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Fantagraphics Books

Fantagraphics Books

Publisher of the World's Greatest Cartoonists Since 1976
Toronto Trouble and Other Fun -
Carol Tyler at the Carnegie Theater -
BOSTON: Hornschemeier at MICExpo -
The Complete Peanuts 1950-1954 (Vols. 1-2) Box Set [Softcover Ed.] by Charles M. Schulz - First Look -
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: Vols. 1-2 Box Set by Don Rosa - Cover Uncovered -
Columbus, OH: Cute Boy Tour at Kafe Kerouac -
Minneapolis: Cute Boy Alert at Boneshaker Books -
CHICAGO: Cute Boy Alert at Kavi Gupta -
CHICAGO: Lucy Knisley at Challengers -
St. Louis: The Lonesome Go Book Release with Tim Lane -
Women Who Conquered the Comics World | Collectors Weekly -
Lisa Hix over at Collectors Weekly sits down with Trina Robbins to talk about women in comics. - Fantagraphics Books
Newsarama's Zach Smith talks to Eleanor Davis as one of SPX 2014's Special Guests. - Fantagraphics Books
Ed Piskor is Pittsburgh's Hip-Hop Historian - Pittsburgh Magazine - October 2014 - Pittsburgh, PA -
Sean D. Hamill of Pittsburgh Magazine provides an in-depth look at Piskor's origins as well as the origins of Hip Hop Family Tree. - Fantagraphics Books
Two Comic Book Legends Deliver Legendary Work | Playboy -
"Shirt-sleeves rolled up, bent over drawing boards, puffing on cigarettes, the heroes of the remarkable artist Drew Friedman’s new book aren’t super ones, they’re the (mostly) guys who created Batman, Spider-Man, Plastic Man, and many others." – Ken Tucker, Playboy - Fantagraphics Books
Edutainment: The Slow-Cooking Rap History of the ‘Hip Hop Family Tree’ « -
"Every name comes with a face attached, and Piskor’s nimble, deceptively goofy artwork imbues those faces with emotional life — hope, enthusiasm, fuming rage, determination." – Alex Pappademas, Grantland - Fantagraphics Books
‘Hip Hop Family Tree, Vol. 2′: Cartoonist Ed Piskor continues his quest for the perfect beat | Pittsburgh News -
"Using his compelling artistry — which builds on Mr. Piskor’s love of superhero comic artists as well as famed independent artists like Robert Crumb — he shows us how characters like Fab Five Freddy, a graffiti artist who early on sees the links between hip-hop, break-dancing and graffiti, and helps foster hip-hop’s growth." – Sean D. Hamill, Pittsburgh News - Fantagraphics Books
BOOK: “Hip Hop Family Tree Book 1: 1970s-1981″ by Ed Piskor | REBEAT Magazine -
"Combining two decidedly-American art forms: the comic book and hip-hop into one cohesive work seems like a no-brainer. Maybe it just took a cartoonist as passionate and talented as Piskor to pull it off." – Louie Pearlman, REBEAT - Fantagraphics Books
A Conversation with Simon Hanselmann | The Comics Journal -
Sophie Yanow conducts an interview with Hanselmann at The Comics Journal. - Fantagraphics Books
Wandering Son, Volume 7 — Experiments in Manga - http://experimentsinmanga.mang...
"The realism and authenticity of the characterization in Wandering Son is one of the manga’s greatest strengths." – Ash Brown, Experiments in Manga - Fantagraphics Books
New and Notable Film Books | Leonard Maltin -
"Fertig pays appropriate and articulate tribute to these films in his introduction and summarizes the appeal of each one in tightly-written tributes at the back of the book. This would make a great gift for any movie lover." – Leonard Maltin, IndieWire - Fantagraphics Books
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RT @squinkyelo: Me & @drewweing at SDCC on the Colbert Report! Thank u @TheJenya <3
RT @royalboiler: Hey look at this @fantagraphics exclusive on @s_k_hanselmann . I am now a high end news oranazation.
Win 2 tickets to see Art Spiegelman at The Moore Theatre in Seattle! Our Flog has details:
RT @QueersComics: A multimedia look at Bread and Wine, the collaboration between black queer polymath Samuel Delany & artist Mia Wolff:
21: The Story of Roberto Clemente -
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