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Mona just said #suckit (pound Suck it) . #fail
TheHenry to TheHenry's feed, Technology at Play, Technology News, Technology News, All Things Apple, Apple Fans, Technology, Mac News Apple's Banning Jailbreakers Access to App Store | - - urdumania1
Aesthetics, which is called creation and appreciation of beauty is the soul of fashion industry. We like or dislike different things according to our aesthetic sense. Fashion field is very vast and it varies among different cultures and customs. Pakistani Fashion is mostly on eastern patterns and has a huge variety of designs. In its [...] - urdumania1
30+ Adobe AIR Apps - TheHenry from Bookmarklet
Cool - Techno Todd
Nice! - İbrahim Ersoy
Cool! - Fact of The Day
TheHenry to TheHenry's feed, Technology at Play, Technology News, Technology News, All Things Apple, Apple Fans, Technology, Mac News Apple's Banning Jailbreakers Access to App Store | - - urdumania1
What's your current OS? -
What's your current OS?
What's your current OS?
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OS X at home, XP at work - Brett Kelly
OSX Leopard, Ubuntu and Ubuntu. Anything M$ I need I can run in a VirtualBox. - Nick B.
Windows 7 Ultimate. - travispuk
Vista and virtual Windows 7 - Matt G
main rig is XP Pro, 2 old laptops running XP Pro, 1 old tower server and 2 laptops without their screens running XP Pro for TV PC use, got a win7 VM, a tower server and a laptop (for RIS) run win2k3 with 2 other win2k3 VM's, OSX on my macbook, CentOS based trixbox for a home voip system (latest addition) and an embedded linux on my Thecus YES NAS box. - alphaxion
Mac OS 10.4.11 - Spidra Webster
MacOS X 10.5 - Brome
Mainly Windows 7,Ubuntu and Ubuntu Netbook Remix 3 dual-boot machines and an Eee900. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
OS X. I've been a Mac user since 1987. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
OS X and Windows 7. I'm a huge fan of them both but the majority of my machines are Macs. - Akiva
OS X. - DGentry
Sweet! I see a lot of Mac OS X people! FTW! - TheHenry
Latest OSX, WinXP SP3 and Win7 Enterprise. - rønin
Windows 7 on PC. XP on laptop. - Gus
Windows XP SP3 currently. I'll add Ubuntu once I put my new 250GB hard drive in (current C drive is 40GB). Two more upgrades (power supply and video card), and I'll be ready for Windows 7 -- but I'm keeping XP installed for Win7's XP Mode. - Dennis Jernberg
Forgot to say XP Pro. My Win7 will also be Pro if I can help it. - Dennis Jernberg
I have Vista, and Mac OS X Leopard. I use Leopard more. - nfan12
+1 Mac OS X - David C. Cooper
XP Pro SP3 on laptop, 2000 SP4 on studio DAW and one other machine. Vista never touched these shores! oh, and Ubuntu is going onto an old Micron sitting under this desk. - Big Joe Silence
Windows XP - Morton Fox
Windows 7 RC at Home and Windows XP in the office but I would like to use Windows 7 on my office system as well. I use Ubuntu sometimes just for testing it out. - Usman Bashir
Windows 7 and whatever the Mac Leopard one is, I`m bi - sofarsoShawn
windows vista on desktop, windows 7 on thinkpad z60,windows xp on thinkpad t61 and mac os leopard on macbook pro. - Ashish
Win7 + Pardus 2009 - Hüseyin EROL
Win7 - Sercan YILMAZ
Windows 7 RC - Aykut Önen
Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger - Kevin J Hatton
windows 7 - Göksel Şirin
Fedora Linux. Windows XP only when I have to. - Imabug
Windows7 - Semih Masat™
Home: 1 Vista, 1 OS X, 1 dual boot Ubuntu / XP (mostly Ubuntu). Work: 1 dual boot Ubuntu / XP (Mostly XP), and an Ubuntu Laptop. - Marty
OSX 10.5 - Peter
OS X 10.5.8 - can't wait for Snow Leopard to be released! - Charley M
OSX 10.6. I'm one of the lucky ones. - Umut Gökbayrak
Win 7 and Mint - Mike
Great responses so far! Lots of OS X and Win 7. :) - TheHenry
Ubuntu w/ dual XP & XP via VirtualBox - Mark Philpot
Windows 7 HP - Adnan
Mac OS X Leopard - Fact of The Day
Years ago, I used to let a friend use my Mac and i'd log in from another machine and do this all the time. He was so confused. - ·[▪_▪]·
Yeah, I love the remote login trick too! - TheHenry
Interesting. - Fact of The Day
Just did this using on my grandma's iMac. Should have turned on her iSight to catch her reaction.. - Daniel van Moll
ssh ********; osascript -e 'set volume 10'; say -v Trinoids "BOO!!" - Tinfoil 2.0
I love to SSH into a Mac, and then run this command. Freaks them out every time! - TheHenry
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