is way different to search/filter it vs. regular Twitter Search. It is a huge omission/mistake that this is... more... - Alex Schleber
Since I mass unfollowed I've had SIGNIFICANTLY better interactions with the people I genuinely want to communicate with. A good % of the social media gurus who just follow in the hopes that you'll follow back unfollowed and it's seriously been like a weight lifted off my shoulders. - Ryan Stephens
(cont'd) For this reason, I will openly admit to trying to get as many of my Twitter peeps registered into FriendFeed as possible, & I won't even care if they sub to me there or not (not required for conversation on FF anyway). It's to get them into the stream that I can then search over, and further add people into separate Friend Lists from there. Currently I'm at about 1k of 3k... more... - Alex Schleber
Also see "My comment on: 'Why You Should Start Over On Twitter With A BRAND NEW Account - Twitip' Hint: I disagree" This about sums it up: "..the solution to overwhelm by technology is better technology, not retrenchment..". - Alex Schleber
Louis, I only read part of your post, but I agree as far as the types of people that are following others. Twitter has become a place more for business than meaningful conversations. Best thing to do is look at who is following you and purging those who just seem to market links to " Ways To Generate Massive Cash " through whatever they might be involved in hawking. - Lew Newmark
Somewhat parenthetically, like the 19th century theoretical "corporate shield" that was supposed to shield individuals from liability, artificial demarcations between "my personal site" and "my business site" are increasingly obsolete. We are all complex, intertwined, interdependent, human-computer, systemic hybrid participants in an increasingly systematized hybrid world. The old silos... more... - michael silverton
@Louis - I think you are right. Doing something because it's a "trend" is dumb. Can you tell me what the metric is you use to measure when something breaks through to "trend" status? When "unfollow" hits Trending Topics, maybe? I didn't reboot my following list to join a trend. I did it because I really like following the people I follow...and they were getting drowned out by the people... more... - Rex Hammock
Lets be honest, this unfollowing thing by "certain" people is nothing but a PR stunt - Spencer
Spencer--well, of course this thing does have PR implications. After all, the big wigs are all talking about it non-stop, and then those on the next few tiers down from there are talking about the talking. Still, having PR implications and being a stunt aren't exactly the same thing. Many of these big name folks *are* established brands, which isn't something most of us can claim.... more... - Kathy Fitch
@Spencer - I know my unfollowing thing was nothing but a PR stunt. As is my commenting here. - Rex Hammock
agree. More than reasonable post, Luis.. - Marco Castellani
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