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Chris Brogan
Jessica Guynn
Scrabble vs. Scrabulous: A lesson in copyright law - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/technol...
Copyright on a game concept seems a bit fuzzy to me. - Paul Buchheit
Paul Buchheit
More status: identi.ca and Plurk
Picture 6.png
Also, we now import Zooomr favorites, and IntenseDebate should work again (they changed their username scheme). - Paul Buchheit
Thank you. :) - Hao Chen
very good :-) (but ... can't wait when frf has an ability to add an arbitrary service (user-generated catalog of services available)) - nikolay
Awesome! - Glenn Slaven
When can we have newsgator clippings support for us non-google reader users? - Glenn Slaven
It's official ... from the big guy himself - Charlie Anzman
Is there a Skype status feed somewhere Chris? - Paul Buchheit
igor, I think we'll figure that out once they get federation working (which is supposed to be soon). - Paul Buchheit
Great. Now I can hide identi.ca feeds without having to hide the blog of the respective user. Thank you. - Lars Trieloff
what about the facebook status updates? I hope that's coming... - Rahul Das
Nice work with the status, I would like to see DailyMugshot introduced! - Joe Dawson
Great! Just added identi.ca; configuring brightkite too. - Parth Awasthi
Paul, given Identi.ca uses the Twitter API it would be nice if we could respond via Identi.ca in the same way you can with Tweets. I presume implementing it wouldn't be overly hard (where as Plurk of course is another matter) - Duncan Riley
@Rahul FB status would be cool, but there is no public RSS feed. There is a feed, but it requires a key, which would require you to type in your username/password. - Hao Chen
@Duncan +1. i was thinking the same thing - Trent Olson
Quick poll. Who's using Plurk? - Larry Kless
Any chance of adding Qype for us non-american review writers (aka non-yelpers)? - Liron Tocker
Woohoo! Identi.ca! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
Integrated identi.ca via RSS feed before. OK, now it's there but it's not that big deal to me. - Ansgar Wollnik
Thanks for the identi.ca support ... Excellent work ! - Christian Farley
AWESOME!! Ok, I might be using Identi.ca again!!! Yippee! Thanks FF team!! - Susan Beebe
Why are the updates called Dents, I'll Dent you later :S - Joe Dawson
i love "status-blogging", but i still think that it destroys the flow of my friendfeed - i also blocked every twitter update from everyone here at ff... - Dieter Schwarz
Yay, more services to add to my profile! ;P - Aaron Myers
I am getting ready for Identi.ca Twitter going down the drain! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
seems like i need to go get my identi.ca id before its taken ... - Raza
Fantabulous ;) - Yung-Hui Lim
yay!! - Sarah Perez
ahhh cool - Dobromir Hadzhiev
great! but my username on identi.ca (9000) is not recognized by the subscription page. starts with a digit, yes — maybe that's the problem. - 9000
MG Siegler
Twitter took off from simple to 'tweet' success - USATODAY.com - http://www.usatoday.com/tech...
Twitter took off from simple to 'tweet' success - USATODAY.com
Twitter in USA Today - MG Siegler from Bookmarklet
shark jumped ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Ha! "I will 'tweet' about this in a minute." - James Rishabh Mishra
The FriendFeed folks may need to reach out to the USA Today writer. It seems his perspective of FriendFeed is extremely limited (or was edited out substantially). - Robert Seidman
The first guy commenting on the USA site is not much of an early adopter! :) - Stephan Osmont
twitter... what is that? - NoahDavidSimon
It's interesting to see the few comments already. I still don't see the mainstream adoption of Twitter. (Then again I don't know exactly why MySpace survives either.) The FriendFeed comment is just wrong as anyone who has used FF could attest. - AJ Kohn
There are more comments here than on USA Today. - Russellreno
Quick, someone write up a blog post entitled "Is Friendfeed killing USA Today?" - Mark Trapp
USA Today was just deleted on twitter... some woman accused the news of stalking... I mean following - NoahDavidSimon
The Internet is certainly not a boon currently for Gannett: http://ap.google.com/article... - Robert Seidman
:) mark. ha. - edythe
seriously, how much did they pay for this? Corporate propaganda with no negatives. And FriendFeed was set up to service Twitter? WTF x 1000000 - Duncan Riley
agreed. it is time for friendfeed to get a divorce from twitter. we need options to also reply to other services like identi.ca and youare - NoahDavidSimon
I thought it was going mainstream in about 2012, WTF? - Iain Baker
Just read the article. Best part right here: "A cottage industry of websites — including TweetScan, FriendFeed ..." - Thomas Hawk
Here's the reaction that I think most newbies would have: "I read the article. Never heard of it. Seems like a total waste of time." - AJ Kohn
My favorite part was the comments. Apparently, none of us have anything to do and are a bunch of idiots. - Ryan Kuder
One of the social phenomena occurring here is how it takes interactions over time before mainstream type users reach out and ask someone close to them "what is this Twitter thing I keep hearing about?" The first or second time in the press, their eyes glaze over. But, after hearing a co-worker mention it, seeing it on TV, and hearing about it on the radio. They finally ask about it more engagingly. Those around for the start of blogging will know recognize this. I think FF will follow the same trajectory. - Christopher Sacca
I will add that one reason I think this is true is that there was no analog for blogging. It was really hard to explain to people who had never seen it. Same with Twitter. Explaining it to someone without showing it to them is tough. FF is maybe a bit easier to explain, but I don't think people can truly grasp the value of this place until they interact with it. So, I think we will see the same thing happen here as the growth starts to inflect beyond the early adopters. - Christopher Sacca
Adam Ostrow
I’ve Reached 1,000 “Professional” Blog Posts: 6 Things I’ve Learned - http://adamostrow.com/?p=182
Congratulations on the landmark, Adam. Looking forward to the next 1,000. - Louis Gray
I'm looking forward to the next 1000 posts ;) - Dennis Bjørn Petersen from twhirl
Great Job! - FaceySpacey
Orli Yakuel
Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
I've noticed over the past week specifically that my Mashable articles have been generating more comments on FriendFeed than on the site about 20% of the time.
Not sure what that means, though. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
I'm trying to convince our tech guy to integrate FF comments. Editorial's all on board with the idea, just convincing the biz side to add yet more code that doesn't increase bottom lines may be a hard sell. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
@Mark : I think it just means there are more people interested in their friends seeing what they're saying than the Mashable audience specifically. Which, really, makes sense. I mostly care more that my friends see something interesting I feel like saying something about than a group of strangers unless we're talking about a very, very niche topic. (I wouldn't force FriendFeed to read... more... - Alexander Williams from NoiseRiver
@Mark : Here's an argument: More FF comments mean more public visibility mean more potential traffic driven to the site means more ad revenue. Potentially. If even half the commenters from FF go check out the original post, you're ahead. - Alexander Williams from NoiseRiver
Michelle Barsi
Be a Beacon: The First Principle of Social Media - http://www.maxgladwell.com/2008...
Leo Laporte
NY Times reporter Matt Richtel is writing a Twitter novel "by" an amnesiac who is using his phone to tell his story. Riveting. @mrichtel
reminiscent of Memento. - Carlos Ayala
Yeah, ok...this is cool. - Jason Bentley
I think it's a really interesting use of Twitter. And this guy is no amateur. He's a published novelist. (His last novel, "Hooked," was a bestseller.) - Leo Laporte
Is this the first use of Twitter in this way? - Jason Bentley from twhirl
Start from the first post: http://preview.tinyurl.com/6gr6sf - will killian
I read it yesterday, am following it today (with SMS updates, no less) and I have to say I find it a bit, er, derivative. - Gregory Cohen
Really? Derivitave of what? - Leo Laporte
I guess of memento more than anything (as Carlos mentioned above), but also it feels a little like After Hours. Listen, I'm not going to un-follow it or anything, because I think it's a great idea and if it goes in a cool direction, it could the first in a new media format, at least in English. I read a while ago about SMS novels in Japanese (see http://xrl.us/kj6fj). I guess Twitter makes it feel very current, so I really want it to work. - Gregory Cohen
Dan Hsiao
Startups: Ten most densely populated technology startup regions - http://valleywag.com/5018794...
Startups: Ten most densely populated technology startup regions
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Palin Ningthoujam
42 Friendfeed Tools, Scripts, and Hacks - http://feeds.advocable.com/~r...
nice collection - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Great List! - FaceySpacey
top list - Duncan Riley
Brilliant work! - Allison
Thanks to everyone... - Palin Ningthoujam
Using Twitter to Friend Feed Importer (version: 0.0.1) - http://InternetDuctTape.com/tools...
Twitter to Friend Feed Importer finds all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed and subscribes them. - engtech
that sounds really useful. when will it be available? i cant see it on your site ...via AlertThingy - David Adam
I should have it released in the next hour or two - engtech
You are a coding machine! - Phil Ashman
haven't been able to get it to work. it installs fine, but when i open the "friend feed importer console", after a few seconds it displays a bunch of errors ...via AlertThingy - David Adam
I'll try installing it on a clean machine and see what happens... I might have a missing dependency - engtech
Ah, it breaks on machines that don't have the HOME environment variable set. I'll release a fix. - engtech
w00t it works :) Installed fine, and is currently doing its thing. Thanks a bunch I was just thinking the other day how useful a tool like this would be. Whats it mean when it says "Can't find social graph" though? ...via AlertThingy - David Adam
I put more discussion about the social graph stuff in the blog post. I'm using XFN/FOAF stuff to find the connections between people... doesn't always work well. - engtech
it is running now but is there a way to produce a simple output instead of subscribing? I am now subsribing to some people I really did not want to subscribe to. ;) or better, if that thing could just produce two lists (twitter friend / friend feed twitter list) i could do a very neat comparison in excel myself. ;) - Nicole Simon
hm okay. ran it but have no idea if it aborted or not, but given the amount of friends i haev in both, it seems like it. a pause button at the end might be a good idea. :) waiting for the next version. ;) - Nicole Simon
superb! If only it was a web service.... - zeroinfluencer
Eric Rice
Google is building a holodeck
shouldn't they build an interstellar spaceship first? it would be more useful. - Nicķ
nick, a holodeck can simulate and interstellar spaceship. perception is everything. in fact, it's the only thing - @baratunde
@eric curious as to why you're posting statements directly to friendfeed. - @baratunde
I don't want to blog this stuff, my audience is more diverse than web nerds. Also, I have a full post on why I think Google is building a holodeck framework, but I'm just baiting at this point. heh. - Eric Rice
that's cool. also twitter is down. again. will be interested in your post - @baratunde from twhirl
the thing is, the holodeck only simulated stuff that you couldn't do because you were stuck on a spaceship. if you're actually on earth, why not really go whitewater river rafting or whatever, in actual reality? (shit, i'm gonna answer my own question here: sex with celebs and fake time travel.... duh. (though they did the latter on STNG a lot, for some reason they never did the former)) - Nicķ
@nick that's present day things. I can't go back in time. And, I can't be everwhere Right Now. Let's go hang out in the Alps...ooh crap, can't gotta pick kids up from school. ;) - Eric Rice
I'm with Eric on the simulate thing. Tons of things I can't do and places I can't visit due to reality constraints. - Todd Jordan
Start with the Now. Google has a mapping/earth engine that contains relative proximity based information, in all media formats. From Street View to the laser scanning of buildings for 3D. Microsoft also does it, but they are uncool and probably can't figure this out yet hehe. So first step is to look at the current offereing and how robust it is. - Eric Rice
I mapped/toured Tokyo before I went, affecting my real state of presence there. When I got back, they actually improved the mapping, so every 3D building is rendered. I'm going to try this someplace like Paris next. I can also see the experiences of other 'patrons' via photo/audio/video... - Eric Rice
The notion of being in a rendered place (and being aware you in a rendered place) does not take away from a social experience and a spatial awareness. Ask anyone who plays Warcraft, Second Life, Halo, GTA, etc... seemingly normal things (by the dollars anyway heh). Sense of place is sense of place. - Eric Rice
My theory is that our minds are being conditioned to think in that dimension. What Google is building is essentially the pre-historic framework for that. For kicks, look on Xbox for the 'making of the museum of human history', the fictional documentary of how the diorama was built. - Eric Rice
We just don't have the absolute immersive interface.. YET. Look at what people can do with accelerometers and motion sensors and cameras and infrared on game consoles alone. - Eric Rice
Let your minds wander and don't think about next week, thing about next decade. And then think of how Microsoft could be the winner if they were smart enough to stitch things together internally. Heh, doubtful. :) - Eric Rice
Addendum: Google doesn't know they are building a holodeck. heh - Eric Rice
@alejandro that depends on the interface device. Take a basic game like GTA, you can interact; take one of the PS EyeToy games (aquariums and the Tori-Maki painting), you can interact... Haptic and tactile stuff has a long way to go; this winter we're getting our hands on EEG interfaces (wearable)... Hence why I made the disclaimer at the top: 'framework'... interfaces are still coming - Eric Rice
this reminds me of that old simpsons episode where lisa imagines VR helmets in school, she puts it on and genghis khan appears saying: "Hello Lisa, I'm Genghis Khan. You'll go where I go, kill who I kill, eat who I eat!" Now that would be something! - Nicķ
I have my own holodeck in Second Life - does that count? (it's actually pretty cool!) - iTad
Yes, but will it save our health records? :) - Morton Fox
Using your health records it will create a "virtual you" to kill you over and over in cyberspace. - iTad
sex with celebrities! - edythe
What if Google can scan people with lasers (in public) to create a 3D representation of YOU. Overlay that with all the data you (and your contacts) produce. Would one be able to recreate basic facets of personality (16 of them) based on the nuanced data and clues provided by you and your network? Then you have an avatar that is strong AI that could live for generations; talking with your gr-gr-great grandchildren. Yay for sci-fi! - Eric Rice
Yes but does it have real estate yet? - Prokofy Neva
hmm let me think what that would be good for... oh yeah. porn - NoahDavidSimon
"Mom! Grandpa's weird AI ghost is having sex with Penelope Cruz in the holodeck again!" - Nicķ
@prokofy yes of course, I have some land for you, just pay me and I'll send you the coordinates - Eric Rice
@nick I read that as 'Weird AL ghost ... having sex with Penelope Cruz" - Eric Rice
Thomas Hawk
Added about 1,000 new FriendFeed subscriptions yesterday. If you were following me as of yesterday I'm now following you. Adding a thousand new FF contacts certainly does pick up the pace of the experience. I like it.
Your pics a great! Keep em coming! - Tim FitzGerald
Good luck keeping up. :) - lilbyrdie
Yeah, thanks for subbing me. I really enjoy your photos and I might never have seen them otherwise. - Akiva
thomas - how long did it take to add em all? did you have some script do it for you? - iTad from twhirl
That's some serious adding. I find that it's not terribly easy to reciprocate after the fact. What methods did you use? - Bwana ☠
TH - love your pics and your favs too - Dave Martin
Sweet, you are following ME now! Now who is the mouse and who is the cheese! - Phil Glockner
why would you do that? Seems like way too much... I've been moving in the opposite direction - removing people I've been following so I can have far less noise - Jonathan Greene
I went from 10 to 100 a little over a week ago and it certainly made things significantly more interesting. FriendFeed is taking a lot of my attention away from Techmeme, and providing a much broader view of what's going on out there. - Larry Rubin
Tad, it took me a long time, maybe 3 or 4 hours. I don't have or know of a script to auto add reciprocity. I think Scoble had one for Twitter but I don't know of one for FF yet. Basically I went to who subscribed to me and then cmd-clicked them all into new tabs and one by one went through adding people. - Thomas Hawk
Jonathan and Steve, there is no need to remove anyone when you have the "hide" feature. If someone is too noisy you just need to hide whatever is causing the noise. I'm discovering lots of new interesting people this way. I love it. Even when someone twitters in a language I can't read for instance I can hide their twitters but still get their great flickr photos or flickr faves. selective hiding by service rocks. - Thomas Hawk
Want to add your Twitter follows to Friend Feed? Use Twitter 2 Friend Feed Importer. http://tinyurl.com/4rr2fl I am looking for a scrip that will check FF against my Twitter follows. - Russellreno
Welcome to myself!! Mmm, that didn't sound right. - D.
That is _A LOT_ of followers. I just hit 1,500 total, and it took me more than a day and a half! - Louis Gray
Sounds like a job for iMacros - Rahsheen from twhirl
please add me - www.FriendFeed.com/vmjr - thanks! - Victor Ryden 美久太阿
I"m still not sure how you can possibly keep up with the information blitz that comes from 1000+ contacts. I get Scoble's meme about 'noise' over 'news', but I don't know how you sort out the useful nuggets from the rubbish. - Daniel Norton
Daniel, you can't, not when you're subscribed to that many. It's like a firehose. The info just keeps coming. I honestly have no idea why Thomas and Robert and others do this to themselves. You'd need to do nothing else all day but to watch the FF or Twitter page if you wanted to keep up with it all, and even then I think you'd miss a lot of updates from people. - Raoul Pop
I don't follow thousands of people on FriendFeed or Twitter, but even with the hundreds that I do follow, I feel like I'm dipping my toe in a rushing stream. Luckily, there is search. And in FriendFeed, comments and likes keep things bubbling. - Ontario Emperor
Is there an easy way of doing this in bulk, or did you click subscribe on 1000 accounts? - Duncan Riley
At what point does it become too much to handle? - Morton Fox
Duncan, unfortunately there was not a way to do this in bulk. Morton, I'm not sure it will ever be too much to handle thanks to hiding things. It's a balance. - Thomas Hawk
Google Spreadsheets Become Wikis - http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2008...
just tried to login to that demo spreadsheet on the post. it's really amazing to see other users there and see real time changes.... - Philippe
I have never had so much fun in a spreadsheet :) - Dani Radu
yeah, but I like this trends - accexine
Yay! Strawpoll Lets Everyone Make Twitter Polls! - http://mashable.com/2008...
Ok, cool but, there are already 5 or 6 of these out there. Other than the initial interface, what is the differentiator? - Bwana ☠
Ok, I answered my own question. Having used it, I can see the ease of use. It's pretty easy to create them and track the results. - Bwana ☠
LOL, half of twitter is not answering the polls in the right format. This is going to be challenging and fun. - Bwana ☠
what is the right format?? - Shey
You @reply with either a number (1|2) or a single keyword defined by the poll creator. I have my first one here: http://bwana.strawpollnow.com/ - Bwana ☠
so ... "@bwana 1" or "@bwana (1)" ? - Shey
@bwana 1 and then a reason like. "@bwana 1 because I said so". The keyword version is kinda confusing but I believe it's like "@bwana hancock because Will smith blah blah blah" - Bwana ☠
So what happens if you answer yourself or tweet about other stuff? I'm afraid to test it on my first poll... - dgw
D'oh, nothing. I'd still feel better if someone else were to try to respond to my poll and have the answer show up nonetheless. - dgw
Louis Gray
How @replies work on Twitter (and how they might) - http://blog.twitter.com/2008...
I didn't realize the @ replies worked that way. - Tom Landini
i hate the way @replies work.. its a pita to figure out what the reply is about.. assuming you DO want to know. What is wrong with attaching the @reply to the original message, so you see them in the order the occurred, with the msg they were about? Isn't that how forums work and have worked for some time? If it ain't broke, don't mess with it. - Tim Hoeck
Well, the @ link is approximate. Oft times, it points back to the wrong thing. - jho
it'd be nice for less ad hoc method to arise. @ replying to multiple people is kind of disfunctional, for example. - felix
LOVE the way @replies work. it is finely tuned to show me EXACTLY what I want to see... conversations within my Twitter social graph. LEAVE IT THE WAY IT IS but explain it better... - Elliott Ng
@ works fine for me -- just wish Twitter web would pick up @s anywhere in the tweet - Shey
I can see a book series coming. How to use Twitter, FF, Stumble, etc. etc - Charlie Anzman
Kevin Fox
It's strange to me that most of the people I'm subscribed to who have private feeds are Googlers, and they are mostly just sharing what they post to their non-private Twitter accounts.
Heh, always wondered what was behind those mysterious (private FF) doors. I've generally been too shy to request subscriptions. - Adam Lasnik
Susan Beebe
ChrisBrogan.com: Best Social Media Advice From This Site - http://www.chrisbrogan.com/best-so...
Anthony Farrior
Using Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer (version: 0.0.4) - http://InternetDuctTape.com/tools...
Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer finds all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed and automatically subscribes them. - Anthony Farrior
Louis Gray
Will Aggregation Ever Go Mainstream? - http://mashable.com/2008...
Dan Hsiao
Starbucks to Unveil New Drinks - WSJ.com - http://online.wsj.com/article...
"This summer, the Seattle coffee company will add a line of smoothie-like drinks made with fresh fruit and whey powder throughout its U.S. locations. Starbucks says they're the first stage of a broader push into healthier drink and food offerings ... The flavors Starbucks has developed include chocolate banana and orange mango." - Dan Hsiao
smoothies! how awesome! - Sarah Perez
Whey based! Perfect for an after-workout drink..I've always asked my local barrista about this... - The Fat Oracle from twhirl
Chris Brogan
Report: Social Media Challenging Traditional Media - http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive...
Survey of 17,000 people in Mar 2008 - Mitchell Tsai
Susan Beebe
60+ Resources To Help You Run Your Startup - http://howtosplitanatom.com/startup...
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
How do you Relieve Stress During Tax Season? http://xrl.us/bjn8w
Free Websites Performance, Availability, Traffic Monitoring - http://mon.itor.us/
twitter_status: Some users are not seeing all updates in their timelines. We are aware of this problem and are working to resolve it. - http://twitter.com/twitter...
Louis Gray
Robert Scoble
@copyblogger I expect that Google will buy FriendFeed and Twitter within 18 months. Not to mention FlixWagon or Qik or Kyte.
Wow. I actually agree:-) What airport are you stranded in? ...via AlertThingy - Francine Hardaway
Francine, I'm leaving for the Tel Aviv airport in two hours. Long flight home. - Robert Scoble
Yes, I tend to agree that our FF ex-Googlers with be re-Googlers in the future. - Mike Reynolds
Yeah that would would be great... also, *sooooo* not going to happen. - Jason Shellen
Not interested. Google was ok, but FriendFeed is a lot more fun. - Paul Buchheit
Paul: why? - Amund Tveit
Amund, Google is a big company now. - Paul Buchheit
I thought FriendFeed was going to buy Google. - Amit Patel
Google can buy what they want to get them at the top. Can they buy the whole Internet? - Jack
It's too bad Google has basically stopped innovating and just started bying stuff. Appengine is the pits and they haven' ...via twhirl - Soulhuntre
It's too bad Google has basically stopped innovating and just started bying stuff. Appengine is the pits and they haven't doen much else. ...via twhirl - Soulhuntre
friendfeed is already a spinoff of google ... what would he do with Jaiku ? and you forgot bambuser qwich integrates gmaps .. ...via AlertThingy - Frédérick 2 Baro
@Jack I am sure they will give it a good try, although they will see it more like shaping the internet! ...via AlertThingy - Joe Dawson
Soulhuntre, in a way i do agree with you, but i don't think that Google has deserted innovation, there's so many development projects running there. I think all this acquisition issue is a matter of economic calculations, instead of holding a special team to develop something for several years they just purchase a company that has already spent the time on R&D and created the product. - Nir Ben Yona
ha. i called this back in october: http://gregcbrownyes.blogspot.com/2007... ...via AlertThingy - greg brown
Maybe Google is jsut over-extended. They sat on Jot for years, then ruined it. They haven't done much with Gmail and search is stagnant for them. All they do to generate interest of late is spend money. ...via twhirl - Soulhuntre
@Jack They can't:) - Igor Poltavskiy
They most likely will try. But they won't get too far. - Daniel Spradau
But Google already bought Jaiku. I hope they don't buy FF too soon. I'd hate to see it die under corporate stagnation. - engtech
I agree with FriendFeed - FaceySpacey
I agree...makes sense...one is the search of scrape and link, the other is the search of share and discover = Organise the worlds info ...via AlertThingy - John Kotsaftis
friendfeed looks like a google service, acts like a google service, is built by xGooglers and is a perfect fit for Google. I agree and would love to see it happen. my only question, why didn't the team build this at Google? - timepilot
@timepilot, I wondered the same thing at first. But apart from the possible entrepreneurial benefits, I'm guessing the freedom of development. They now have complete freedom around where they want to take it without the limitations of a large corporate agenda. - Phil Ashman
no more romours ; ) ...via AlertThingy - Kevin
twitter will be a better fit than Jaiku. Friendfeed is already pary of my Google Reader, but I guess it would help to own it - Michael VanDervort
When will they buy Alertthingy? :) - Michael VanDervort
What would Google do with Twitter after the damage they did to Jaiku and Dodgeball? ...via AlertThingy - Jane Quigley
The difference between Jaiku and FriendFeed is that Jaiku wasn't funded and its founders weren't rich. They sold to Google to collect their bucks, and it was the right decision for them. FriendFeed doesn't need to sell out. So unless Google offers really a lot of money, there's no reason to sell unless Google has plans for FriendFeed. Which I doubt - if they had plans, they'd just developed it on their own. ;) - sebmos
@jane: What damage did Google do to Jaiku? ...via AlertThingy - Niclas Strandh
@Scobleizer agree re: friendfeed+google - mutenewt
Maybe Paul can coin a new phrase, "Don't be sold." - Vince DeGeorge
FriendFeed will be more interesting to Google if it gains mass appeal. - Mike Reynolds
Yeah, I've been saying the same thing...Agreed ...via AlertThingy - John Pretto
google bought jaiku, why should they buy twitter, too? ...via AlertThingy - Timo Heuer
I can understand FriendFeed, but Twitter ... Friendfeed need to add more browsing controls, tag clouds, filters etc.... ...via AlertThingy - Alemsah Ozturk
Louis Gray
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