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Ted - Cool gift from @thefoodie - SEGA hockey puck from Mario Lemieux Genesis game - Cool gift from @thefoodie - SEGA hockey puck from Mario Lemieux Genesis game
@bapenguin Trying to digitally simulate the skip bleach photo process just by changing settings:
Ryan Block
@peterrojas FYI, we're all waiting patiently for first hands-on shots. No pressure though.
Andru Edwards
Put Chocolate Pudding on the Top Shelf !! -
Put Chocolate Pudding on the Top Shelf !!
You ever done something like this...? I did once, with my mother's foundation. - Andru Edwards from Bookmarklet
I don't have any memories of this - I did manage to all but burn down my parents house on more occasions than I really care to admit though... - Sparky, lurking
Major Nelson (Larry)
Running Vista? Here are some good performance tips :” (at Redmond, WA, 98052, US)
Jeff Blankenburg
52 New Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Screencasts -
Andru Edwards
Not sure if you are in the echo chamber or not? Did you use the word "cuil" today? If so, then you are. Ugh.
ahahahahaha cuillable - Eric Rice
i never heard of it! yay! - @baratunde from twhirl
It could also mean that you work for a search engine - Adewale Oshineye
Yeah, but most people I have heard it from DON'T work at a search engine. That's my point ;) - Andru Edwards
Raises hand. - David Risley
Use the word what? Nevermind, I failed the test - Bwana ☠
I get the impression you are in the echo chamber. don't know why. - Lucas Gonze
techmeme is a litmus test for obviousness. - Lucas Gonze
made a few mainstream media outlets (BBC, guardian) so I kinda disagree - Jamie
Andru Edwards
Transformers 2 Delayed Due to LaBeouf’s Arrest -
Jeff Blankenburg
Mash Up Your Data...err...That's "Mesh" -
Brian Prince
It's nice to see an article that is a short version of 'Beyond Bullet Points' on Power Points web site. Nice read.
Robert Scoble
Robert, you are hitting a nerve. Blogging isn't what it was. It is becoming an echo chamber of pr crap and lists. - Steve Olson
I think that small corners of blogging is that. to ascribe the entirety of blogging the aspects of a few bloggers isn't looking at the big picture. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Agree with Mark. You're almost exclusively speaking of the silicon valley tech blogosphere (or subset thereof) and the PR/Marketing blogs where the echo chamber and shallowness is such an issue - Deepak Singh
Don't know that I necessarily agree, since we strive to be different, find things that people aren't talking about (while still also talking about the things that they ARE talking about), and I know a bunch of others who do the same. You just aren't reading enough varied blogs. Step out of the chamber ;) - Andru Edwards
It's easy to get caught up in the PR game. Writing "real" reviews is hard work and it is just easier to tell people about the upcoming products. Once engadget struck it rich with their linking to PR stories - others followed in hopes to get the money. Slowly people will realize that "sharing" also includes experiences with the product and finding better ways to use the product. As always, thanks for the thoughtful posts. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Thanks Robert. I do agree and have watched on the sidelines contributing only to my corporate blog and twitter regarding tech to avoid the fray. Kudos for saying what everyone is thinking. I suppose it's time to start contributing to the change instead of waiting for it. Keep it up - you're making a difference. - Bill Sanders
@Mark, Deepak, and Andru, The big popular blogs are becoming echo chambers. Not all. No doubt, there are great blogs out there, but if you aren't using a specific formula which is becoming trite, you don't seem to go anywhere. It reminds of Hair Metal in 1990. - Steve Olson
Agent M
latest Marvel podcast is up: Orson Scott Card talkin' 'bout ENDER'S GAME
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