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A room for your opinions, suggestions and features requests for -- To learn more about feedego -the smart information filter- please refer to http// and the blog: All positive (good or bad) critics are welcome :)
i would kill for opml import!!! :)
New in Feedego! Import your profile from with ONE click! -
What feeds do you want to read on Feedego? An easy to fill form :) -
Adnan: knowing that you're a sysadmin, can you please help me on a DNS issue?
sure... - Adnan
DNS seems to be fine, both and are resolving to the same Google IP. Maybe its a problem with app engine settings? - Adnan
Thanks Adnan! Is it working the same for you? (with or without www)? - directeur
No, I'm getting the 404 when I go to the www address... I haven't created anything on Google Apps, but I'm assuming that you have to tell it to redirect to the right Google App application, just like you've done it for - Adnan
That's what I'm getting too... It actually used to work just fine, with or without www. since I made both available in the Google App panel. I haven't changed anything... weired - directeur
Fixed! I deleted the "www" subdomain in Google App Panel and recreated it, and it worked fine. Do you seem the same thing please? I wonder whether or not it's really fixed, and don't ask me how :) - directeur
They both work for me, isn't it a cache issue for you? (signed in or not) - directeur
its working now! :) - Adnan
Ouf!! Thank you so much Adnan! :) - directeur
no problem! :) - Adnan
Some temporary DNS issues with Feedego. While is working, is not :( -
A screencast about Feedego -
Ok go ahead! Laugh at will about my stupid accent :) - directeur
Hi. I'm just getting started with Feedego. But it would be cool if one could choose (or "like" or "hate") based on the language something is written in. My Portuguese is non-existent. The articles, however, make Portuguese seem doable. :-) Thanks!
Would it be better to have a PT version of feedego? :) - directeur
You know, I'm not convinced it would be -- although I'll leave that to those who are not as shamefully monolingual as I am. But "thinking out loud" based on my experience with other international communities.... If someone can read French, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently, why should he/she have to go to,, and Were I that individual, I would want to go to and see things written in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Language should be an interest/like. - Joanmarie
I understand, let me think about it :) actually I don't think that languages are part of the APML spec (the idea on which feedego is built) but in a certain sens, you're absollutely right! - directeur
Thanks! I'll get over it if this is not doable. :-) Maybe language should be part of the APML spec, though. I find things which I can read more interesting than things which I cannot. ;-) ;-) - Joanmarie
How basic, and very true! :) - directeur
Following on Joanmarie idea, would it be nice to have say... ? Can you help? I'm volunteer on the "fr" one :)
Welcome aboard everyone!
Hey, cool stuff. I tried to email you, but it bounced. Wanted to write a quick review on my blog
Hey! Thanks a lot Rasheen! :) Did you sent the mail to info at feedego dot com? I'll be glad to answer any question :) - directeur
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