Amazing birthday dinner last night with our President. Still reflecting on all that we (me and our great nation) have accomplished.
Somebody asked what my deal is this morning. I'm just a cowboy mountain man kind of guy who happens to be conversant with our President
Spain Day 2: Psyched. Funded a group of Basque separatists who've built a strangely compelling mashup of seafood recipes and Geolocation
In the famous Catalonian abbey at Montserrat for an Oscars pre-party with @richardbranson and the Vienna Boys Choir. Cutty & Holy Water FTW
Finished cycling across USA. Next, cycle back across USA to hear the fascinating stories of those who met me
Sometimes it feels like work. Biked a century, jumped from 3rd floor window, raised $91k for Les Enfants du Merde in a Tarte Tatin bakeoff
Just introduced Balloon Boy to Monica Lewinsky and Kate Spade. Interesting blend of discussion around textiles and instant celebrity
Believe me, I realize biking across country is easier when @lancearmstrong & a certain academy award winner keep sending movitivational DM's
End to a great trip: just learned they will name a Tour de France stage after me. Can't wait to see whether I'm a sprint or a climb!
Bill Clinton just dropped his spoon. Should I pick it up or make an inappropriate joke? So few chances and so little time!
The dinner table I'm sitting at right now is so stacked with global talent, it's all I can do not to promote myself.
In Bogota speaking at "Caliente 09", a gathering of the world's most web-savvy supermodels. Mi casa es su casa FTW!
Kite surfing down the Thames with Rowan Atkinson is apparently illegal. Let's see if Mr. Bean can get us out of this one.
Snuck on to Centre Court with @richardbranson, Rafael Nadal, and a bottle of Pims at 2am. Advantage, life!
With Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma teaching her how to Tweet from house arrest. Reflecting on home as prison then kitesurfing the Irawaddy Delta
Weird to be the most famous person on Twitter that nobody knows. Humbling and yet also exhilarating.
Day 5 South America. Snoe shoeing in Punta Arenas, Chile with a few YCombinator CEO's and Ina Carten. Totally inspiring sights and insights!
I hope he brought some rocks in his pockets for the wild dogs. They get hungry in the winter months... - Kevin Fox
thanks @narendra for recognizing the awesome ad campaign in which my dad is featured
thanks @narendra for recognizing the awesome ad campaign in which my dad is featured
Going over my SXSW talk on "why I should have equity in your startup". Getting inspired just proofreading it.
Awesome surprise in the mail. CD from @wyclef; it's spoken word recordings of all the @replies ever sent to me. Dude, love you!
Cinco de Mayo lunch with Pablo Escobar's son Juan Pablo in Buenos Aires at the Monastic Steakhouse "Vaya Con Carne"
Blind tasting a '27 Chambolle-Musigny in @richardbranson's new Tesla. So blessed to have such amazing friends.
Running a 10k in the tunnels underneath Halle Berry's House for new charity Miners without Borders.
Next: Addis Ababa. Still isn't sinking in. Maybe because I've used scented Bulgari toilet paper all this week. Bring on real life!
Headed to Africa for charity kite-surfing event. Kites made from t-shirts of child soldiers in Ivory Coast to draw attention to their plight
Training for my new invention, the Highron Man. Problem: no place to store doritos on my bike.
talking to the incoming FCC chairman and interior secretary about trading Michigan for a chile-thin coastal strip of British Columbia
@crystale My driver @zouheir will swing by in a few mins to pick up the iPod Bono sent. I need to hear the private msg, then it's all yours
Could 470 of you stop following me? I promised Gisele & Tom they could be my 110,000th followers. Come back in right after the bride & groom
Wow, not sure what city i'm in. The food says London, the prices say Tokyo, and the women say Los Angeles. I'm going w/ Hong Kong.
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