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Fantagraphics Books

Fantagraphics Books

Publisher of the World's Greatest Cartoonists Since 1976
Nobody asked for a list of the sexiest anthropomorphic characters in comics but here we are anyway:
Henry Speaks for Himself --- except for when @Gweekpodcast is speaking for him, great comics rec:
RT @AshcanPress: There is no doubt that @EdPiskor wins Free Comic Day. HHFT is so brilliant in every way. @tomscioli's book is a close 2nd.
Here, puzzle over the cover art for Jim Woodring's new JIM collection, coming in July.
RT @RubenBolling: Also in @Gweekpodcast, I talk about "Paul Has a Summer Job" (@DandQ) & "Henry Speaks For Himself" (@fantagraphics).
Look what showed up yesterday: Simon Hanselmann's final cover art for Megahex! More deets:
The @inkstuds 500 tour started off with a stop at Fanta HQ! @royalboiler drew @earinc working:
Guess who stopped by HQ? @inkstuds and @royalboiler on their way south
RT @xaimeh: Got my Love Bunglers today. Choing! Kapowww!!!
RT @damedarcy: New ! Faeiry Food veggie raw vegan cook book comix zine #damedarcy
RT @hamchat: #ksm confers with defense prior to today's hearings #9/11.
RT @hamchat: Finished #gtmo #9/11 pretrial sketches.
RT @Snoopy: Today is National High Five Day! #NationalHighFiveDay
RT @SEQUENTIAL_app: We’re delighted to announce that Gilbert Hernandez’ Maria M From @fantagraphics is now on SEQUENTIAL for iPad.
Exclusive art & comic insert for @EdPiskor's extra-covetable Hip Hop Family Tree 1-2 Box Set:
Overheard in the Office: "You guys wanna try this moonshine I got from the gas station?"
Huh, between witzend, Strange Suspense, & DKW, there's a lot of #Ditko-related stuff in our feed today, and in our summer publishing queue.
Celebrate @recordstoreday with @subpop all-stars speaking at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Georgetown Records!
1st look at Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 1 in paperback! More: @blake_bell
RT @squinkyelo: Here's my piece being auctioned, one of my very favorites.
RT @Snoopy: Advice from Snoopy.
RT @EdPiskor: Now that he's the more iconic version in the comic, Kool Moe Dee might be my favorite dude to draw right now.
The Washington Post catalogs @EdPiskor mourning the lack of a 'Coolest Comic' category for the Eisner awards:
A video browse through Barnaby Vol. 2 by Crockett Johnson, out soon (
A video browse through Barnaby Vol. 2 by Crockett Johnson, out soon (
RT @VladQuigley: Ed Piskor's Hip Hop History comic looks superb!
Barnaby Vol. 2 by Crockett Johnson - video preview -
Barnaby Vol. 2 by Crockett Johnson - video preview
Now on Wednesdays! RT @forlornfunnies: Video: Forlorn TV episode 10 is live! What is...
RT @HannahTempler: just finished the first vol. of hip hop family tree, pumped for vol 2.
Read the first bunch of episodes from @EdPiskor's Hip Hop Family Tree 2, out this summer:
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