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Fantagraphics Books

Fantagraphics Books

Publisher of the World's Greatest Cartoonists Since 1976
Keeping our eyes peeled for photos of people dressed as Fionna holding up a copy of Cosplayers, @boomstudios
Sam Hill from The Cavalier Mr. Thompson returns in @RichTommaso's The Mysterious Case!
Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: Trail of the Unicorn by Carl Barks, now in stock!
RT @comicsreporter: there are so many marvel #1s and #2s that i don't know which ones to buy so i've settled on this instead --
RT @comicsreporter: i hope everyone's reading richard sala's super-enigmatix; there's enough now to read in a big, fat, chunk -- http://superenigmatixbyrichard...
RT @edenbrower: found this old letter from @danielclowes in response to weird/nude pics my friend & I sent him 2 B in Ghostworld.
Have you picked up Dash Shaw's Cosplayers yet? Available in stores and via mail order now! $5!
RT @Snoopy: Happiness is a new book.
RT @drewweing: Twenty three pages in, we finally get to see the title character:
RT @RichTommaso: Check out this snazzy cover for The Mysterious Case Issue #1, copies of which, I will have in hand this afternoon!...
RT @Snoopy: Today is National Siblings Day! Hi @BellePRGirl :) #NationalSiblingsDay
RT @squinkyelo: drawing a comic for children
RT @WWNortonLibrary: ★ Starred Booklist for NIJIGAHARA HOLOGRAPH from @fantagraphics: "disturbingly compelling story"
RT @JesseMoynihan: Cosplayers by Dash Shaw -preview looks awesome
RT @citycyclops: Come see my work in real life at the Cartoon Art Museum @cartoonart, beginning April 12th.
Los Angeles! Don't miss @AndersBrekhus Nilsen at the @LATimesFOB #Bookfest this weekend! Good luck to him & Ulli!
Our hit 90's series HATE and MEAT CAKE are out again, this time digitally from @comiXology
RT @LocustMoon: 9. PERFECT NONSENSE. @Fantagraphics has let us delve into the fascinating work of visionary George Carlson. #LMTop40
Come get some tasty Fantagraphics' comics this Saturday at the FREE @LineworkNW show in Portland!
RT @ComicsDeals: I wasn't familiar with @DameDarcy's MEAT CAKE, but @fantagraphics put the 1st issue up for free, and it's great.
RT @RichcBarrett: @fantagraphics Cosplayers is one of this week's most interesting comics on @mental_floss
New Comics Day 4.9.14 Another one of those honest-to-God floppy comics out in stores today! COSPLAYERS by Dash Shaw
Look, it's floppy! Dash Shaw's Cosplayers, available now (!
Look, it's floppy! Dash Shaw's Cosplayers, available now (!
Cosplayers by Dash Shaw - video preview -
Cosplayers by Dash Shaw - video preview
Read a dozen strips from Prince Valiant Vol. 9: 1953-1954 by Hal Foster, out soon:
RT @EdPiskor: A process post for the heck of it...
RT @CharlesForsman: Buy my new comic, Luv Sucker 1, digitally on @Gumroad
Young researcher at the Billy Ireland @CartoonLibrary is studying some @EdPiskor!
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