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Family Nester

Family Nester

Your place to chat about family life from coupons to playing with the kids.
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Robert Freeze
Great article by my sister-in-law... she is a supermom when it comes to EC - Robert Freeze
Family Nester
How do You Teach Your Kids the Preschool Basics? -
Robert Freeze
How do you teach your kids the preschool basics?
As my wife and gear up for our kids going back to school we have been thinking a bit more about this question. How to teach our younger kids the basics they will need when they go school? - Robert Freeze
I use online teaching aids, flash cards and websites to educational shows. I started when my kids were 2. By the time they got to preschool, they knew their alphabet, numbers, colors and could identify several items. I remember going through flashcards when my daughter was 2 (she's 6 now). She couldn't tell me what times where, but she could mime/sign their use or make their identifying... more... - Anika
Robert Freeze
What’s Old Navy Doing with Their Mannequins! - Old Navy's creative and fun Social Media Marketing Plan -
Old Navy has one of the most creative social media business plans I have seen. I have been intrigued at how they have rallied their customers to their social media sites web page and stores. They have also incorporated their traditional marketing to blend with their social media campaign. - Robert Freeze
Me daughter LOVES their mannequins and wants to stand with them, mingle with them, andpose with them every time we go there. - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
Family Nester
End of Summer Vacation Final Fling! -
Robert Freeze
Have and end of summer party for your kids to end it magically!
In less that a month it will be the end of that magical time for kids – summer vacation is winding down. As we start getting out those school supply lists and start school shopping fro both supplies and clothes. Most of our trips and camps are over and our kids are perhaps both excited, nervous, and bummed all at the same time at the thought of going back to school. So why not have one final summer fling party with your kids – to finish off the summer magically. - Robert Freeze
Robert Freeze
Do you throw out broken toys or do you try to fix them? - Don't give up on your broken toys -
How often do toys get broken or come apart and we throw them away without trying to fix them? Now, some times toys are just beyond repair, but often there ways we can fix them if we just gave it some time or a little thinking. In our day, we also have the Internet we can turn to. On-line you can find all kinds of instructions on how to fix different things, so don’t give up on your broken toys. - Robert Freeze
It hasn't come up much, but generally if they're toys we enjoy we try to fix them. I admit some things have broken that I've let stay that way and been happy about it. - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
Jen, I'm there with you... we also have a good handful of toys that the batteries have gone dead on... and I like them better that way. - Robert Freeze
I actually fixed the depicted toy (a Rubik's Magic) using some fishing twine when I was a wee lad still in short pants. - Trent Hamm
Robert Freeze
Would you get a 3D rendering of your unborn baby?
"Brazilian designer Jorge Lopes, using 3-D technology, is taking the ultrasound to the next level by creating models of actual fetuses. The models went on display recently in London at the Royal College of Art." - Robert Freeze
No. I don't care for the 3d ultasounds either. Turns something magical into something creepy for me. - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
Family Nester
Don’t Give Up on Broken Toys – Broken Rubik’s Magic -
Family Nester
Wasps Wikipedia and the Web – Learning With Your Kids On-Line -
Robert Freeze
Wasps Wikipedia and the Web – Learning With Your Kids On-Line
The web has always been a great resource for my family when we are curious about the world around us. When the kids have a question about something it is where we turn, often mid discussion, to help answer the question. A recent experience was no different. - Robert Freeze
Robert Freeze
Facebook is where your kids are going to be and where your should also. As you use it to connect with your friends your relationship with your kids will also reap the benefits. So get on line and sigh up if you have not already. - Robert Freeze
I agree!Parents are moving on to Twitter and kids onto Facebook.This territorial behaviour is widening the walls between parents and kids!Parents should get onto FB since young people will not join Twitter! - Samuel Ochanji
Both should be on FB and none on Twitter as there's a Hole in Twitter! - ilaxi
YES - Shevonne
Would most FB-age kids be OK with "friending" their parents? - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
I keep seeing more and more of my friends parents getting on FB--and my friends are well, old many are parents themselves. - Kelly W.
Family Nester
Should Parents get on Facebook… I Say Yes -
Robert Freeze
Reading to our kids has been something my wife and I have been on-and-off good at, but something that is of great benefit to our kids. We have always done it just before bed and I really feel that this helps solidify the habit of nightly reading for them as they get older. - Robert Freeze
Dude, that website is *so* slow! I checked it out in FireBug ( and they issue a sum total of 116 GET requests to load the single linked page above, and it takes a grand total of 16.5 seconds to load the page. Time for some redesigning of your web interface! Crikey! - Steve and 4 other people
Steve thanks for letting me know the site is slow - from time to time I have problems and I think it is the host I am using since it is not consistent. I will check it out. - Robert Freeze
We read constantly and I love it. We routinely go to the library and take home 10-15 books for my daughter. It's really a huge joy for us. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
I love the library too - it's a great way to get books to feed the reading addiction. - Robert Freeze
One of the things that people don't realize is that reading in front of your kids (modeling the behavior) is almost as important as reading to your kids with regards to how they view reading and how well they do with it. I always feel like it's my biggest accomplishment when I've gotten a child to love reading. - Lis
Lis, I totally agree - reading is cool and to read personally teaches your kids just that. I like reading them books I love - and having them read ones I loved as a kid also. - Robert Freeze
Family Nester
Robert Freeze
Mobile Internet, the Parents and their Children. -
My kids are just starting to get to the age where I have to worry about cell phones and the Internet - here's a great post from Zee on The Next Web - - Robert Freeze
Robert Freeze
With 5 kids getting kids to bed has been a daily part of my life for the past 10 years. I have also tried several different methods to get them to bed, and seen different results for each kid. So I ask the question: How did you get your kids to bed? - Robert Freeze
My daughter has always been a great night sleeper. Once I got her on a schedule/ routine as a baby, we were set. That happened very early for us. - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
My son was (and still is) a horrible sleeper. He barely sleeps. It got to the point that I was considering taking him to a sleep clinic in PA. The only way he would finally sleep was co-sleeping and breastfeeding, so I did that. I tried the Ferber method, but it was too hard for me to do. My daughter slept the entire night the first day she came back from the hospital, so I never had... more... - Shevonne
We started with a routine using the Baby Whisper Book as a guide around 8 weeks of age. And though we have had our bumps in the road, my son is still a great sleeper and we have had no problems AT ALL with getting him to bed (which I strongly feel is because of the bedtime routine). At 4 years now, he still takes naps (but is starting to drop those now, which is normal) - Kelly W.
I have to say that bedtime is my LEAST favorite part of my job. Three girls, two rooms. The 5.5 year old has her own room and the 2.5 year old and 1 year old share a room. Getting the oldest to bed is a nightmare and she often tantrums after she's in bed. The 2.5 year old wakes up often during the night (they thought it was her adenoids, got them out and she still wakes) and then wakes the baby up. They're considering taking the middle child to a sleep clinic because it affects the whole family. - Lis
Robert Freeze
Rear facing car seats until the age of 4!? Interesting post on a new British Medical Journal report.
"A recent study in the British Medical Journal caught me up short: It said that kids should be kept in rear-facing car seats until the age of 4. I pictured my own preschooler in a rear-facing car seat: The image that came to mind was of Wyatt practically folded in half, with nowhere for his on-the-verge-of-gangly legs to go..." - Robert Freeze
I've seen people suggest that. I've been talked down by parents who've kept their kids rear-facing until they were 3. But I drive a MINI and my kids are tall. They were both cramped by the time they were 8mos. old. - Anika
Safety aside, that seems completely unreaistic. The leg room alone would make that virtually impossible. - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
I remember when I turned Ilia around when she turned one, one mom on my birth club board who had never seen Ilia in the car, called me stupid for doing so and suggested that what I was doing was akin to child abuse. She said that kids are bendy and they can take being cramped. - Anika
4 seems extreme. We plan to keep Audrey rear facing until 2, in line with the newest AAP guidelines. - Rochelle
I held out until about 2.5, I think. - Laura Norvig
Everything I've seen and read said that rear facing is the safest for everyone, but, yes, there are always times that it's not the best. I've seen older kids though who look cramped but are comfy (they pretzel their legs or whatever). The youngest of the girls I take care of will be rear-faced until she outgrows the weight limit of the seat rear facing (35 lbs). The seat she's in now can't be turned forward facing until she's 34 inches anyway. She's a chunker, though, so I doubt she'll make it past 2. - Lis
Robert Freeze
I am sitting at scout camp in the middle of the Idaho Mountains and loving it!
Some of the great things about summer camps for scouts are all the different people the boys have a chance to meet and the simplicity for the leaders. At organized camps such as Camp Morrison the boys get a chance to work on up to 6 merit badges throughout the week... - Robert Freeze
Loved my one scout camping experience. - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
My participation on line will be a bit sparse for the next few days because of camp but I am glad I they at lest have WiFi nere the office so I can get my fix. - Robert Freeze
Robert Freeze
I am sitting at scout camp in the middle of the Idaho Mountains and loving it!
Family Nester
Family Nester
How Did You Get Your Kids To Bed? -
Robert Freeze
Enjoy those play dates... but don't forget to return the favor.
I share this one because I really like this and so do my kids. Playing at a friends, and swapping the favor is what makes summer vacation fun for elementary school age kids... - Robert Freeze
I also share this because we have some kids in our neighborhood who like to come to our house and play... but their parents do not allow them to have friends over. Once one of these kids came over and stated that he had to do chores at home earn the right to have friends over but could go to our house without having to do any chores... what do you think he chose. So, make sure you return the favor... - Robert Freeze
I agree, but it's not always as easy for some people to have playdates. I love having people here, but I'm not generally offended if friends don't reciprocate. That said, I do think it's a good rule of thumb. Maybe I'll feel more strongly about this as my daughter gets older. - Jen (SquirrelGirl) from iPhone
Not just for the elementary school ages! I love having playdates for the 2.5 year old. We swap houses or go whereever's easiest. Now that it's summer and the girls have a pool, I have a feeling that the majority of play dates will be here. - Lis
Robert Freeze
Family Nester
Amazon’s Free Music Downloads! -
Family Nester
Family Nester Store – Help Support Family Nester -
Family Nester
Robert Freeze
As mothers of newborns, how do you feel about the importance of nurturing in those first months?
"It would be a shame to lose reverence for those gentle, maddening months after a child is born, when you are in a sleep-drained reverie, stitched to a baby's rhythms and sweet suckling; when you watch them unfurl, watch their eyes focus on the world, their lips curl into smiles, their startled limbs jerk and then grow strong. When you delight in the life you have created, it becomes a lot less important to get your own life back the very next day." - Robert Freeze
I didn't take maternity leave at all. I was working on my Treo when I was in labor and I did the same thing the day after the baby was born. I clearly am insane. - Tamar Weinberg
BUT when looking at that article and especially the last sentence (the one your quoted, Robert), it's true. I really am conflicted. On one hand, I want to just enjoy my baby boy. On the other, I'm a workaholic. - Tamar Weinberg
My daughter was not remotely easy as a newborn... there was little daytime sleeping to be had. Much of her awake time was filled with crying. And we didn't even get that honeymoon stage of a week or two of newborn quiet. I don't miss those days at all. It was around the 4 month mark that I started enjoying and appreciating her. Maybe somewhere a little after 3 months... but everything... more... - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Tamar, but you're able to work at home, right? IIRC, you're not going to an office for 10+ hours a day and being away from your baby. I think there is a big difference between workaholic moms who work at home and have their baby with them versus those who put the baby in childcare and are away for the majority of the baby's waking hours. - Rochelle
I'd call those newborn months 'maddening' to me only because they were so dull. I work for my husband at home, I was working days after delivery, back in the field shooting 3 weeks after. If it wasn't for that, I probably would have died of boredom since all the kid & my husband did was sleep and eat. With my son, I was still working in the hospital, back in the field 3 days after I got... more... - Anika
Maddening is a great word for it, Anika. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
I didn't have a choice but to go back to work within a few weeks of my son being born. I had used up my unpaid leave for 10 weeks (my doctor made me quit working and put me on bedrest more than a month before the baby was due... then he was almost 2 weeks overdue which ate up more of my time). We were out of money and if I didn't go back I'd lose my job. Nursing was extremely painful... more... - Lindsay
My personal opinion on it is pretty extreme. I can't imagine not being here 24/7 with Audrey. We pretty much reformatted our life so that that can be a reality and waited to have kids until that was possible. It's my belief that it's one of the most critical times of development and 100% of my time and energy right now should be on Audrey. - Rochelle
As I man, all I can say is that I admire you all for what you do as mothers. I admire my wife also and do all I can to give her the chance to be with our children. Right now our roles are a bit reversed... she is working part time and I am home, "unemployed" but working like a crazy stay at home dad. My youngest is 10 months old now and I have been home for 8 of them; her first word was... more... - Robert Freeze
I would have liked to have that option too, but it just wasn't a choice... We didn't get to choose when to have our kid so there was no way to plan for it... We had no savings, we had no vacation time, we both worked for about 3x minimum wage at the time. I had no support from family members, my OBGYN retired 2 weeks before my baby was due (and I didn't like him anyway). So we did what... more... - Lindsay
Lindsay, yeah, I understand that. I think it's admirable that parents with less options still are able to have such awesome kids. :) Like I said, I have pretty extreme viewpoints on this and certainly understand and acknowledge that I'm likely in the minority on these kinds of issues. - Rochelle
I think it's frustrating that so few women have the option to spend enough time with their kids at that stage. If you're middle-class or lower income, and especially if you don't have support from others (or if you're a single parent, poor thing!!) then you probably don't have the option to stay home with the kid. Unless you've been planning it for a long time (ie, you're probably in... more... - Lindsay
Rochelle, yeah, I do work from home, but at the same time, the mindset of being totally hands-on isn't there. I don't sleep at night or during the day. I probably shouldn't have gone to work the day after I gave birth... but I did. Really, the whole issue of feeling expendable is contributing to that. - Tamar Weinberg
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