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'f2p' is a web-based FriendFeed application for mobile users by NaHi.
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NaHi is down. Sorry for your inconvenience:!...
The server is back. Thanks for your patience. - NaHi from
f2p is going down in 30 minutes. Thanks for 1700000 hits, 22000 unique sessions and 1300 enrolled users.
thank you and best wishes! - K.D.
You, too! - NaHi from
これまでありがとうございました。 - Kazutaka Ogaki
ganbatte *-_-* !!! - Maurizio
I'm also keep finger crossed for you. Are you near the disaster area? - Gabriele Corrieri
Gambatte Nihonjin!! - Eta
Thanks, all. I'm at Tokyo, not near the area. My family and friends are all okay. - NaHi is back. Go ( doesn't work ATM, sorry) - NaHi from
lot, lot and lots of thanks for your job; and best wishes for you and your country. When i try to post something, replies with an error (posting failure). Do you think you could fix it? Bye, Marco. - m.fisk
Doh. I'll investigate it. - NaHi from
m.fisk: Now it should work. You're sign-in via remotekey, right? - NaHi from
yeah, and if you could see this comment it really works - m.fisk from
(thanks, again) - m.fisk from
Thanks for confirmation. Let me know if you find some trouble more. - NaHi from
Well, it's not really an issue (I can use it anyway), but the old keeps track of my personalized settings. With the new one, instead, I have to reset it on every session. - m.fisk from
Thank you! I wasn't aware of that. My android browser lives enough long... I think I've fixed it now. (Rails 2.3.11 cookie handling issue) Can you confirm the fix? - NaHi from
It seems it works now, too. Thanks also for your kindness and support. - m.fisk from
Dear Hiroshi, please let me report another (very little) bug. Former "recipient" form had a drop-down box where you can choose the desired recipient. The online release has, instead, a simple text box, which is quite less useful. Could it be possible to revert to the other version? - m.fisk from
(I mean the "To:" field in this page: - m.fisk from
Sorry, should be fixed now. Configuration value for maximum selection candidates was reverted to 150. Extended to 250. Thanks for letting me know this! - NaHi from
You are really kind. Thanks again and again! - m.fisk from
Ensure you have another backup connection to FriendFeed. f2p would stop when we have another disaster.
f2pに依存しちゃってる人は、別の接続方法を確保しておいてください。次に何かあればサーバ止めます。自宅サーバからとっとと移しておけばよかった。 - NaHi from
We would have scheduled power outage meanwhile. It likely will happen in a few days. Sorry. - NaHi from
The first power outage is from Mar 14 04:50:00 UTC 2011 and I'll shutdown f2p server before that. Please do not expect the server will back soon since we already have several scheduled power outages meanwhile. I'm sorry for your inconvenience, but it's time to stop using f2p I think. - NaHi from
3/14 13:50から停電なので、それよりまえにf2pサーバを止めます。また、今後も停電が続くので、すぐにサーバが復旧することは期待しないでください。 ご迷惑をおかけしてすいませんが、f2pの利用を諦めるよいチャンスだと思います。。。 - NaHi from
Sorry, I forgot to enable FF feature of f2p this morning. Are you still using FF? Just curious.
hi,i cant login with m.ctor since last nigh..what is the problem? - سالی مک براید
Yes. - Numero6
ƑoЯооξ faragames: Thanks. Looks the FF API server configuration issue. I posted that to API group and ML. Can you use OAuth login instead? - NaHi from
and where is OAuth? - سالی مک براید
Please click the first 'FriendFeed' link at . Doesn't it work for you? - NaHi from
It works at my desktop computer but doesnt work in my mobile(my device is pocket pc and has windows mobile 5 and my browser is IE) - سالی مک براید
I changed the endpoint URL to the old one. Now it seems to work for me. Would you please try again? - NaHi
it is ok now,thank you - سالی مک براید
Network maintenance scheduled in a few days. You might not be able to connect to for a while. Thabks for you patience. I'll let you know once the maintenance finished.
Done. Moved to optical communication line. A little bit faster, isn't it? - NaHi from
Now has experimental support for Twitter and Google buzz. Would you please try it and post a comment if you have accounts for these services? Does it work for your device? Renders correctly? Thanks! -
everyone already have gone? And now has experimental Facebook support. Does Grapf API work for your device? Any comments are greatly appreciated! - NaHi from
compare speeds of each API. by yourself. I'll summerize the result when I can get enough users. - NaHi from
Thanks! Hmm. I from iPhone successfully authenticated via Are you using instead of by any chance? I'll try from Windows Mobile soon. - NaHi from
I got same error when I tried WM6.5 via It works fine via I should have not changed the domain... Sorry for the inconvenience. - NaHi from
Good to hear it works. Thanks again - NaHi from
NaHi users: Accessing fails 443/2316 today by connection problem at FB side. It's a trend in recent weeks so you'd better use or
It's working fine from yesterday or so. Thanks, infrastructure team at FB! - NaHi from
Can you feel FF API mind in the new Buzz API? It must be easy to implement Buzz in Can't wait for the weekend.
f2p shows error page to all requests. FriendFeed API server seems to have a problem (not responding to all requests). Sorry for the inconvenience. is still down. In the case you are hurry, seems to be working as before. - NaHi
FF API server started working again. f2p, too. - NaHi from
1. PCから、f2pにアクセスします。日本のケータイだと、残念ながらTwitterとの連携ができないので、一旦PCで作業します。 - NaHi from
2. 引き続きPCから、画面一番上の、Twitterアイコンをクリックします。Twitterのウェブサイトに連れていかれて、「m.ctor.orgからの情報取得と書き込みを許可してもいい?」と聞かれるので、問題がなければ許可(Allow)してください。 - NaHi from
3. 無事、f2p上でTwitterのタイムラインが表示されたら、PCはログアウトしてしまって構いません。 - NaHi from
4. ケータイから、f2pにアクセスして、画面一番上の、Twitterアイコンをクリックします。ケータイでもTwitterのタイムラインが表示されれば成功です。 - NaHi from
5. FriendFeedに戻るには、画面一番上の、FriendFeedアイコンをクリックします。Twitterの表示の切り替え(@自分、など)は、画面一番下のメニューにあります。 - NaHi from
6. Twitter側はまだまだいろいろ機能が足りませんが、要望があればコメントをお願いします。おしまい。 - NaHi from
おまけ: iPhoneやAndroid、Windows Mobileケータイでは、PCでなくそのまま↑のTwitter連携ができると思います。1~3だけでOKです。 - NaHi from
Is there anyone who want a zip archive of a feed of yourself on FriendFeed? Example:
Must be a f2p user for authorization. It's not a f2p feature but just a share by me before leaving. - NaHi from のページにあるようなアーカイブ(HTMLとFFにアップロードした画像一式)が必要な方、もしいれば作りますのでご連絡ください。f2pユーザでないと作れないんですが。 - NaHi from
little bit faster f2p in these days, isn't it? ff API server seems to be fine.
f2p is back online. did an ad-hoc database maintenance. sorry for your inconvenience.
accesskeyだったかな、数字キーにいくつかリンクが割り当てられていますが、ページ移動の「4」と次ページ「6」は、それぞれ、ページ先頭のメニューのみ、ページ最後のメニューのみ、に設定してほしいです。ページの最後までスクロールしたら次は「6」を押す訳ですが、するといったんページ先頭へのスクロールが発生してから読み込みが始まるので、結構ストレスなのです。 - usa
twitterからの投稿へのコメント時に、twitterに投げるかどうかを選択するチェックボックスが常に出ると嬉しいです。ffのAPIは見てないので可能かどうかはわかりませんが。 - usa
既読をinboxに表示しないようにしない、という設定がほしいです。実は既にあるんじゃないかと疑っていますが、どれだかわかりません orz - usa
以上、身勝手に要望してますが、気が向いたら対応していただけると助かります。あ、後先になっちゃいましたが、いつも使わせてくださってありがとうございます! - usa
accesskey、そういう問題があるんですね。WMはaccesskey対応してないので知りませんでした。。。(なら実装するなよ?)。対応します。現在は「ページの初出の時のみaccesskey」という実装になっちゃってます。 - NaHi from
twitterへの投稿は、FFのAPIからはできないんですが、私自身が面倒になってきたので、自分で(FriendFeedのTwitter連携機能を使うのでなく、f2pがTwitter認証してからTwitterに投稿するのを)やろうと思ってます。これでうささんのユースケースはすくわれそう?FriendFeedのTwitter連携機能はoffにしておかないと、Twitterへは二重投稿になっちゃいますが。 - NaHi from
「既読をinboxに表示しないようにしない」は、現在の'Home'というのがそれにあたります。'Home'をbookmarkしておくことで代替できそう?で、妹もそうやって使ってるらしいので、settingsで、「未読管理を利用しない」があったほうがいいかも。 - NaHi from
回答ありがとうございます。そうか、homeをbookmarkしておくというのは目からウロコでした - usa from
相方に指摘されたんですが、Twitterにも投稿すると、Twitter->FF取り込みで、FF側で二重になっちゃいますね。Twitter->FF取り込みをしない人でないと使えないや。。。 - NaHi from
あうあう。うーん、現状で、ff→twitter全部垂れ流しとかffコメント→twitter送信とかをff本体で設定すればそれは反映されるんですかね? とりあえずそれで満足しようかな - usa from
とりあえずacesskeyだけなんとかしました。せっかくコメントしてもらったのに、当面対応できそうなやつがなくて悲しい。 - NaHi from
私はtwitter→ffを切ってもいいと思ってるので、自分のためだけにtwitter clientをやるかもしれません。そのうち。 - NaHi from
iPhoneでのf2pは、全てセリフなフォントで表示されてるのが痛い。何故だ。 ([map] 〒101-8457) -
位置情報はただのテストで無関係です。 - NaHi from
Helveticaにした。すっきり。 - NaHi from
Feel free to post message to this room in any language. I'll try to read and response with a help of translation service.
f2p now has (only) ~200 sessions per week and users are mainly from Japan, Italy, Russia, German and others (I don't have further details because of my poor log analyzer.) There's no English person maybe. :-) - NaHi from
f2p is down because the server cannot resolve investigating.
Google Public DNS cannot resolve, too. What's happening? - NaHi
Just setting IP-address of in /etc/hosts of the f2p server. Do you think it's malicious? - NaHi
f2p: just a cosmetic update. pin to star
help me to let it get unterrible :) - NaHi from
I'm very sorry for f2p network trouble. Changed router setting at this noon but I didn't check a connection from outside (only works from inside, means only for me). Please let me know if it does't work yet.
Uploading image causes HTML error page -
I've found that f2p file upload did not work recently. Still working to fix this problem (the error seems to start happening at FF server side and I'm asking this at API-ML.) Sorry for your inconvenience.
f2p server restarts for maintenance in 5 min. Sorry for such short notice.
Server maintenance 15 min at most. Sorry for inconvenience.
booting... - NaHi
done. thanks to your patience. - NaHi from
Sorry for the server trouble of this morning from 04:10 JST to 06:30 JST. Now the f2p server is up and running. The server kernel detected a BUG of drivers/ata/libata-sff.c during system backup.
Now f2p supports Geolocation API. iPhone/Fx3.5 user can do click&post location info from ([map] 3丁目15 2神田錦町, Chiyoda Ward, Tōkyō Metropolis, Japan) -
git pullした。久しぶり。
Server is going to down soon for maintenance. Will back in 5 minutes.
done. - NaHi from
f2p/v2をgit pull
Real-time search is one of a key feature of feed aggregators. FriendFeed has a powerful search feature you must know. And f2p offers easy-to-use interface for the search.
You should have an experience of deja vu while reading feeds on FriendFeed. Have I already given a 'like' to similar entries? With positive or negative comment? Have I already bookmarked this link to delicious? On FriendFeed, you can search entries with a query from your posts, entries you gave a like and entries you commented. - NaHi from
Do you know how you can do it with FriendFeed search? In f2p, go search page type query keyword and check 'with likes' and 'with comments'. In search result page, you can do drill-down search with number of likes, number of comments and mine only. - NaHi from
On FriendFeed, type 'query (from:me OR like:me OR comment:me)' to normal search box. With or without f2p, check again search feature of FriendFeed. - NaHi from
cool Nakamura-sam I will have to check it out on my PC. I love f2p on my mobile it is worldclass Friendfeed for mobile phones - Robert Higgins
Does your browser support Ajax? Now you can pin/unpin/like/unlike/expand comments without full page reload. Go [settings] page and check 'use Ajax'.
Unfortunately mobile device does not support Ajax (Japanese cell phones, Opera Mobile, etc.) - NaHi from
can somebody try this on iPhone? does pin/unpin work? - NaHi from
work with iPhone. - KonishiKa from
good! (envy :-) thanks. what do you think about when f2p goes realtime? - NaHi from
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